Sunday, October 21, 2007

Recap: MBS Sunday Brunch for Oct 21

Our topic this week was maintaining a record of spankings, be it paper or electronic. Here are your thoughts.

Sara: I did keep a record, as integrating spanking in our marriage as part of DD, came with many life and relationship changes. I wanted to be able to see it clearly now, and later when I look back, too. A lot of it is too private, but that is also why I started my blog, for the things I can share.

As for photos and/or horrifying! I am afraid I would be scarred for life!

Carye: We don't keep one, but it could be fun. I think I would like remembering every detail and using it to fuel additional fantasies! Ah, but I'd be afraid of the kidlets finding it! So, I guess for now, I won't :-)

Emmy: My Mentors and I have recently decided that a punishment log would be good for the both of us. It is just a simple spiral bound notebook with three sections. One contains rules we have set between us. The second is the log of rules broken with punishment recorded. The third is for any writing assignments he might decide to give me.

There are many positives to this log. It proves to both of us that my mentorship/training is taking a turn for the better and that I am improving my behavior.

Would I show it to anyone? Probably not. It’s for Don, Ana, and me, and is for our eyes only.

After three months, I only have four infractions, and only one of them was major.

Jean Marie: I keep a journal, and a lot of my reflections get transformed into fictionalized short stories. I have scores of bound composition books dating back to my first time as an adult being taken OTK in college. And, yes, I go back and reread accounts from the past when I have time, such as during the summer. I've spent lots of afternoons at the public pool circumspectly reading marble-covered volumes with the gusset of my bathing suit bottoms drenched with arousal, and no one being any the wiser.

I must say that I'm a little envious of all the girl-next-door types who publish blogs with membership sites where they display nude photos of their freshly spanked derrieres. I'm 35 (and you have no idea of the nerve it took to just write that openly) and when I was an actress/model in L.A. fifteen years ago, I had a world-class ass, and I have always been able to take a hell of a spanking. I could've made a fortune and a name for myself. But back then, I did absolutely no nudity and spanking was very closeted (I usually didn’t reveal it to boyfriends until months into a relationship).

I do respect the women who are my age and older who are open and out-there about their orientation. Sassy who runs Spanking Digest comes to mind.

I'm titillated by the thought of videotaping a sensual escapade or punishment session, but I don't have the cajones. I have had lovers take Polaroid pictures of my bottom after certain milestone events. Color shots of the first time I was paddled with a hairbrush until I bruised, and most of my canings are immortalized in a shoebox on a shelf in my walk-in closet. Many times, boyfriends were just as interested in taking snapshots of my tear-stained face. I think they enjoyed seeing my haughtiness humbled. I've let lovers keep those when we split-up, but never one of my tanned tushy.

In summary, I secretly dream of being a spanking model for the world to see. But in reality, my bared and/or chastised butt is for two pairs of eyes only. It's just as private as the lovemaking that usually follows.

Dove: I have a now private journal for spanking for when I want to remember a particular time or session. I would love photos, but can't get ML enthused about that one. However, they would never be posted on my blog. That's for sure.

D and S: We do take the odd photograph of my spanked bottom. In a rash moment, we decided to make a blog, “My Spanked Cheeks.” But we got cold feet (which makes a change from a warm bottom) after some friends were outted by a newspaper about their nudist activities. We were scared that our spanko lifestyle would also be outted, so we panicked a bit and deleted the blog.

We may return to the blogsphere, but for the time being, I keep a private blog.

littleone: Sliding in quietly on this early Sunday morning, and grabbing a big cup of coffee as I work my way over to a quiet corner...

Yes, we do keep records of our spanking sessions. It’s not always, but most of the time. They are sometimes in the form of photos, but I always make entries in a private journal to Sir. A goodly number of times, I post about it on The Journey. Yes, sometimes I do even post pictures, but only of my ass. I too fear a little bit being outted.

This record is kept because I enjoy going back over the words and photos, usually on an anniversary. I have even (OK, OK, this might be a bit odd for some) made Sir a scrapbook of spanking shots and more private moments for our anniversary this year (number 6).

Moves back to my corner to listen to others and sip my coffee.

LynLass: Sometimes yes and sometimes no. Usually I write if it's something new. I record what was good and what didn't work. Or if it's a bad experience, I process what went wrong in writing. I'm also working on a recall of childhood spankings and fantasies. All are kept in securely locked files on the computer. I'd share those on an individual basis, but not on my blog. They provide background for some posts that I'm working on.

I did a series of pictures one time that showed the process of bruises fading following a spanking and shared them with one person. They may show up on another website without any identifying information.

I suspect my reluctance to share any further than this is the feeling that this is a special part of my life, shared only as I trust someone.

Hermione: I'm afraid I have to say none of the above. We do not do punishment spanking, so there is no need for a record. And while we have been engaged in the lifestyle for many years, my husband and I are just starting to become more open about it with each other, as a result of all I am learning on this and other blogs. That openness means talking to each other about it more and in a natural, relaxed way. We are not ready for photos or videos.

The idea of a journal appeals to me. I would consider keeping one in order to record thoughts and ideas for an attempt at writing fiction. Privacy is always the issue, and I would not feel comfortable sharing it, but I am definitely interested in starting one. If I did manage to write stories, I would definitely share them in some manner, possibly in a blog.

Jim: We did have pictures, stored at Yahoo, at which we would occasionally gaze fondly. However, they were all deleted three weeks ago when Yahoo closed their picture files. The problem we have now is that both our daughters have moved back home (temporarily). As a result, opportunities for play have become very precious and having pictures floating around on the computer would raise anxiety.

If I may go slightly off-topic, can I ask our fellow brunchees if they have ever been particularly inspired – in their personal playing – by a photograph of a spanking?

Lost In Our Eyes: We don't have an official record keeping system, and we honestly haven't been playing long enough to have the urge to reminisce!

We do tend to take pictures, both for our blog and to let the spanked party see what the spanker is seeing.

On a related theme, I've started to keep a log of my offenses for Her review. That might translate into spankings later, but it's the only standardized records we have!

Paige: My hubby's taken my picture after a spanking, and though they're for our own personal use, it's a huge turn on!

David: I have never kept a journal, but I do have pictures of Mthc after our spanking play. I would never share these with anyone but my Mthc

Paul: Mel and I thought about keeping a record of her punishments, and we did for a while. But as the punishment aspect began to fade, so did the record.

As for a photographic record, had digital photography been around, certainly. But not having either the knowledge or desire to develop our own film, it wasn't possible.

Mthc: We have pictures, but they are private. Since I have a home daycare center, we have to be very careful.

Mary: When we first started spanking we would e-mail. I loved to explore the feelings that I experienced and shared every aspect of them with my partner. I originally printed some of the letters and then felt embarrassed by the possibility that they might be found, so I felt content to lock them on the computer. Later, the computer truly crashed and I lost them all. He thought he had them stored in his email account, but discovered that many were automatically deleted due to the time frame. I still feel sad when I think of those letters being lost. I really had wished to save them to review and revisit the feelings of those first spanking experiences. There have been a couple of pictures. It indicates an enormous amount of trust to have those pictures taken. He has sent them to me on occasion to remind me to "be good."

Pandora Sox: We sometimes take pictures. I sometimes write special letters to my Man to recollect our special moments of love and spanking. Sometimes, it is only kept as a shared memory, and other times, I make a post about it on my blog.

Scout: Jim has taken pictures, and although he's shown them to me, he retains possession and they're downloaded to his personal computer. I've sent recounts of diet spankings to Todd and Suzy, and a couple of others here at MBS, but we haven't kept a written record for the most part. I'd be awfully afraid of my kids discovering them on my computer, which is the one they use when they have schoolwork or want to play games. It's intriguing, though.

Dixie: I don't necessarily keep an official log of the spankings that I receive.

In the beginning of my relationship with my Dom, we discussed keeping a log, especially since we are long distance, but it never materialized. However, he says that he keeps a generic list in my folder on his computer.

There are some pictures of my spankings, some I have shown and others are for our eyes only. Some can even be seen at random times on my blog.

Most of the pictures that catalog my spankings show fun spankings. There are a handful of maintenance ones thrown into the mix. I have not taken any pictures after my punishment sessions. I have given thought to the benefits of that though.

I have a small number of short videos of some fun sessions taken with my digital camera. I have shown them to friends, but never in a more public setting and I’m not sure that I ever will. It’s not because they are private, but just because they are mainly so old and dated.

I guess that is the majority of my two cents. ~smiles~

Bonnie: I am a journalist by training and nature. I tend to write things down. A number of years ago, I began creating accounts of particularly noteworthy spankings. Those stories eventually became the foundation of this blog.

There are a lot more spankings than stories, both because of time constraints and because many spankings are simply routine, necessary, and utilitarian. But I still try to capture the best.

Randy has taken photographs for years. They’re fun to review, but I can’t imagine sharing them with anyone, let alone posting them on the blog. I’ve often heard that the camera adds ten pounds. Well, if said camera is pointed at my butt, it adds more like thirty!

Years ago, Randy borrowed a friend’s VHS recorder. As I recall, he wanted to record our daughter’s softball game. He thought it might be fun to memorialize a good, hard spanking as well. When I saw the results, I was horrified. The issue was not the spanking itself, but the unflattering fashion in which I was exposed. It might as well have been a porno flick. Randy said he destroyed the tape, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he still has that video hidden somewhere.

To address Jim’s question, we have definitely been influenced by both photos and stories. We’re always looking for a new spanking approach or scenario. The internet is an endless source for ideas!

Robin: The closest thing to a journal or log would be my blog, and obviously that gets shared :P

DH has taken pictures, but since he feared that someone else might see them, I think he deleted them. I don't mind the pictures, and I kind of wish he'd take some more that I could keep on my computer (it’s totally password protected so NO ONE, not even DH can see anything without my OK). I’m not so comfortable with audio or video. I don't think I would ever share photos, etc. Words only :)

Thanks to everyone who contributed to our discussion! I hope you'll stop back next week.

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I guess you'd say my spanking records are in ettched in my mind. I remember every single one. As far as spanking fun at parties and such that I attend. I most always have pictures to share after. Since Ive started blogging now I guess you'd say I really have more of a record keeper that Im sharing with everyone lol


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