Sunday, November 20, 2016

Thank You!

I am grateful to everyone who helped to make LoL Day 11 another wonderful success:
  • Bloggers who hosted LoL Day posts
  • Regular readers who commented
  • Our beloved lurkers
  • Hermione, who organized and managed this year's event
I'd also like to recognize the MBS visitors who left comments. You are the reason that I blog!

Thank you one and all!

Friday, November 18, 2016

LoL Day 11 has Arrived!

It's LoL Day again!

We started this tradition a decade ago as a way to recognize our silent readers. We still Love Our Lurkers in 2016, but the event has expanded to become a kind of spanko community block party. If you like to visit spanko blogs, but don't comment, this is your opportunity to collect some heartfelt appreciation. If you're a regular contributor or a blogger, we love you too, and we'd like to hear from you as well.

If you want to join the fun, simply enter a comment below. To explore other participating blogs, I invite you to visit Hermione's master LoL Day post.


Friday, November 04, 2016

Keyword Chaos: The Sequel

It's been three years since we last dug into those strange search terms people use to find MBS.
  • wife first spanking – Chivalry is not dead!

  • tumblr caning – How am I supposed to take this punishment seriously if you won't get off that damned computer?

  • bonnie rump roasted – Inelegant as it may sound, that is what happens here

  • spanking your wife – Better than spanking someone else's wife

  • sorenutz007 – Revenge of the Bond Girls

  • my girlfriend spanks me – Congratulations!

  • how to spank your wife – Try slapping her bottom

  • how to spank your girl – See above

  • blueballsbunny – No wonder there's so much breeding going on

  • 8 hours spanking & bondage #2 – I'd be exhausted after #1

  • please spank my perfect bottom sir – No woman thinks her bottom is perfect

  • reasons to spank your wife – Because you both enjoy it is reason enough

  • fubar spankings – Why would anyone want that?

  • sunnywittledays – Dwat! There goes that wascuwy wabbit!

  • fiesteeboy – When you're ready for a fiestee, he's your guy

  • how to get your wife to spank you – Do you mean other than asking her?

  • spanking positions – The Swat Shack is now hiring experienced disciplinarians

  • my wife wants to spank me – So do some of the neighbors

  • broad spanking paddle – Sounds sexist to me

  • self spanking tutorial – Step one: swat your butt; Step two: repeat step one

Wednesday, November 02, 2016

Topping the Top: Strict Julie to be Paddled

Many spankos are intrigued by the concept of flipping the script. Can a domme gain insight about the bottom side through first hand experience? I suspect so, but it's likely to be a painful lesson.

Our friend, Strict Julie, is beginning just such a role-reversing journey. She will soon accept a severe paddling on her bare and very inexperienced bottom. Check out the whole story here.

Update: The paddle has fallen.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Coming Soon: Love Our Lurkers 11

Saturday, October 01, 2016

Pear Shaped Vindication

When you see this pretty woman, you might think that she looks strong and healthy. But did you think she's probably smart as well?

Perhaps you should. Research has revealed that pear shaped women with wide hips and big bottoms tend to be more intelligent. Better still, our children tend to be more intelligent as well. The reason is that those curves are rich in omega-3 fatty acids that promote brain growth.

I've listened to comments about my shape since I was eleven. Some were hurtful, some benign, but all true. I have a big butt. I'm a PAWG, a booty girl, a broad, junk in the trunk, saddlebags, love handles and all the rest.
People, and girls in particular, should not be judged based upon their bodies. It's sexist, unfair, insensitive and wrong. We are so much more than our dress size. I know this today, of course, but in my teenage years, there wasn't anyone to explain it.

It took years for me to first accept and later appreciate my body. Randy has been great. He has always praised my figure and reminds me that he loves me as I am. The popularity of celebrities like Jennifer Lopez helped to build my confidence as well. This is my body. I own it. It's mine. I no longer envy others or feel the need to transform myself. I'm OK.

So now we learn that there is a correlation between low waist/hip ratio and higher intelligence. Wow. Hips are cool. I wish I had possessed this fact when our daughter was a self-conscious teen. You can bet that if our ten-year-old granddaughter inherits this family trait, we will have a conversation about it. She will know that she is a beautiful young woman just as she is.

Wednesday, September 07, 2016

A Saturday Conversation

This is a transcription of a digital voice recording of a spanking session that happened back in 2013. It has been lightly edited for clarity and brevity. I don’t recall why I didn’t post it then.

I know I haven't been around for a while. Randy and I have been overcome by the four horseman of the holidays – illness, over-commitment, fatigue, and distraction. But today is a good day. We skipped our standing date last night because we were both just too tired. But this morning was different. I love Saturday morning. It holds the promise of an entire weekend. Two whole days lie before us.

Randy asked me to turn on our digital recorder. Here's what we recorded, more or less.

R: Young lady, it's time for you to learn some discipline.

B: Did you bring your textbook?

R: Oh, yeah. (waving a stingy round wooden paddle)

B: That's a bad book. It has only one page and there's nothing written on it.

R: The lessons will be written on your bottom.

B: How please am I supposed to read that?

R: Don't worry, you'll get the message.

B: Discipline, huh?

R: Yes. Self-discipline

B: So am I going to have to spank myself?

R: No, I'm going to do the teaching. Get your clothes off.

B: (I briefly crooned a silly version of The Stripper while slowly wriggling out of my nightgown and panties. I finished by kicking my panties in Randy's general direction) Doo-doo-doo-dee-doo-doo-doooo.

R: You're beautiful, but you're still getting spanked.

B: (pouty face) You and your lessons.

R: Get over my lap. (I complied)

B: (rubbing begins) Mmmmm

R: You know I only spank you because I have to.

B: Bullshit. You love it.

R: No, it's true. If I didn't spank you every week, there's no telling what would happen to you.

B: Hrmpf

R: (spanking begins, lightly at first, but using the cool, smooth wooden paddle)

B: Ow. Ow. Ow. (this is starting to hurt)

R: (now smacking the paddle against my bottom with a steady rhythm and alternating sides)

B: Aaaaaaack. Ahhhh.

R: Now you’re getting the point.

B: Point? Ouch!

R: Yeah, the point is that you need some discipline – right here on your ass.

B: Point? I think that toys with points are a hard limit for me.

R: (Whack!) You know what I mean.

B: Aaaaah! I know it hurts... a lot.

R: Good. I’m finally pleased I’m getting through to you.

B: OK, OK.

R: (more swats follow)

B: Ow. Ow. (and so on)

The recorder was switched off at this point. Spanking play blended into a different sort of fun thereafter.