Friday, November 18, 2022

So, I Guess This is It

Hi friends. Thank you to everyone who contacted me to inquire about our wellbeing. That means a lot to me.

To answer the questions, we’re OK. Life has thrown some challenges in front of Randy and me, but we are coping. Our experiences have driven me to re-evaluate a great many assumptions.

For most of the past 17 years, this blog has been my home in cyberspace, my refuge from the insanity of daily life, and the place where I could share all my kinky thoughts with like-minded friends. It served me well.

But things have changed – My priorities, our lives, readership, politics, technology, and the world. After lots of thought, spirited conversations, and a few tears, we’ve decided it’s time to walk away.

I promise I won’t delete the blog or remove any posts, but I can make no promises about our sometimes surprisingly puritanical host. MBS will live on as a kind of spanko mausoleum, a monument to days of spankings past.

For readers who enjoyed the two blogrolls, I regret to say that they had to go. I can no longer maintain them properly and such neglect would lead to malicious hijacked links that could get the entire blog deleted. If anyone wants the HTML, email me and I will send it to you.

I remain forever grateful to everyone who contributed to My Bottom Smarts. This was a blog about consensual adult spankings, but we know there was always much more. The memories of our time together will sustain me and always make me smile.