Saturday, September 25, 2021

Stuff My Husband Says

“If you butt-dial, it’s a long-distance call” - OK, that’s funny

“I have a paddle that says you do” - Is this the best argument you have?

“You give good words” - I know how to use my mouth and fingers

“Would you like dinner before or after I beat your ass?” - He’s so considerate

“I think you might be enjoying this too much” - If you just keep doing that, I'll pretend to enjoy it less

“I need some girl magic” - What sort of mess have you made?

Update: Randy asked me to explain that his quotes are taken out of context and some of my responses suggest a meaning or tone other than the one he originally conveyed.

Friday, September 24, 2021

Sweet Sixteen

It was a rainy Saturday, sixteen years ago today. I had been reading spanking blogs and thought that I could do this too. Randy and I had a lengthy conversation where we established general boundaries about the types of content that the blog will and will not contain. With his blessing attained, I typed these first words:

Hi! My name is Bonnie. I'm a forty something female who enjoys many interests. Among the more notable are spanking and lovemaking. To me, these two activities are permanently linked. I can barely conceive of one without the other.

I created this site to share some of my experiences. I sincerely hope that you will be interested, amused, entertained, stimulated, enlightened, or educated. If so, then this effort was worthwhile.

I proactively answered some questions that I still hear:

To answer a few obvious questions: Yes, I really do receive spankings. Yes, it does hurt. Yes, I enjoy the sensation, the ritual, and, of course, the fabulous sex that generally follows. ...and yes, these stories are true (plus or minus a wee bit of journalistic license).

Then I finished with a little spanko humor:

So if you're ready to read, I'm ready to assume the position.

I expected the blog might last a month or two before I either ran out of content or lost interest. I kind of wanted to see if I could do it.

I’ve assumed the position, both figuratively and literally, numerous times since then. Blogging has changed. We have changed too, as people, as a community, and as a world. But all those spankings are still the same, as is the way I feel when I get to be the willing recipient.

Readers used to repeatedly ask me when I was going to quit the blog. They don’t ask anymore. I figure that means either (a) they more fully appreciate the inherently ephemeral nature of this medium, or (b) blogs are just not as important in their lives as they once were. In any case, I still find it enjoyable to exchange thoughts with my spanko friends. So onward we go.

In closing, I want to offer my sincere gratitude to everyone who reads, comments, emails, spanks, or dreams. You make my life better.

Sunday, September 19, 2021


It's been coming for a long time, all summer in fact. 2021 has been one unpleasant blow after another. On June 29, the mercury reached 116 F degrees in what had always been our temperate paradise. Our aquatic wildlife is dying. Wildfires continue to destroy our precious forests. A lifelong friend finally succumbed after a long struggle with breast cancer. There are protests in the streets with little hope of resolution. Worries at work for Randy. An unexpected appliance replacement. Beloved businesses closing. And COVID. Damned COVID and the purveyors of death who actively promote its spread. If normalcy returns, it won’t be this year. It’s too much for me.

Spankings, even the serious kind, can’t fix everything, but I needed something to shake me out of my funk. I decided to ask Randy to help me, knowing full well what that could entail. The sort of spanking I needed was not the fun, sexy variety that I thoroughly enjoy. No, it had to be the opposite of that.

He readily agreed. We talked briefly and aligned our expectations. This had to be a session that I wouldn’t soon forget.

It began early on Saturday afternoon. He had delivered our weekly spanking the evening before. It hurt to be sure, but I felt no lasting effects the following day. Randy instructed me to go upstairs to our bedroom, strip completely naked, and sit on the bed. Already we diverged from the usual program. I complied. By the time I removed all of my clothes, I found myself shaking from a combination of nervousness and anticipation. It’s not fear, I told myself. Couldn’t be fear. And so, I waited.

My Prince Charming appeared after about ten minutes, but rather than dealing with me, he busied himself with setting up cameras, microphones, and lights. I wasn’t sure I wanted these very personal moments captured for eternity, but we had passed the point where I get to decide.

I wanted him to finish until he did finish and then I wanted him to go back to his gadgets. It’s funny how the mind works in moments of stress. He lined up the tools he would use to punish me. He placed them beside me in plain sight almost as a taunt. Would I chicken out? Would I freak out? Or would I close my eyes and just allow it to happen?

A solid wooden bath brush with an oval-shaped head. A pair of leather and fur cuffs. A tube of lubricant. A shiny black butt plug. A short length of plastic rope. Yeah, this was getting serious.

“Legs up,” he instructed as he lifted my ankles above my head as I flopped onto my back atop the bedspread. He placed a cuff over each ankle and strung the rope between them. He knotted the rope at each cuff to establish the maximum distance between them. Next, Randy handed me the two ends of the rope and told me to pull it tight and hold. I was now fully exposed and totally vulnerable.

Part of Randy’s head game is to convince me to be an active participant in my own punishment. Not only must I comply, not only do I consent, but I also have to contribute.

For a brief moment, before I faced the next test, my mind wandered to the cameras and how embarrassing it is to be captured this way. It only got worse when he inserted the plug all in one long slow push. I tried to relax my muscles, but it’s difficult to fight the natural urge to resist this intimate invasion.

So, there I was, in quite a predicament. I don’t think I was looking forward to the spanking, but I knew it was inevitable.

I wasn’t expecting a warm-up and I didn’t really get one, unless you consider hitting slightly less forcefully with that accursed brush. Many times it struck the stretched flesh of my lower bottom cheeks. This relentless stinging, throbbing, burning, aching pain fit my definition of a genuine punishment. It was way more intense than I like or want. But it was precisely what I needed, and I knew it, so I held my safeword in reserve. But did I scream repeatedly. Ow! He made my bottom hurt, a lot.

I thought we ought to be finished when he took a short break. But no, we weren’t. “I want you to count.” “Not fair,” I said under my breath. I was already hanging onto a rope and squeezing my battered butt cheeks so as to not lose the plug. Do I have to do everything? If he heard me, he didn’t acknowledge.

“One,” I blurted as the brush bruised my left cheek. “Two” quickly followed on the other side. Around ten, Randy began to torment me by calling out random numbers. As a result, I failed in my count several times resulting in extremely distressing upper thigh shots.

By the time he decided to conclude this corporal punishment ordeal, I had no idea what the count was or what it should be. My mind was muddled and my hindquarters were aflame. “OK, let’s get to the corner,” he said in a strangely matter of fact voice. I asked whether I could remove the plug, but he told me it was still very necessary.

I pushed myself up to a sitting position at the edge of the bed. He let me rest there for a moment to regain some semblance of bearings. The bedspread felt surprisingly rough against my skin. Next thing I knew, Randy was escorting me to the corner. He had me place my hands behind my back and hold the bath brush so it was visible for pictures. He moved the lights to better illuminate the source of my agony. Next, he had me bend over for some shots in that position.

After a while, I asked for permission to pee, and it was granted. I removed the plug so I could clean up. I was impressed by how marked my bottom was. I recognized that sitting was going to continue to be problematic for a while.

When I returned, Randy was packing up his equipment. I was happy to see it go. I was done. Well done, that is. I asked whether I could get dressed, and he said, “Sure.” Then he asked me to wait for him in the living room.

We sat on the couch and watched a football game. I lay across his lap, OTK style, with my skirt up as he rubbed soothing lotion into the areas that he just finished thrashing. After a while, I expressed my profound gratitude with lips, tongue, gums, and teeth.

This was a good spanking. It was a bad spanking. But most of all, it was a necessary spanking. A day later, I still see and feel the after effects – lightness, joy, optimism, clarity, contentment, and a double portion of soreness.

Sunday, September 12, 2021

Randy and Bonnie at the Movies

I convinced my dear husband to have a conversation for the blog on the topic of spanking videos. This post is an edited transcript of that discussion.

We have watched spanking videos for decades – from the grainy VHS SLP rip-off tapes sold at high prices by roadside porn shops to today’s streaming 4K splendor. These videos, almost entirely M/F, provided inspiration, entertainment, and occasional laughs. Along the way, we’ve each developed some preferences and today, we would like to share them with you.

Bonnie: What makes a spanking video enjoyable to watch?

  1. First and foremost, I want to witness a real spanking. By that, I mean I want to see the woman get whacked hard and repeatedly on her bottom. I want her to react proportionately to the spanking being delivered. No academy award performances in response to a light hand spanking. Also, I don’t want her to lie motionless as though the spanker is flogging a side of beef.

  2. I like to see the spankee’s bottom at some point during the proceedings. Is her skin turning red? Are there any visible marks? Does she have cute dimples like Bonnie’s? Does her bottom undulate with each new strike?

  3. How does the spankee react to the pain? Does she squirm or kick? Does she try to cover? Does she submit at some stage? Or is she kind of into it?

  4. I like the vocalizations that document exactly how much pain the spankee is feeling. Does she ask the spanker to please stop or does she just yell, “Ow!”

  5. Here’s a weird thing I love to see in a video - When a woman drops her pants or raises her skirt to expose her bottom in preparation for a spanking and it’s already red and sore looking. I realize this happens because studios routinely shoot multiple scenes with a model in one day. But in my twisted brain, she’s a bad girl who is getting it again.

  6. I like when the woman is beautiful, but that isn’t essential. It can be more interesting to watch an average woman get a spanking. When I see this, I think that unlike those lovely models, maybe this person is not being paid. If she is accepting a hard spanking because she loves it, that makes her hotter that any shapely twenty year old.
OK, what about you?

  1. I know you particularly appreciate the physical whacking part, but my focus is usually inside the heads of the participants. I know those stories aren’t real, and sometimes they are downright preposterous, but they set the stage for me. Why is this woman being spanked so hard? How would I feel if it were me? I want to be able to place myself in the role of the one being punished and imagine what that would be like.

  2. I like stories where loving couples share spankings. When they embrace and kiss afterward, that’s very appealing. When Shadow Lane began, their mission was to make people feel good about being into spanking. That message really resonated with me.

  3. Spanking is my kink, but I have an extra special fondness for corporal punishment scenes. I crave these sorts of scenes, both in videos and in our personal lives. The more classic ritual, the better.

  4. I want to see faces. How is the spankee reacting to what is happening to her? Is it agony, panic, fatigue, or resignation? Or maybe, best of all, she’s into it! Her expression tells me more about the effect of the spanking than anything occurring out back. And what of the spanker? Is he serious, determined, or pleased with his efforts?

  5. I want to believe these people care about each other. I recognize they are probably hired hands doing a job, but I think part of that job is to convince me otherwise. Show me why I should believe.

  6. Finally, I have had the pleasure to know several brilliant spanking models through the blog. It’s a joy to watch their work.
What do you dislike?

  1. Anything hokey. Contrived scripts. Outrageous overacting. High school cheerleaders with huge tats. Spankees who appear to be bored porn stars after a quick buck. Spankers who are merciless bastards. Sets that look like someone’s garage.

  2. I don’t like to watch spankers who do it wrong and spankees who don’t seem to know the difference. They hit too high or out on the hips or ignore the lower slopes entirely. Or they strike in one spot again and again and don’t even it out.

  3. Teaseware. Don’t show me thirty seconds of a spanking in hopes of luring me to a pay site. If I choose to subscribe, it will be based upon your body of work, not one truncated snippet.

  4. Questionable consent. Some videos originate in developing countries. That’s fine. They have beautiful women too. But in some cases, I have to wonder about the working conditions for the models. Are they able to fully consent? Are they fairly compensated for their work?
And you?

  1. I dislike seeing spankings that are excessive. Those brutal Eastern European videos from the nineties kept me from even considering a cane for years. At the other end of the spectrum, a spanking video needs to include at least one good spanking.

  2. As you mentioned, I want to see authentic reactions. Not screaming murder over a few light slaps nor being the proverbial slab of meat.

  3. I agree about the need to see some indication of consent, especially if there are sexual elements. Without it, I don’t want to watch and I don't want to pay for it.

  4. Degradation is a huge turn-off for me. It’s one thing to scold in the context of a discipline scenario. It’s quite another to tell a woman that all females are inferior and deserve to be abused. That’s a message that no one needs to hear.
  • These are our spanking video preferences. What are yours?
  • Monday, September 06, 2021

    In with the New: Kickoff Edition

    In with the New is a feature where we introduce new (or sometimes newly discovered) blogs on the subject of adult consensual spanking. So if you are a fan of bottom reddening, here are some new places to find it.

    Consensual Spanking Second Edition - Our friend Red is back!

    Discipline and the Modern Miss - Melanie is a big fan of spanking photos, so she got creative and started a blog dedicated to spanking captions

    Spanking from Television and Mainstream Scenes - A wide variety of spanking clips from around the world

    Catty Angels - A journal dedicated to spanking needs, preferences, deepest fantasies, reflections, ideas, and curiosities

    Mrs. Lectr - A kinky, spanko, party person with a green thumb, and a love for tacos and gummy bears

    Stone Meadows Stories - The dark world of a Small Derbyshire town fictionalised by Ashley Lincoln

    All Things Spanking - A collection of spanking and domestic discipline stories, videos, captions, and writings. It's a bit harder to get noticed when you share a name with a very well known blog, but this one is worth a visit too.

    A Tender Moon - Spanking stories about naughty girls, strict women, and kinky couples

    The History of the Rod - A classic gallery of traditional corporal punishment images

    English Spanking Fiction - A collection of original English discipline stories

    Let's Talk Spanking - Honestrespectfulguy presents a new spanking site that includes a blog, a discussion forum, artwork, photos, stories, and videos. Check it out!

    Spanked Girl - Emilia's dreams of discipline, and vivid dreams they are

    Norse Cavalier - Spanking stories written by the Norwegian fellow known as the Norse Cavalier

    Worx of Wes - Creator of beautiful spanking paddles

    Citizen Cane's Collection - Spanking, BDSM, curvy women, hot sex, erotic art, cats, humor, and other stuff

    SM MOJA MIŁOŚĆ - Hard spankings from Poland

    Purple Cheeks - If you're one of those people who thinks that every spanking should be epic and excruciating, this blog is for you. Mostly GIFs, mostly OTK, mostly heavy wooden implements, but all sore, toasted bottoms.

    Strict Teacher - All the anticipation, fear, pain, embarrassment, and thrill of receiving corporal punishment at school

    If you spot a new spanking blog that you think might belong in our community blogroll, I invite you to send me the link either via email or as a comment below. Thanks!

    Sunday, September 05, 2021

    Thirty Questions

    I haven’t done one of these for ages.

    1. When did you lose your virginity?

          Age 16 with a boyfriend I knew from school

    2. Rough sex or soft sex?

          I choose not to choose

    3. Do you have any unusual kinks/fetishes?

          Is spanking unusual?

    4. Weirdest place you’ve had sex?

          Where the sun don't shine

    5. Favorite sex position?

          Rear entry with him grabbing my hips

    6. Do you like to be dominant or submissive?


    7. Have you ever had any one night stands?

          No, not my thing

    8. Sex on the bed, couch, or floor?

          All of them eventually

    9. Have you ever had sex in a public place?

          Yes, back in the 70s, in a field in sight of a freeway

    10. Have you ever been caught masturbating?

          Yes, I suppose I have

    11. What does your favorite sexy underwear look like?

          My husband loves when I wear a red bra and thong set

    12. How often do you have sex?

          It varies, but hopefully a couple of times per week

    13. Is there anybody right now you would like to have sex with?

          Yeah, my husband

    14. Do you prefer giving or receiving oral sex?

          It’s all good

    15. Most embarrassing thing that happened to you during sex?

          We once broke a coffee table

    16. A song you’d listen to during hard/rough/kinky sex?

          Confusion (Pump Panel Blade remix) by New Order

    17. A song you’d listen to during soft/slow/passionate sex?

          Summer Madness by Kool and the Gang

    18. Are you into dressing up for sex?

          Yes, absolutely

    19. Would you prefer sex in the bath or sex in the shower?

          Shower please. I’m not good at holding my breath

    20. Have you ever had a threesome? If not, would you?

          No, not my thing

    21. Do you use sex toys?

          Yes! Love, love, love them.

    22. Have you ever send someone a dirty text/picture?

          I’m not sure. I’ve been the recipient.

    23. Would you have sex with your best friend?

          Every time

    24. Is there anything you do before sex?

          Uh, spanking

    25. Is there anything you do after sex?

          Snuggling, talking, spooning, sleeping

    26. Something that will never fail to get you horny?

          Anything spanking

    27. Early morning sex or late night sex?

          Morning, just let me pee and brush my teeth first

    28. Favorite body part on opposite sex?


    29. Favorite body part on same sex?


    30. Do you watch porn?

          Only if there are spankings

    Well, that was fun.

    Tuesday, August 31, 2021

    Keyword Chaos: Wishing for Autumn Edition

    I wasn't going to revisit this feature again so soon, but these keywords are just too much fun.
    • 1 hour spanking – Her butt got Martinized

    • acting like a brat – The sauerkraut was a nice touch

    • adult spanking positions – Wanted: professional disciplinarian

    • amazing weight loss – I think any weight loss is amazing

    • attitude adjustment paddle – Sometimes we just need an attitude adjustment

    • best sexual tip – Buy extra batteries

    • birch well shorts – Is that like dusted britches?

    • birthday spanking memories – Remember the year we rented a spanking horse?

    • cheerleaders paddled – Because of course they were

    • choose your own adventure spankingThis

    • cyber spanking – That network cable hurts way more than you think

    • disney spanking – That Goofy is a kinky dog

    • do i have a big butt quiz – You don't need a quiz. Find a mirror

    • edward scissor legs position – Oh, no. I gotta draw the line here.

    • embarrassing thong stories – No, that's not a mask

    • erica scott spanked – Yes, isn't it wonderful!

    • funny spanking – Spankers think they're all funny

    • giant bikes – How did this query land someone here?

    • hermione wedgie – Quick, cast the extractum spell!

    • how many spanks should i get quiz – Enough to get you off of the computer

    • how to draw a wedgie – How do you draw something that's hidden from view?

    • intricacies of being spanked – This isn't brain surgery, people

    • jeans give me a wedgie – Only when you put them on

    • joelstrap – I've met his brother jock

    • karen spanking – There's going to be a lot of complaining

    • lexan paddle amazon – We bought ours on Etsy

    • little miss spanky pants – Don't call me that

    • our humor network wedgies – Hilarious

    • please register or login to post comments – Say what?

    • please spank my bottom – Everyone loves a polite spankee

    • romantic spankings – Flowers, candlelight, and soft leather...

    • sarah palin spanking – Not worth the trouble

    • self spanking audio – Whack, whack, whack

    • self spanking instructions – How difficult can it be?

    • silent library wedgie – Shhhhh!

    • sit spot spanking – Explosions at ground zero

    • sitting after a spanking – Proceed wih caution

    • soap opera spanking – As the Paddle Swings

    • songs about spankingHere's one

    • spank keyword traffic – A self-referential query!

    • spank me good – Spank me bad, spank me hard, don't leave me sad

    • spank my but – There's always a but

    • spanked bottom stories – A bottom walks into a bar…

    • spanked cheerleaders have sore bottoms – Isn't that the whole point?

    • spanked over pillows – For a comfortable discomfort

    • spanking blisters – Don't spank those blisters!

    • spanking booth – Where our spanko superhero changes clothes

    • spanking bubble butt bonnie – I guess we had to go there

    • spanking budget – That's one swat for each dollar overdrawn

    • spanking celebrities – We call them models

    • spanking comic – That's a standup act I'd love to see

    • spanking genes – For some of us, it's just built in

    • spanking items – That's all the stuff we hide before visitors come over

    • spanking obsession – If you run a blog on one topic for 15 years, I guess that qualifies

    • spanking preparation – It's a moisturizing lotion that helps with battered bottom syndrome

    • spanking robot anal story – This was the start of the host rebellion in Westworld

    • spanking scenarios – Can we play sheriff and schoolmarm?

    • spanking threat – Reply is "Why, you wouldn't dare!"

    • spanko scrabble – What do you mean Eeyow isn't a word?

    • spankophile`s dream – Welcome to the Grand Disciplinarian Desert Resort

    • spankwear – I'm picturing leggings with the cheeks cut out

    • squeegee spanking – Things got a little wild at the carwash

    • stress spanking – That paddle is raising my anxiety

    • tails afire spank graph – I have no idea what that means

    • the jungle book wedgie special edition – Kaa, you get out of there this minute!

    • tv game show spanking – You Bet Your Ass

    • undercover spanko – When the screaming starts, you won't be undercover for long

    • well spanked – How did you get down there?

    • western spankings – When your husband shops at a tack store

    • when to spank your wife – After she consents

    • why do guys find thongs attractive – Because men like what thongs don't cover

    • you can make a private videos list and share them only with your favorite friends! – Your less favorite friends will have to use their imaginations
    Keep those queries coming!