Sunday, May 19, 2024

Song Parody: When I'm Really Sore

This spanko song parody is respectfully dedicated to all fans of the Beatles and their song When I'm Sixty Four.

When I'm Really Sore

When I get punished rubbing my rear
Many hours from now
Will you still be giving me the swinging pine?
Birthday greetings line upon line

If I've been out ‘til quarter to three
Would you spank some more?
Will you still treat me, will you still beat me?
When I’m really sore

I could be handy, digging out toys
When you think they’re lost
You can craft a paddle in your old wood shop
Sunday mornings, flicking the crop
Swats in the garden, pay for my deeds
Who could ask for more?

Will you still treat me, will you still beat me?
When I’m really sore

Send me an email, drop me a text
What you gonna to do
Indicate precisely how you mean to flay
Yours sincerely, almost okay

Give me your answer, fill in a form
Sting for evermore
Will you still treat me, will you still beat me?
When I’m really sore

Sunday, May 05, 2024

Bonnie: The Interview

Randy interviewed me on video yesterday. We had just completed my second hard spanking of the day and the third in less than 24 hours. He didn’t go easy on me. I don’t know how many swats I received with that unforgiving teardrop-shaped wooden paddle. Maybe a hundred. I know my bottom was sore when he began, and it didn’t get any better along the way.

Here’s our transcribed interview, edited only for conciseness. I really did say all that dumb stuff. I was lying across his lap and he still had the paddle in his hand. My bottom, visible in the video, was conspicuously marked.

R: How do you feel now?

B: Uh, I dunno. Spanked?

R: Do you enjoy being punished like this over my lap?

B: Yeah, um, I do.

R: What is it that you like?

B: Being here close with you. Feeling your hands holding me.

R: What about your butt?

B: It really hurts a lot.

R: (rubbing) It’s very red and feels warm. There’s a cute mark over here on your right cheek. (touches the welt)

B: That happens when you use the paddle.

R: What do you think about getting spanked twice in one day?

B: It’s OK. If you decide I deserve it.

R: Bon, if you ever got everything you deserve, we’d wear out my arm.

B: (imagining) Yeah, maybe so.

R: Is there a spanking that you wish you could get?

B: Right now, I have no idea.

R: Would you like me to strap you to the bench and cane your butt right now?

B: Not sure. Maybe later.

R: Would you like me to give you some more swats with this paddle? (whack whack)

B: Ow! I told you I don’t know. You’re confusing me.

R: Do you feel sufficiently punished now?

B: Yes, sir.

R: Is it embarrassing to get your bare bottom spanked with a paddle in front of the camera and then have to explain how it feels?

B: Yes.

R: What’s it like to be an accomplished adult woman, a grandmother, a teacher, who requires frequent corporal punishment?

B: It’s just what we do.

R: Do you like the embarrassment aspect?

B: Yes, I think I do.

R: Would it be more embarrassing if your blog readers knew about all this?

B: Maybe.

R: Then I want you to tell them everything, OK?

B: Yes, sir.

So, there you have all my paddle-addled observations after a day of spankings. It only hurts when I sit, stand, walk, bend, move, roll over, stretch, or climb stairs. But I'm smiling today.

Friday, May 03, 2024

In Praise of the Pear

This ad came out when I was eleven years old. Body shaming anyone?

Today, in the age of TikTok, SnapChat, and Instagram, the message is ubiquitous. If you know a young woman, let her know that we value her for a hundred reasons unrelated to her physical appearance. Show her you care. Listen to her. But you can also tell her that she's beautiful.

Sunday, April 28, 2024

Spanking Haiku

What, I wondered, have I never shared on the blog? Haiku! Let's try that.

Spanks seem bad to some
But they're really great for me
Want to tell the world

When I am the bad girl
Receive all that I deserve
My heart is fulfilled

Hard swats coming soon
Lift my skirt and get in place
Wait to feel impact

Accepting each sting
Shocking yet familiar
Holding on so firm

Punishment over
My lover carried me through
Cling to him always

Sunday, March 31, 2024

Bend and Bare, Bon, Bend and Bare

These are words I know well. In the early years of this blog, I used to have a large tagline at the very bottom of the page that read, “Spankings Happen.” And so they did, and I am grateful that they still do. When I hear the title phrase, I know it’s time for another session with one of our favorite spanking paddles. What follows is a fulfillment of my spanko dreams.

On the weekends, Randy sometimes paddles me more than once in a day. He is delighted when I raise my skirt to reveal residual redness or marks on my bottom from a previous spanking. He always asks me if it hurts. If I tell him that it does, he kneads my exposed skin to draw out the last throbbing vestiges of my previous punishment before starting again. If I say it doesn’t, well that’s a challenge he is happy to accept. Either way, the paddle smacks repeatedly against my tender cheeks. And that always hurts. A lot.

He often secures me by grabbing the waistband of my thong with his left hand. This leaves his right hand free to wind up and deliver a full swing of the paddle. Of course, I can’t see much other than the floor at these moments, but I’ve studied his technique in the hundreds of videos we’ve watched together. He recently started assigning silly titles to the videos. Two of my favorites are “Bon Beating Bonanza” and “That Lesson She’ll Remember to Forget.”

In other news, it’s finally starting to warm up (weatherwise), so we’ve been playing in the basement more often. That’s where our spanking bench is located. I love the bench. It’s an exhilarating feeling to have my wrists and ankles bound with velcro straps. Even before the serious punishment begins, as I lay there with my bottom completely vulnerable, I know I am due for the full treatment. This anticipation is delicious. Then I receive all that I deserve.

After it’s finished and everything is cleaned up and stowed away, we head back upstairs. Each step I take along the way triggers additional posterior pain. It’s almost a bonus spanking. Randy was so enchanted by this phenomenon last time that he had me go back and walk up the steps again for the benefit of his camera.

Spankings are good at our house. Randy’s health issues remind us that everything in this life is temporary. Carpe Diem in this context means assume the position, and I do!

Saturday, February 24, 2024

Ask Bonnie: Wishing for Spring Edition

Happy Almost Spring, friends. We've been busy with lots of stuff, so I've been away from the blog. But I'm here now with some reader questions.

Question: When did you first know you have a large bottom?

Bonnie: I guess we'll start with this familiar topic. I don't recall anyone phrasing the question this way before. I think it's an inherent design feature. I always knew. Back in junior high, I learned that boys knew too. Not a happy memory.

Question: Would you sell your paddles/thongs?

Bonnie: That's not business I want to transact. You can order paddles through any quality internet vendor. Thongs are available everywhere.

Question: You say you get spanked because you are bad. What bad things make you so deserving?

Bonnie: I give discourteous answers to questions like this one.

Question: Dear Mrs X – do you have any suggestions how a man can find a lady with the same interests and Pleasures regarding spanking as you do?

Bonnie: You might want to check out local kink groups or online forums.

Question: Do you know anyone in ____ that would be willing to spank me

Bonnie: I’m sorry. I don’t know anyone who lives there. I suggest you seek like-minded people in your area.

Question: you referenced a cane that was more useful for less intensity than a standard school sized cane. Could you point me in the right direction in terms of size? Length, material?

Bonnie: We bought that cane from a store named Cane-iac. They are still in business, but in the process of closing. The cane I described is wooden, fairly light, and about 24 inches long. It is well suited for OTK use.

Question: How can you permit a man to beat your body with a stick?

Bonnie: Yeah. OK. Explanation time. I don’t permit this, we agree in advance. Second, that man is my husband to whom I’ve been married for my entire adult life and with whom I share many wonderful memories, both spanking and otherwise. Third, it’s a spanking not a beating. The focus is my bottom, not my whole body. My spankings happen for a specific purpose. It hurts, but I sustain no lasting damage. Finally, he doesn’t use some random stick he found along the highway. Most often, it’s a paddle that we purchased to deliver spankings. I consent and I am an active participant.

Question: how do i create my own spanking bench

Bonnie: We bought ours, but you can search for "spanking bench" plans or "spanking bench" blueprints. There appear to be several choices. Good luck!

Question: Is spanking a turn-on?

Bonnie: That’s a big 10-4 good buddy

Question: Have you ever had to sign a paddle after you were paddled with it?

Bonnie: Yes, that’s a dynamic we enjoy. I have signed the paddle to memorialize a hard punishment gratefully accepted.

Question: Are you thinking about retiring?

Bonnie: Retiring from what? Spankings: No, Blogging: Who knows?, Work: It’s on the table.

That's it for now. If you want to send me a question, click the Ask Bonnie symbol near the bottom of the right column.