Sunday, November 28, 2021

Experience the Legends

Long time spankophiles wax nostalgic about famous implements of the past. They're gone, but not forgotten. But wait, maybe they're not really gone.

In many cases, beloved and dreaded bottom warmers can still be located, purchased, and swung through the wonders of the internet.

In the interest of journalistic integrity, I must tell you that all of the implements featured here are famous for a good reason. That reason is that receiving a spanking with them can be quite painful. But sometimes, it's worth a sore bottom to experience the legend. And maybe even more than once just to be sure.

Here is a source for what used to be known as the Vermont Country Store bath brush (pictured at the top). This implement is ideal for delivering serious punishments. A spanking with this brush will be long remembered. It works equally well in OTK and bent over positions. Alas, VCS changed the design once they learned that the brush was popular for something other than scrubbing.
The Loopy Johnny (above) became famous as the quietest spanking implement (though silencing the recipient is a different matter). It turns out that they were never really gone. These little stingers are widely available from several vendors on Etsy.

Then there's what used to be called the Crabtree and Evelyn body brush (pictured above). I sometimes call it the dogleg because of its curved shape. It's an ideal size for OTK application and perfectly designed to deliver a burning lesson. For fans of traditional domestic discipline corporal punishments, this brush checks all the boxes. This product was also discontinued after we talked about it too much on the internet. But you can order the same brush here.

Next we have the Jokari Paddle. Jokari was a backyard and beach game that involved hitting a rubber ball back and forth using wooden paddles like the one pictured above. I'm not sure I ever saw anyone actually playing this game, but the paddle became a legendary adult punishment implement. It was so perfect for spanking that I hesitate to label it a pervertible. These can be found on eBay and elsewhere, but they can be pricey, especially for authentic originals in good condition. However, many paddle makers offer models that are similar in dimensions and weight. Here's one of my favorites.
One product that I never exprienced and have not been able to find is the Cracker Barrel paddle ball game (with or without the ball). It was like the old Fli-Back model, but thicker and sturdier (see the picture above). Cracker Barrel stopped selling them about twenty years ago and they are rare today. I though there might be some on eBay, but I couldn't find that model. Perhaps our fellow enthusiasts already snapped them up. If you know a good source, please leave a comment and I will post an update.

Collecting and using these classic implements can spice up your relationship. As with any new toy, please proceed with caution until both partners become familiar with its effects.

Sunday, November 21, 2021

Keyword Chaos: Gobble Up Edition

Here are some search keywords that people use to find this blog.
  • 1001 spanking fantasies – Don't forget trail boss and saloon girl

  • aftercare spanking – That's not how this works

  • anatomy of a spanking – Dermal inflammation of lower buttocks resulting from the repeated application of forceful blows

  • are you my bottom – Don't tell me you lost it again

  • bend over wedgie – I own those pants

  • benefits of domestic discipline – It's something that couples can do together

  • big butt quiz – I think I aced that one

  • bonanza spanking – It's a frontier tail blazer

  • bonnie gets spanked – Yeah, it's true. I can't deny it

  • brat tamer phrases – "How many times must I tell you not to hide the paddle?"

  • calyphigian – I learned this means "having a pleasingly shaped backside"

  • cheerleaders paddled – Well, flip my skirt

  • cowgirl spanking – She got a bad case of saddle sore

  • dadams spanking – Oh, no, please Dadams, not a spanking!

  • david avocado wolfe twitter – Are you lost or what?

  • deepglitterwitch – Last time, it took a year to get rid of that %@# glitter

  • do i need a spanking quiz – No one needs a spanking quiz

  • dr don spankologist – Do you have a license to practice that?

  • everyone spanks karen – And she totally deserves it

  • folding spanking bench – I don't care for folding spankings

  • googd pick up lines – Don't just ask them if they want to get googd

  • heat for the seat paddle – A classic roadside souvenir

  • heavy wooden hairbrush – Sore red bottom

  • home depot step stools – Pervertible furniture

  • international consensual spanking day – There's a worthy cause

  • jeans give me a wedgie – Yeah, I get one too

  • jillian keenan wikipedia – Why would you look for her here?

  • june cleaver dress – Love those 50s housewife fashions

  • june cleaver sex stories – Wally and the Beaver were brought by storks

  • loopy johnny for sale – by dissatisfied recipient, not so gently used, immediate availability

  • marital spanking stories – I posted about 100 of those here

  • massage and spanking – Like chocolate and peanut butter

  • mister poll maintenance spanking – Survey says it makes your butt hurt

  • my sore bottom – That could be the name for my side blog

  • my wife wants me to spank her – Then get off the internet

  • newyorkspanker – Puttin' on the Hitz

  • portaspank – A small relocatable building designed for private punishments in public places

  • restaurant spanking – May we borrow that ladle?

  • romantic spanking – Talk sweet to me while you pummel my bottom

  • ruffled panty cornertime – When spanking isn't enough, there's this

  • simon and garfuckle – Soundtrack for grownup cinema

  • spankbrogs – Dictionary says brog is a pointy tool, not good for spanks

  • spanked bubble butt – At least they didn't mention me by name

  • spanked for fun – Best kind

  • spanked on bottom – Yes, that's where I get it too

  • spanking addiction – You say that as if it's a bad thing

  • spanking blig – blog + bling = blig?

  • spanking competition – The trophy is a pillow

  • spanking documentary – Tonight, we learn the story of Annie who gets spanked because she loves it

  • spanking game story – Bowling for Hollers

  • spanking in tv shows – I envied Lucy, Gidget, Sabrina, Laura, and Wilma

  • spanking my ass – Self-spanking is fine if you enjoy it

  • spanking restaurant – I'll have the flogging special with a baked potato

  • spanking robot stories – Introducing Boomba, the first robot for spankos

  • spanking song – Show you care, strip me bare, whack my rear, spread good cheer

  • spankmate – Queen to king's knee one

  • superhero spanking underwear – Make mine Bat Girl

  • the spanking game – Remind me... Do I want to win or lose?

  • thongslipforum – Thongs don't slip, they stay where you put them

  • vermont country store bath brush – Legendary ouch maker

  • wagon train spanking – So much leather

  • wedgie punishment – Doesn't anyone just spank anymore?

  • weight gain spanking – How much must I gain to earn a spanking?

  • weight loss spanking – Are you telling me I get spanked either way?

  • whackula – I vant to varm your zeet
Keep those kooky queries coming!

Thursday, November 11, 2021

In With The New: Autumn Edition

In with the New is an introduction to new (or sometimes newly discovered) blogs on the subject of adult consensual spanking. He's what we found this round.

Kater - A real spanking couple who believe in domestic discipline.

Girl Spanking Stories - Tales of punished female bottoms

A Tribal Elder - An exploration of [spanking] life.

Naughty Kelly - 20yo bi baby girl seeks spanking, humiliation, and age regression.

Caring Connections - Spanking, corner time, domestic discipline, and embarrassment.

The Spanking Nook - Domestic discipline and spanking fetish blog.

Spanking Mandy - Mandy and her partner K are beginning to explore a Dominant/submissive lifestyle.

Praboo - Schoolgirl and family style corporal punishment.

Nick the Wanker - Just a guy who enjoys spankings.

Veralis's Spanking Art Showcase - The world's foremost spanking art web site.

Facelle - Spanking and kinks.

Jill's Corner Time - Jill is a very well behaved girl residing in the UK. For some reason, she keeps being put in the corner with a well spanked red bottom.

Spanking Picture Stories - Punishment and humiliation.

If you encounter a new spanking blog that might belong in our community blogroll, I invite you to send me the link either via email or as a comment below. Thanks!

Saturday, November 06, 2021

More Spanking Rituals

After I posted the list of spanking rituals, my favorite contributors provided additional suggestions. As I got started with a second list, I recalled more rituals that I love (or at least love to hate).

As a reminder, every swat of every spanking my husband gives me is 100% consensual.
  1. Roll up the Shirt Sleeve - For me, there's something incredibly sexy about a stern gentleman rolling up the sleeve of his crisp white dress shirt in preparation for spanking me. This simple act demonstrates a seriousness and a commitment to the traditional corporal punishment that is just about to happen.

  2. Pulling a Belt through Belt Loops - Belts are a favorite implement for many spankees. Even before the swinging starts, the sight and sound of a leather belt being pulled through the belt loops of a man's pants can induce chills of anticipation.

  3. Remain in Position - As Erica notes, being ordered to remain in position voluntarily despite the growing flames in back is an alternative to bondage. This arrangement is easier for the spanker, but definitely more difficult for the spankee.

  4. Bonus Swats - Many tops derive perverse enjoyment from quizzing their unfortunate partners at moments when concentration is most difficult. Incorrect, incomplete, or missing answers result in extra swats and a longer, harder spanking. Randy is fond of applying bonus swats to my upper thighs, which in my view is totally unfair.

  5. The Woodshed - This ritual is so powerful that it's become part of the common lexicon. The phrase, "a trip to the woodshed," is synonymous with corrective punishment. I've been spanked in a garage, a barn, the back of a truck, and in a deserted bar, but never a real woodshed. It's on my bucket list.

  6. Evening Out - We've had to discontinue our evenings on the town due to COVID, but this ritual is a favorite. It was great to go to dinner and a concert or play with a freshly warmed bottom and a fun secret. No one except us knew what was happening beneath my dress.

  7. Riding the Pine - Spankings make it painful to sit afterward. That's why we spankees favor soft cushions for our tender seat. Spankers, however, are not always so generous. As if getting a hard spanking isn't punishment enough, Randy steers me toward hard wooden chairs or stools. Then he has the audacity to ask me in front of others why I'm squirming. And then he just smiles as I blush and struggle to concoct a barely credible fib.

  8. Buying Implements - We don't often purchase new spanking implements because we already own a large collection. When we do shop, it's usually through a reputable online seller. But those tantalizing pervertables are a different story. Once in a while when the urge strikes, we visit a kitchen, hardware, or farm supply store. Randy dresses me in a short skirt, leggings, or stretch jeans. He makes me select and purchase a nominally vanilla item that could just as easily have been designed to beat someone's butt. All the while, my dear husband stands behind me and observes my every move. I don't know whether the clerk recognizes my embarrassment because I can't bring myself to look them in the eyes.

  9. The Timer - Five minutes feels like an eternity when some is paddling your bottom. We've used timers and hourglasses for years. A timed spanking, in Randy's mind, is a challenge. He strikes hard and fast in the same two spots until the alarm sounds. Speaking for those of us who stare at the carpet, this ritual hurts way more than spankers think.

  10. Gratitude - "Thank you, sir. May I have another?" Those classic words capture the magic of the gratitude ritual. Being required to express thanks with each mounting stroke reinforces the spankee's submissive mindspace.

  11. Surface Preparation - A spanking delivered on a wet bottom hurts more. Water intensifies the pain. So do baby oil and moisturizing lotions. Randy tells me that using lotion before a spanking will help to protect my sensitive skin from breakage. I think he's figured out that it heightens the ouch.

  12. Signing the Paddle - I remember reading about schools where students had to sign a paddle and record the date each time they were punished. I am opposed to paddling children, but the general concept, for consenting adults, is intriguing. Marks on my bottom will fade, but my permanent ink signature on the broad end of a spanking paddle memorializes my corporal punishment experience forever.

  13. Afterwear - Just as there are preferred clothes for a spanking, there can be others for the time when the spanking is complete. I have a short satin nightgown that isn't quite long enough in back to cover my ample lower slopes. Randy loves it!

  14. Journaling - Before digital photos, audio, and video, we had the written word. Before blogs, I recorded our spanking episodes in the form of handwritten or typewritten notes. Randy enjoyed reading my accounts and encouraged me to describe how I felt about what happened to me. I still journal, now using word processing software. Many of these accounts have become posts on this blog. These words allow us to remember.

  15. Lotion - One of my favorite aftercare rituals is having soothing lotion massaged into my sore punished flesh. It feels wonderful. I often position myself across Randy's lap on the couch or bed, not for another spanking, but for this tender treatment. Sometimes the massage extends beyond the punished region and other rituals ensue.

  16. Status Check - My husband is fond of periodically reassessing the state of my bottom in the minutes and hours that follow a thorough spanking session. He pulls me aside and hikes my skirt. He runs his fingers over the surface of my skin to detect residual warmth or any raised welts. He admires the color as red fades to pink. He squeezes my cheeks and asks whether my bottom still hurts. When I answer in the affirmative, he pats my rear and tells me that I am a good girl.

  17. The Implement Show - Many spankos like to display their collection of spanking implements, on a table, couch, or bed. Or covering the entire living room floor! This arrangement makes for great photos, but it also serves as a notice to the spankee about the posterior pain they can anticipate. For some reason, spankers feel they have to "test" every displayed implement. A spanking with such a wide variety of implement types yields a long lasting burn and ache.

  18. Driving the Message Home - This ritual involves the spanker emphasizing their message by punctuating each word with a hard swat to the spankee's exposed bottom. From the spankee's perspective, this technique does indeed promote recollection.

  19. Walk of Shame - Imagine being conspicuously escorted from a party, a meeting, or a class to receive an unexpected disciplinary paddling. Then imagine having to return later and wonder how many others recognize the cause of the pained expression on your blushing face. That's the essence of the walk of shame.

  20. The Warning - When a spanker says, "We'll deal with this when we get home," it's the sort of warning where it's already too late to avoid the inevitable punative consequences of a faux pas committed in public. Whether around the corner or around the world, for the remainder of the trip, the spankee will think of little else but the unfortunate fate of her bottom.
So are there any more that we've forgotten?

Sunday, October 31, 2021

Spanking Rituals

Hello again, friends. Happy Halloween. One way to make a good spanking great is through the use of punishment rituals. Here are some of my favorites:

I reference a female bottom because that is my perspective, but feel free to replace genders as you prefer
  1. Assume the Position - Spankings can be delivered to recipients situated in all sorts of positions. Some are more effective than others in terms of exposing the bottom for punishment. But our focus today is rituals. An excellent ritual is one that gets inside the spankee's mind and augments the punishment experience. When the spankee is commanded to position herself, it places her in the position of not just accepting the punishment, but actively participating.

  2. Bare the Target - A bare bottom spanking hurts more and is often perceived as being more embarrassing for the spankee. The baring can be performed by either spanker or spankee and each has a different significance. Removing one's own clothes implies participation as above. Being bared by the spanker is a surrender of control. The ultimate baring is complete nudity. For me, being stripped naked foreshadows a severe punishment.

  3. The Lecture - Words are powerful. When Randy tells me that I am a bad girl, I just melt. When he tells me I deserve to be punished, I regret my misdeeds and prepare myself for the inevitable consequences. Sometimes, he asks me if know what happens to girls who misbehave. Yes, of course I know, but I have to tell him anyway. Sometimes, he wants me to ask/beg for my corporal punishment. And I do.

  4. Fetch the Implement - This is another form of making the spankee an active participant in her own punishment. Randy acts impatient and adds swats if I don't return quickly enough or select the wrong implement. One variation is where the spankee has to retrieve a different, and typically more severe, implement partway through a spanking session. This gives the spankee a brief break to consider her predicament before the posterior assault intensifies.

  5. Corner Time - Corner time can be used before, during, or after a spanking. The idea is to give the spankee a time-out to consider her actions and the consequences of those actions. Randy likes to place me in corner time immediately after a spanking. I must stand in a designated spot with my skirt raised or pants lowered to fully expose my red bottom.

  6. Spanking in Sets - For longer spankings, swats or strokes are sometimes delivered in sets of five, six, ten, or twelve with pauses between sets. These pauses provide opportunities for lectures or scolding. The breaks also allow the accrued pain to be fully processed before starting again.

  7. Recording - I think most spankees want to get their spankings behind them (pun not entirely intended). We want to wipe the slate clean and move forward. But that's not possible when the spanker records the proceedings in photographs, audio, and video. These spankings live on forever in electronic format to capture just how thoroughly I was humbled. On the positive side of the ledger, I find it a turn-on to relive these intimate moments from a different vantage point.

  8. Bondage - Allowing oneself to be restrained surrenders any vestige of control. I find that kind of submission to be really sexy. After the knots are secure, the spanker is in complete charge.

  9. The Punishment Room - Some couples have a designated place where serious spankings occur. Being sent to that room can serve as a shorthand way of notifying the bottom that a spanking is coming her way soon. We spank all over the house. Perhaps the closest room we have is our basement where our spanking bench is set up.

  10. Confession - Confession is good for the soul, but it's not so great for the bottom. Sometimes, during a lecture, Randy asks me to list my transgressions and demerits (most of which are fictional). On a few occasions, he typed up a confession for me with an agreement to be paddled as a consequence. I had to sign the confession while he video recorded it.

  11. Counting the Swats - Counting can take a couple different forms. The spanker can count out a pre-determined number of swats. Or the spankee can be required to count the swats as they are delivered. Randy's favorite is making me count, distracting me, and then administering extra swats when I inevitably mess up the count.

  12. Toys - Unlike some spanking couples, all of our spankings have a sexual element, but it's not always explicit during the actual spanking. Other times, Randy uses toys like vibrators, dildos, and plugs to change my headspace. I find that I can accept a harder spanking when I'm turned on. And simultaneous spanking and sexual stimulation usually push me over the edge.

  13. Final Ten - When it seems like a spanking should be about over, Randy will announce, "Ten more." The last ten swats are counted out and delivered in a slow sequence. He strikes hard in the center of each sit spot while alternating sides. He doesn't tell me that these swats are meant to make me remember, but he doesn't have to.

  14. Kissing the Implement - When the spankee is required to kiss the surface of the implement that has just spanked her bottom, it represents an acceptance of and appreciation for the preceding painful correction. It also represents a recognition that more punishments will be needed in the future.

  15. Displaying the Implement - A throbbing bottom needn't be the only reminder of a recent spanking. We often hang a paddle or brush on a hook in our bedroom. It serves as a reminder of a recently completed spanking session. Every time I see it, I touch my bottom and think, "Ooo, I got a spanking!"

  16. Spanking Garments - There are certain articles of clothing that come to be associated with spanking. When a spankee wears such a garment, like a special pair of panties, leggings, or a short skirt, it can serve as a non-verbal signal. Alternately, the spanker can request that the spankee wear the garment. Randy has bought me lots of clothes over the years for precisely this purpose.
Rituals can help make your spankings more interesting, exciting, and varied.

Sunday, October 17, 2021

Autumn Popourri

I know I've been away. I am teaching an online class and that endeavor consumes a lot of my non-work time. But I'm here now, at least for a bit.

Here's what on my mind this weekend:
  1. A reader named Ted asked me whether frequent spankings are the reason why I have a large bottom. The answer is a definitive no. I've had a big butt since puberty, long before I got the opportunity to explore my spanko aspirations. What's more, several other female family members share this trait. I can safely conclude it's hereditary.

  2. Some of you asked about the special birthday present that I mentioned in my previous post. We still haven't fully tested it yet, but I can tell you that it's NOT a spanking implement. I should also mention that it wasn't Randy's only gift. He also gave me a fun gift certificate that I am saving until COVID recedes.

  3. A longtime reader brought to my attention that college football teams in Oklahoma have cheerleaders who carry paddles. I was skeptical until I confirmed this is true. When I see big paddles like that, my immediate thought is that someone is getting their butt swatted. What other purpose could there be? Does anyone know the story? Specifically, who gets paddled and why?
  4. Have you discovered any new spanking blogs lately? If so, I would love to add them to our community blogroll. You can reply to this message or send me an email by clicking on Ask Bonnie at the bottom of this page.

  5. Our friend Susan asked whether I think it's safe to buy spanking implements and sex toys over the internet. Well, is it safe to buy anything on the internet? The answer to the second question is probably the answer to the first. There are risks everywhere. What matters is how we manage them. I feel confident when I deal with established vendors that have good reputations earned over a number of years.

  6. A friend asked about moving from leather implements to a wooden paddle. Here is my response:

    The level of pain experienced by a spankee depends upon a number of factors. These include the composition and design of the implement, the force with which it's applied, the number and location of swats delivered, and the spankee's position. In this context, a spanking with a wooden paddle doesn't necessarily have to be more severe. All things being equal, a leather paddle of the same size is probably less intense, but all things are never equal.

    We own numerous wooden paddles and all them have been used on me. When we started out years ago, it was our go-to implement. In that pre-internet era, we didn't know about all of the alternatives. A thin, light wooden paddle can sting like leather. A small, heavier wooden paddle makes my bottom feel like it's burning. Those big frat-style paddles just ache, now and later. I suggest gradually working your way up if you are interested in trying those big ones. They may be too harsh for a spankee who is not as well upholstered back there as I am.

    In any case, it's essential for spanker and spankee to communicate continuously, especially when exploring new experiences.
That's enough for now. Happy autumn!

Tuesday, September 28, 2021

A Small Celebration

So it's my birthday. Not a milestone or a round number, but it is a power of two. I am happy to report that Randy still needs me and still feeds me. But this is a spanking blog and you're here, I imagine, to hear about whether I got a birthday spanking. At the risk of killing the suspense, I did indeed. It was a lunchtime session and a fun one at that.

"OK, let's go," he called out as I started to heat my lunch. I know what those words mean, and under the circumstances, I wasn't inclined to argue. I positioned myself over his lap on the couch in the living room. It's a very familiar and otherwise comfortable spot. As I flipped up my skirt, Randy grabbed my favorite leather paddle from the table beside the couch where it was conveniently stashed. There are no bad spankings with this paddle, only good. And this time didn't disappoint.

Since today is my birthday, Randy didn't make me count. He did it for me, although I'm fairly certain I absorbed way more than the designated number of birthday swats. No matter, it was thoroughly enjoyable, and I am left with a warm, stinging glow that makes me happy.

In a future post, I'll tell you about my gift, after we test it.