Friday, January 24, 2020

You Know You're Kinky When...

...When you see an innocent old ad like this and your mind immediately goes in a whole different direction.

Monday, January 20, 2020

Coping with Hate

Readers tell me that they most want to hear about me getting my bubble busted. I do have those stories and I will share them as time allows. Today, however, I have another topic I need to discuss. If you really prefer a spanking fix, I invite you to explore fourteen years of MBS archive.

I spend a lot of time managing the links you see at the right. Part of the job involves searching for new spanko blogs. I perform searches, follow links, and accept recommendations. In each case, I find myself touring a potential spanko link and evaluating whether I think our MBS readers would enjoy the content. I try to be open-minded and link spanking sites even when their content doesn’t necessarily align with my own kinky preferences.

There have always been sites that I reject. Often these are too extreme or simply off topic. When I find such a site, I move on to the next potential link without giving it another thought. In the last couple years, though, I have seen a disturbing growth in sites dedicated to the abuse, denigration, subjugation, and violation of women and girls. Some of these men hold a grudge over some past slight. They appear to be offended by our very existence. Some claim that women are merely pleasure objects to be used. They promote non-consensual rape and mutilation. I find these people terrifying. I fear for their victims.

Of course I don’t link them, but what else can we do as a community?
  • We can spread the word. Kinky women, especially those who are new to the scene, need to be aware of this danger and know the common sense precautions that limit their risk. Let us generously share what we’ve learned with our younger sisters.

  • We can promptly report violent abusers to the authorities. Criminal acts should be never be excused or dismissed. Consent matters. Too late is too late.

  • We can support one another. Embrace the victims. Encourage and empower them. They are not to blame. We share their burden together.

  • We can begin to educate political decision makers, the media, law enforcement, and the general public about healthy kink. We understand that rough sex is completely different from domestic violence. But they don’t. The concept of consent is familiar in the vanilla world and equally applicable here.
One potential measure I didn’t mention above is direct confrontation. Extreme views arise from years of not listening to reason. Why would they listen to us now? A better strategy is to appeal to the majority of virtuous men who have the ability to watch out, intervene, and protect when necessary. To these allies, I ask you to please help us live and love. We are truly all in this life together.

Sunday, January 12, 2020

Dressing for the Occasion

Happy New Year, everyone!

A couple of weeks ago, Hermione asked the following question at brunch:

Do you have special attire the spankee is required to don before a spanking? If so, is it used regularly, seldom, or only on certain occasions?

I wrote a brief response befitting that venue, but my full answer is a bit more involved.

My husband Randy loves to dress me (and undress me) for spankings. He calls it “opening the gift.” The themes he selects are variously exciting, fun, silly, sexy, and outrageous. Sometimes, one or both of us lack the time or energy to pursue this activity. But when we can, we explore the boundaries of our respective roles as spanker and spankee.

Another essential aspect of our play is the capture of our festivities through video, audio, and photography. Randy creates and curates this content just for us. His equipment and techniques have become more sophisticated over the years. Watching my spankings later allows me to better appreciate the detail he invests in coordinating his patter, choice of implement, and the delivery of the blows with my spankee persona. I can immerse myself in my role and experience a spanking that feels real.

I will wear (or not wear) almost anything to fit the circumstance. I am pleased to indulge his fascination. As long as I get my spanking and all of the adult fun that follows, I'm all in.

I started a list of outfits I’ve worn recently when I answered Hermone’s question. With Randy’s help, I compiled this more comprehensive list.


Naked – What could be more natural? He loves my curvy body and I love the feel of his touch. When the transition from carress to spank arrives, it is deliciously welcome.

Bra and thong set – He probably doesn’t notice that the top and bottom match, but he definitely appreciates cute lingerie. There’s a good reason why I own 100 pairs of panties.

Bad Girl

Cheerleader uniform – Who doesn’t want to paddle the misbehaving cheerleader? Several years ago, I bought a real cheer uniform, complete with pleated skirt, sweater, and matching brief. This is great fun, but it requires a bit of preparation.

Naughty schoolgirl – I found a very short pleated wool tartan skirt and coordinated sweater. This skirt is so short that the crests of my hips and the lower half of my bottom are exposed. I pair it with a little white bikini panty to draw his eye. I get exactly what a naughty girl deserves.


Skirted business suit with slip, stockings, garter belt, and heels – Plenty to unwrap here.

Similar outfit with pantyhose – I’m not sure why Randy is so fond of pantyhose. Maybe it’s because I used to wear them all the time and he has good memories.

Girdle – Our child of the sixties remembers a time when women wore big white heavy Playtex control briefs. Randy thinks they’re hot, so I get hot bottom while wearing a girdle.

White nylon briefs – Yeah, granny panties. I’m qualified to wear them and I do. Randy likes the look. Despite the full coverage design, they provide precisely zero protection against spanking implements.

Sexy Wife

Bikini swimsuit – For several practical reasons, I wear a one-piece suit in public. At home, however, I dance for my sweetie wearing a small bikini. Sometimes, he will have me get my suit wet in the shower before the main event.

Form-fitting blue jeans – This is my go-to look, and that’s a mixed blessing. It’s great that my husband thinks my favorite comfortable jeans look sexy. However, there are times when looking sexy is not my top priority. I have to wear something!

Leggings – This is 2020, so there must be leggings. Randy likes me to wear white, beige, light gray, or pale pastel colors that are sufficiently translucent to reveal my thong lines. Wearing these around Randy is like waving a red flag in front of a proverbial bull. The only question is how long he will spank before those leggings get peeled off.

White shorts – Shorts are good. Short shorts are better, especially when they expose the bottom of my bottom. You know, the part that gets punished.

Short nightie and thong set – I just love a warm, snugly bedtime spanking, maybe OTK with a yummy leather implement. If I can dress for this nocturnal discipline, that’s even better.

A reader asked me recently whether I thought that wearing some of these outfits felt demeaning. My answer would be a resounding no. Spankings are how we fulfill our mutual desires. If I dress as someone other than who I am, that’s a part of our exploration together. Spankings are like pizza. Even when they’re bad, they’re still pretty good.

Monday, November 18, 2019

So I take it there's no canoe

Friday, November 15, 2019

It's LoL Day XIV

Happy LoL Days, my friends. I may be a day late, but at least I'm starting early in the morning. Yeah, that makes sense, right?

As the story is told, LoL Day started on this blog a long time ago. 46 blogs participated and 919 comments were recorded that first year. This community event was, and still is, a lot of fun.

What is less well known is that this was not an original idea, at least not for me. Back in the early days of the blogoverse, I saw a vanilla blogger do something similar. It occurred to me that it would be interesting to learn more about our friendly little spanko community. I am grateful to Hermione and everyone else who sustains this tradition.

So Happy LOL Day! You know what to do.

Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Goodbye, Old Friend

We parted ways last weekend with one of our first spanking implements after more than forty years. My old sorority paddle had served faithfully to heat my bottom through every season and for every purpose. And now it's gone. Here’s what happened.

I needed to help an unlucky friend on Friday after work. By the time I returned home, it was too late for our regular Friday night spanking celebration. We played a little in bed before drifting off to sleep, but we both recognized this was just an appetizer.

I woke first on Saturday, showered, and dressed for the day. I started with a lacy white thong and bra set (not that Randy would notice they match). I then added a big comfy gray sweater and a pair of form-fitting salmon-colored leggings. Like the proverbial red flag in front of a bull, I chose this outfit to draw his attention.

Sure enough, an hour later, I found myself bent over with elbows on the bed. “Pink?” he asked. “You want to be pink? I can help with that.” His voice was gruff, but his words were playful. He swung my sorority paddle with his strong right arm. It exploded against the upturned seat of my lycra leggings with a surprisingly loud pow. “Ow!” I exclaimed. Paddlings always hurt and this one was no different. I wisely resisted the temptation to cover my target as the next painful dispatch arrived soon after. A third stinging swat soon followed as Randy began to perfect his stroke. He likes to spank harder when my bottom is covered in order to compensate for the additional protection, even when such protection is of negligible benefit. This, I thought, could be a serious spanking.

Then it happened. The fourth whack sounded and felt odd, but I didn’t realize what had happened until Randy uttered a curse word. He walked around the side of the bed to show me the source of his frustration. He held the paddle’s handle in one hand and the blade in the other. My first reaction was to giggle. I have seen (felt) paddles that split down the middle, but never one that lost its handle. I vanquished another spanking implement. Yea me!

“Oh, you think that’s funny, huh?” Needless to say, my loving partner finished the job with another wooden paddle. I just couldn’t stop laughing and my bottom paid the price.

Only later, as I struggled to sit comfortably, did I fully appreciate what had happened. My beloved sorority paddle had paddled its last. Losing it made me feel sad. Let me tell you about my old friend.

My sorority paddle was approximately thirty inches long, four inches wide and about half an inch thick. It was hardwood and was originally painted a cream color. This paint is faded on the front and mostly worn off of the back. The front featured the sorority crest near the handle, three Greek letters in black down the blade, and my name across the bottom. The back once displayed the name of the college we attended. Those letters are no longer discernible due to frequent use over the decades.

This paddle has been with me at every stop since the mid-1970s, even before Randy. He applied it to my bottom hundreds of times. It was our first paddle and always a favorite. Even in its broken state, or maybe especially so, it stands as a spanko monument. I want to memorialize the two pieces, but I haven’t decided how best to do it.

Randy wants to buy a replacement. “Maybe thicker next time so it won’t break...” This man has a one track mind. We have plenty of sturdy wooden paddles, believe me. This led to a discussion of responsibility for the calamity. He believes that repeated impact with my bottom caused the paddle to break. I think he was swinging it, so it’s his fault. The argument had no definitive winner, but I took the spanking.

So there you have it. The paddlings won’t stop, but the nostalgia just slowed a bit.

Friday, October 18, 2019

My Jars of Kink

I saw this on Twitter and thought I would share my kinky jars.