Sunday, October 06, 2019

Meme: How well do you know your significant other?

I adapted this meme from Hermione who get it from Ronnie who borrowed it from PK.

Name a food he won’t eat?Brussel sprouts.
You go out to eat; what would he drink? Flavored seltzer if they have it or soda water.
What’s one thing you do that just about guarantees you’re getting a spanking? Just one? There are so many! Today, I wore leggings.
What is his nickname for you? Bon or Bon-Bon.
What is something he likes to do? Playfully swat my bottom in public places.
What is his favourite store? He’s not much of a shopper. If he buys something, it’s probably online.
When he is on the phone, who is he talking to? Someone from work.
What are his favorite shows? Comedies, news, sports, or sci-fi/fantasy – Silicon Valley, SNL, Rachel Maddow, Star Trek, Game of Thrones, NFL Red Zone.
What’s his favorite implement? One that hurts!
What would he never wear? Jewelry other than his wedding ring.
What’s his favourite food? He has lots of favorites, but let’s go with gang pa-nang gai (Thai sweet curry chicken).
If you could change one thing about your significant other, large or small, what would it be? I’m way beyond the point of trying to change him. I simply have to love him as he is.
What is his favourite sport? NFL football (Go Seahawks!).
What is something that you do that he wishes you didn’t? Procrastinate.
What could he do all day long and not get bored? Watch NFL Redzone on Sundays.
How does he like his coffee? He’s not a coffee drinker.
How long have you been together? Since Methuselah was in short pants.
What is your perfect world for yourself and your relationship ten years from now? I hope we’re both healthy and enjoying a good life together.

Monday, September 02, 2019

Keyword Chaos: Autumn Edition

These are search terms that people used to find this blog:
  • "head down bottom up" – There are many worse things than getting a spanking

  • "mommy gets a spanking" – Good thing she’s totally into it

  • "my bottom" paddle "thwack" – Oh, did you hear that?

  • "where i sit down" – That’s just where he spanked me

  • 70 year old husband putts his wife over his knee – A golf club spanking sounds pretty extreme

  • a husbands sudden desire to put his wife otk and spank her bottom – Sorry, Honey, it just came over me

  • adding embarrassment to spanking stories – Don’t proofread your grammatical errors

  • adult bare bottom belt spanking poll – 17% of the adult population finds a belt spanking relaxing

  • anal intercourse after hairbrush spankings – Just another Saturday night at home

  • authentic trditional spanking scrnarios – Lurker strapped for spelling errors

  • bare traps sandals roanna – Maybe if you hum the tune…?

  • BDSM belt spank caspasian punishment story – That’s hot

  • Bending over da arm of the Couch – Getting swats on da Butt

  • big wide bottom bonnie spanked again – That’s actually not part of my legal name

  • black and blue paddle marks on bare butt – I like to think of those as merit badges

  • bonanza fanfiction best of the west spanking – Why, Hoss, I had no idea...

  • bubble butt big bottom story – That’s all of my stories

  • caned wearing her knickers – Now can I have my panties back?

  • chairleader caned and paddled – The head chair was very uncomfortable

  • Change implements during spanking – Damn cheap drug store hairbrush

  • cheerleader getting paddled – Everyone wants to paddle the cheerleaders

  • chritian spanking booth – When a bake sale isn’t enough

  • Competitive spanking ass video – These women are legitimate athletes

  • consensual spanking loopy johnny – Is it too late to reconsider my consent?

  • Craves a really hard spanking – Yeah, I’ve been there

  • Curvy girls spanked stories – The book is shaped like an hourglass

  • diaper trap – Open with care

  • diy spanking machine – Looking for a test pilot?

  • Domestic discipline with bare bottom spanking and sodomy – Ah, marital bliss

  • F/F funny spanking – How come you always get to be the rude schoolgirl?

  • favorite spanking – My favorite is the next one

  • female foot devotion captions – Her bunion is so sexy

  • flowery panties spanking – I smell roses

  • hairbrush spanking bedtime plug – Good times in the bedroom

  • hot mom big ass bur is hear – Say what?

  • how to prepare to get a spanking – Take a shower and put on clean panties

  • husband can't believe his luck for a reason to spank his wife's bottom – She said yes

  • I have to admit I deserved that spanking – I was good all week

  • i let another man spank my wife – With her consent I hope

  • i spank my wife with a paddle – What a coincidence, so does my husband

  • in the corner after a spanking – We like to call that contemplation time

  • kiri Kelly spanking – I hope she is enjoying a wonderful kinky retirement

  • mark of the caned butt – Sounds like a secret spanko society

  • most embarrassing bare bottom spanking stories – There are some people who simply shouldn’t be writers

  • necessary spankings for an uncooperative wife – Or better yet, unnecessary spankings for a cooperative wife

  • needed headmaster secretary witness bare bottom caning – Apply in person at St. Swattins Institute

  • needing a dam good spanking videos – Be sure to get a shot of Lake Mead in the background

  • princess kelley spanking videos – We love our spanko royalty

  • proud of my welts – Aren’t they beautiful?

  • reason I spank my wife – Because she loves it

  • roleplay naughty schoolgirl spank – Where’s my pleated plaid skirt?

  • self spanking implements – Try a long handled bath brush

  • so proud of her new spanking paddle – And couldn’t wait to try it out

  • spank diagrams – What do you want, a blueprint?

  • spanking is fun – Yes, if done well (or well done)

  • spanking quiz – If I flunk, do I get a spanking? Or do I need to pass?

  • spanking rituals – Can we play marauding buccaneer and saucy wench tonight?

  • spanking therapy stories – It changed my life

  • spanky dance – The old “hop and rub”

  • thong pulled down for spanking – Up or down, bare is bare

  • Western spanking woman – She rode a blazing saddle

  • wet towel spanking – Towel snaps hurt more than most people realize

  • what position for spanking is most painful – Either than ankle grab or the diaper

  • what should a good spanked bottom look like – Raised red marks that are hot to the touch

  • Woman spanked while wearing skimpy bikini – Not enough material back there to cover those marks
Keep those queries coming!

Monday, July 01, 2019

Jen's Question

I received this interesting question recently from a friend named Jen:

You've expressed fondness for the trappings of punishment and the headspace that accompanies that scene. Can you elaborate? Specifically, what is about being subjected to harsh corporal punishment that appeals to you?

Wow, Jen, you just asked me to open my head and explain how it works. Why do I like what I like? That's a tall order, but I'll take a whack at it.

I guess I should start by saying that these experiences are intensely intimate and profoundly sexual for me. Spankings lie at the very core of my sexuality. I am capable of achieving orgasm without being spanked, but why would I? The act of spanking is not foreplay, but rather an integral component of the sex act between my husband and me.

The punishment spanking aspect is one small but essential part of my kink. Most of our spanking sessions are not oriented toward punishment. Many are fun. Many are sexy. Many are aimed at stress relief or connection or affirmation. But once in a while, I need/want something else. It may be the same paddle strikes bottom physical action, but in my mind, it's quite different.

Here's where it gets tricky. I am submissive, but that is limited to my relationship with Randy, and even then, primarily in our bedroom. Within that somewhat limited scope, it's still a powerful force. There are times when I need/want Randy to re-establish the order of things. If that means expressing his dominance by giving me a strong taste of humility, then humble I shall be.

But there's another, deeper layer. I crave to be, at least in my mind, the bad girl who has misbehaved and now needs to be corrected in the sternest fashion. I don't need or want to actually do anything harmful or wrong. It's enough to feel as though I did or at least could have. Sometimes, we set the mood by dressing me in a pleated skirt and sweater, or reviewing a list of demerits. Randy punctuates the spanking that follows with words like "naughty," "young lady," and "punishment." The combination of pulsing pain, stern words, and flowing endorphins guides me into a very small and submissive place. Eventually, I reach a moment of physical capitulation where my body stops struggling and accepts everything he wants to give me. It's not usually sexy in that moment, but when I reflect later upon what happened to me, it is immensely arousing. I rub my bottom and think, "Randy gave me the hard punishment spanking I deserved, and it still hurts." Then I feel redemption. We embrace and all is well again. At that point, I am enthusiastically ready for the adult entertainment portion of the proceedings.

I not certain whether that explanation clears up the mystery or expands it. Either way, I crave that corporal punishment headspace sometimes and it feels like what I need.

Friday, April 19, 2019

Keeping It Coming

Hello friends,

I love how my husband, Randy, keeps things interesting, even after so many years together. Last Saturday morning, I told him that I needed to run some errands. He smiled as he handed me five crisp twenty dollar bills from his wallet. I was puzzled, but not about to question his generosity. As he hugged me, he patted my bottom in a not so gentle way. My mind sped immediately back to the brisk spanking I received from him the evening before. I shuddered momentarily with that vivid recollection.

"I want you to buy some new clothes I will like," he instructed me. "OK, I can do that." And so I did.

At our local department store, I found a garment that I knew he would enjoy. It's a solid medium blue, summer-weight linen skirt. It's fairly short, about mid-thigh. Basically unremarkable, I'd say, except for the way the thin material cascades down and off of the flares of my hips and bottom. I knew he'd appreciate this look. And I even had money left over to buy something extra.

Randy asked me to model my purchase as soon as I returned home. I changed in the lavatory and then treated him to a little dance and a twirl show right there in the kitchen. He was very pleased, immediately dubbing it my "flirty skirty."

"Give me just a minute..." he said as he rose from his chair. I knew what was coming next. He returned from upstairs carrying a small round leather spanking paddle. He sat in a kitchen chair and called me over. I complied. A second surprise was revealed when he lifted my new skirt. I found a cute pair of panties that look like regular high waisted briefs in front, but a thong around back. The color wasn't a perfect match, but I knew he wouldn't care. Over his lap I went.

It wasn't a long spanking, but it was hard and my bottom hurt for a good while afterward. Eventually, we ended up making love like teenagers on the couch. That's good.

Keeping things new and finding the fun keep us spanking on.

Sunday, March 31, 2019

Keyword Chaos Version 2019-3

Here are even more search terms that people used to find this blog:
  • old fashion hard bare bottom spanking heavy paddling girls – Who you calling heavy?

  • old fashioned hairbrush spanking made my bum red and sore – Really? That happened to me too

  • old ladies like spanking too – Truth

  • otk spanking quizzes – I never seem to have the right answers when OTK

  • otk thigh spank quiz – Just ow

  • over the knee cartoon spanking – Oh, that makes my ink sting

  • paddle used for punishment hung on wall – Paddle if you must, but please don’t hang me on the wall

  • panties pulled down and spanked by disciplinarian fantasy – Fantasy spankings don’t hurt

  • panties show through sheer white slacks – Randy, is this you?

  • Pear shaped babes – My beloved sisters

  • plump spanking – Smile when you say that

  • poem about naughty girls needing a spanking – There once was a gal named Jane...

  • popular spanking implements – Popular with whom?

  • Position to spank gals – Make sure her bottom is accessible

  • princess Kelley may spanking – One of our favorite spankos

  • proper brush spanking southern style – Brush on the barbeque sauce before roasting

  • ritual blowjob blog – This blog sucks

  • roommate gets the slipper spanking – Lucky roomie

  • round rump plump bubble butt butted round – Are we going to start that again?

  • Routine spankings for high heels training – There is nothing routine about standing in heels while being spanked

  • rubber bungee spanking implement – Those things are wicked

  • selecting a whip to punish my wife at the tack store – Believe me, the clerks totally know

  • self spanking inplements – A long handled solid wood bath brush is almost too effective

  • self spanking tumblr – Not any more

  • sent to the corner with a smacked bottom – Another day, another spanking

  • she pulled her panties down and prepared to be plugged and paddled – Good times ahead

  • should i spank my wife – I don’t know. What does she think?

  • smack on the bottom quiz – Does it hurt? Yes, it does

  • smacked bottom over her petticoat blog – This seems like a very specialized site

  • smacked bottom over pink panties blog – See above

  • smacking. bare bottom with a garden hose – Rubber is evil

  • Snow white spanks bad boys ass I am naughty art – She lined up all seven little dudes

  • spank implement as a present – It’s a gift that keeps on giving

  • SPANK ME BOTTOM – Arrrrrrr

  • spanked and embarrassed – Yeah, sometimes

  • spanked bottoms a one handed appreciation – You’re welcome

  • spanked bums in cotton panties – Might as well be comfortable in your discomfort

  • spanked butt bikini public – Just not enough material back there to cover the burn

  • spanked by a cowboy on my birthday – Finally learned what those chaps are really for

  • Spanked by husband for disrespect fictional stories – You will treat those stories with honor

  • spanked naked quiz – Yes. Now what else do you want to know?

  • spanked on her wedding night – Starting out right

  • spanking competition – On your marks…

  • spanking for fun – This is going to be more fun for you than it is for me

  • spanking models first day afternoon – To think, I could have been a dental receptionist

  • Spanking panties – On the seat is printed, “Is that all you’ve got?”

  • Spanking story bare fire dragon – Put some clothes on that dragon

  • Spanking story cracker barrel paddle – A classic butt sizzler

  • spanking thong – Worst implement ever

  • spankingly husband to disobedient wife video – We are witnessing the birth of a new kinky adverb

  • Strict husbands spanking wives for disobeying stories – You will obey your stories or I’ll spank you again.

  • table spank game – Risk has never been so risky

  • the kinky blog maintenance spankings – Truth is that blog maintenance isn’t very kinky

  • tough booty – If that’s your goal, there is no substitute for regular spankings

  • traveling outer space bad woman goes to a plant spanked her self belt – Beware, it’s an alien spanko plant!

  • unusual position embarrassing spanking stories – It’s surprisingly difficult to hold a headstand while being caned

  • what is the best implement for spanking over clothes – Best for whom?

  • what to do with a well spanked red hot bum – Share it with your lover

  • Which pair panties is better to spank your in – The ones you’re wearing

  • Whipping philosophy – I’ll happily trade posterior pain today for a lifetime of joy and peace

  • Why do schoolgirls Grab ankles for spankings rather than touch toes. – Some spankees aren’t that limber

  • Why does anal hurt more for woman after spanked – Perhaps you should test that hypothesis

  • why no spanking over chair over the knee – Yeah, where’s the spanking?

  • wide bottom paddled hard – At least they didn’t mention me by name

  • Wife spanking is good – Depends upon whose wife it is

  • women being spanked over the knee tight silky panty – I doubt you can fit more than one woman at a time in those tight panties

  • women who like to spank blogs – Naughty blogs!

  • WOMEN WITH HAD HANDS FOR SPANKIING – Oh, yes, of course they did
That’s all!

Saturday, March 23, 2019

Keyword Chaos Version 2019-2

Here are more search terms that people used to find this blog:
  • daily reminder spanking stories – I don’t need a story to remind me

  • Did you ever rub the cane marks on afriends bum – Nope, just my own

  • Different position of spanking picture – Rotate it 90 degrees

  • different spanking wives positions – How many wives are there?

  • Discussions on recreational spanking – Download the podcast

  • diy spanking machine – From Popular Mechanics: The Spanko Edition

  • do big girls get spanked harder because their butts are larger? – Probably

  • Dr punish curvy woman by spank barebottom nude and enema – No wonder Doc is always behind schedule

  • embarrassing spanking punishments – Must I wear the clown nose?

  • embarrassing spanking stories – It was a dark and stormy night...

  • embarrassing stuck spank – There was this time when Frank mistook Elmer’s glue for moisturizing lotion

  • Embarrassing thing about spanking – Just one?

  • embarrassing thong slip forum – So you tucked your slip into your thong?

  • erotic spanking positions – That could be any of them if you set the mood

  • ettiquette soanking – Lowsee speling

  • Famous spankees – We love our spanko celebrities

  • fantasy, witnessed red spanked ass cornertime display – This week at the Spanking Museum

  • spanks tumblr – Swat ‘em again, bad Tumblr!

  • favourite spanking podition – I think podition is a new word that describes that facial expression that combines pout with pain

  • female athletes spanked – Cheerleaders shouldn’t have all the fun

  • female firefighters bottoms spanked for fule breaking – I looked up “fule” and it’s an archaic spelling of “fool”

  • females embarrassed by being spanked nude stories – Is it less embarrassing to write about clothed spankees?

  • first adult spanking – Good luck!

  • Forum spanking Princess Kelley – Bow in the presence of royalty

  • fun with recreational spanking – Let’s install the trapeze over here

  • get those pants and underwear for your spanking with a wire hanger – So we’re putting on clothes?

  • getting spanked for stress relief – Yes, please

  • gidget gets spanked – I recall watching that episode as a kid and secretly wishing that it could be me

  • girl spanked in embarrassing underwear art – Her panties had pictures of dancing ferrets wearing lederhosen

  • girls paddled bare bottom in the barn woodshed old fashion licking – If you have a woodshed inside your barn, you are officially hard core

  • girls spanking rituals – My favorite is paddling the bridesmaids

  • good girls sometimes need bare bottom spankings – Yes, we definitely do

  • good positions for self spanking – You could stand or bend over furniture

  • good throne chair for spanking – A throne has arms and is no good for OTK

  • guess memories being spanked at someones else birthday party – Guess again

  • Hands on the wall bubble butt spanking – Dirty hand prints earned Doris another spanking

  • hoh blowj after spankig – It’s good to be the head of household

  • how hard should a stress releif spanking be – Hard enough to make a difference

  • how long does it take after an ass spanking willingly does color return to normal – Depends upon the spanking and the spankee

  • How to be spankable – Ask for it

  • how to get my husband to spank me – Ask for it

  • How to have a schoolgirl bent over, spanking on the edge of a bed and have sex with me her stepdad – Find a consenting adult to explore your fantasies

  • How to make a spanking implement – Pick up a flat household item and give it a whack

  • how to spank your wife – Ask her what she likes

  • I just need a good hard long otk spanking story – 800 pages at least

  • I love to be spanked on bare ass plse spank my big booty – Sounds like a fine proposition

  • i need a spanking – I hope you find one

  • i spank my wife – Congratulations

  • illustrated domestic discipline – Can’t wait for the swimsuit edition

  • im an adult and i get my bare but spanked almost everyday – Good for you

  • im going roadt you bottom spsnking storeis – It must be hard to type with your wanger

  • irish farm girl gets a spanking – Begorra!

  • is it embarrassing for girls to get spanked – Depends upon the situation and the girl

  • is it ever ok to spank yourself bare bottom to get rid of guilt – Sure if that works for you

  • jerry springer spanking episode paddling – I actually googled this, don’t bother

  • know your spanking implements – Wouldn’t want to mistake a belt for a paddle

  • Lady Kenworth ass spanked – The seat in that truck is really uncomfortable

  • learn lines, put on costume, get spanked – Welcome to Spanko Follies of 2019

  • Licensed Spankologist – You can buy anything on the internet these days

  • line punishment stories – When line dancing goes horribly wrong

  • LOTS OF SPANKIING – Next we have lot number 462 which contains three custom wooden paddles. Do I hear $100?

  • lover spanks booty – I love that about him

  • maid spanked in the 5th century – That’s worse than going Medieval

  • mature nylon discipline pictures – Here’s where I whipped Granny with a stocking

  • Melissa can you come single what a little bit xxxsxe – Melissa is up for anything

  • men wearing women's panties being spanked photos – I imagine they didn’t fit very well

  • Most emeradsing Spanking – Another new word to define. Emeradsing is that uneasy feeling a spankee gets when her spanking suddenly becomes way more intense than anticipated

  • most painful spanking position – Either the diaper or the toe touch

  • mothers spanking – Moms like spankings too

  • mtf needs a good spanking tumblr – A lot of us miss spanking Tumblrs

  • My big booty get giggle if someone spanked it especial naked – I got the big booty, but it doesn’t giggle when spanked

  • My bitchy brattiness earned my ass a thorough spanking from my husband – These things happen sometimes

  • my teacher really paddled my panties – Good thing I wasn’t in them

  • naked birthday spanking – Birthday suit spanking

  • naughty nurses spanked by matron – White is definitely your color

  • non sexual discipline stories about naughty werewolves getting spanked – C’mon, that is totally sexual
That’s all for this installment.

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Keyword Chaos Version 2019-1

It's been almost a year, so we have a massive backlog. Here are some search terms that people used to find this blog:
  • 12 days of Christmas spanking – ...And a switch cut from a pear tree

  • 1950 spanking implements mummys knee – Punishments in grainy black and white

  • 20 REASONS WHY HUSBAND SPANK WIVES – If his wives like it, who cares about the other 19?

  • a bottom for a top spanking switch paddlings – Swing your partner, dosey doe

  • a cross knee spanking blog – A cross knee is a fearsome thing

  • a down right bear butt spanking – Leave that bear alone!

  • a professor and maryann bdsm blog – Have you ever been spanked with a coconut?

  • aaah spanking Sarah – Sarah likes!

  • academic study erotic spanking – Ow! Now that’s statistically significant.

  • adult caning spanking talk – Are we talking or are we caning?

  • adult spanking blog truck – Sort of like a taco truck with the burn in back

  • adult woman lifts her skirt for a caning – No sense wasting this on kids

  • Adult woman spank bare bottom nude for bad driving – Bare = nude, right?

  • all danger babe central spanking tubes – Danger Babe is my favorite superhero.

  • all sites with severe paddled and caneing to tears real pain spanking – OK, got it

  • all spanking positions – Every single one

  • anal research – Crappy science

  • Ankle grabbing for spanking at school – This is going to hurt

  • are playful spanks between couples ok – If it brings joy, it’s right

  • ariel anderssen anal hook – Ariel is such a good sport

  • armless chair spanking – Take that, you wicked chair

  • Ass grabbing and spanking blog – Something for everyone!

  • Assume the position spanking over a chair seat – Yeah, I know the drill

  • aunt sue spanked us bear bottom – Enough with the damn bear

  • aunty inpanty – Jeannie in bikini

  • bad girls get a strapped bottom for being saucy – Naughty Hollandaise!

  • bottock spanking advantage – I’m sure there’s an advantage, but I don’t know what it is

  • bare bottom spankung – Everybody was spankung fu fighting

  • bare bottom toasted with dads belt – Toasted belt smells like sneaker

  • bare bum spa king – With all due respect, Sire, I’m not getting in that gross hot tub

  • bare traps sandals roanna – Huh?

  • beautiful bottom spanking tumblr – Yes, Tumblr should be spanked

  • belt spank hands on hips fucking her doggie style – Is that even anatomically possible?

  • belt welt bare fanny – cane pain sore fanny

  • bend over these pillows for your spanking – Actually, I prefer those pillows

  • best spanking position – The one that works

  • Big bottom spankings – OK, here we go

  • big butt syndrome spanking – Yeah, I’ve got a terminal case

  • Big rump spanking – Managed like a civil engineering project

  • blue bottom spanking – Red roses for a blue lady

  • Bonnie being spanked – Yes, that definitely happens

  • bonnie spanked while wearing a thong – I was also wearing a smile

  • spank bonnie big bubble butt – OK, I have a big butt

  • spank bonnie big butt – My big butt gets spanked yet again

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  • spank bonnie thick bubble ass with heavy wooden hairbrush – Thick bubble versus heavy hairbrush

  • spank bonnie thick bubblebutt – Flattery will get you nowhere

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  • spank bonnie thick hips thick thighs and thick round rump plump thick bubble butt – Easy on the thighs, OK?

  • spank bonnie thick round rump plump thick bubble butt with a heavy wooden paddle – Didn’t we already do this?

  • spank bonnie thick thick round rump plump thick bubble butt butted round – Double thick?

  • spank bonnie thick thick thick large bottom – Hold on, this is getting personal

  • spank bonnie thick thick thick thick round rump plump thick bubble butt – 5x thick, really?

  • boyfriend spanks me but doesn't take my pants down – I’ll bet he will if you ask

  • brat spanker in cincinnati – What's with the turkeys?

  • Bratting out for a spanking – She earned it the old fashioned way

  • brides behaving baddly – Newlyweed speling knot soo gudd

  • bubble butt girl spanked story – We love butt girl stories

  • cable wire spanking videos – That cable is pure evil

  • canning ass in standing position – We’re going to need a bigger mason jar

  • capsaicin on butt for spanking – Ben Gay flay day

  • cheer captan paddled at school – Everybody likes cheerleader spankings

  • CHEERLEADER SPANKED TILL BUTT TURNS RED – Rah rah raddle, spanked with a paddle

  • cheerleaders paddled – Lift that pleated skirt, lower those cute little briefs, drop the pom-poms

  • cheerleaders spanked – Been there, done that

  • im your little bitch cheerleader spank – Whatever, get in line

  • mother spanked cheerleader – Yeah, mom and everybody else

  • paddling cheerleaders – This is a very popular subject

  • schoolswatscheerleading – This cheerleader paddling thing is a major kink

  • spanked cheerleaders – Flip that skirt

  • spanked woodshed cheerleader – I picture team pennants on the wall

  • Spanking cheerleader camp – Preparation for competitive spanking

  • stories about cheerleaders paddlong – This has gone on way too long

  • choose your spanking – If you choose to bend over his knee, go to page 128

  • College girl getting her buns burnt with the paddle – Not all education occurs in the classroom

  • competitive bare butt whipping – That’s a five from the Bulgarian judge

  • couples birthday spanking – Candles are just the beginning

  • Court judge grown woman to be spank barebottom nude as discipline – This is a very specific fantasy

That’s enough for now. More to come!