Monday, October 22, 2007

In with the New: Halloween Edition

It's my pleasure to introduce nine young spanking-oriented blogs. A couple are old friends in new places. One is the partner of a new friend. All of these bloggers have something positive to share. I hope you will enjoy their blogs.

When you visit, I encourage you to leave a message. New bloggers are typically starved for feedback. They don't know whether they are doing things right or even if anyone is reading. Your support can make the difference between a successful blog and an abandoned effort.

Devlin O'Neill's Weblog
Green Roots Down
John Mirra's Blog of Spanking
Lisa's Domestic Discipline Blog
Lovin' Spanks
My Narrow Hands
Serving Him
Spanking Delights
Tales from the Top

(If I've overlooked other great new spanking-oriented blogs, please tell me and I will include them as well)

To these new bloggers, allow me to welcome you to our community. I look forward to watching your blogs grow and thrive.

Here are some suggestions I assembled as a guide to enhancing your blog. While it's certainly not the final word, you may find some useful tips.

My Blogging Smarts
More Blogging Smarts
My Blogging Smarts Again
My Blogging Smarts: Balance

I hope you find the spanko blogging experience as rewarding as I have!

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hermione said...

Welcome to both new and restyled bloggers! I'm looking forward to checking out your sites.

The two most important features that make reading blogs easier for me are:
breaking up the text into short paragraphs, and
using a font like Verdana, which was designed to be used on web pages, and is the font you see here in this comment.


Anonymous said...

Hey, Bonnie! Many thanks for all the promo ink - the number of hits on my blog tripled when you posted this new where-to-look list. Love the conversations at your brunches, BTW.

Best wishes for a warm bottom,
Devlin - Devlin O'Neill's Weblog

Greenwoman said...

Hello Bonny! Thanks so much for directing traffic my way with the new blog digs...

I think this is a wonderful and generous service that you do for other bloggers. Thank you so much!

And hermione, I must agree with you that format on a blog makes a huge difference for me. So does a good first line. If a writer doesn't grab my attention in one line, I'm only going to give my time for the fourth and fifth lines to my friends....and even then, I prefer to read good writing even if its my friends...

The other important aspect for me is something I've been working on with my own writing. Get to the point. Don't meander through complaints and bs...don't clutter me with a thousand points. One or two short points and then get done. There's always another post. I don't have time for twenty paragraphs unless the work is so compelling I can't stop reading. My Google Reader has over 200 blogs on it and I limit adding more to only those blogs that truly intrigue me....and its obvious that I can't read them all word for word. I just don't have the get to the point. *smiles* And make it a good point. That's just good writing.

Blessings! And well wishes to all those other bloggers out there just starting out.

thelittlemiss said...

i would like to thank you on behalf of Sir, for adding him to your wonderful links. As W/we have both recieved quite a bit of traffic. And you're right, new bloggers are starved for feedback... i am not new to blogging, but i always appreciate a comment... Again thank you!
*hugs and spanks*

Paul said...

Bonnie, thanks for this, I've added a few to my list.
Warm hugs,

BenDover aka: LDD-4-Me said...

I like you blog Bonnie, stop by mine sometime. :)

Lula said...

thanks so much!

Dove said...

Thanks Bonnie, I appreciate the link, I had record hits in the last two days. Have closed my blog though and unlikely to re-open. You will still see me for comments.

Hugs and thanks you have been fantastic.

Kayley said...

Bonnie is the mother of all newcomers! ;)

Well done Bonnie! Thanks for sharing the links with us! :)

Jake and Nomi's Spanking Delights said...

Thanks so much for your link. It has indeed increased our number of readers. I am wondering if the large number of hits that we are receiving is because we post pictures of Nomi's spankings on there? Thanks for the advise and interest and we have added a link from our blog to you!
with thanks again
Nomi and Jake

Bonnie said...

Hermione - That's great advice. If I might add a third suggestion along similar lines, be sure your text color and your background color contrast enough to allow for easy reading. If both are dark or both very light, many readers will decide that reading is too much trouble.

Devlin - That's great. Welcome!

Green - You're very welcome.

I like your point about the need to grab the readers attention quickly. With the popularity RSS readers and the like, we now have even less time to attract their interest.

TLM - You're both very welcome!

Paul - I'm glad you enjoyed them.

Vince - Hi, and welcome! You're linked...

Lula - You're most welcome.

Dove - Aw, that makes me sad. I'm really sorry to hear that your blog is at its end. I know you must do what's right, but I'm still going to miss reading your stories and such.

If ever I can help, you know where to find me...

Kayley - Hi! It's great to hear from you. I'm glad you're back!

Nomi and Jake - I'm pleased to be able to assist. As for why people visit your blog, I have to believe that gorgeous pictures help immensely.

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