Friday, November 17, 2006

Think Pink

Friday night is our standing spanking date night. But Randy is out of town. So it’s just me here ruminating about… Spankings!

There are times when nothing else can substitute. I crave the shocking impact of that first blow striking the exposed flesh of my carefully presented bottom. I welcome the burning, stinging, aching sensations as a hard wooden paddle demonstrates the warmth and depth of his love for me. I miss that slightly numb feeling where I am still aware of the pain, but it seems somehow less immediate than it did just a few moments prior. I desire that floating, relaxed place where I can make peace with pain, accept it, and claim it as my own.

I absolutely love the afterglow. I feel all warm and tingly. I am energized yet relaxed. Most of all, though, a good spanking leaves me with a voracious appetite for vigorous lovemaking. The intercourse that follows is a wonderful completion to our carnal celebration.

Hours later, when I sit on a chair, I revel in the twinge of an ache. At that moment, all the memories of this delicious spanking and a hundred more before it flash through my mind. The corners of my mouth rise imperceptibly as I fondly recount my husband’s sweet assault. My eyes twinkle with the secret knowledge that I am one well spanked wife. My world has regained equilibrium.

Occasionally, I ask to be spanked. When I need it. I really want it. I so deserve it. Randy is almost always delighted to fulfill such a request. He is happy to turn me over his lap, and I am pleased to be the gal whose bottom he spanks. All I have to do is say the word…

…And I just did!

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dwcmike said...

Well Bonnie, if we ever meet,and i actually hope we do, having so much in common, WE will no not to make it on a friday night. Hope SAturday or sunday works this weekend.
bottoms up (tomorrow)

Doc said...

Ah wonderful. I can't wait to read the piece that follows giving said word.

Spanky said...

Bonnie, this is a good post, as I think my wife feels much the same way. Since I sent her the link to your blog, we have literally not missed a day--she is a profoundly changed person!

This morning I found a ginger root in the vegetable bin, so I look for some more interesting posts on our blog later!

Thanks again, we owe you so much!

jujubees said...

Bonnie, now this was a wonderful post to wake up to! Just warmed the cockles of my heart..or something! ;) Well said! Such a vivid description of spanking and all those yummy feelings it brings, I loved it! Thanks!

Paul said...

Bonnie you are a true spanko girl, and Randy is a lucky fellow as are you.
Long life and lots of spankings.
Warm hugs,

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