Thursday, November 16, 2006

A Spanko Advertisement

I recently exchanged e-mails with a nice fellow who is seeking a spanko partner. I suggested an online personal ad. I wondered if it might be possible to compose an ad that would clearly signal his intentions to spanko enthusiasts and yet elicit no more than a shoulder shrug from the general populace. For example, consider these phrases:

  • OTK = Original, Thoughtful, and Kind

  • Traditional man has comfortable lap and strong hands

  • ISO SF who doesn't mind standing up once in a while

  • Are you a tender lady? Would you care to be?

  • I'm a gentleman who knows that English Leather isn't just cologne

  • We're still single, let us learn, make me tingle, make you burn
Can you think of any more loaded phrases that might suit this purpose?


Anonymous said...

Maybe something along the lines of, "I've got a brand spanking new apartment (or house or car or whatever) that the right lady will appreciate."

Or would that be too much?

Katie_Spades said...

All good choices Bonnie and anon's was great as well!

Good post, I enjoyed it!


jansenkoe said...

Dear sir with respect to i want to say some words of your advertisement
blogs your blogs is very nice,and i also give a small types of a seagation-

bbobb said...

TTWD = Together Tenderly, We Dance


Anonymous said...

ISO slightly mischievous SF who understands the bottom line.

Dill said...

This is a great topic! I have been thinking about the same thing, since I have a personal ad on a pretty mainstream site and am a teacher (of college students, so it's not that big a deal, but still...), so I don't want to say anything too direct, but would still like to get the message across. Does anyone have tips for indicating that you're a spankee? At the moment I have settled for just saying that I like the movie Secretary, but that's not very satisfactory.

A.S.S. said...

Dill's idea about the movie 'Secretary' is a great one! For a spankee, it's not near as difficult though. A line such as, "I can be a little bratty, when allowed" or use of the word "naughty" is about all it takes. Much harder for the spanker though.

Maybe something like... "I'm looking for passionate and loving, but disciplined partner." Throw in how you have a brand spanking new paddle boat.

~Todd & Suzy

Paul said...

How about, looking for a naughty lady who likes to play games.
I'm trying to kick my brain into gear without much success, Bonnie.
Warm hugs,

Raheretic said...

Strong leader looking for a sincere partner who values an interdisciplinary approach to love and life.

Physically active, enjoys sports... especially paddling (both indoors as well as outside.)

Looking for a partner to share a life that will leave us both saying "Spanks for the Memories!"

Seeking mature women (men) who know how to relate as adults and when to become more like a little girl (little boy).

The secret of a long happy love is getting down to the bottom of things as often as necessary.

If you're tired of men who don't know how to give and take in a relationship, you might want to try me for a switch.

If you want to feel warmed by the intensity and strength of really strong passionate caring sensuality, you'll be fulfilled standing in a corner of my world.

Better red than dead?.......I can be the answer to your prayer.

Have you had friends tell you that you are a real "blister"? Then I an likley the man for you.

Let me make sure that each year of your life is commemorated in a way you'll never forget with one to grow on.

You'll be warmed by my proposal on bended knee.

If you're ready for a real trip,
try love with me,
and your dragons I'll whip.

I'm caring, gentle, strong and kind. I'll make sure you never feel left behind.

Anonymous said...

Outdoor liver will bring colour to your cheeks.
Heating expert will warm up those spots which others can not find..

Vibrators said...

Good cop, Bad cop - experienced with night stick.

For lesbian fun: Have vibrator, will travel

Lee said...

Loves the CSI episode "Lady Heather's Box" (which for those of you who haven't seen it, is a case involving a dominatrix. The footage focuses on spanking).

Bonnie said...

Anon - That would work!

Kate - Thanks!

Jansenkoe - Sir?

Bbobb - Ooo. I like that one.

Anon - Definitely!

Dill - The Secretary reference is good. How about "ISO structure and discipline in my life"

Todd and Suzy - Those are great too.

Paul - Naughty is always a fine choice.

Raheretic - Wow! Those are sensational! You win the prize. Thank you!

Anon - Thanks!

Vibes - LOL!

Lee - Thanks.

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