Monday, May 26, 2008

Recap: MBS Sunday Brunch for May 25

Happy Memorial Day to everyone in the US. Our topic for this week was day-after discomfort. Here are your thoughts and experiences.

Tempest: It takes a lot for me to get sore, usually more than one spanking in a day to feel anything residual the next day. But when I do, I Love it. It makes me want to jump my husband’s bones all day long. LOL

Jessica: I usually feel somewhat sore after. I need a pretty harsh spanking to have much of an effect the next day, but I usually feel a little twinge for several days. I love it too. I would love to feel as though I need a pillow, but I don't know what it would take. My husband doesn't hold much back!

Apple: As my bottom really doesn’t mark easily, there were just a few situations like this. :)

I remember a very hard spanking my husband gave me once. It left a bruise as big an egg on my butt. It still hurt at least two days later!

I wasn't very amused about it, but my dear husband smiled every time he saw my bare ass. We could see the different colors my backside went through as it healed.

But in general, both of us love to check my bottom the day after a spanking. For us, it a part of it and if there are any marks, my husband is proud of his good work ;))

If you would like to see some of my marks, check here.

PS: Maybe you could link my new blog, please? :)

Apple, welcome to our community! I’m pleased to add your link.

Paul: Mel certainly enjoyed sitting sensitive the following day. But as the years passed, this became harder to do as her cheeks toughened. If she was feeling particularly needy, she would ask for a top-up in the morning, by bratting, such as sticking her tongue out or whatever.

If she knew she had a hard day ahead, she would ask for a hard spanking in the morning. This made her feel loved, cared for, and self confident. So she handled her day much better. Rarely, a stress buster was needed in the evening.

Tina: I often get very bruised by a beating, but I hardly ever feel anything after a few hours or even a day. When a bruising is swollen, I can feel it, but it is not pain, just the swelling I can sense. Often, I go home from my boyfriend’s on my bike and I am sad not to be in pain, even when sitting on the saddle. I would love to have the nice, soft pain that one has right after the beating for a longer time because the pain when the cane actually hits me always seems too harsh. Sometimes, my boyfriend does very mean things (like beating the anus) and the pain last for several days. I love those days and am constantly aroused. But I must admit, I am rarely in the mood to bear the agony of going through such an unbearable spanking just in order to make the pain last for more than a few hours.

Lori: Today is the day after a hard spanking and yes, I am feeling it. Most of the time, I do not, but the wooden paddle used last night was harsh. I will never feel anything the day after when leather was used, but wood and the bathbrush usually give me an extra day of sensitivity. I do like to feel spanked the day after. It's a treat nowadays.

Anon #1: I love the feeling the day after. As a college student, it helps me to concentrate and reminds me to focus on my work. I get better grades with the knowledge that my bottom will pay if I do not work hard. My grades, 2 A's and 2 B's, are proof that it works.

Alice: I crave the bruises and the sensitivity that accompany a hard spanking. He enjoys seeing the remnants of His efforts as well. When that does not occur, or the marks fade quickly, I am a bit disappointed and left wanting another spanking as soon as possible. Since there is some distance between us and our time together is limited, He tries to leave me with this reminder of the time we share.

RPT: It's got to hurt the next day. That's the best part.

Mthc: I'm sitting on a bruised, swollen, black, blue, and purple butt now! That's the way I prefer it. I think it makes both David and I very proud. The fact that it leads TO MUCH BIGGER THINGS just makes it BETTER!

I'm sure the Memorial Day cook out we're attending later will be a bit painful, but I'll have a smile on my face!

Hermione: My bottom usually stings the day after a spanking. It's a comforting reminder that I am loved, especially on days that are challenging. I can enhance the soreness by wearing scratchy lace panties, or a thong that gives me no protection from denim jeans or coarse wool pants. Sometimes, I absently rub one of my cheeks to ease the residual burn.

At the end of the day, I always tell Ron how sore my bum still is because of the good spanking he gave me. It makes him smile.

Sometimes, I feel phantom pain days after a spanking. This is when I know another one is due. But maybe that's a topic for another brunch!

Luna: In the beginning, I would mark and be sore afterwards and I loved it. I would intentionally poke and prod the sore areas to feel them again, and for but a moment, take me back to the delicious torment.

Now, though, it takes a lot to get anything more than sore a few hours afterwards. The next day, I'm back as pale white as I ever was and just as normal. A spanking the second day would probably have to be shorter in duration because the endurance would be lower, but other than that, I doubt it would make me sore either.

Sore is good. Very good.

Olivia X: Feeling sore the next day is absolutely something that I relish. The morning after being spanked, the first thing I like to do is look in the mirror and see that I have marks. Running my finger over these and feeling how tender my bottom still is makes me blush reliving the embarrassment of it, and also makes me feel very loved and strong for the day ahead.

As I go about my day, if I feel the soreness as I sit down, and especially if I am with other people, trying not to wince or show any signs of discomfort, that is also a part of what I love about being disciplined. It’s a very lovely feeling knowing that I am sitting there with a sore and marked and very well taken care of bottom in a business meeting, or having some wine with friends, and imagining that it would never occur to them that the day before I had been across my Disciplinarian’s knee with my knickers lowered. The soreness helps to take me to those feelings!

I also like my Disciplinarian asking me "How is your bottom today?" on the telephone, when I may be sitting with friends, and him keenly wanting me to describe how it looks and how it feels and my having to try and divert the conversation through utter embarrassment! I’m pink cheeked knowing that he will be thoroughly enjoying knowing how much it will be making me squirm!

So, yes, yes, yes, please to a sore bottom every day!

Anon #2: I love the feeling of my bottom the next day. It serves as a reminder that I am loved and to focus. When, as I sit, I have a twinge or a burning sensation, that’s a very wonderful feeling. My man loves to ask me to send him pictures of my marked bottom as we are in a long distance relationship. The sting also, as he says, serves as a reminder to not do what got me the spanking in the first place.

I agree with the rest. Yes, oh yes, please let my bottom feel it for a few days!

Anon #3: It makes a boring Monday meeting so much easier to sit through when you secretly have trouble sitting!

Ms. Betty: I spank several different men on a regular basis, so I get to see a nice cross section of reactions.

I always aim for them to still be sore the next day, or the next few days, rather. Since most don't see me that often I think that lasting soreness helps the experience last.

I've found that while they all tend to feel good about soreness the next day those feelings tend to be influenced a bit by the reason for the spanking. For the ones who were spanked for a real disciplinary reason, the soreness brings up a reminder of his misbehavior and what it earned him. Among those spanked for fun, it's usually just a nice reminder of what happened.

Oddly enough, the reason for the spanking does not tend to influence whether or not they try to avoid sitting. Big tough guys that they are, they tend not to want to admit that their sore bottom is bothering them that much. You can usually tell, though. I have one that will go so far to avoid sitting after a spanking that he'll stand there trying to balance on one foot to put his shoes back on rather than sit down, even on a well padded chair. LOL

Susan: Usually not, unless I have had a very sound and prolonged spanking. However, there are two exceptions. A long hard spanking with a big wooden paddle, like your MOAP, makes sitting very uncomfortable next day. My bottom feels oversize, tender and glowing, and it makes me feel vey sexy. Luckily, David is only too pleased to help with this problem.

A good caning produces even more difficulty with sitting, especially if he has concentrated low down on my underhang. This, as someone has already said, makes for an interesting time at a next-day meeting, as I try not to fidget too much on my sore bottom. But the real thrill is taking any opportunity to inspect my stripes in a mirror. David likes this too, and that soon gets him going. I like going through the day with my striped cheeks bouncing beneath my skirt. I only wish I could show them around more! Sadly they only last a few days.

Maryann: I got my very first real, hard spanking yesterday. The afterburn and tenderness today is fabulous! My sweetheart is a really big, strong man who can very easily overpower me. I love that! So, he started slow and easy. Then, throughout the day, he tested every implement he could think of, including twisting up the damp dish towel and snapping it on me. Even through jeans, that left definite bruises! Ouch!

The day ended with me bare bottomed over his lap with a firm hand spanking. He says I only got about half of his force, but he stopped because my behind looked like hamburger. Today, I have bruises of every size, shape, and description all over my bottom and thighs. Who knows which thing caused which bruise? But above it all is a very clear hand print, complete with each distinct finger!


I love the pain the next day and hope it lasts several days. I love this man!

Greenwoman: I like a sensitive bottom following. I dislike seeing heavy bruising on me and every Dom in my life has disliked seeing my skin disfigured that way too. They want to see pretty skin, only reddened after the spanking. I have learned that a spanking done skillfully can be incredibly painful but never leave a visible mark once the initial reddened moments are behind me, so to speak. *smiles*

Jo: Although our spankings have gotten heavier over the past while, even the burn doesn't seem to last past snuggling into his front as we go to sleep. I had hopes the other night as he tried two different paddles, one small plastic paddle and another large wood one, and it did hurt and my 'fundament' did seem a lot more sensitive for quite a while but still no discomfort the next day. I think I would like it, but maybe I should be careful about what I wish for.

River: I adore some soreness the day after a good spanking, but there have only been a handful of occasions where I was sore the next day. And really the only way I could tell was when my husband smacked my bottom the day after and it hurt more than usual, or the hot shower water stung a lot. Here's hoping tonight's spanking leaves a lasting impression!

PM Duo: In the beginning, I would definitely be sore the next day. Unfortunately, it didn't take long for my bottom to toughen up. I loved the sensation of sitting on a sore bottom the next day!

I think if he'd been willing to spank harder, I would have continued feeling it, but while I enjoyed the bruises, he didn't. Oh well.

Jean Marie: Oh, yes, I LOVE the feeling in my behind that triggers flutterings in my soul the day after a good spanking. The choice of the word "relish" is very apt. I relish the reminder that I got spanked soundly.

I used to bruise more than I do now. I bruise most when the heavy wooden paddle is used on me.

Tangential musing: Years ago, I lived next door to a professional submissive who worked in a place called the Chateau in Los Angeles. When we discovered that we had the fetish in common, we'd share coffee and talk away the day (I was a waitress who worked nights, trying to be an actress). She complained that she was getting calloused on the spank spots of each cheek, right where the bones reside deep beneath the flesh (though she, like me, was very well-upholstered back there). She cautioned me to moisturize the skin of my bottom often to prevent this occupational hazard. So, no matter how sublime the session, I always got up to rub lotion into my bum after the lovemaking that resulted from spanking foreplay. But my current cruel top of a lover noticed this and makes me lotion my backside before the spanking, too. It makes it sting so much worse. I think this contributes to the black, blue, green, and purple bruises the next day.

Michelle: I bruise so easily that just about any contact leaves a mark. So, any time my husband uses anything other than his hand, I'm sporting decorations, of which I'm quite fond. The marks and the little twinges which last for a day or so (sometimes longer) remind me of the fun we had together.

Anon #4: I too like the reminder the next day, but it is rare for me.

BUT, we have a new implement, a delrin rod, that seems to deliver a deep, lasting soreness! The first time it was used, it was a pretty short, light session (a trial, so to speak). Although it didn't sting all that much during, it left a soreness well into the next day. The next time (which was the only other time I've had it so far) was for a real discipline, my husband used it in combination with other implements and I could not believe how sore I was! It left only a slight bit of bruising, but I could feel it for the next 4-5 days! We have concluded that this implement needs to be used with care and caution, but it does seem to give a lasting impression.

GF: Thank you for addressing this, Bonnie. I am eagerly awaiting the chance to use your advice. Daisy and I don’t see each other often, as she is in England. I really do believe the next day ouchie would be a great help. Thank you

Daisy: OH, dear! My bf is planning on delivering such a spanking at the next opportunity, and though I will enjoy that tender feeling the next day, I'm not so sure I will enjoy what puts it there!

Especially since the Vermont Country Store bathbrush has been recommended to him for the job at hand. After all, I don’t bruise easily, so quite some force would be needed... Eeeek... LOL

GF: Daisy, you naughty girl. You are to be asleep by now. Sorry Bonnie, obviously more discipline is needed here. LOL

Michelle: I bruise easily, and I LOVE when it stings the day after. I'm sitting here wishing for a spanking just thinking about it!

Bonnie: As some of the others said, after years of spanking fun, my bottom is conditioned to the point where I don't mark very much. However, I do still occasionally enjoy some residual ouch, even when there are no visible signs. I relish these sensations because they vividly bring back to mind all of the amazing events that created them.

For a next day ache, Randy prefers hard, flat wooden objects like hairbrushes (solid backed, not the kind with the rubber dome) or bath brushes. They hurt quite a lot when applied and reliably deliver the much coveted day-after reminder.

Thanks to everyone who dropped by our brunch and added an opinion. I hope you'll all visit again next week.


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