Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Difference

Here's a new take on the difference between men and women.

Randy found this cartoon here. It definitely fits his view of the world!

For those who like numbers, this is my 900th post!


Apple said...

there really are just a few moments in life where both think the other way round :)

I like this drowing.

Kisses Apple

Paul said...

Bonnie, often appropriate and humorous.
Congratulations on the 900th post, I'm just happy that you continue to post.
Warm hugs,

Hermione said...

Now where have I seen an upside down heart before? Cute cartoon.

I echo Paul's sentiments. Congratulations on reaching another milestone.

900 hugs,

Jess said...

Congratulations on your 900th post

Fun picture



sara said...

Bonnie, very cute!

900??? WOW! Congrats!

Greenwoman said...

What an apt choice for your 900th post. *grins* Who is the author of that cartoon anyway? Its fun.

River said...

I love that picture! I was just beginning a post on how differently men and women sometimes think! Here's to 900 more inspiring, thought provoking posts (raising imaginary glass of champagne:)!


spankeitaliangal said...

Congrats on your 900th post. That is awesome. Love the picture.
Have a great day-Ciao
I Gal

Purple Angel said...

Congrats on you 900th post! And actually I hate numbers, math never was my thing but that is quite an accomplishment.

The cartoon is wonderful except that, my mind would be torn between the heart and the upside down heart bottom. I guess both of mine want to feel loved and cared about. And they most certainly are.

Sorry I haven't been around much but as I have explained, gainful employment really cuts into my writing time, lol.

Best wishes for the next 900 Bonnie!
Purple Angel

Span King said...

Very funny (and accurate) graphic. Sincere congratulations on 900. Looking forward to the next 900.

Brat V aka TX Spankogirl said...

Very cute picture! And congrats on your 900th post. Your blog was the first spanking blog I read on a regular basis and I'm glad you're still around. And I'm back!!! I've been out of the blogosphere for too long. Hopefully I won't spend too much time gone this time.


~Brat V aka TX Spankogirl~

dwcmike said...

Bonnie: congratulations on reaching your 900th post, and still having interesting things to say and questions to ask. I just passed 600 on my blog, so it appears( tongue in cheek) that women are still the more talkative ones in the spanking world.
Now, when you have time, you should go back and count how many spankings you have been given and written about in these short few years.
bottoms up

Terpsichore said...

congratulations on your 900th post! That is incredible. And thanks for sharing the drawing...that is really cute...

Bonnie said...

Apple - I don't know that this illustration actually mirrors reality, but it's funny nonetheless.

Paul - Thank you! I'm pleased to count you among my readers.

Hermione - It does look familiar, doesn't it?

Jess - Thanks!

Sara - I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Greenwoman - I wish I did. Alas, the link I provided is all I know.

River - 900 more? Most days, I have trouble imagining two more. But thanks for your support!

I-Gal - Thank you!

Purple - This matches Randy's view of the world. As you suggest, it's all a bit more complicated for me.

SK - Thank you!

BV aka TSG - Hi! It's great to hear from you. I'll get your new link added right away.

Mike - How many spankings I've written about is pretty easy to tally. But the actual number of bottom warmings I have received would be very difficult to determine. Maybe we should have made notches on the paddle or something, but we didn't. As a matter of fact, I think Randy would like that idea!

Terpsichore - Thank you!

Mary said...


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