Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Spanking 101: The Spanking Hour

A friend recently asked me a question that I thought might be an appropriate topic for a Spanking 101 post. She had read a blog post where the author described a spanking that lasted for one entire hour. She wondered if this was even practical.

My answer was no and yes. Sixty solid minutes of deliberate whacking would be senseless overkill. Even in a punishment scenario, any lesson can be taught in far less time. Beyond a certain point, the spankee's bottom becomes numb and additional spanking serves no purpose.

However, I can easily imagine an hour long spanking because I have participated in several. I draw an analogy to spending an hour in bed making love. That wouldn't, or more likely couldn't, consist of continuous intercourse. There would also have to be kissing and rubbing and talking and massaging and laughing and so forth. So it is with the one hour spanking.

It can be great fun to make your spankings last. Here are twenty five suggestions to enrich your spanking adventures:
  1. Try some role play scenarios and let your fantasies run wild

  2. Use a vibrator, and not necessarily only in the usual spots

  3. Take a break for oral sex

  4. Test a series of implements and note your likes and dislikes

  5. Caress someplace that feels really good

  6. Change positions several times

  7. Whisper a sexy secret desire

  8. Try a butt plug

  9. Put on some appropriate mood music and spank to the beat

  10. Talk about the spanking

  11. Generously apply some scented oil and massage it in

  12. Munch on chocolate-covered strawberries

  13. Light incense

  14. Kiss beneath the sheets

  15. Position mirrors so you can both watch

  16. Try a little light bondage, just for fun

  17. Take a shower together

  18. Instead of counting up the swats, try counting down

  19. Show off your little known talent

  20. Remove protective clothing one layer at a time

  21. Play guess that implement

  22. Light candles and turn off the lights

  23. Hold a private spanko fashion show

  24. Wet the target using a damp washcloth

  25. Make passionate love

Even as I assembled this list, I kept thinking of more delicious possibilities. Your technique needn't be anything that requires elaborate preparation. Sometimes, I will position myself over Randy's lap while we are on the couch and watching television. The goal is to make each experience a little bit different and little bit special.

It's really not that hard to spend an hour spanking, and if you do, I think you'll agree that it was an hour well spent!


Sara said...

Bonnie, this one hour thing keeps coming up, so I have to think...was it me? We certainly have spent an hour or even longer. Yep, all of the above may be incorporated with splendid results! :) Sara

Paul said...

Bonnie, an hour solid spanking, definitely overkill.
Playing, now that's a different matter, we could play for hours, doing all the things that we loved to do together, that's so good for a couple, touch, caress, love, intimacy, such a boost to the immune system.
I'll bet that you and Randy are healthier than those who don't play.
Warm hugs,

Anonymous said...

One hour non stop spanking - no way- pointless and probably boring,and the poor spanker's arm would be aching ! But certainly Ok with all the 'extras' you suggested, except for wetting the bottom, that just doubles the sting; I know from experience. Susan.

Terpsichore said...

Thank-you...I have read that somewhere as well and often wondered... :-) Take care, Terpsichore

Greenwoman said...

Well...I guess that I must be boring, because, my husband regularly spanks me for an hour straight. He doesn't stick to only cheeks and the impact ranges from gentle love pats to intense painful smacks ranging from my shoulders to my knees, but mostly on my butt and upper thighs....

I find it relaxing and erotic personally.

Dragon & Tiger said...

Woo hoo sounds fun! LOL Too bad the hubby won't be home until tomorrow some time... Darn it. It's been too long!


Hermione said...

Show off your little known talent. I'm sorry, the image of tap dancing comes to mind. I do have silk top hat.

Seriously, though, both partners have to buy into this. We have always operated on the principle of I'm ready, he's ready, let's finish. I wonder how I can tactfully put on the brakes for some more preliminaries. It does happen, occasionally, but my husband is definitely the one in charge.


cookie said...

I can see a playful spanking lasting an hour or more.... but then again it isn't straight spanking. Even a discipline one can go into an hour if you count the lecture, the actual spanking and corner time or time writing lines etc. I can recall having hours at a time where we play but alot of it is laughing talking and doing other things. I don't think I could last a whole hour over someones lap being whacked constant for a whole hour especially if the implement was a hairbrush or something else. But if the spanker could handle it I might be able to handle a hand spanking that long as they tend to relax me and I love the feeling. though that spanking usually consists of rubbing and breaks as well. Hmmm that's something to think about and maybe test out lol.

Nic said...

I definitely have been spanked for an hour, though I don't think any longer than that. And it tends to be done like others have said, either over S' lap while we're watching TV (mmmm, love) or for a punishment, where I'm getting a whole lot of sets with her hand, then the belt and/or the paddle, and there's lots of lecturing in between sets (though, really, there's a LOT of spanking going on there, too, people!).

I enjoy a longer spanking, more warm up means I can take more, and longer spankings tend to be those that I feel more the next (few) day(s).

Anonymous said...

Try a game, anything that scores points ad settle in smacks - it helps i fboth parties lay or if you can get a grop going of 4 or 6.

Monopoly works well - hotel = paddle; house = strap, rent converts into smack; go to Jail, collect 6 of the best; pass go , give everyone 6 of the best......and so on

Scrabble is another good one....

An hour.....ho, you can play all night


Bonnie said...

Sara - You are a tremendous inspiration to your readers, and I am proud to count myself in that group.

Paul - I never thought of it that way, but I believe we're pretty healthy overall.

Susan - In writing tutorials, I seek to establish realistic expectations. As you say, a one hour (or longer) spanking is quite possible so long as it's paced properly.

Terpsichore - You're very welcome.

Greenwoman - Boring? I think not. :D

Dragon and Tiger - Here's hoping your reunion was the stuff of legend, or at least a lot of fun!

Hermione - Yes, that's a good point. I don't think this kind of spanking happens spontaneously. There needs to be some discussion beforehand.

Once you get into the habit of making your spankings fun and adventurous, the one hour spankings become possible. But even the ten minute spankings benefit as well.

Cookie - Thanks for sharing your experiences. I complete agree.

Nic - Hi, and welcome to MBS. A proper warm-up is definitely the key to tolerating a longer duration spanking. Thanks for your comment.

Recidavist - As a matter of fact, we do play games occasionally. Randy's favorite is Trivial Pursuits Spanko Edition. Fortunately or unfortunately, it usually degenerates into a different sort of game!

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