Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Tag

Randy delights in finding new twists for our spanking adventures and last week, he devised a fine one.

Even before he walked through the door on Friday evening, I knew he had spanking on his mind. We had somewhat indiscreetly discussed our plans over the telephone earlier in the day. It was all I could do to avoid disturbing coworkers in the neighboring cubes by giggling at his outrageously lewd suggestions. Yes, I was certain that I was in for a premium spanking complete with all the trimmings.

I could scarcely think of anything else for most of the afternoon. Finally, I left after deciding that my productivity had dwindled to zero. Once at home, I didn’t accomplish much in the two hours remaining before our torrid reunion. I answered some e-mails and prepared a post for the blog, but it felt as though I was simply going through the motions. I was going to be spanked, and well spanked at that. It was coming soon, but not soon enough. I fidgeted in my chair while imagining what it was going to feel like to have a very sore, hot bottom.

When Randy did arrive, he burst through the door with a shriek of exuberance. He was home, it was the weekend, and it was finally time for fun. I stood up just in time to be engulfed in a vigorous embrace. We kissed with the passion of familiar lovers as he pulled me close. His hands roamed quite naturally to my twin orbs. He squeezed, rubbed, kneaded, and lightly swatted them through my skirt.

“Young lady, are you ready to assume the position?” he asked me in the gruffest tone he could muster.

“Yes, sir, I am.” I wasn’t about to back out now.

“Very well then. Proceed directly to the hall of discipline and prepare yourself.” Following his command, I walked upstairs to our bedroom and removed my clothing. I then knelt on the bed with my bottom high in the air and facing the door.

Once I was in my receptive position, I didn’t have to wait long. Randy often leaves me to ponder my fate, presumably so the butterflies in my stomach can grow and multiply. But on this evening, we were both eager to get started.

“Ah, now that’s what I like to see…” My lover’s voice faded as his fingers lightly danced across my naked skin. I shivered with anticipatory delight. One moment, he was caressing my cheek and the next he was kneading the small of my back. He knelt to kiss me on the neck, just behind my right ear. Those dancing fingers played me like a fine instrument. Then, just as I had almost decided that his gentle attention was all I really needed, Randy’s open palm made forceful contact with my bottom.

The slapping sound of flesh striking flesh echoed around our bedroom even as the pleasant pain shattered my peaceful trance. Again, he applied his hand to spank my undulating globes. The second time, I was better prepared to accept this spicy gift. My man began a familiar pattern of left, right, left, right. He made quite certain that no part of my well padded seat was left unblemished.

Once he was satisfied with his efforts, Randy sat on the side of the bed and beckoned me to lie across his lap. Despite the fact that the Vermont County Store bath brush of doom was in plain sight, I willingly complied.

I found myself face down in this classic punishment position. I had been there many, many times over the years. I knew that all that had come before was merely preparation. The burning I felt in my posterior would surely soon be re-ignited.

Yet, when he resumed, Randy again spanked me with his hand. Make no mistake, these were hard swats, but they were not quite what I had expected. As he spanked, Randy delivered a fun monologue. My memory is less than perfect, especially under these circumstances, but I believe it went something like this.

“You know I read that blog of yours. You know… The one where you wrote something like eight hundred posts about SPANKING.” He punctuated each word with a brisk slap across my backside.

“Yes, I know how you and your friends pay tribute to joys of a red bottom. By the time I finish with you, you ought to be downright ecstatic.” I knew at very least that I would have a fine tale to share.

“Queen of spanking? Did I read that right? Well, this queen might be a little precarious on her throne for a while.” His voice had a playful tone, but his aim was deadly accurate.

After several more minutes of this one-sided banter, I sensed him reaching for the dreaded bath brush of doom. I considered asking whether that was really necessary, but I knew that inquiry would only exacerbate my predicament. The brush immediately raised the level of the spanking considerably. I could remain stoic no longer. I screeched as Randy brought the brush down with astonishing results. In all, he probably swung this vaunted weapon of ass destruction less than twenty times, but the resulting fiery sensations left me breathless and stunned by the pure intensity.

My next memory was Randy rubbing my scorched skin with his hand. Now his voice was soothing.

“You have such a beautiful bottom, and it’s just made for spankings… So soft. So smooth. So curvy. So warm. So red.”

He stretched to retrieve a tube of moisturizing cream from my bedside table. After removing the cap, he squeezed a liberal amount directly onto each of my two sore spots. As he massaged it in, I was vividly reminded of the narrow line between pain and pleasure. Even the light pressure of his fingertips really hurt. But it felt sooooo good. These sensations, as well as Randy’s straying probes, fed a carnal craving that had been building all day.

Before long, we were beneath the sheets and savoring a coital banquet. Our lovemaking following a good spanking is much more enthusiastic than at other times. So it was on this occasion.

After snuggling and talking and laughing for a while, we decided to get up. Earlier in the week, we had discussed dinner and a movie. I was feeling energized and that seemed like a great idea. So we cleaned up and got dressed. After I had pulled on a comfortable pair of jeans, Randy told me to stop and turn around. I was in no need of any further spanking, but I played along anyway. I could feel him tie something to the belt loop in the center of my back.

“What is it?” I wondered aloud.

“Go see for yourself,” was my man’s unhelpful reply.

I went into the bathroom and twisted around to see in the mirror a small piece of red fabric tied to my belt loop. It looked as though it might have once been part of a kerchief.

“OK, I looked. So what is it?”

Smiling now, Randy replied, “It’s your tag.”

“My what?”

“It’s a spanking tag. It means that you’re walking around with a freshly spanked bottom.”

“I get it. It’s sort of a sign. Like gay guys and the hanky code. But what good is it if no one knows?”

“We know. Besides, I have a good friend who runs a popular spanking blog and she can tell everybody about the spanking tag.”

“OK. Let’s go get some dinner…”


M & D said...

Hi Bonnie,
My boyfriend and I have both become avid readers of your wonderful blog! He lives in the UK while I'm in Canada so this is a new way to connect among other things. This particular story reminded me of something he would definitely do and it was on the whole very cute :)

Take care,
M & D

Jessica said...

Ahh, so some of the praise we lavishly and lovingly bestow upon you as our spanking guru has literally come back to bite you on the a**! LOL

You *are* the queen of spanking and have made many many people comfortable in our own skin by sharing your experiences. I also thank Randy for allowing you to share some of his perspectives on spanking.

We'll have to think about the tag thing. Maybe we can do tags across America like Hands Across America years ago!

Dr. Ken said...

Great story, Bonnie! Now let's see if this "tag" idea catches on! I'd love to see someone with it here in Minnesota and be able to go up to them and say, "You read Bonnie's blog, don't you?"

Dr. Ken

Daisy said...

oh, wow, YES!! What a great idea, like the Masons handshake! Randy is positively BRILLIANT!!! I dread to think my man would make me wear one though, lol, lets hope he DOESNT read this post.....I mean, i would secretly love to see others wearing it, and would never comment to them...but would die of embarrassment if anyone said anything to me if i had to wear one!!!!!!!!!

Paul said...

Bonnie, now that was an enchanting story and a great spanking. Good to know that our Queen of Spanking earns her title in such an appropriate way.
Randy certainly knows how to fill your needs, the red tag is a brilliant idea, I'd love to see a tide of red tags sweep across the nation.
Think what it would do to the divorce statistics.
Warm hugs,

Kelley said...


A great story and a terrific idea. Now where can I can order my official My Bottom Smarts spanking hankie tag?

Maybe you and Randy should open a cafepress store. I hope you do I autographed version as well. :-)

Somewhere in Iraq

Anonymous said...

"A great story and a terrific idea. Now where can I can order my official My Bottom Smarts spanking hankie tag?

Oh yes! What a fabulous idea. I don't know how we'll attach it to my schoolgirl skirts . . . maybe a safety pin?

Sounds like a terrific evening. :)

mthc said...

Lord woman...more and more i need a shower after reading your blog post..

Season said...

Bonnie - I always enjoy reading your blog. This entry was especially fun! It got my imagination going and I wondered about an additional twist of Randy wearing a piece of the same fabric around his wrist to show his hand recently administered a good spanking. :-)

Indiana said...

Great story, as always, Bonnie! I love the way Randy messes with your mind as his hand is focused elsewhere. I will admit to breathing a sigh of relief, as I'd expected from the picture at the top of this post that he planned to make you pose on a bicycle seat immediately following that encounter...

Anonymous said...


Radha said...

"Weapon of ass destruction"! This is so good, Bonnie, and so much fun to read. Especially the way you always describe your husband as your lover...truly I can see how happy the two of you are!
*curtsy for the queen*

Greenwoman said...

LOL! I adore the spanking tag part. You really are a terrific erotic writer. *smiles* Great story Bonny!

Anonymous said...

A red ribbon on a horse's tail used to mean 'Stay clear I kick' ,so a red ribbon on Bonnie's tail ought to mean,' Stay clear. my bottom's oh, so tender, so don't even think of slapping, smacking or pinching it !'
But what fun it would be if the idea catches on, and we spankees could exchange knowing winks, or even compare our spankings, and if it really takes off,the red tag could be proudly displayed at any gathering, but woe betide any girl who wore her tag without a smarting bottom under her skirt; perhaps the success of a party might be measured by the number of tags on show ! Susan.

Anonymous said...

I love it! I guess we'll all be on the lookout for the red tag now. That will be fun.

Be sure to thank that creative man!

Always fun to drop in here, Bonnie.

Debbie :)

Susan said...

Oh my what a splendid idea! I love the tag. Randy has a naughty sort of genious about him now doesn't he.

Definitely I think this idea needs to catch on.

Anonymous said...

Ooooo I love it! It's the whole "oh my god what if someone knows" thing isn't it? I know I feel that when I have bruises from my handcuffs - I love having the marks there, but my god, I'm TERRIFIED someone will know what those marks are. Someone in work or something.

I'd love a tag too. That said...I think you can tell from the way I move when I'm freshly spanked! Hard chairs and wincing, anyone? And he laughs at me so evilly when that happens... I think he'd love nothing more than to "tag" me...

SUCH a nasty little exhibitionist *giggles*


david said...

I want to order one of the Queens tags for my Mthc's buns. You need to pick a day so all of spanking land are wearing those tags.

Now I have to find my Mthc hehehe

*hugs and grins*

Lori said...

Randy has to be one of the most creative guys I've heard of. Wonderful story Bonnie. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...


Ooooh, you have just given me a delicious care package idea...

Great story!

-Kelley's girl

Dragon & Tiger said...

Spanking tag! How creative! I love it. If I didn't live where I do, I would start looking for red tags on everyone's jeans when I go out but I don't see that happening here... I'm the reader from Guam on your locations list. LOL

Hermione said...

Ditto to all the above, Bonnie. I wonder what I would say if I saw someone with a red tag. Now I know why those red tag jeans are more expensive!

Thanks for a great story from the King and Queen of spanking. What better way to start the weekend than with a long, slow spanking. Dare I forward it to Ron as a subtle suggestion?


Terpsichore said...

I just adore your stories! :-) Best wishes, Terpsichore

Bonnie said...

M & D - May the oceans shrink as your love blossoms. Thank you for visiting MBS.

Jess - Oh, I got bit all right! Right where I sit down.

Thank you for your generous words. I am delighted to be able to help people better understand this preference we share.

Dr. Ken - You've touched on the very heart of the enigma. We love being exhibitionists, but only so long as we aren't seen by anyone we know.

I love the idea of proudly wearing the tag, but I'm not ready to be confronted by strangers.

Weird, huh?

Daisy - I completely understand your concerns. I probably like the idea of being out better than the reality.

Paul - That would definitely make life more peaceful.

Kelley - I never imagined I could be in the garment business!

Seraglioletters - Any strip of red cloth will suffice.

Mthc - What can I say?

Season - That's a fun suggestion. It could give him kind of a swashbuckler look!

Indiana - No, fortunately that didn't happen. I do however vividly recall one occasion where I ended up spending the evening on a very unforgiving wooden barstool.

SK - I'm pleased you enjoyed it.

Radha - Thanks. He is my lover, and the only one I desire.

Greenwoman - Thank you! I truly appreciate your support and encouragement.

Susan #1 - I didn't know that about horses. It's an interesting parallel.

That gives me an idea... Suppose at a themed spanking party one tag were awarded per spanking received. By the end of the evening, the most popular spankees could be adorned with lots of tags.

Debbie - Thanks. You're always welcome here.

Susan #2 - Yes, I think the term evil genius would apply here.

Elle - It is an interesting paradox, isn't it?

David - I'm sure Mthc will adore your fashion suggestion.

Lori - Even after all these years, he can still surprise me!

Kelley's Girl - Good for you. There's just nothing like a little taste of home.

Dragon and Tiger - That's you way out there in the middle of the Pacific? I always wondered.

Hermione - It's a fine suggestion, but hardly subtle.

Terpsichore - Thank you!

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