Saturday, December 08, 2007

Song Parody: Sting Me Well

I love to sing and traditional Christmas carols hold a special place in my heart. For the past two years, I have posted seasonal song parodies (to the point where some readers actually begged me to stop).

As a salute to the holiday season, here's a variation of Jingle Bells that you may not have heard.

Sting Me Well

Lashing to and fro
On a sawhorse made for play
Oh my cheeks they glow
Jiggling all the way
Whacks on my tail sting
Making colors bright
What fun it is to spank and sing
A flaying song tonight

Oh, swat me well, swat me well
Swat me all the day
Oh, what fun it is to ride
On a sawhorse made for play
Swat me well, swat me well
Swat me all the day
Oh, what fun it is to ride
On a sawhorse made for play

I realize that I posted a slightly different Jingle Bells parody in 2005, but I like this one better.


MissyH said...

Actually, Bonnie, this is far less
disturbing than the original words
in that song; the verses are
rarely heard nowadays for that reason. Google it, I'm not kidding,
these are the real words:

"The horse was lean and lank
Misfortune was his lot"

And later on they sing:

"Then hitch him to a one horse sleigh and crack! you're on your

Awful stuff. And if the rampant animal abuse isn't enough, in
another verse a woman is walking through the snow, trips and falls
flat on her back, and a guy sees
her, laughs his head off, then
drives off without helping.

I prefer your lyrics, Bonnie.

Hermione said...

LOL! That song is going to be running through my head for the rest of the day!
Thanks for the smile!


SelfSpanker said...

I wish you a smacking Christmas
I wish you a smarting Christmas
I wish you a smouldering Christmas
And a Bright Bright Red Rear.

Bethie said...

Great lyrics, Bonnie! That's my kind of carol. LOL

While doing laundry the other day, I caught myself singing "All I want for Christmas is a well-spanked butt" (instead of "my two front teeth" - which I have btw). ;-)

Paul said...

Bonnie, I love parodies, have you seen Purple Angels latest.
Warm hugs,

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