Thursday, December 06, 2007

Bonnie's Mailbag

It's been ages since we last dug into the MBS mailbag. Let's see what's inside...

Question: I appreciate your link, but I don't think your readers would find much of interest on my blog. Would you be willing to remove the link?

Response: Sure.

Question: Would you be interested in participating in a closed community/message board for sex bloggers?

Response: That sounds like a lot of fun. Unfortunately, I can barely find time to adequately tend to this blog.

Question: I love the look of your bottom, despite the jeans. Do you have any of you bare [and] bending over?

Response: You won't find that particular picture on this blog. My focus is more on the printed word. However, if you explore my links, you will discover several beautiful women who pose as you describe.

Statement: I am very experienced and have two current subs who bend over for me for disciplinary spankings and caning. But there's always room across my lap for another one...or two...or three.

Response: Just how wide is your lap?




Response: Spank me? No, thank you. I have a daughter older than you (and she's a much better speller).

As for my spanking experiences and fantasies, this blog contains nearly 800 posts. You shouldn't have to search very far.

Question: I was reading about stress spankings. I am very easily stressed and have talked to my husband about these spankings. I also showed him an article you wrote about "letting go". So, during a stress spanking, which you and others have said are more intense because of the purpose, is the "letting go" time honored or when is it time for the spanker to stop? My husband stops when he sees me finally let go. I want to make sure he understands when the stress spanking is over with.

Response: I find that spankings can be a very effective method for relieving stress (though by no means the only one). As for when a stress relief spanking should end, it's ultimately the spanker's judgment of when the time is right. Since the purpose is stress relief (as opposed to discipline, for example), there's no particular benefit of extending the spanking much beyond the point of letting go. However, Randy generally spanks a little bit longer, presumably to remind me that he is the one in control. By that point, I have no objections.

This arrangement works well for us, but I'm sure other couples do it differently with equal success. As with so many issues, there isn't any one definitive "right way," except perhaps in the context of one couple's preferences.

It's perfectly all right to experiment and learn through your own experience what works best.

Question: Do you know why Emilie disappeared?

Response: I don't. However, I wish her the very best in whatever she does.

Question: me and my girl freind made up a contract about a year ago that i can paddled for varous offices disrespect for one of them wich carries 15 swats on the bare ass with my hands and legs bound .And most of all her oak punishment paddle wich is a half inch thick and 3 and a half inches wide.Any way of course shes the domme and i'm the sub i get paddled about twice every month but not with this oak punishment paddle it's always a light paddle.I've had this oak paddle used on me once before the pain is terrible and only 8 swats like i said this time 15 on my bare ass as hard as she can swing with my hands and legs bound....She won't give me a definate date but i'ts comeing with in 10 days I'm putting lotion on my ass every day and i know to breath out when the paddle lands please please do you know anything else i can do to lessen the pain

Response: At the risk of being silly, the best way to avoid the pain of a paddling is to not get paddled at all. If that isn't an option, I'm not sure there's much you can do. As you already know, bare bottom spankings with a paddle hurt a whole lot. It's important to breath and not hold your breath. It's also best to hold still so you don't get hit in a vulnerable spot. Beyond that, I think it becomes a matter of taking your medicine. If you can't do that, then you and your GF need to revisit your contract.

Question: Given the level of stress you endure, would you ever consider publishing just the brunches?

Response: Probably not. I strive to make MBS original, informative, and fun. I don't think a brunches only format would fit that definition.

Question: Have you ever worn a thong bathing suit to the beach?

Response: No. I wore a bikini in my younger days, but the thong style didn't become popular until well after my two-piece days were over.

Question: Would you consider taking a break from blogging?

Response: Yes, I've pondered any number of different formulations that would allow me to get away without necessarily getting out. The grand sabbatical could still happen, but I'm not ready to quit altogether.

Question: What is the thickness of your Mother of All Paddles?

Response: I believe the dreaded plank of doom is 5/8" thick. Don't try this at home, folks.

Question: I suddenly can no longer access your blog from work. I get a huge "Access Denied" page instead. Did something change on your blog?

Response: I posed your question to my resident expert. Randy says that I probably didn't do anything specific to my blog to cause it to be blocked by some web content filtering software. The way most of these devices work is they keep a list of known bad web site names and addresses. If a user tries to visit a site on the list, they are prevented from reaching it.

So someone, somewhere (or maybe a bot) thought my blog was objectionable, or at least not safe for work, and added it to a black list. Your employer subscribes to the list and now blocks my blog on that basis.

You should assume that your employer logs everything you do on the web. Please be cautious.

Suggestion: There really are Christian men that spank their wives. Perhaps you could talk about that on your website. It isn't a sexy spanking. It is usually "assuming the position" hands on the knees and getting 5 swats with the "woman's paddle" at church. It is just a regular school paddle, shaped like a sorority paddle, a little heavier. We keep it in the church office. This is done for big marital sins. There is usually counseling too but Pastor will let the husband that he has to deal with his wife. And the wife usually goes a long with this. This is takes place in the Pastor's office.

Response: Perhaps another blogger could more effectively address this topic. It's outside my experience.

Statement: I received a spanking one morning by my employer for being late for work the 5Th time ,and later that day another spanking for not completing the job that i was ordered to do ,I felt the second was spanking was more sever and hurt more than the first one ,I would like to find someone who would do it again now .

Response: I guess that's one way to save money on those dumb motivational posters.

Question: The blog must have introduced you to many interesting people. How long have you been doing it?

Response: I started MBS in September, 2005. It's been 26 months and I've met a great many interesting people (in every sense of the word!).

Question: Have you ever had butt sex?

Response: Uh huh.

Question: When it comes time for [my husband] to hand down a punishment to me, I take the punishment, but I move around a lot and tell him to stop (which he does not). If I do get to my feet I will either slap his hands or hit him in the stomach, not hard, but just enough to make him more angry with me...

Did you go through this or help someone else deal with a similar problem..?

Response: I've not really experienced the situation you outlined. When I am spanked, I tend to retreat back into myself. That's just my personality, I guess. Lashing out as you describe wouldn't really occur to me.

As to your specific scenario, perhaps you and your HOH could agree upon incentives or disincentives that would alternately reward appropriate actions or penalize inappropriate ones. For example, I find that one paddle crack across my upper thighs is quite effective in reminding me to hold still during a spanking. On the flip side, when I submit just as he asks me, I am often rewarded with vibrator fun later.

Whatever solution you settle on, it needs to be something on which you both agree.

Question: Are you going to run the mailbag again sometime soon?

Response: Yes

That's it for this installment of the mailbag. It was a rather eclectic mix of questions, wasn't it? In any case, I hope you enjoyed it.


Janice said...

Dear Bonnie,

It is just like me to pick up on a detail that was not the main theme. 800 posts. I bow my head in recognition. I was so pleased with myself for reaching 100 in a year. You are truly an inspiration for us all and not only because of the amount of postings but for the wisdom in them. Thank you Bonnie!!



Paul said...

Bonnie, always a chuckle in your answers.
I love the way that you stay good humoured .
Warm hugs,

New Beginnings said...

I always love the mail bag. My favorite line in this post --

"I guess that's one way to save money on those dumb motivational posters."

Anonymous said...

Thankyou, Bonnie, for not doing anything about those "Christians who spank their wives" (although, I had a feeling you wouldn't based on the fact that THOSE spankings have a lot to do with the idea that men are superior to women, and women need a "guiding hand" in order to do anything productive or useful, and thats just not an ideal you seem to subscribe to, thank goodness).

Anonymous said...

Coming out of lurking to say thank you Bonnie for your wonderful blog. You have encouraged me to start my own. I know nothing about blogging. I can't link or change the background to depict beautiful winter scenes etc but I am posting and enjoying it. My imagination has been sparked and I thank you!


Tim said...

Uh yeah, most employers log all web activity. Whether a particular site is blocked or not, I'd be VERY careful about surfing the glorious spankosphere unless you don't mind "coming out" to your colleagues (or at least the pervs in the IT department).

teresa said...

Bonnie where is this church they speak of? LoL

Lori said...

Bonnie, I just love your responses. I needed a good laugh today. I also wonder what church this is? I've been a Christian for many years now and I can't imagine any pastor we have had wanting to be a part of that activity. My husband and I have been counseled in the past and NEVER was it even a thought by our pastor to hand my husband a paddle, nor did he keep one in his office. I'm very curious what church practices this.

Bonnie said...

Janice - You're very welcome. I didn't set out to create a long running blog and I certainly never foresaw 800 posts. It just happened while I was sitting in front of the computer.

Paul - I can't think up material as strange or as funny as the messages that land in my mailbox. It's not as though I ever asked for weird contributions. Yet, more arrive every week.

PK - Thanks. I kicked around several responses for that message, but settled on the goofy one.

Anon - Yep, you pretty much nailed it. I'm not about to tell anyone that they are wrong (especially when it concerns religion), but I am selective about which views I give voice on this blog.

Elizabeth - Hi! There you are. Welcome back!

If I can answer any blogging questions, just send me an e-mail.

Tim - I agree that's the case in most workplaces. I sometimes read vanilla e-mail at work, but nothing more. It's just not worth the risk.

Teresa - Perhaps in the writer's imagination?

Lori - That scenario seemed pretty far fetched to me as well. I suspect the liability considerations alone would scare off most churches, even if they were otherwise inclined.

Anonymous said...

We wonder what happened to Emilie too. Actually a little worried. Hope everything is okay with her and her family. Do wish folks would post why they are ending their blog... because otherwise their readers will worry. Realize that's not always possible though (which is what worries us).

Also, yikes... don't read spanking blogs at work! Like you pointed out, your boss has a good chance of finding out. And unless you work at a paddle making factory, lol... that's probably not a good thing!

Todd & Suzy

Tim said...

It seems to me that I did read Emile's blog right before she took it down. Or she posted a message somewhere. Anyway, the deal is, she got back together with her husband--and as a condition for being taken back, she had to end her relationship with her spanker and remove her spanking presence from the Internet--blog, clips4sale, etc.. So, while I don't know whether that's all considered "good," she is not in any danger that I'm aware of.

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