Sunday, December 23, 2007

Recap: MBS Sunday Brunch for Dec 23

Thank you all for your participation in today’s holiday brunch, and in our brunches throughout the year. Our topic of the week was coping with holiday stress.

Jessica: I was thinking a good brunch topic would be obsessing on spanking. I know you have a story about this. I am finding that I can get into looking at blogs and sites obsessively and I start to neglect other things. Any thoughts?

That’s a good topic and I’ve added it to our list. Thanks!

Sleepygirl: I can tell you what I would like to happen, but it's kind of one of those "want in one hand..." situations. I’d like a good babysitter for the kids, a bottle of Jameson's, and a night to ourselves for our anniversary here in a few days. That would do wonders for my stress level.

As it is, we'll just have to muddle through until it's over.

Perverted but Friendly: We went away on holiday for two weeks just before Christmas. It was an escape from the cold harsh British winter. 25 Celsius temperatures and the clear blue skies of Fuerteventura made us both feel a lot better. It was a vanilla holiday as we took no spanking toys at all.

Stress levels have dropped and we feel fine again.

Happy Christmas and a peaceful New Year to all of you.

Paul: My love lives on, but I have no one to spank. Shame. :(

I have a children's party on Christmas Eve. There will be no spanking. These are the family little ones, so we’ll have lots of love.

As for Christmas Day, it will be just me, my memories, and animals.

Family and friends will come to dinner on Boxing Day. There will be lots of talk and friendship and the love that is between family that are friends as well.

Have a wonderful Christmas, dear Bonnie, and may you be sitting as warm as you wish. *Smiles*

Lori: Now that the shopping is done, cleaning of the house for Christmas guests will begin. We've managed a few good spankings to keep the stress minimized and we will be breaking out the Bailey's tonight. We buy a bottle of Bailey's Irish Cream once a year. It's been our Christmas tradition to share it on Christmas Eve. This year, we are starting one day early.

Happy holiday season to all!

Sara: This year, we have not managed to do a good job of keeping our balance. The long version answer is on my blog. The short version is to focus on what really is important, but how the heck does one do that?

Anyway, I wish you a most wonderful and peaceful holiday!

Paige: I have the sexiest Santa Girl outfit from Victoria's Secret that I wear for my hubby! It's hot pink in color and consists of a very sexy bra, panties, a flirty mini-skirt trimmed with faux fur and a matching Santa hat! He absolutely loves it, which is why he makes my bottom hot pink to match!

Merry Christmas, Bonnie!

Mary: We have a moderate distance to contend with on a regular basis. That means if we get busy, we don't see each other. However, when we’re together, romance just can’t take a back seat. So my back seat is always spanked. It can be the best stress relief I know. I can hardly wait until my next Christmas spanking.

Jean Marie: You can't fall into the doldrums! I feel passionate about this. Yes, the holidays are stressful, but that's no excuse to get bogged down. It's an excuse to liven things up. You've got to spice the season up with more than nutmeg in your eggnog.

Last weekend, my lover and I went to a Dirty Santa party with our vanilla friends. That's where everybody brings a gift, you draw numbers, and open the gifts in that order. You can then steal the freshly opened gift when it's your turn (I'm not explaining this well, but hopefully you all know what I mean). As my boyfriend opened the car door for me to get in on our way there, I let him know that I wasn't wearing panties under my short skirt. His boyish leer told me that he found this hot at first, then his stern dom's face told me to behave myself. All night, he shot glances at me. All night, I shot him flashes of bare flesh.

I drew lucky number twenty out of that many guests. I stole a gift certificate for a spa treatment and massage from a girlfriend for the last turn.

"Oh! I really wanted that, you brat!" she exclaimed as I scampered back to my chair and she had to choose another gift.

"Spank me if I'm such a brat," I retorted and cocked my ass out at her before I sat it down. I could tell by the cool breeze on my bum that cheek was exposed, but everybody was so drunk that only she and my lover saw it. She blushed and smirked at me. My lover smoldered from across the room.

I got a sound spanking as soon as we pulled into our garage over the fender of the car, before the remote-controlled door could even close. I felt his belt over the arm of the living room couch. I got a lesson from my hairbrush in our bedroom. Then he made it all better with lovemaking on the floor.

I've put a switch in my own stocking and come downstairs Christmas morning with the drop seat flap open on my PJ bottoms. I've mooned my lover in front of the TV during the bowl games. I've bratted up a storm. I've come right out and told my man that I need a hard spanking.

You can't give in to the rush, crush, and madness! You have to put on the brakes and feed your soul during this special time of year. And my soul is best nurtured when my bottom is warmed.

Hermione: Christmas is synonymous with stress in our home. We recently had a real gripe session about all the stressful events that would be making up our yuletide celebrations this year. We whined, complained and felt sorry for ourselves for quite a while, and it made us both very unhappy, anxious and angry. Finally, I came out with a grumble about my parents. To my surprise, Ron said, "You're so lucky you have me to discipline you!"

Where did that come from? Did he really say that? The black mood instantly disappeared. I told Ron that was the best thing he could possibly have said, and we talked about the physical effect that spanking-related words have on me. We laughed and hugged and all of the holiday stress was forgotten.

MBS reader Paul has often said that the couple that spanks together stays together, and we'll get through the holidays because we have each other for support. And as Padme Amidala said recently on her blog, "Our force is strong." We are focusing on the quiet time we'll have after the busy-ness is over. We have some plans for our own 'festivities' that will allow us to reconnect in fun and different ways.

Merry Christmas to all my friends at MBS.

Mthc: We like the holidays. We have finished shopping and everything is wrapped. We have traditions like opening a gift on Christmas Eve, going to look at Christmas lights, and watching "It's a Wonderful Life." We've both been sick, but Saturday, we managed to have some playtime. I think that you just do the best that you can and eventually everything will fall into place.

David and I wish you a happy holiday season.

Bonnie: I find the holidays to be a very stressful time. I used to think that things might settle down once our daughter left home, but that hasn’t happened. The real problem is having more obligations than time and energy will allow. I never like to let people down or do less than my best on anything. But something has to give, and ultimately, something does.

Last weekend, Randy had to convince me that I could buy some items I generally make. His method of persuasion was forceful and compelling. The spanking broke through my stress and the lovemaking that followed served to restore the connection between us. I’m probably in need of another dose today, but this treatment lasted for quite a while.

Beyond fun and games, we try to find time where we can be together and sharing enjoyable activities. Even if it’s just a movie and dinner one night a week, it can make a big difference.

PK: I am probably less stressed than most because both Nick and I are laid back in general with all things. But I think there is one thing we do to relax with the loving and spanking part of our relationship. We have finally gotten to the point where we can curl up in bed at night and be very satisfied with touching and rubbing, yet not feel obligated to go any farther if we are not in the mood. We have learned that the touching and rubbing all by themselves are fun and brings us closer. Sometimes, it does lead to more (as I posted about today), but if it doesn't, that's fine.

Anon: The shopping is done, presents wrapped, house cleaned, and cookies baked. While shopping, we bought a large piece of ginger. Tonight will be just for us, a lovely snowball cocktail, playing with the ginger, some spanking, and then some rest!

Blushing Bride: Usually, we're okay at managing everything, focusing on what's important, etc. Lists are my favourite strategy. We set out lists of who needs to do what on which day. We both know what the priority is, no one feels like they're the only one doing everything, and nothing important gets forgotten. We even write in a code (since the lists are on the fridge and visible to anyone that stops by) for spankings and sex.

However, through a series of circumstances that is pretty much unbelievable to have occurred all over the last three weeks, things are more than getting to both of us. We're still trying to follow the lists and just throw out the things that would be nice but aren't all that necessary.

Elle: Well, I am one girl who is not getting ANY kinky fun until Christmas is well over. Since our relationship is relatively new, we are not spending the holidays together. Both of us have gone home to our parents for Christmas. I’m sitting in my teenage bedroom typing this feeling desperate for his hands all over my body. I last saw him on Friday and it was electric. I’ll be sneaking off on Christmas day to phone him up and tell him what I’d like to be doing to him... *sigh*

I’m very frustrated here. He has sworn me to not masturbate so we are both going to be gagging for it by the time we see each other. I bet we don’t make it though. You can imagine what’ll happen if either of us finds out the other didn’t keep the promise. It’ll involve whips.

Happy Christmas to you all.
I’m sorry if I’ve gone on a bit, but when I’m frustrated. I tend to rant. LOL

I wish you all the very best in this holiday season. Come what may, don't let stress get you down!

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Happy Holidays, Bonnie!

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I missed the brunch...we are spending time together as a family this Christmas and seeing the world through our children's eyes and discovering the magic all over again...

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