Sunday, December 02, 2007

Recap: MBS Sunday Brunch for Dec 2

Our topic this week was holiday suggestions for the spankos on our gift lists. Here are your thoughts.

Purple Angel: I asked members of my group what they would wish for if they could pick a spanking gift to get. So far, the largest number would love to get a spanking horse, with, of course, a good spanking to go along with it.

I personally would love a ticket to Canada so I could get a wonderful holiday spanking and give one as well.

Hermione: My suggestion is actually called a wedding plaque, but I thought it would be nice to commemorate the date of my first spanking from Ron. It's a Christmas gift for him (We open our gifts to each other when we are alone).

It's meant to be attached to the outside of a house, but the bedroom wall is a good second choice! I'm thinking of starting a tradition of celebrating this anniversary as well as our other one.

Mary: I just bought some new panties and a pretty new bra. They’re for me, but he can enjoy them as much (or as little) as he'd like when we are together for the holiday. :-) I am not about to give him anything new to spank me with. My bottom was well marked last time we were together. He has enough to play with!

Prefectdt: There is plenty to choose from including clothing, books, DVDs, and especially toys. But my cunning plan goes like this (and I do this every year). I ask vanilla members of my family to buy me everyday household stuff for Xmas. Examples include towels, sheets, and stuff like that. Then I take the money from my normal budget, that I would have spent on this stuff myself, and buy kinky stuff with it. This way, I can get the vanilla members of my family to buy me spanko goods without even knowing it.

I'm the guy who is genuinely happy to get socks for Christmas. :-)

Bonnie: I have two suggestions:

On the other hand, if Randy wants to buy a padded spanking bench, I think I could get onboard with that idea.

Paul: For the spanker, I suggest a Swiss spanking kit. It would be similar to the Swiss Army Knife, only bigger, with perhaps a dozen different spanking implements.

For the spankee, I recommend a selection of multi-packs of panties with risqué sayings printed on the seat to encourage the spankers and large containers of Arnica and Aloe Vera. (Smiles)

I’m sorry that this is rather more light-hearted than my usual offering.

Jean Marie: My lover and I were just "discussing" this topic the other day. The words that flew out of my mouth were so heated, I ended up getting my bottom heated over his knee. I know tops and bottoms are opposite, but it should be two different sides of the same coin. Sometimes, K and I seem so foreign.

Although we collectively own a great many implements, most are of the improvised variety. For example, last week I was punished quite harshly with a doubled-up extension cord and teased quite erotically with an oversized rubber spatula from Tupperware. So I brought up the subject of toys expressly for play as pillow-talk.

I want leather toys for Christmas. I love their sensuality, their fragrant smell, and the pliant thick feel of straps. I find sessions with leather, even when hard, to be very arousing.

My lover wants to give me wooden implements, such as Rosy Bottom brushes. He likes to punish me with wood. Maybe it's because it makes me bruise, or maybe it's because he knows I detest the sharp-edged, no-nonsense bite of hardwood brushes and paddles.

I already know what's gonna happen on the morning of the 25th. He'll have a brush or two in my stocking, and he'll ceremoniously undo the drop-seat of my flannel PJ bottoms and spank me wickedly throughout the day. But he'll also give me cash to buy clothes, because he's inept at such things. So I'll order some leather toy by mail order. When it arrives a week or so later, I'll finally get a reprieve from splinter-imbuing paddlings.

Anon: My boyfriend promised me a very special surprise from Ann Summers. I’m hoping it’s leather and stingy. But I would settle for new handcuffs.

Carye: Ooh, I'd definitely recommend a hickory smacker from Paddles by Walt, or a dogging bat. :-) As for me, I'd just like some around the house stuff to become implements, or one of those fun trips to Walmart with spanking in mind... together with my husband!

Thanks to everyone who contributed these toasty warm holiday gift ideas!


Purple Angel said...

Thanks for the suggestion of drop seat pajamas, I have always wanted a pair. Maybe next year.
Purple Angel

Laurie N said...

Last Christmas Danny gave me a sweet & romantic looking pair of
bloomers he found online at a company called Misty Thicket; they sell Renfest type clothes. Who could resist that name?

As typically 19th century undergarments they are wonderful for naughty Victorian schoolgirl (is there any other kind?) type fantasies, and the drawstring waist
(gulp!) lends itself particularly well to the fearful lowering and
tearful drawing up part of the scene. You feel both chastened and pretty; who could resist that?

Not Danny!

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