Sunday, December 02, 2007

MBS Spanko Brunch #98

Some weeks at brunch, we enjoy delving into deep philosophical issues. Today, however, our focus is entirely practical (and hopefully, a whole lot of fun!).

Have you any special gift suggestions for the spanking enthusiasts on our holiday lists? Please feel free to share links if applicable.

I hope you will join our discussion and add your voice. To do so, you can leave a comment below, send me an e-mail, or post a message on your own blog.


Purple Angel said...

I asked members of my group what they would wish for if they could pick a spanking gift to get. So far the largest number would love to get a spanking horse, with, of course, a good spanking to go along with it.

I personally would love a ticket to Canada so I could get a wonderful holiday spanking and give one as well.
Purple Angel

Mary said...

I just bought some new panties and a pretty new bra - for me -- but he can enjoy them as much (or as little) as he'd like next time we are together for the holiday. :-) I am not about to give him anything new to spank me with - my bottom was well marked last time we were to gether - he has enough to play with!


Clothing, books, DVDs and especialy toys There is plenty to choose from. But my cunning plan goes like this (and I do this every year) I ask vanilla members of my family to buy me every day houshold stuff for Xmass, Towels, sheets stuff like that, then I take the money from my normal budget, that I would have spent on this stuff myself and put it into the Fun budget and buy kinky stuff with it. This way I can get the vsnilla members of my family to buy me spanko goods without even knowing it.

I'm the guy who is genuinely happy to get socks for Christmas :-)


Bonnie said...

I have two holiday gift suggestions:

Drop seat pajamas from Vermont Country Store – Cold nights shouldn’t be an impediment to warm bottoms.

Body brush from Pottery Barn – Whether sending a message, setting things straight, or just because, I guarantee this brush will leave a lasting impression!

Paul said...

For the spanker, a Swiss spanking kit, similar to the Swiss Army Knife only bigger, with perhaps a dozen different spanking implements.

For the spankee, a selection of multi-packs of panties with risqué sayings on the seats to encourage the spankers, if they should need it, and large containers of Arnica and Aloe Vera. < Smiles >

Sorry, this is rather more light hearted than my usual offering.

Warm hugs

Anonymous said...

My boyfriend has promised me a very special surprise from ann hoping its leather and stingy...
But i would settle for new handcuffs.

Caryagal said...

ooh I'd definitely recommend a hickory slapper from paddles by walt, or a dogging bat :-) As for me, I'd just like some around the house stuff to become implements, or one of those fun trips to walmart with spanking in mind... together with my husband!


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