Sunday, September 02, 2007

Recap: MBS Sunday Brunch for Sept 2

Once again, our brunch crew has amazed me with their resourcefulness. I would like to offer a big thanks to everyone who contributed.

LynLass: For a couple of years, I had a corporate position that had me flying the not so friendly skies about 45 weeks a year. (The rest of the time, I drove in-state). The good news was that I usually went back to the same place four to ten weeks running. The only thing I packed was the basic, generic, plug-in vibrator, always packed in my check-in luggage. (I hated flying out from Charleston. The airport was small enough that they hand checked ALL luggage in your presence at check-in.) I didn't worry about privacy since even if my bag was inspected (and it was, frequently), I wasn't around when it happened. What made life much easier, was that after the initial flight in, I'd just take my computer bag home on the weekend, pack everything else into my big suitcase (I'd do my laundry Thursday night at the hotel) and either leave it in my office or if it was a friendly hotel, sometimes they'd hold it in their storage until I come back on Monday. I didn't have any spanking toys. That was during my "I've just discovered this spanking stuff on-line, all I need is to just read about it to really get turned on," stage of my life. It wasn't until just before I left that position that I had my first R/L spanking.

If I were still traveling today, I'd probably continue putting toys in the checked luggage. Now I'd be tempted to put in a big note with them that said, "For a spanking good time, leave your first name and number and I'll give you a call!" In spite of all the miles, I've had luggage delayed, but never lost a bag yet! I prefer to risk a delay as opposed to having to deal with the possibility of having them confiscated.

Story Nattie: Back before 9/11, I was just getting to know DH. We'd met online and we're doing the long-distance thing. Well, after 9/11, we met in Vegas. He sent me home with not only the toys I'd brought, but the ones he'd brought.

When I got back to the airport, things weren't quite set up for luggage inspection yet. We all stood in this line that moved along a row of tables. On this row of tables, security workers were literally unpacking our suitcases under everyone's eyes (nothing else to look at!).

So there I was, face burning in embarrassment, everyone watching all my toys laid out on the table. Meanwhile, said security workers were trying their best to maintain straight faces. They were not succeeding.

I have never taken a spanking or sex toy with during air travel again. LOL Who knew I was a prude?

Natty: OMG, Nattie, how awful! That's not being a prude. That's a post-traumatic response! I'm so sorry that happened to you.

The first two times when A. and I were together, I went over to England. If I remember correctly, I believe I took a ruler, a black kinky riding crop, and some handcuffs. Since then he's come over here and the first time he brought a hairbrush, a clothes brush, and a real riding crop. I can't say we really did much selecting as those represented our entire toy collection at the time. And now when we get toys, we get them on this side of the Atlantic.

And thankfully, both transports went without incident. :)

Jane: John and I are going away next weekend. We'll be flying so this discussion is very timely for us.

I was thinking of just taking a hairbrush (ouch!). Any other ideas?

Paul: When Mel and I traveled our toys, such as they were, mainly a heavy strap and a standard tawse were locked into our check-in luggage, never a problem. In those days, the world wasn't so security conscious.

The embarrassment came at the hotel as we both could be absent minded and quite often left the toys out after use. We often wondered what the maids thought, I suspect that in big hotels they often saw worse.

Hermione: If I were traveling with my husband, we wouldn't pack any toys, but I'd make sure he was wearing the wide leather belt I like so much.

I often travel on business by train to a large city with a good variety of adult stores. I usually try to visit one and bring home something new. I buy spanking books in the adult section of a large bookstore. If I am away overnight the book comes in handy at bedtime, but NOT for reading on the train :D

My embarrassing moment happened when I bought a keychain with a pair of red lips. When pressed, it made the sounds of a woman having a very long, intense orgasm. I thought it would be perfect for our anonymous Christmas gag gift exchange at work. When I got on the train I stuffed my carry on bag into the overhead luggage compartment. I must have squeezed the lips because the darned thing started moaning and gasping! I slammed the door shut on the bag and sat down in hurry.

Paige: LOL! Definitely! We usually bring a hairbrush, the leather boudoir paddle, and/or the small square wooden paddle we have. Privacy can get a bit tricky, but we're creative!

Our Bottoms Burn: If you are on the private side, check your luggage. For others, it might be fun to watch the x-ray image of your paddle when you go through the security gate. [smile]

Signed, still debating on checking or carrying on our bags next week.

Dareus: We are a military couple about to be stationed overseas. We ran into the "Oh, no! How do we move the toys?" problem. We didn't want the contract military movers packing it and thought it best not to take them on military air travel. Our solution is to mail them to ourselves. We are packing a few "normal" things that won't raise red flags in our luggage, a bath brush and a good belt. We figure there are switches somewhere in Japan if we need more than that for a week or two while we wait for our "fun and games" box to get to us. Now our problem... What do we put on the customs forms for content?

          1-Small Red Paddle with holes
          1-Large Wooden Paddle with obey inscribed
          1-Thick Leather Strap
          1- Loopy John...

...and the list would go on.

Nope, I think we will label the contents as something like "Homeschool Items."

Bonnie: We used to hide all sorts of goodies in our checked luggage until they started searching everything. Today, we make do, mostly with pervertables like a hairbrush, belts, and kitchen implements. I usually pack a simple vibrator as well. I have to figure they’ve seen those devices often enough that they are no longer particularly interesting. Ditto lubes and oils and such.

I miss being able to take along our bondage toys, but we figure those might earn us a whole different kind of rough treatment. Again, it’s possible to substitute to some degree. For example, we get by with scarves or handkerchiefs for restraint.

The air travel restrictions have caused us to rethink our plans on several occasions. Despite higher fuel prices, we now drive to destinations we did not in the past. I find I actually enjoy taking a little extra time and skipping the stress inherent in a trip to the airport.

Great ideas all! Thanks again, and I hope you will join us for next week's brunch!

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Mary said...

FYI Canes pack very well with skis.

Dove said...

I love reading the outcome of these brunches. The experiences and knowledge written here are of great value to us newbie spankos.


Rosy said...


I know this is a little late, but hopefully you get email-notices of comments. My husband and I have found that really old neck ties (I like the silk ones!) work well for bondage. And they'd never suspect a thing in the airport! :)

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