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Recap: MBS Sunday Brunch for April 15

Our brunch for this week covered preparation for spankings and methods for getting one's partner in the mood. Here are your responses:

Reesa Roberts: Most of my spankings are completely spontaneous, with no preparations ahead of time. Sometimes, though, for erotic spankings, he first massages me with heated oil, which makes the spanking that much more fun and hotter.

Once, before a spanking, I put bikini aftershave gel on my buttocks. It contains a local anesthetic called lidocaine. It really worked, but I never did it again, as what's the point? LOL

Southern Angel: JD and I work different schedules, so we sometimes send each other sexy test messages or voice mail messages.

We often talk in the morning about a spanking that will happen later in the day. I then get to think about it while I am at work.

When we are home together, I often dress in a sexy outfit to get us in the mood to roleplay.

A massage does sound like a nice way to get ready for a spanking. :)

Anon: My preparation ritual happened by accident. I was in the early stages of a relationship with a guy I met through his personal ad. The ad said that he was, "strict but loving." On our first date, at a restaurant, we confirmed that we were both into discipline, but the first spankings he gave me weren't that great. I was falling in love with him and wanted things to be perfect. I sat him down (at another restaurant dinner-date) and we talked. We discussed fantasies and likes/dislikes. I made a date with him for the following night at my apartment where I'd cook him dinner and then we'd get romantic. He ended the restaurant date by giving me a key to his place, and I happily reciprocated by giving him the key to my apartment.

The following afternoon I prepared my mom's lasagne recipe, put it in the oven to bake, drew myself a bubble bath, and poured a glass of wine. One of the things that had inhibited me previously was having him pry my bottom cheeks apart and touch me there while I laid across his lap for spanking. I wanted to make sure I was hygienic. The wine helped relax my anticipation. It felt so good as I washed these erogenous zones that I started to masturbate, a finger in each orifice. I fantasized about the promise that the evening held, and orgasmed more readily than I ever had before. I continued to play, and continued to climax. Right in the middle of one, John walked in with a bouquet of flowers in hand, wanting to help fix dinner and share time together, even though he was an hour early. My little studio apartment offered no hope for hiding what I was up to, as he came thru the front door, he saw clear into the bathroom. John fell right into the role of dominant, just as we'd discussed the night before and the way I'd always dreamed. He ordered me to stand up in the tub and he spanked me soundly, "for being so sexy." It stung so incredibly on my wet bottom. The tiled small room made the spanks echo loudly. My libido was already primed, I came. John made me kneel in the bathwater, then stand and bend over and ask for set after set of spanks. It was the hottest scenario I could've imagined. Finally, he pulled me out of the tub, bent me over the sink, and made love to me from behind. I looked at his reflection in the steamed-up mirror and told him that I loved him.

I get a punishment spanking every so often. These are unplanned, abrupt, sudden, and severe. But when I want a romantic tryst, I'll often let John catch me in the bubble bath with both my hands busy.

To answer the question, I like a hot soak in a bubble bath of glycerin lotion that's scented like rose petals.

Luna: To get in the mood for spanking, I like to take a hot bath with candle light around the room, sometimes incense, and sometimes music too. I carefully towel dry and scent my body so that it's appealing. I dress in something sexy and put on makeup.

My partner likes to subtly suggest spanking early in the week for a weekend time. He'll suggest that my butt it looking a bit pale or that his hand is itching for fun. This helps get my primed and I'm sure it helps him stay in that mindset for the weekend.

Tigger: My hubby and I are always in the mood! No extra preparation is necessary! *grin*

Erin: Most of the time, I just make bratty comments, put on a sexy outfit, or wiggle my butt. These three methods will get me a nice red bottom every time. :)

Griz: There really isn't much that we do to get in the mood for spanking. I would have to say that a good majority of my swats on my girl's ass are opportunistic. They happen as she walks by.

Then again, when she really gets spanked it’s usually because we have been playing...

Paul: I suppose ninety percent of our spankings were erotic, as we made love nightly at a minimum. The only time sex didn't happen at least once a day was if one of us was ill or away. Our sex was always preceded by a spanking. Mel insisted. *G* Punishment had a ritual as well, but it wasn't fun for either of us.

AnonVII: I seem to have the most fun when she initiates proceedings. I'm the top, mostly by virtue of always being the one who gives. But in her unchanging role of bottom, she tends to be somewhat more aggressive in terms of getting the ball rolling.

We never do disciplinary or punishment. Our spankings are mostly playful rough-and-tumble, fairly often erotic (frequently emerging from the playful), and occasionally tension-relief. There are no grins or laughs in connection with the last kind, but there are always whispered thanks and lots of hugs followed by well, you know.

Sometimes, when she wants a quick, playful one, she appears before me with a naughty, foxy smile, clad in a pair of snug Capri pants, tight jeans, "teddy," biking shorts, or those famous leopard skin panties with matching bra. She then deliberately drops something onto the floor, looks into the fridge, pretends to look for a book on a low shelf, or does something else that requires bending way over, knowing that I'll quickly step up and administer one or two firm swats with my hand to each cheek.

When she wants to prolong the tease (and have a longer session afterward), she snuggles up to me on the couch. Then, in the middle of cuddling, she flops over my lap, grabs the phone, rings up a gal-pal, and visits, sometimes for several minutes if she really wants to torture me and build her own anticipation. All the while, I stroke, knead, and pat her. If she doesn't get off the phone soon enough (about five minutes is my max), I let my long middle fingers stray to that most touchy of areas as my hands move from cheek to cheek. Alternately, I sometimes bunch my fingers and thumb together, touch their tips lightly to one of her sit-spots, slowly open my hand, and then repeat the procedure on the other side. Either (or both) of those tricks gets her off the phone fast. As soon as she hangs up, I deliver a hard but controlled smack with a firmly cupped hand to produce a sharp pop and a healthy sting, she emits a delighted squeal and laugh, and we're off!

Lisa: It’s funny that you should ask this question. Just the other night, I quizzed Ed to find out just how he knows when I want to be spanked. I sometime leave him a note and a red tie on the door so that he can mentally prepare himself. But most of the time, it is actions rather than words that cue him that a spanking is in order. Since most of our spankings are purely erotic, they are usually spontaneous. Ed told me that he knows I need to be paddled when I get sassy with him and stick my butt practically in his face. And it is true I will hang my bottom in arms reach just after saying something really snotty and he will give me a whack. That usually portends a pleasantly fun spanking later in the evening.

Todd and Suzy: That is a simple question, but one we'd never really thought about. We don't know that we specifically do anything. The mood comes often enough on its own! It certainly comes more often than we're able to act on.

It would be fun to go to a spanking party, and be around so many things spanking related, including people actually spanking. It seems like that would REALLY create a mood.

Bonnie: If Randy wants to get me in the mood, it’s usually fairly easy. All it takes is a little hugging, smooching, touching, rubbing, whispering, nibbling, squeezing… You get the picture.

As for Randy, like many men, he is very visual. So I give him a show. It can be as simple as walking away slowly while wearing a pair of tight-fitting jeans. Other times, I add a little choreography. If I don a pair of lycra capri pants and a big shirt, and then bend forward over the couch (as if stretching prior to calisthenics), an immediate spanking is virtually guaranteed.

Kelly: I am always in the mood, but I have a hard time telling him when I REALLY want one. So, bratting is the best. Since I don't get to see him that often (once a monthish, twice if I’m lucky ;)), a spanking is ALWAYS going to happen at least once during the weekend. I normally initiate it myself by bratting, or having something prepared (like a note if we are role playing). However, I think the hottest is when he initiates. One weekend, he decided it would be best to just spank me before bed without me initiating (I was trying to be good hehehe). I thought that was just!

Thank you all for your great suggestions. See you next week!

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