Sunday, February 18, 2007

Recap: MBS Sunday Brunch for Feb 18

Today's brunch was all fun and games. Here are the highlights:

OPB: I often find myself laughing when I read a spanking story because of the absurdness of what is happening. This is obviously not what the writers intend, but sometimes their premises require more than the usual suspension of disbelief, and when a tipping point is reached in unlikelihood I find them funny. I can't help it. Then I can't take the spanking element of the story seriously. Still, they're intended for amusement are they not?

Mary: I get spanked for fun, for foreplay and for discipline, and in all cases I have gotten a case of the giggles at least once. When I got the giggles during discipline it may have been triggered by the embarrassment I felt at my actions and about going over his knee. Well, I can tell you that I regretted the giggles then. He went right past the warm up and laid into my bottom until it really wasn't funny any more.

However, the giggles are more kindly tolerated when the spanking is for fun. We role play sometimes and then I really brat back and act coy and smart, and I really have fun. Like so many of us, I really did strive as a youngster to be a "good girl." These role play times give me the freedom to really behave badly. Although he remains in character, I sometimes crack myself up and end up giggling. He spanks right through it and comments ever so seriously, "So you think this is funny, young lady?" Other times, he sends me to the corner until I can "see the seriousness of my situation." But I can’t help but giggle. Part of the giggles at these times is the absurdness. But I think most of it is because I am happy that we are playing together and this happiness brings out the joy and silliness of life until it bubbles forth with a serious case of the giggles.

When spanking is just part of foreplay and sex, well, who hasn't had those moments of realizing that sex is also quite funny at times, in a happy, silly, delightfully simple way.

Kelly: Oh, oh, oh, oh, I can actually contribute! YAY! Once when being spanked, the person started rubbing my butt in between swats, and it tickled! He thought it was the strangest and funniest thing he had ever seen, so he started tickling my butt! Who in the world has a ticklish butt? Me apparently...

Mija: Ooo! Good Question Bonnie! :) Pablo and I wrote up our funniest spanking moment after it happened. Highlighted text is his.

Sometime after the hustle and flow of Christmas 2003, Pablo and I wanted a quiet day. He suggested going out for food (always a Good Thing and much more fun than cooking) and then going down to the ocean and looking for beach glass (something I really love doing!). I thought these were great ideas.

The only catch (if one considers it such) was that I needed to wear my black pleated uniform skirt, white shirt, green v-neck sweater and green knee socks. There wasn't a tie, but he had brought it with him in case he needed it. He was wearing a tee-shirt, but British people sometimes have odd fashion sense (like tennis shoes with colored socks!).

Now, I'd gotten a very kewl orange squirt gun for Christmas (Santa knowing what a good girl I can be!) and I brought it, with Pablo's blessing, to keep us safe from the seagulls who otherwise can really scare me.

This was the rule for that day. Squirting seagulls: okay. Squirting me: not okay. Squirting other people: depends on whether they deserve it or not.

It was quiet and I didn't need to scare any of them. There also weren't very many people and I was glad of that because there weren't very many people to stare at my bare feet and (otherwise) strict uniform.

It was starting to get dark by the time we arrived at the beach. This meant that we got the beach almost to ourselves, and caught a really nice Pacific sunset, but it also meant that the sand was quite cold, and that we couldn't stay too long.

Anyway, we went down near the water and walked until just past sunset. By then the already quiet beach was getting very cool and almost everyone had gone home. We went back to the car and put on our shoes. Or Pablo did anyway. I was de-sanding my feet before I put the socks back on when suddenly my squirt gun shot the small of Pablo's back.

The target for this, I believe, was a small patch of bare skin between the bottom of my tee-shirt and the top of my jeans, which presented itself as I bent over to lace up my shoes. (It's a place where I have a little hairy patch - Mija says it's where I used to have a tail that was cruelly removed at some point in infancy.) It was, apparently, irresistible.

Um, just so you know, I expected to get in trouble for this. But being scolded or maybe swatted at home seemed worth it -- the small of his back was a nice target to make damp. So I wasn't surprised when Pablo called me over to his side of the car and scolded me. I tried to sound sorry, but must not have sounded quite sorry enough.

At this point, I took a while to be sure that we were alone - at least that no-one was close enough to us to see or hear very much. Granted, rush-hour cars were streaming along the Pacific Coast Highway in both directions about 50 yards away, but it was dark and the car was facing away from the road.

In order to make some sort of point, Pablo walked with me (by the ear? Not sure!) to my side of the car, and sat down. I couldn't believe he would spank me here in a parking lot at the edge of Malibu.

I can't believe that she couldn't believe it. I've spanked Mija in places no less public, and far better lit than this.

Just as I was about to explain why he couldn't do that, he took my hands and pulled me over his knees. This meant my face was very close to the gear shift.

I was hardly breathing, I soooo couldn't believe what was happening. I imagined being "saved" by a lifeguard and thought of how embarrassing it would be to explain why Pab was spanking me. But then he pulled up my pleated skirt -- the air was really cold on my legs -- and Pab began whacking the seat of my knickers really hard (and loud) and fast.

This was never going to be a long spanking. Just something stinging and embarrassing to remember as we drove home. So, it needed to be hard and fast, and it was. The cold probably made it sting more, too.

I kicked, but it was totally impossible to get away. I whimpered and whined and complained it was public here until the whacks hurt way too much for me to say anything but "sorry" and "I really really promise to be good". Sadly, this wasn't the first -- or last -- spanking of the day.

It seemed to take forever because it was hard, but was really over pretty quickly I think. Pablo stopped and I got up quick, scowling at him and rubbing my bottom under my skirt as he got out. Then I turned around, planning to lean against the car (cool metal, warm bottom) and pout until he said he was sorry.

That was when I saw them. A whole entire family of like 6 people plus dog walking toward the car. I leapt into my seat, killed the overhead light and hid under the dashboard. They passed and got in the only other car parked in the lot.

I'm probably a very bad person, because I was convulsed with giggling at this point. I've no idea where they'd appeared from - there'd been no-one at all in that direction when I'd started, and the spanking hadn't taken more than about 30 seconds. Still, here they were - at least three generations, including (it seemed) grandmother and teenage son (walking dog) - about 20 yards away, walking right towards us along the path, in the direction of the passenger seat, where we were sitting and/or draped OTK. I watched them pass, trying to keep a straight face. They must have seen pretty much everything. But not one of them so much as made eye contact with me. I watched them walk to their car, then got in ours beside Mija.

I was in tears already, and my embarrassment must have turned me purple.

Still a very bad person, I reassured Mija while trying to keep from giggling. They wouldn't recognize you if you were standing right in front of them, I said. This didn't seem to help. They didn't even see your face, I said. Just your bottom. Strangely, this didn't seem to help either.

But even then, Pablo didn't apologize. {{scowls}} Isn't he mean?

Maybe I'd have felt bad if I'd wanted them to see, or hadn't tried to be sure that no-one was around, but neither of those was the case. To Mija's groans of dismay, our car drew alongside theirs as we left the car park and began to drive back to LA. I wondered aloud what they were finding to talk about. Looking across, not one of them looked back. I drove us home.

Eva: I've got a few and they all involve the crop. There was the time the crop poked through the plastic bag as we walked through a hotel lobby thinking it was well concealed. Then there was the time the little flappy thing kept flying off the end while Adam was spanking me. And then after he super glued it there was the time he spanked me with it in the kitchen and then quite pleased that his glue job held he started twirling it like he was a freakin' drum major or something. Yes indeed, the crop has brought us lots of smiles. Dang thing actually stings too. LOL GREAT question Bonnie. You brought back some warm summer time memories for me!!

Elis: Nick started a spanking one time by telling me to pay attention. Did he think I was going to be thinking of something else at the time? I was trying to decide what he was using but no, he had wanted me to pay attention to the pattern and number of spanks with each item. It ended up with him wanting me to do the math in my head while he was still spanking and he kept telling the answer was easy and to hurry! I was laughing so hard I could barely count much less do real math! When I finally got the answer out between giggles I got a few more swats for not taking the spanking seriously enough! It was a fun afternoon!

Bonnie: Most readers of this blog are aware that Randy and I love a good laugh. I’ve written numerous posts about such occasions. When something silly happens in the middle of a spanking, it usually escalates into a full blown giggle-fest. At those moments, my emotions are completely exposed, so it’s very easy for me to jump right into the hilarity.

My favorite laughs come when my bottom proves to be tougher than the implement that Randy selected to beat it. I can’t help cheering and giggling. This hasn’t happened often, but it’s always cause for celebration.

Randy’s favorite style of humor involves faux seriousness. He’ll act like some kind of grim spanko executioner. He talks in a deadpan clinical way about the severe spanking he’s about to deliver. At first, he’ll hook me in and cause me to begin to worry. Eventually, though, his presentation will go so far over the top that I know he’s just fooling. I still get spanked, of course, but it’s a much happier event.

Thank you to everyone who helped explain the lighter side of spanking. You're all invited back here next week for another MBS spanko brunch!

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Paul said...

Hi Bonnie, I missed this brunch, very interesting reading though. Thank you.
Warm hugs,

Mary said...

I noticed that there are fewer comements to this topic. Did the long weekend drag people away from their computers or is it that only a few of us find spanking humorous?

Bonnie said...

Paul - We missed your gentle wisdom. Hopefully, you can join us next time.

Mary - I noticed as well, and wondered the same thing. Come what may, I'm thankful for those of you who do join in.

Kallisto said...

Great topic and results, Bonnie. We haven't been spankos that long, and haven't had anything really funny come up yet. I am sure it will happen eventually. Meanwhile, I really enjoyed these stories!

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