Monday, February 19, 2007

Implement Stories #11: OPB

Let's return to our implement stories series with OPB and his clothes brush.

Seeing the other implement stories has encouraged me to share mine. The story involves our clothes brush. It was bought in the UK and is wooden-backed with nice stiff bristles. It's about 12" long.

We were in bed probably about 6-7 years ago when my wife, Anita, a more vanilla lady you could not hope to meet, said those words which we all want to hear from our lover, "Is there anything you'd particularly like?" Now I knew she did not understand the spanking kink, but I thought, "Well, nothing ventured, nothing gained, she might slowly grow to enjoy it." So I said, "I'd like you to spank me."

She was not enthusiastic, but she had offered, so she sat up in bed and I arranged myself over her knees, thinking that I needed to show as much enjoyment of what was to follow as possible in order to encourage her.

There followed a couple of half-hearted swats just below the tail bone, and I suggested that she strike a litle lower, since this was for enjoyment, after all.

"But it hurts my hand," she said. I'd come this far, so possibly foolishly, I suggested that she use the clothes brush.

At this point, dear reader, there are two possible endings to this story, either a) she says "That would be a good idea, fetch it for me please," and our spanking life takes off together, or b) "No."

Sadly, it was the latter response, sex was over for another month or so, and I've never tried to get her to play again. As for the brush, it is now only used for self-administered spankings, and it's very effective too.

Thank you, OPB!

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Wintermute said...

Thanks for posting this account, Bonnie.

I found this story so sad. It is hard enough
finding a partner that we want to spend our
lives with. Finding such a partner who is also
a spanko is even more difficult. The most common
problem spankos have is non-spanko partners.
The spanking community is vastly more M/F than it is
F/M. So if you're a man who wants to be spanked
and your partner is not willing to do the honors
your options are to go without or to go to a "pro".
Any way, my heart goes out this this gentlemen.
I'm sorry that his wife can't be more open minded.
From personal experience I have found that there is
what I call the "secret language of spankos" and even
with a willing partner it can be difficult for them
to understand the language.

Bonnie said...


I thought this story was well worth sharing. Unfortunate as it is, I know from my comments and correspondence that OPB is but one of many readers who live with a partner who simply cannot accept this lifestyle.

I too feel for people who face this impossible choice. I recently received an e-mail from a woman in a comparable situation. I plan to use her words to open the discussion at an upcoming brunch.

Paul said...

Bonnie, this is a sad story and probably far more widespread than we can possibly realise.
It only makes me realise how lucky those of us are who have or had found our match.
Pity there isn't a blood test that could determine spanko status. *G*
Warm hugs,

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