Sunday, February 11, 2007

Recap: MBS Sunday Brunch for Feb 11

This week, our brunch topic was Valentine's Day spanking wishes.

Elis: Valentine’s Day – a spanko’s dream! I love candles in the bedroom. Candles make an evening seem so special. But when I think of the perfect evening the first thing that comes to mind is s-l-o-w! I want the evening to last. I want a long, slow warm-up. I want to start with my clothes on and to have them taken off one piece at a time. I want to start off with something light, just a bit stingy until I am warmed thoroughly. Then I want the heavier toy to come out for intense play. After a spanking like that the sex is always sooo wonderful! I am in the mood to do anything and enjoy every minute of it!

OPB: Oh yes. That's the style. I like candles, a nice meal - not too heavy - a warm bath together, and the room warm enough so that we don't need to get under the covers. Then get dressed again in something alluring, only so that we can have the fun of slow, slow removal. A freshly bathed bot is always softer, warmer, and more tempting. Next is a spot of gentle mutual spanking, followed by more firm attention to make the aforementioned bot assume a rosy glow, and not just because of the bath. And then, well, you know the rest.

Jean Marie: The two previous postings are marvelous. I'd add some novelty. I've had every type of implement utilized across my deserving derriere for a dose of discipline, including many improvised ones. For Valentine's Day, after that bubble-bath for two and a long warm-up hand spanking, I'd love for my lover to take several of the long stem roses from the vase of the dozen he'd bestowed upon me earlier in the evening. Florists remove the thorns these days. The stem is more whippy than a crop or cane; several of them used simultaneously would intensify the sting, kind of like a cat-tailed flogger. I want my lover to whip me with roses until the pink/peach-colored blossoms burst after repeated impact, and shower my pinkened peach of a posterior with fragrant petals. When I'm well-whipped, he can roll me over and grind the petals into the satin sheets with my ass as he takes me...
Galros: I don't have anyone this year for Valentine's, but here’s what I'd like...

A long bath, surrounded by candles, relaxing for both of us, nice bottle of wine, a slow languorous drying off, with particular attention being paid to certain bits, a long, slow warm up in front of the fire, with touching and rubbing in between spanking, moving onto heavier and harder implements, but always coming back to his hands, teasing and fondling, constantly bringing me close to the edge and then back again, full service to him, keeping him happy, on my knees to please him, exposed everywhere to him, for him to do as he wishes...

Finishing off wrapped in his arms, my bum firmly squished up against him so I can sleep with the tingle and pain and ache all night.

It might happen!

Paul: Mel would ask me to go out for the afternoon and be back for 6 PM. I bought roses, chocolates and sexy lingerie.

Next came a candle lit dinner, with Mel wearing only the new lingerie. When the meal was over, we would wonder upstairs. Nothing was hurried. We had all the time we needed. Mel received all she needed as did I, warm, loved and content.
MaggieDear: Oh this one's easy!

He would finally acknowledge spankings, the proper way! After a nice light dinner, a slow shower, soft, light jazz in the background, spankings, long, slow, intensifying and building to total ecstasy, the way he's built to do!

My end of the plans are made! :)
Mary: I think a long luxurious good girl spanking sounds like the perfect treat for Valentine’s Day.

Tigger: Mmm... Dinner at one of our favorite restaurants, followed by a long, sensual spanking, and lovemaking!

Bonnie: Randy and I really get into our Valentine’s celebrations. These events generally involve some romancing, such as dinner, a live performance, or a movie. Spanking on this evening is pure foreplay. The goal is a nice, warm, stinging bottom and a roaring lust. A small leather paddle would be ideal for this purpose. He takes his time so as to ensure we will not miss any of these amazing sensations.

The lovemaking that surely ensues is slow and passionate. It would be followed by a prolonged embrace that fades gently into satisfied slumber.

To spice things up, we could add a little light bondage to the mix. That’s always fun. Another option would be a new setting. I love it when he sweeps me away to a surprise destination (although since V-day is in the middle of the week, that’s less likely this year).

The whole idea of Valentine’s Day is the celebration of romantic love, partnership, and Eros. There are many, many ways to celebrate, but all of them focus upon shared mutual enjoyment. May this occasion bring you and your partner closer and renew your love.

Grizzly Bear: Some bondage is always welcome. However, we decided that this Valentine’s Day is a perfect opportunity to try out a new electro-spanking implement. My girl is going to bend over as I zap her ass with an electric paddle.

Thank you all for sharing your wonderfully romantic visions.

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Anonymous said...

Great reading, Bonnie!!!


Amber said...

I know it's a bit late to share, but what I would like to see happening (and that's our plan, anyway), is to make a nice dinner for my husband, light a candle, and engage into the romantic activities facilitated by lots of bondage and several spanking implements. I am giving my husband a martinet, rubber strap, and suspension cuffs to use on me as gifts (as well as Carharts) and I hope he won't think that the gift is too selfish, because frankly it is. Naturally, what we call hot sex would follow. The reality is also that Wednesday is a school night, and he would have lessons to prepare for the next day, so no matter what happens, it won't be super long. A BDSM-infused Valentine's day, in other words.

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