Monday, February 12, 2007

Implement Stories #9: Don

To give credit where credit is due, Don provided the inspiration for the first implement stories series. Here is his description of a very special wooden spoon.

This spoon is our favorite. OK, OK, maybe it's just my favorite.

It is hand carved from Arkansas Cherry. The unique thing about it is
that is was specially made. Note that the working side is not as deep
as it would need to be to serve as a spoon. It is shallow, just right
for the entire surface to contact with a bottom cheek. A little air
is trapped in the dished out section, giving the most pleasing thwump.

The handle is adequately long and the swing weight is just right with
most of the weight in the business end.

This spoon has been well tested. It convinced one young lady that
smoking was something she could live without.

Thank you, Don. I have no doubt that you and that spoon, working together, would be a most persuasive combination!

If you would like to explore even more great spanko toys, I invite you to check out recent implement-related posts from our friends Tracy, Abel, and Dave.

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