Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Implement Stories #6: Griz and Good Girl

I'm delighted that another of my favorite spanko couples decided to join in the fun by contributing their own implement story. Griz and Good Girl publish a great blog named Everything Goes. If you haven't visited lately, I wholeheartedly suggest you do. The fun they share starts with spanking and bondage, and only gets better from there.

Let's learn about a very special crop.

good girl: This riding crop can be found at JT's Stockroom for a meager $28 and it is worth every penny. It is of high quality and is very functional. Like all crops, it provides an easy way to discipline a submissive with exactly the amount of force a dominant desires. It is 26" inches long and offers great leverage for a good snap to the ass, thigh, or breast.

Griz: One red ass, with two red cheeks. I love symmetry, and I love the new riding crop we have purchased. I have found myself with an uncontrollable urge to use it on good girl every evening and not just for training. I tell her to get on her hands and knees and spank her hard and many times over until she begs for mercy.

good girl: This new crop is actually my favorite spanking toy. It gives Griz more control over both the force and location of his spanks. Of course, I prefer the lighter, playful swats on my ass, though it is possible to hit quite hard with this crop. And the sound it makes as it flies through the air is truly a mindfuck. I reflexively flinch when I hear the whizzing sound of the crop flying through the air, even when its not directed toward my ass. We have a rule that I'm not allowed to touch the crop with my hands. Since its for disciplining me, Griz doesn't want me to become too comfortable with it. The picture above shows how I have to carry it around when he wants me to bring it to him. We're still beginner spankos and this has been a great starter toy for us. I give it two perky nipples and one sore, red ass up!

Griz: I like to smack good girl on her ass, and really, who wouldn't like to smack good girl on her ass? Well now, we have a new rule: Every time I slap her on the ass she has to thank me for doing so.


"thank you, sir"


"thank you"

Additionally, whenever I spank her, she has to count out the spanks. In other words, when she happens to walk by me and I take a swing at her ass and that melodical smack sound is heard, she is compelled to thank me for the honor of my hand on her rear. However, when I bend her over and spank her with a crop, paddle, spoon, flogger, or my own hand on her flesh, she must count each and every time I spank her, then thank me for it in the end.

good girl: While I don't particularly enjoy having to count each spank (because those kinds of spankings happen when I've done something bad), it does help me get in a submissive, repentent frame of mind. The same thing happens when I thank him for smacking my bottom. It makes me feel small, submissive, and grateful to him for taking the time to spank me.

I'm grateful to both of you for sharing your favorite implement and your spanking style with MBS readers!

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padme said...

I was very happy to see my good friends, Griz and good girl with their story about their crop. I had no idea they had submitted a story for your implement stories. :) I am also happy to say that they both were very kind to send me a crop from JT's stockroom for my birthday which I love. :)
I'm really enjoying your series, bonnie!

kasey said...

Ok, that implement story is really quite fun, makes a girl all squirmy! Great series! Kasey

Pagan said...

Wow...nice looking crop.

Our crop is much shorter, but my hubby LOVES that whistling sound. I can only imagine what a long crop would sound like. Yum.

Anonymous said...

That crop looks so yummy!!! We had one, but it disappeared in one of our moves, so I think we're so going to have to get this!!!


Grizzly Bear said...

Thank you so much for posting our spanking story. We are very proud. Furthermore, we decided to have a special spanking HNT this week to show our gratitude.

Bonnie said...

Padme - gg's crop looks wonderful. Ours is a bit shorter, but it still has some bite.

Kasey - I so know what you mean. When Randy saw this post, he began lamenting how long it's been since our own crop has seen any serious action. Don't be surprised if I post my own crop story soon!

Pagan - Yum indeed!

Tigger - Our friends have the best toys, don't they?

Griz - Thank you both for adding your distinctive voice to our implement stories.

You priovided lots of inspiration.

A spanking HNT? Oooo, goody! I can't wait!

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