Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Implement Stories #5: Anakin's Paddle

I have to believe every spanko blog reader is familiar with Anakin and Padme's Journey to the Darkside. For the fifth installment of our Implement Stories series, we're going to learn about the fine art of paddling as practiced on the dark side. Here is Padme's account:

I contributed last year to the spanking toy post. I remember giving you a picture for our razor strop. This year I would like to contribute our "Anakin's paddle" which is unique to us as a Star Wars spanking couple. I don't think anyone probably has one like this. :)

The Anakin's paddle was made from a birthday paddle Master Anakin bought from Spencer Gifts. He wanted to make it into his own paddle and came up with the idea for Anakin's paddle. It is unique to us and it is a very powerful spanking toy. I have been spanked by it many times and it always reddens the butt good. :)

Here is a recent post describing how it is used.

Wow! Now that's a good hard spanking!

If you would like to share some of your special spanking toys, you are invited to join in the fun of Implement Stories. Just send your photos and/or stories and I will post them here on My Bottom Smarts.

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padme said...

Thanks bonnie for mentioning our spanking toy and post for it. :) I have many memories of being paddled with that toy. It's very solid and very quick to redden the butt. :)
I will mention this in my blog post today.
Thanks again! It's been neat to see everyone's different implements.

Grizzly Bear said...

A beautiful paddle, I wish we had a personalized one like that.

Bonnie said...

Padme - You're certainly welcome! It was my pleasure to feature Anakin's beautiful, and obviously quite effective, paddle.

Thank you for sharing it!

Griz - I agree. Randy and I own quite a few wooden paddles, but none as as cool as Darth himself.

I can just hear that James Earl Jones voice saying "You will submit your will to me..."

Anakin said...

Thanks for sharing our "Anakin's paddle" story. I really like this series.

~ Anakin

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