Thursday, February 08, 2007

Obsessed? Moi?

You would think I might know better than wagering with Randy, but I did it again! Worse yet, the stakes are the same as previous occasions -- a serious bare-bottomed spanking.

One difference this time is that we're going to allow you, dear readers, to settle the bet.

Do you think Bonnie is obsessed with spanking?

Let's see... 543 posts in sixteen months, all on the same topic. I'd say that qualifies
No way! She's a healthy, active person with many varied interests

Please consider your answer carefully. My ability to sit hangs in the balance!

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padme said...

I voted for the being obsessed with spanking. Aren't all us spankos obsessed though with spanking? I know I am...
*big smiles*

Frank Spanko said...

Before I vote, I do have one important question:

Which answer will cause Bonnie to be spanked?


Tony said...

I voted yes just because I want Bonnie to receive a yummy bare-bottomed spanking from Randy and then tell us all about it! Sorry Bonnie!

LOL ;)

dwcmike said...

Bonnie: I voted that you are not obsessed, just a fan. After seeing the results so far, I imagine you will also need a fan to cool off your much desired red bottom.
Enjoy :)
bottoms up and out

foxthatsspanked said...

I voted fan Bonnie, for the sake of your bottom, but I suspect you either lost your mind to have made a bet like this or you are incredibly horny and in need of a serious bare-bottomed spanking to have even considered this wager...I wish you the best of luck and look forward to reading all about it.

I know you have your own spanking on your mind, but Honey's back is getting better...if you get my drift. Life is looking up...or down, depending on your OTK type perspective.

New Beginnings said...

Obsessed? No way! Are you obsessed with breathing, eating, going to work, or brushing you teeth?? You do all those things more than you blog about spanking! I have no doubt you have tons of interests. But you are also smart enough to find your center and your balance for a happy life lies and we are all the beneficiaries of your intelligent!!

Enjoy, either way the vote goes!!

Anonymous said...

Bonnie I voted that you were obsessed but only because I think you wold 'enjoy' a serious bare-bottomed spanking and because I am sure that your lovely bottom deserves everything that it has got coming to it!

Take care of your nether regions before and after the inevitable spanking.


mthc said...

Obsessed, OH yes and LOVING EVERY MINUTE OF IT!!

Danielle said...

For me obsession is a negative thing. And although you love your spankings (you've told us) and you love to write about it (otherwise you couldn't have a blog like your's) I don't think you're obsessed. I expect spanking to be well balanced with other things in your life. But of course I do wish you a nice spanking :-)

Anonymous said...

Yeah, you're obsessed, Bonnie!!! But then so am I!!! LOL!!! And because my vote is going to help get you a spanking, it's only right that I get one, too, so I'll tell my hubby that I need to be spanked for being so naughty!!! *grin*


Paul said...

Of course you are obsessed Bonnie, but no more than the rest of us.
Enjoy and if you run out of cushions I have plenty.
Warm hugs,

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm..., which way to vote. I think either result is going to get you a spanking, Bonnie.

Whichever way it goes, Bonnie, here's wishing you a pretty pillow to sit on. ;)

Debbie :)

Johnwoodside said...

Bonnie, I am presuming that if you are perceived to be obsessed then it will be tough sitting for a while. It appears that to this point the obsessed side is winning. I actually believe that you are a well rounded person who has a unique hobby like the rest of us who read your blog. I am sure that my SO would not the world deciding how tough it would be for her to sit, Good Luck. John woodside

Anonymous said...

Before i vote, just one question. Do you get spanked if you win or if you lose.

Bonnie said...

Padme - Yes, I guess you have a good point, and so, perhaps, does my dear husband.

Frank - Both. However, the nature of the spanking will depend upon the vote. As it stands right now, I'll soon be standing as well.

Tony - Well, Tony, I must credit your candor.

Mike - I believe you're right on both counts. Maybe I would have had a better chance had I talked more about the other activities and interests in my life. Then again, I'm open to the possibility that Randy is correct.

Fox - I suppose we'll chalk it up to temporary insanity (at least I hope it's only temporary). But I have won bets with him before.

I hope you two enjoy a delightfully warm weekend!

Elis - Wow, thanks. You give me a lot of credit. I tend to think of myself in similar terms, but my public personna is regrettably somewhat shallower.

Then again, maybe everybody totally gets it, but a sizable group of readers simply wants to see me get it (and read about the results)! I suppose I should have factored in that consideration.

Aristotle - Aha! Just as I suspected... :D

MTHC - OK, I AM loving it. I'll admit to that much.

Danielle - Thank you on both counts!

Tigger - Now that seems fair. Thank you for your generous gesture.

BTW, I did get your e-mail. Please stay tuned.

Paul - I feel better having good company in my obsession.

Debbie - Yes, I'm scheduled for a spanking tonight regardless. Thank you for your well wishes.

John - You sized up the situation perfectly. Obsessed equals a hard spanking.

Of course, at this juncture, I have to point out that if we assume that an obsession is something bad, indulging said obsession with another serious spanking would be counterproductive. Right?

Perhaps I would be better off with the more sensual erotic spanking that was promised for a "no" vote result.

Were I inclined to bet again, I'd wager that Randy won't buy one word of this!

Shimon - Hee hee. In one sense, I win either way.

Anonymous said...

Bonnie is the most together of all the spankos I have heard of. Obsessed NO, interested and focused, YES. She is cheerful, diligent in her web-design, patient with newbies, just the absolute BEST. May she and MBS continue to thrive.

Bonnie said...

Anon - Aw, that's very sweet. Thank you!

Everybody - The debt has been settled. Look for a full account coming soon. Thank you for participating.

Maybe the next poll should be, "Will Bonnie ever learn?"

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