Sunday, January 07, 2007

Recap: MBS Sunday Brunch for Jan 7

Our topic this week dealt with signals a spanko might use to indicate their preferences to a potential partner. I want to offer my thanks to everyone who contributed.

A special greeting goes to Funny Brat Girl who joined our brunch for the first time today.

Anon #1: If you are searching people on an online social networking site such as Friendster, MySpace, or Facebook, a user who lists "Secretary" as a favorite film might be a good candidate.

Just a thought, I don't know if that really holds true.

Roper: I don't have any secret signs or signals, but I'd sure love to know about them if anyone else has any! I sometimes wonder how any D/s folk ever made connections before the Internet made it possible to pinpoint like-minded people.

Theresa: I don't know any and sure wish I had.

I thought about getting a license plate that read OTK. I felt the right people might read and follow me! A friend saw a strange girl in the grocery store wearing a t-shirt that said “naughty.” He took that as his cue, and last I heard they were living happily every after!

Jigsaw Analogy: Tee hee. I have a pajama top that says "Naughty" on it, but I don't wear it out and about.

There is the whole gay "hanky code", but I don't know anyone who actually remembers the details of it, so it may not help out. Fuscia is apparently the color for spanking, in the left back pocket if you're a top, and the right if you're a bottom.

I skimmed the list, and can someone explain to me what a "cuddling fetish" is, and how there can be a top and a bottom while you're cuddling? (The flag for that is teddy bears, should you be interested.)

And am I the last person on earth who routinely uses a handkerchief (white, cotton) primarily for the purpose of (gasp!) blowing my nose?

As for other signals, there's always keeping a hairbrush or bath brush visible. Or keeping slightly kinky books on your shelves. Or just bratting a whole lot if you're a bottom (I've had people with whom I wasn't in a relationship, and with whom I hadn't discussed kink, deliver a resounding smack for some of my bratting!)

Anon #2: We NEED one, Bonnie! We can start one right here and now.

My suggestion is bottoms put a flat palm to a posterior cheek and rub in a circular motion, while tops put the heels of their hands together and clap repeatedly. I would love it if this (or some widely recognized signal) became common and widespread.

Paul: I'm trying to remember how I knew Mel was into spanking. I think that she asked a question about discipline in the army, and I replied, "not by spanking." Everyone chuckled, but Mel gave me a look.

It would be nice if there were a code, but it's better to rely on ESP!

Funny Brat Girl: I always thought it was interesting to just bring up spanking as a topic... Like how they have spankings in movies... and see how they react. Sometimes that works, and sometimes it doesn't for me. But wow, when you get a weird reaction... RUN for the hills... LOL!

Elis: If I were younger and out there looking, I think I would have a tee shirt that read "Love OTK." Now I am a life long spanko, but when I first started reading on the Internet, it was several days before I realized what it stood for. However, anyone who is into spanking does know these initials. So if I were wearing my tee shirt, and some guy asked about it I could just say "If you have to ask, it doesn't matter!"

Brat Scorcher: Wearing a tee-shirt that says, "Naughty" or "I Love OTK" sounds pretty bold to me. I mean, I certainly would not be offended, but living in a community that is a little on the conservative side and ...well, I would just not be comfortable advertising in that fashion. (But I will be on the look-out for you!).

Regarding the aforementioned "hanky" code, that whole signaling technique is spelled out in the Al Pacino movie "Crusin'." But be forewarned, I found the movie dark and disturbing. It is not about spanking whatsoever. Unfortunately, I think the only thing that wearing a fuscia hanky will accomplish is conveying to people the impression that you have really bad taste in hankies.

I'm afraid there are not subtle gestures or signals. Let me know if you can suggest one! Perhaps some special "I love Bonnie" lapel pin could come into vogue. Right now, we just have to work at it and delve in subtle ways. I remember being out on a first date and the girl kept talking about doing certain things at work or at school and saying how, "Oh, that was really bad," or "I was really bad to do that." After which I would begin to interject, "Oh yes, you really, really need to learn to behave properly. You really do need to learn a good lesson in proper behavior." Gradually, gradually, head down this path and see if you pick up on the right signals. If all goes well, you may soon be giving your sweetheart a good sound bottom warming!

Thank you all for sharing your insight! See you next week...

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Anonymous said...

I have a t-shirt that says "My inner child needs a spanking". I have only worn it in public once or twice. But I have gotten some strange looks when I

Anonymous said...

We saw a little badge once,just a small figure 8 on it's side, with two horizontal lines across it. Could have meant anything, except to those in the know.

Mary said...

I was busy during brunch hinting at my need for further spanking. I do not know how to hint to potential partners. But to an actual apanking partner - there is the the "bratting" or the slow bending over to pick up dropped items, whining works, diving accross his lap while he reads, "double dare you to" can work, leaving toys out definately hints at desire. Oh, and he hates to be tickled - so doing that was always sure to get me spanked.

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