Monday, September 25, 2006

Bonnie's Mailbag

It's time again to look into the old mailbag. Let's see...

Question: Do you own any skirts, or just jeans?

Response: Yes, I wear skirts.

Question: Does it bother you when other bloggers borrow your ideas?

Response: I feel flattered when someone thinks enough of my work to adapt it for their own purposes. If they do it with attribution, I'm positively delighted.

There are few totally novel ideas in this world. When you get to a narrow niche like spanko blogging, the choices become even more limited. Most content is knowingly or unknowingly derivative in some fashion. We all borrow from one another in ways great and small. I try to cite my influences whenever possible, but I'm sure I miss some.

I work at developing original topics and presentations. I seek to do something a little different when I can. But no one I know can both stay on topic and produce a unique product every day for an indefinite period.

Question: I thought the guided tour of your panties was the best post ever. Will you do that again?

Response: I hadn't planned to repeat that feature, but I suppose it's a possibility. "Now this pair of socks I wear on really cold days..."

Question: Will you join (social networking service) and be my friend?

Response: Probably not. I really don't need any other new online distractions or obligations. If I am going to participate in something, I want to be able to do it well. At this stage, I simply haven't the time. I don't wish to reject anyone, but that's the way it has to be.

Question: Will a good warm-up and another spanking immediately following a caning cause marks to disappear faster?

Response: That seems unlikely.

Question: Are you aware that guys wank to your site, and does this upset you?

Response: I have no first hand knowledge, but I've been told that before. I would like to hope that some women find my stories arousing as well. This possibility doesn't bother me so long as they don't feel the need to share details.

Question: What do you think about the Texas schools that are bringing back corporal punishment of students?

Response: I'm interested in spankings between consenting adults. This scenario is well outside those bounds.

Question: Would you be willing to write a short piece for my blog?

Response: If it's an established blog that deals with spanking topics, I will be pleased to help if I can.

Question: How did you find my blog?

Response: You linked to MBS and I saw the resulting traffic in my statistics. I am curious to see who is linking me and often check out those sites. If I like what I find, I'll add it to my blogroll.

Question: Would you be willing to remove my blog from your blogroll?

Response: Sure. Just send me an e-mail.

Question: You have a beautiful butt. How can I get to spank it?

Response: That privilege belongs to Randy alone.

Question: Do you mind if I just lurk?

Response: Not in the least. I love my lurkers. Even if you don't comment, I know you're there. I consider your presence a silent vote of confidence and I appreciate that. If and when you're ready to join the discussion, a warm welcome awaits you.

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A.S.S. said...

Are you aware that guys wank to your site... I have no first hand knowledge... classic! Loved your answer about borrowing ideas. Very honest, and very true. It is hard to come by new ideas.

-Todd & Suzy

caryagal said...

Wanted to comment on one of the questions answers you made. Yes I'm sure that I'm not the only woman out there that finds your stories arousing! Not only the spanking aspect but the obvious love and devotion you have for each other reminds me how exciting that close a relationship can be and how precious my own is. The stories fill my heart with love and need which ends me up heading for the bedroom with my husband :-) Your stories at first reminded me of stories I used to read in Sassy Ladies magazine. That went out of publication long ago and I have longed to get back issues of them but have found no outlet to get them (in fact I found your blog while searching for a way to get back issues of this magazine!). Luckily thanks to your wonderful stories and those of other blogs you have connected me to, I am once again enjoying erotic spanking stories... this time real ones and I no longer feel quite as alone and weird as I once did! Thanks for your wonderful erotic and loving stories. May you continue to find balance and enjoyment in writing so we to may also enjoy and comment for years to come!


Tiggr said...

Hey Bonnie,

I loved your remarks regarding your socks the very best... yes, that could be amarvelous post... I can just see it now. Frilly, lacy knee-highs or argyles or anklets or stockings. Imagine the fun you could have with the foot fetishists...


Danielle said...

I loved your responce on the lurkers issue. I'm reading a lot and sometimes haven't something interesting to tell.

bella said...

Mmm... the foot fetishists. Now that reminds me that I have an unfinished story that brushes that very topic.

But look, it's the Weinermobile!


Anonymous said...

I always enjoy reading those, Bonnie!!! Oh, and about the caning question. Though my hubby and I haven't tried the cane yet, we have friends that have, and she was just telling me the other day that it seems that the cane marks did disappear more quickly when her bf spanked her with another implements afterward. Now this was play spanking, not discipline spanking, though.


Kayley said...

Oh, I love your mailbag!! Very funny questions, indeed. And the one with the guys wanking was the best! *laughing*

I would encourage the lurkers to send more mail. I wanna see the answers posted! ;)


Paul said...

I love your mailbag articles Bonnie.
Your's and the other blogs I read help to keep my memories fresh.

Tony said...

Guys wank to this site? Trust me, from personal experience guys DO wank to this site! Oh, how they wank to this site...mmm, Bonnie's underwear [droooool...] ;)


Bonnie said...

Todd and Suzy - Thanks. As hard as I may try to be original, I have no way of knowing that someone didn't publish a similar feature on SSS seven years ago. There just isn't that much new territory. Sometimes, the best we can do is offer a new twist on an established theme. There's nothing wrong with that approach, so long we recognize it for what it is.

Caryagal - My first reaction when I read that e-mail was, "Why would it be just guys?" We get every bit as turned on by erotic spankings.

I enjoy sharing the relationship elements as much as the action, because they are equally important to our happiness. Each side complements the other.

Tiggr - Honestly, if I ever inventory my socks, it means I have completely run out of material and need to find a new hobby.

Danielle - That's perfectly fine. Lurk on!

Bella - You just never know when that weinermobile might pop out unexpectedly!

Tigger Too - For the sake of brevity, I omitted some of the details. The writer said their marks often lasted two weeks. With that kind of skin damage, I doubt more spanking will improve the situation.

The scenario described is well beyond my limits, but I might be inclined to test the theory on a more limited basis. I could probably even squeeze a post out of the experience!

Kayley - Thanks. I just never know what I'm going to find in my inbox.

Paul - Thank you!

Tony - La la la la la la!

MaggieDear said...

Hey there Bonnie -
I think I need to go check out your stories - a section I've obviously missed - and look forward to.


Suze said...

Hi Bonny, I didn't know how else to contact you.

I sent you a reply email the other day. I'm not sure if you received it given the problems we had last time.

If it hasn't arrived just drop me a line and I will resend it.

Hope you are having a great day.

Suze X

Thomas said...

You should give us a tour of your jeans. Let see what you or Randy get to peel off when you're getting ready to be spanked while your bottom is filling denim.

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