Sunday, September 24, 2006

Recap: MBS Sunday Brunch for Sept 24

In celebration of this blog's one year anniversary, we convened a special edition of the MBS spanko brunch. The topic, quite appropriately, was spanko blogging. Here are your thoughts and contributions.

Todd and Suzy: I’m not sure how much time we actually spend. It might be scary to add it up! We have a list of blogs, 15 or so, that we check out almost every day. Then there are several others that we look in on a few times a week, as well as checking out new ones we stumble across. We also spend time on Goggle going from one link to the next. Then, there is the time we spend on our own blog. We try to add six or seven new entries per week.

It takes time, but we usually do this while watching TV. One of us will sit here looking and sharing while the other watches TV and listens and shares. Then we switch (ha, that’s the only switching around here). So, we cut into our TV time. That’s hardly a loss.

As for what why we do it, it's interesting. We learn so many new things. It's fun, exciting, and something we don't share with (many) of our family and friends. So, while we think about it all the time, actually getting to discuss it (outside of with each other) is done in the blogosphere.

BTW, congratulation on one year! That’s awesome. You've been so helpful to us too. Thanks so much for everything!

Snow White: At this point in time, spanking is totally a fantasy for me. I don't have a SO in my life, so all I can do is think about it! And I spend a lot of time doing just that! Blogs help me do that. They offer stories, insight, and many more great links. I mostly lurk around them, but I do occasionally post a comment. However, I spend a lot of time visiting!

I do have a blog, and every once in a while I mention spanking. But since I'm not involved in a relationship, and I'm not a writer of fiction, there's not a lot of spanking happening in my blog. But if it ever does happen, I'll be sure to let y'all know! *crossing fingers*

Happy Anniversary, Bonnie! And thanks for keeping up a fantastic blog!

Brian: As you know I don't have a spanking blog although Diane and I are in a D/s relationship. I have written spanking poems and a story, and I mention spanking often. Many of my female friends that read my blogs are spankos. I tell them that they need spankings all the time, and they keep coming back for more. *grins* They like the fact they I treat them with respect and actually listen to their rants without trying to *fix* things. Then they go over my knee. ;)

I usually read spanko blogs only on the weekend. During the week at work, I am posting to three blogs daily, commenting on two of those, and there are probably close to 50 blogs that I check on every day, maybe 15 that I comment every post.

Reading My Bottom Smarts and other spanko blogs gave us the courage to try spanking as a way of having a closer marriage. It has been the best thing we have ever done. Thank you Bonnie, Elis, and Eva.*smack* On a personal note, I started blogging six months ago, and it has saved my life.


I love reading spanking blogs, and love reading My Bottom Smarts most of all. I used to feel so all alone, sure that I was weird and warped for wanting my fanny spanked often and hard (or often and soft, or just often). Now I know I'm part of a community who share a sexy, spicy kink. Reading this and other blogs turn me on tremendously. I read some daily, while some I just check out occasionally. Whenever, I like to play with myself as I read and respond. Sometimes my lover catches me at this. Other times, I go tell him that I've been "unfaithful" by getting off without him. This always earns me what I crave, an honest to goodness real spanking.

You're a precious part of my life.

Eva: First off, I wish you a very, very happy anniversary here at MBS and selfishly wish you many more.

I love blogging but not just about spanking. I just blog about whatever floats my boat at the moment which could be darn near anything.

When I stumbled onto this community and started my own blog in July, it didn't exactly change my life, as we'd been into spanking a few years, but it sure has enhanced it. Having made so many friends that share this commonality proves to be encouraging, enlightening, fun, sexy, and sassy. I'm so glad to be here, but even more glad that there are so many other wonderful bloggers to play with.

Thanks for all you've done to make this a lifestyle that I now know is within the definition of normal. I may not always know what "normal" is, but like many others, I want to be exactly that. Some people might enjoy that "freak in a sideshow" feeling. I'm not one of them. This community has removed that feeling from me.

I read a lot of blogs and comment as much as I can. It's like the modern day version of the 50's neighbors talking over the white picket fence in the back yard. Well, sort of.

How much time do I spend? A lot but I don't watch TV or have any other hobby. This is what I enjoy outside of Adam and my job. I do watch that it doesn't interfere with those things. Beyond that, give me my dang blogs and no one gets hurt!

Kayley: Happy anniversary, Bonnie! And keep it going! :)

Well, I don't spend too much time with my blog. But when I do, I go on reading blogs and writing for my own for days. That is, when I have time, and now I do.

And about the benefits? I see the blog as a big extension of SSS or a forum. It's better than reading and not putting your two cents in. Besides, people tend to put more soul, I think, in their site, then in someone else's group. It's also journal, and journals can be deeper than some random post that has to entertain someone. On your own blog, you get to always entertain yourself.

Roper: I started my blog because a spanking relationship broke up, and it was a way of trying to make sense of that, and understand generally my feelings about the whole D/s thing. I get the kind of satisfaction one gets from any kind of intellectual activity, that is to say, the pleasure of finding out more and deepening one's understanding. It's also fun sometimes writing a bit of smut in the hope it may arouse one or two readers!

But there's a lot more to it than that. What I didn't anticipate was that through the blog I would meet other spankos. Before the blog, I'd published some spanking fiction and encountered one or two people that way. But the blog has greatly widened my circle of contacts. I now have a small number of good friends. One of these friends turned into something more. We met and had an enjoyable spanking encounter, though for reasons I won't go into, the relationship did not develop. But I'm now writing regularly to another reader and am very hopeful that we shall meet soon for a pleasurable spanking session.

I didn't intend my blog to become a dating device, but I'm very happy that it has provided me with introductions to some charming and interesting people. I value the platonic relationships I've made as much as the hands-on ones.

I spend about three hours a week creating content (I usually post about every three days). I do read other blogs, especially those by submissive women, and have gained much knowledge and pleasure from this. One does feel part of a community. Goodness knows what people like us did before the internet. It must have been a lonely life for many.

Master Fitznicely: Congrats on the Anniversary, Bonnie!

I've had a vanilla blog for, oh, years, so while the act of blogging isn't new to me. Finding a narrative voice for my spanko blog has given me headaches. I hesitate to think how much time I spend, not just creating content, but checking stats, comments, replies to comments I've left on other blogs, following new links, reading others' blogs etc. It’s got to be a significant part of the time I spend online.

For me, having a blog specifically for the Master/slave aspect of our relationship was a natural extension of the blogging I do anyway. I didn't want to alter the flavour of my established blog, so I simply created Master Fitz. For me, for us, it's a celebration and a sharing (however anonymous) of the most important commitment we could show for each other.

It's also a learning resource and a community of people at all levels of experience and expertise. On our travels through the blogosphere, we've found couples that have been practising DD for years, couples that are just taking the first steps, and every flavour in between. It's a fascinating resource, not to mention a wonderful insight into the thoughts and experiences of like-minded people.

When things are going right, we have people to celebrate with and share the good times with. When things go wrong, there always someone out there who's been there before.

At the end of the day, though, I think it comes down to this: We're just having too much fun to keep it to ourselves!

Jujubes: Happy Anniversary Bonnie! I enjoy your blog. I have a few blogs that I read regularly, plus a blog of my own that I try to keep up on, but it’s getting harder to do so! I guess blogging gets in your blood after awhile, both the reading and the writing.

Paul: Happy anniversary Bonnie. May there be many more.

I read and comment on a good number of blogs that I feel are genuine and well written. I am considering starting a blog of my own, but I fear it would consume far too much time.

When Mel was alive we were sufficient, with our work, unto ourselves. When she died I became increasingly isolated and lonely, I had no idea how widespread the spanko community was. Finding the blogospere was both a godsend and an eye opener for me. I no longer feel so isolated, I can share memories, and I can feel at least relatively normal. *G*

Blogs like CWS, CeeCi's Garden and MBS, to mention only three, opened a whole new world for me. I am able to share a lifelong interest in the lifestyle and even help the occasional newbie.

Tigger Too: I don't have a blog, but I really enjoy reading them, especially yours, Bonnie, and read them regularly!

Tiggr: Oh, Bonnie, big hugs and congrats to you! Have you any idea how essential you've been in helping start so much? Not just here in Bloggerland, but among friends, relationships, and self-realization. The insight you've offered and perspectives you've shared, the lessons learned and questions answered... awe-inspiring doesn't begin to describe it.

I spend too much time blogging, but I am learning to balance it with my daily activities and duties. It is now beginning to accent my daily life rather then replace it or depreciate it.

I read a lot, comment whenever and wherever I truly feel that I have something noteworthy to add, and put time and effort into making my blog (and each post) an accurate a vision of me, an extension of myself, even if just at that moment in time, as possible. I don't hide behind my blog or create a persona that I don't feel. That may be confusing to some and overwhelming to others but it is who I am and I need to act from my heart.

Huge hugs to you today... I hope Randy gives you the ass-warming to match all the ass-warmings you've prompted!

CeeCi: I've been anticipating this day for several weeks now and here it is. It’s your anniversary and my opportunity to tell you “Well Done, Bonnie!” You've been an inspiration and a source of information for many of us. Thank you for your consistency, your knowledge, your humor, your honor, and your graciousness. You're a shining star in this community!

I'm less than two months away from my first anniversary. Blogging has taught me so many things, not only about myself, but about the beauty of others. I've learned to code (boy have I ever) and have come to love the way I can express myself because of it.

I spend much more time blogging than I really have to spend, but as the television has been unplugged in my home for as long as I've been blogging, I do not have that distraction.

Blogging has improved my writing skills. It has been a way to present my photography to the world. It has brought people into my life that I may never meet, but that I cherish all the same. It has been one of the most positive things I've done for myself.

I read daily from a list that fluctuates between 25-30 blogs. I don't comment as much as I once did, mostly because of time constraints and Blogger's recent issues. I do my best to post something everyday as well. My entries are recounts of my life and my challenges. I'm grateful for the outlet that blogging has been for me. It's hard to imagine my day without it.

Padme: Congratulations and happy anniversary! I remember when you first started this blog. I have read all your posts and I love your blog. It's one of my favorite blogs to read every day. :)

I read between 20-30 spanko blogs a day, but I've had to cut down a bit due to how much time it can eat into my day. I was trying at one point to comment on every single blog, but I can't maintain that anymore.

I put a lot of time and effort into my blog and have had to cut down a bit on that too. I was posting every single day and that also was cutting into my days a lot. I've now handed some of the blog over to Master Anakin, which has helped.

I get a lot of benefit from blogging. With reading other spanko blogs, I don't feel so alone in my spanko desires. I've met others who understand my need for spankings in my life. With my blog, it's been a wonderful and creative outlet to share my spanking adventures with others.

Congrats again! You've created a very successful blog, Bonnie, and I hope you'll be around for a long time.

Mary: Congrats Bonnie. I have only a couple of blogs that I read regularly, yours being one. Most the time, I spend only 10-20 minutes on it a day. I just do not have the time for more.

When I am a bit horny, bored, or lonesome, I may link to other bloggers from your site or my other favorite site. Reading blogs "normalizes" the spanking life. Seeing so many very nice and interesting people enjoying spanking is fun. I would never be able to keep up a true blog of my own.

Elis: There is not enough room in cyber space to explain what finding your blog, and through you, all the others, means to me. Because of the courage I have found here I started my own site. All of this has caused me to fall completely head over heels in love with my husband! I feel joy, and excitement every day.

Spanking is a wonderful common thread that runs all through this, and I love it but, oh, blogging has added so much more than just spankings. I am learning about myself, such as how to open up and show my feelings. I am becoming a new person and I really like her.

Blogging takes a great deal of time. Left alone I would spend over six hours a day here. It’s like a brand new toy and I am sure in time I will cut back and start cleaning and cooking again (maybe). At this time, Nick complains little about my time here since we have both benefited so much from it.

Lastly, I have to say that the friendship I have found here overwhelms me. I don't read tons of blogs, probably no more than 10 to 15, but at this time in my life, I would say that most of my closest friends are here.

Congratulations on your first year and THANK YOU!

Bella: For me, blogging has become a creative outlet for something I didn't think I could really do.

There are about 10 to 12 blogs that I read daily and about that many more that I read a couple of times per week.

Time and effort seem to be leveling off after an initial push to try to put new content up on a regular basis. I have found it works better for me when I am not feeling pressured to write. Then there are the times when I can't stop writing and the posts come rapidly. So I post when I have something to post. :)

The benefits have been numerous. I have truly enjoyed making friends and interacting in the blogosphere.

Congratulations, Bonnie, on your anniversary!

Grace: Congrats on your anniversary! This is a special day indeed!

My blog is just a space for me to think. Some days, I try and make it funny. Others, it's just about life. I started it as a journal for me, never thinking people would actually read it.

As for other blogs. I've learned a lot from them. I've gotten some great ideas and have met some wonderful friends.

Your blog is terrific! I've enjoyed reading your blog!

Lisa: Wow, Bonnie, has it really only been a year? It is amazing how fast it goes. Just like you, it seems as though I just started yesterday, but at the same time, have been doing this all of my life.

I started a blog after reading a couple of blogs about spanking because I wanted to share my experience. I have a handful of blogs I keep track of, but I don’t always check in everyday because I don't have time. Whenever I post to my blog, I generally take awhile because I want to make sure it says what I feel. So an average post takes a minimum of one hour.

The good that has come from this is I have an outlet to share my feelings, not just with my spouse, but also with others who may be going through a simple situation.

Looking for to another year of reading your blog and next sundays brunch.

Theresa: Congratulations, Bonnie. I spend too much time blogging, but I enjoy it so. I love posting my thoughts, writing stories, and getting comments.

I enjoy reading other bloggers' posts, stories, and laughing out loud frequently.

I have finally learned to balance my blogging with my real life, by learning to do the real life things very, very fast so I can get back to blogging!

I read your blogging smarts articles and learned a lot for these posts. I have also had wonderful support, advice, and blogging help from others all along the way.

I read and comment on close to ten blogs a day, and add more gradually. I have met some wonderful kind-hearted and helpful people. It has been and enriching experience all around!

Veronica: Happy anniversary, Bonnie! I don't blog myself, but I do read several, and yours is a favorite. Seeing the huge community of spankos out there has helped me to realize that I'm completely normal and not the freak I once thought I was. I like to get my bottom spanked nice and hard, and there's nothing wrong with that! Blogs like yours and others have also helped me to introduce my formerly vanilla partner to my world. He adapted very quickly and enjoys giving me spankings as much as I love receiving them. Thank you so much for putting your wonderful blog out there and helping the many of us who were once unsure of ourselves and our kink. We love you! :-)

Anne Elizabeth: Happy Anniversary, Bonnie!

The blogging thing is pretty new to me. I think, for me, the most fun is that it is both giving and receiving!

SuZQ: First of all, congratulations on your anniversary! I continue to be amazed at your ability to post such great, on-topic content so regularly. Now that I've started my own blog, I really understand how difficult and time-consuming that can be.

I started my blog as an outlet, to get my thoughts and feelings about spanking (and other things) out in the open. What I didn't expect was finding a community of wonderful women, mostly my age, who were actually living my fantasy. I've learned so much from all of you.

It wasn't that long ago that I had my very first delurk here on MBS. Now I'm reading, commenting and/or writing on a daily basis. Spanking is habit-forming!

Thank you, Bonnie. Your blog has brought us all together.

Caryagal: I spend about 1/2 hour or an hour each night reading different spanko blogs. I love them. They make me feel not so "weird." I have thought about starting one, and maybe someday I will, but not yet. I have too many pulls on my time right now with 4 children under age 7 including 2 year old twins. I just can't do it. :-) So, for now, I'll enjoy your blogs and try to comment often!

Frank Spanko: My answers are as follows:
  1. To me, blogging is my life. Since I am an imaginary person, that is the literal truth as I would not exist if not for the fertile imagination of my author.

  2. I believe that I speak for my author as well as myself when I say that we review a number of blogs related to our favorite pastime almost daily.

  3. Again, both my author and myself engage in the art of blogging as a way to indulge ourselves and get a little bit of titillation. To those less subtle than I, I said titillation, not having a daily wank in front of the computer.

    Furthermore, I believe my creator uses this particular form of expression as a way to share some particular fantasies of his with others of the same ilk.

Bonnie: Thank you all for your congratulations, well wishes, and generous praise. I am grateful for your continuing support. You folks are a tremendous inspiration!

I have many thoughts about these topics. I’ll try to summarize. It’s been an amazing year. I participated in various forums in the past, but nothing quite prepared me for this environment. I love the feeling of community and I want to do what I can to nurture that unity and cohesiveness. A blog shouldn’t be solely words and pictures. It’s really about people – those who write, those who comment, those who link, and those who lurk and learn. Every participant has something to teach us, if we take the time to listen. This culture of sharing is the bedrock upon which our virtual community is constructed.

How much time do I spend? Wow. That question was easier to ask than it is to answer. All told, I’d say at least a couple of hours most days and often more than that on the weekend. That includes preparing posts, answering e-mail, replying to comments, updating the blog, developing new story ideas, reading other blogs, and commenting. Sometimes I wonder if this is the best use of my time and energy. Other times, it feels very worthwhile.

I read lots of spanko blogs. I comment somewhat less often. This is, again, simply because of time considerations.

As for the benefits, I have to tell you that blogging has improved our love life. When Randy reads one of my stories, he is often reminded how hot it is to give me a good spanking and all that goes with it. For me, writing an account of a spanking requires me to relive the events in my mind. These memories, especially the fresh ones, inevitably turn me on. The result is, well, more stories to tell.

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Mistress Sky said...

Hi Bonnie!

Sorry I couldn't join in on the brunch - PC problems! Happy Anniversary! It shows that you have been around so long...yet your blog remains fresh and irresistibly readable.
You are an inspiration to spankos (and switches) everywhere!

Anonymous said...

Great reading!!! And congratulations, Bonnie!!!


Lily said...

I'm a bit late with my comment but I just want to wish you Happy Anniversary.

Also to say that yours was one of the first blogs that I started reading when I was trying to sort out my need for spanking. I have learned so much from this blog, I am a normal human being who just happens to like being spanked and that's OK.




Anonymous said...

Dear Bonnie;
Has it only been a year? I feel like you have given me at least five years of knowledge, encouragement and fun! I have been thinking and searching the internet for years, and only in the past few years did I discover blogs and the fabulous information they contained. It was reprints of blog articles that finally convinced my SO to spank me with abandon and to enjoy it. Your blog has become the first place I turn on the internet every day to see any new posts you write and often go back and reread previous posts. Your list of other spanking blogs has also been a fantastic resource.
Thanks and love,

Theresa said...

This was a good topic. It was great to hear what everyone else gets from the experience!


Bonnie said...

Sky - Thank you! That's very sweet.

Tigger Too - Thanks!

Lily - Your comments are always welcome here. This thing we do is, I think, more than just OK. It's a positive element in many of our lives. Thanks for your support.

CRN - Thank you. It's a genuine pleasure to meet you. Stories like yours encourage me to write and post every day. I'm delighted to be able to contribute in a small way to the realization of your dream.

Theresa - Thanks. I thought this topic would stir up some good discussion (always my aim), and it did. I always enjoy the great breadth of perspectives represented. Not a Sunday passes when I don't learn something or think about our pastime in a new way.

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