Sunday, July 08, 2018

Bonnie’s Mailbag: Midsummer Edition

It seems when I write more, you write more as well. The mailbag is again full and it’s time to share. I summarized or paraphrased some questions for the sake of clarity and brevity. I also divided one email that contained multiple questions.

Greeting: just wanted to say hello

Bonnie: Hi!

Question: Do you understand how fortunate you are? An average spanking for you would be the highlight of my life! My husband is simply not interested...

Bonnie: We are greatly appreciative of all our good fortune. As we age, we watch people around us growing infirm and leaving this life. More than ever we seek to get the most out of every day, every night, and every spanking.

Question: How long does it take for marks to disappear from your bottom?

Bonnie: It depends. In general, when you are spanked regularly, you will tend to mark less. Many times, I have no lasting marks at all, just an overall redness that fades after a few minutes. An hour later, you might see slightly darkened skin around the punished area. Sometimes, I have good residual soreness but no visible sign there was ever a spanking. I find that a little disappointing.

I have had marks that lasted a couple of days after a hard bare-bottomed paddling. This is fun in its way, but definitely a special occasion sort of spanking.

Statement: I'd love to spank you.

Bonnie: I play only with my husband. But there are women who might be interested if you start the conversation with a different greeting.

Statement: I truly like how you speak so casually about getting spanked. It’s like it’s a normal part of your life like going to the store or doing laundry.

Bonnie: I love that spanking sessions are a normal part of our lives, though I like them a lot better than grocery shopping or laundry. Those spankings help us in so many ways. When we have to miss a week, I find myself longing for that closeness.

Question: have kik or snapchat?

Bonnie: Nope

Question: Beautiful ass, May I please spank you sometime?

Bonnie: Thank you, but only my husband gets to perform that task.

Question: How can I convince my husband to spank me?

Bonnie: I wrote a tutorial several years ago that addresses this topic. Here’s a second one that takes more of a couple-oriented approach.

Offer: I see that you like to be spanked. I love to give spankings. Perhaps we can get together and help each other out.

Bonnie: I appreciate your generous offer of assistance, but I have abundant spanking help right next to me.

Question: Anal?

Bonnie: Not for you.

Question: I think I saw you ass at [shopping plaza] in [city].

Bonnie: My ass is firmly attached to the rest of me and I haven’t been there.

Question: Do you really get spanked on your butt and you take it willingly?

Bonnie: Yes, and definitely yes.

Observation: That's a very nice ass. You must work out a lot.

Bonnie: Thank you. Yes, I do work out.

That’s it for this time!


Fondles said...

Lol. Oh the cheek of some of those statements/offers!!

Thanks for sharing.

Minelle Labraun said...

Goodness, how often can you give them the same response? You have a husband who meets your needs! :D

Roz said...

LoL Bonnie, you seem to have plenty of willing would be spankers lol. I can't believe the cheek of some of these either. Love your replies :)


NoraJean said...

You have a big fan club, Bonnie! ... not sure I'd want to handle your inbox but it must make for some very interesting reading given the sample you've shown us here ;)) ... nj

Bonnie said...

Fondles - Most of the strange messages came from FetLife where coarse talk (and unsolicited dinky pics) seem to be common.

Minelle - I have said that at every opportunity, but the message seems to not reach everyone who visits here.

Roz - Alas, I have but one bottom to offer.

NJ - Actually, I received a lot more messages when I was posting every day. The sample you see here was drawn from a couple of months' worth of mail.

Hermione said...

Hi Bonnie,

Your inbox is a lot more exciting than mine! I hope you will share more samples with us soon. These were a hoot!


Bonnie said...

Hermione - The kookiest messages in the bag come from Fetlife. There are some real characters loose in that place.

Rich Person said...

I'm sure many people want to spank someone LIKE you--someone who really enjoys it and is up for it most any time. And, it's reassuring there's someone getting all the spankings she wants. I think you are giving them hope even if you aren't giving them your bottom!

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