Sunday, July 01, 2018

Just the Facts

Very early in my career, I worked as a newspaper reporter. Before the internet, the latest news was printed every day on large folded pieces of paper and sold to readers. My job was to find newsworthy events and write articles about them. Most of my articles appeared somewhere in the paper. An article about the opening of a new restaurant appeared in the Food section, unless it landed in the Business section. Hard news, like a crime report, found its way to the Metro section, or if it was really big, even the front page. An editor decided which stories would run and where they would be printed.

The editor was a potbellied geezer who chain smoked cigarettes in his office. I dreaded going in there and avoided it whenever possible. Beyond the noxious smoke, he was, at least by today’s standards, a serial sexual harasser. I didn’t know anything about that, but I knew he made me feel uncomfortable when he made unnecessary comments about my body or speculated about my sex life. Yuck!

This fellow required all of the reporters to “block” our stories. Before stories were written, when they were just concepts, we would fill out a block sheet that provided the essence of the story. Smoky would use these block sheets to decide where stories would run and how much space to allocate to them. We joked in the newsroom that a lousy story with a good block sheet could make the front page.

Recalling those events, I thought it might be fun and different to present a recent spanking experience in block format.

What: A scheduled weekly spanking and sex session

Who: Randy and me

When: Friday evening, around 8pm PST

Where: In our basement, on our spanking bench

Why: Because we love our spankings and each other

Tools employed: (1) brown leather riding crop, (1) smooth pink plastic bullet-shaped battery powered vibrator, (1) tube of lubricant, (1) spanking bench with (4) velcro cuffs, (2) small pillows

Clothing: Me – (1) pink cotton t-shirt, (1) navy blue cotton thong, (2) white cotton footies
Randy – (1) pair black Dockers, (1) long sleeve white dress shirt unbuttoned at the collar, (1) pair blue cotton boxers, (2) black cotton blend socks, (1) pair black leather dress shoes

Preparatory events: As I lay on the bench, Randy inserted pillows beneath my head and torso. He then placed restraining cuffs on my wrists and ankles.

Commencement: Randy positioned himself standing on my right side rather then the left as usual. This allowed him to repeatedly apply the crop to my bottom with a short backhand stroke using his right hand. With his left hand, he caressed my most sensitive region using the toy.

Spankee Sensations: The short, swift strikes of the crop landed all over my bare bottom. They felt like sharp bee stings at first, but soon spread into an all over stinging warmth.

Intermission: Several minutes into the festivities, Randy decided that the thong was in his way and had to come down. Unfortunately, that was easier said than done. My hips are wide and I have a large bottom. Positioned as I was and strapped to the table, I was unable to assist in any meaningful way. Due to the nature of what he was doing, it was not sufficient to simply pull the panties to the top of my thighs as one might in a purely spanking scenario. Eventually, he had to release my wrists temporarily so I could lift myself.

Spankee Reaction: This spanking was an excellent blend of pleasure and pain. When the climaxes arrived, I was surprised by their intensity. Sensing my engagement, Randy stepped up the rate at which the blows fell. It was delicious.

Spanker Response: Randy kept going even well after I was spent. I appreciated his diligence, but I needed no more. I didn’t tell him because I guess I didn’t want to break the spell. He eventually inquired whether if I had had enough. He quit after I replied in the affirmative

Epilogue: After a quick clean up in the basement, we retired to our bedroom upstairs for more adult fun. Randy walked behind me up the steps and snapped my bottom with the crop several times along the way. I stopped climbing to see whether that would earn me some extra pops. It did.

One Sentence Synopsis: Bonnie is spanked frequently and she likes it a lot.

That’s our blocked story for this week. I hope it makes the front page!


Windy said...

Great true story, Bonnie! Gosh, Smoky sounds like a real creeper. Gross! I wonder what he would have done if you submitted a blocked story like this to him back in the day! It looks like excellent front page material to me. Thanks for sharing! Windy

Michael M said...

Great news story. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

I liked that story!


Roz said...

Hi Bonnie, definitely a good news story :) Loved reading your block sheet, you two definitely have fun experimenting. Your old editor sounds awful.


Hermione said...

Stop the presses! This one goes on page one!


Fondles said...

your editor - what a sleazebag. this block sheet - totally hot! I agree with hermione, this is front page news!

Bonnie said...

Windy - I think that might have induced a heart a few years earlier, but I wouldn't give him the pleasure. I felt that I had to hide myself from this creep, both physically and emotionally. I wore a lot of long skirts and baggy sweaters in those days. This guy was, quite literally, bad news.

Michael - Thanks.

Anon - I'm glad you enjoyed it. I'm always looking for a new storytelling angle and sometimes that requires digging back into some old ideas.

Roz - Yes, I enjoy our experiments. What's better than sexy fun in the name of science?

Hermione - :) Thanks. I never got to hear anyone yell that, probably because our paper was printed off-site. Or maybe it was because they were cheap and they wouldn't want to waste any paper.

Fondles - Thanks. He was a sleazebag, more so than I fully realized at the time. I think most young women today have more awareness than I did back in the seventies. I sure hope so.

NoraJean said...

Loved the story, Bonnie ... also loved that Randy dressed for his part as well ;) ... nj

enrico said...

Just read at your blog-postand all I can say is: Compliments!! So... Stop the presses! :-)

Greetings from enrico, slave of Mistress Kate – Netherlands

Bonnie said...

NJ - Thanks. Actually, those were the clothes he wore to work. I neglected to mention, however, his black leather belt.

Enrico - Thank you!

Secret Spanko said...

Always knew I liked you, Bonnie. Just checking out blogs again here. took a personality test here lately and it said I should have been an investigative reporter.

Bonnie said...

SS - Thanks. I've moved on to different careers, but my journalist roots have always been a part of my approach to work.

Terpsichore said...

very fun

Bonnie said...

Terps - Yes, it definitely was!

Minelle Labraun said...

You make me smile! I love this news story! I will return to read of other press release of this type;)

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