Sunday, November 21, 2010

Recap: MBS Sunday Brunch for Nov 21

Our topic this week was reactions to marks. Here's what you think...

Anon #1: I love the afterglow, but also the marks. They are like a badge of merit, I suppose

Michael: I'm glad you thought the question was worthy. I prefer to just redden Season's bottom, though I must confess that I try for fire engine red, or maybe candy apple red would be a more fitting description. I don't mind leaving a few marks when I use just my hand, which in our case are usually deep red spots just on the verge of bruising. But I don't like leaving black and blue or purple bruises, and especially, NEVER to break the skin like you see in many canings. I know many people enjoy this and take pride in leaving and receiving marks, and for them, this is what drives TTWD. However, given our unique individual preferences and willingness to accept all viewpoints in our community, I prefer not to leave bruises. Season is of the same mind, so we match up perfectly on this matter.

Kaki: I don't like seeing bruises or purple marks. It has happened in the past, but we worked on avoiding them. I know my husband doesn't like them either. He has apologized a few times when it happened in the beginning. Sometimes there is a bit of pink or a little marking the next day or so, which is OK. I don't like seeing pictures or videos or reading anything that shows a lot of bruising or welts. That is not what we do.

Barely Pink: Although it is certainly a matter of preference, D and I aren't overly fond of excessive marking. I'm not sure how he does it -- he has quite the technique -- but he manages to usually avoid any bruising at all, despite my fair skin and tendency to mark (Not for lack of spanking hard, mind you).

He has intentionally left marks twice in our relationship to leave an impression that I would not soon forget. He was obviously successful as I clearly recall both the reasons and the ramifications of those occasions and am certain to avoid a repeat. But he would never break skin, which would signify an immediate stop to any play. That's just not our personal style.

Most often, I am a deep shade of pink. This color can last well into the next day with absolutely no bruising. I like it that way!

Season: I don't pay much attention to the visual results of spanking. I suspect that may be much more interesting to the spanker. For me, it is all about how it feels - physically and emotionally. As Michael said, we prefer a nice even red color without bruises or welts. However, there is a hand-shaped crop he favors that I suspect leaves little red hand marks. :-)

On Her Knee: As a spanker, I'm not fond of seeing bruises and marks. But I know that My Fine Lady loves the sensation that can still be felt later. So, it's not my goal to make marks and bruises, but more being able to make the sensation last.

As a spankee, I enjoy being bruised and marked, especially when I can still feel the reminders of the spanking days later. It reminds me of the love My Fine Lady has for me.

It's not her thing. She would much rather just receive spankings, but she spanks me because she knows it's what I want and need. For someone who says she doesn't like giving spankings, she certainly has become VERY good at it.

Kimmie: As a spankee, I absolutely have to have a bruised bottom to have fully enjoyed the spanking. I just love to see the marks. It actually makes me feel better about myself to have taken such a hard spanking and to be able to see the results! It's also nice having trouble sitting down as it brings back fond memories that make me smile like almost nothing else. :)

Anon #2: We don't like marking or bruising. A nice red bottom is very good, though!

Daisy: After I feel I have taken a really, really hard spanking, which leaves me still sore hours later, I am actually quite disappointed if the marks have disappeared! It makes me seem like a wuss for 'complaining' ;) that I am still sore when my bottom doesn't even stay pink.

I am fair skinned, but do not mark easily. A fiery red ass looks white as snow again an hour or two later. That is O frustrating, because it is still tender!

So, yes, light bruising is sometimes good, but like many readers, I am not into broken skin and really bad bruising.

Gracie Malling: In my early days, I used to get some spectacular marks including purple edges of strap marks, dirty yellowish bruising, ridged red cane stripes, and I adored them. I loved having this enduring (for a little while at least) reminder of all the fun I was having. I especially liked to look in the mirror and catch sight of myself unawares. It gave me a gorgeous lurching, shivery feeling in my belly.

These days, however, my bottom has got so used to being spanked that it seems to have developed amazing powers of regeneration. I might initially have some redness and maybe a few bruises - especially if I've been spanked with something made of wood - but all this fades within minutes, at most within hours. In the past, it was common for me to have marks that were still visible after nearly two weeks.

I agree with Daisy that sometimes you feel like you're making a fuss out of nothing if you get up and see that your bottom is just a bit red, especially if you've just spent the past half an hour shrieking and wriggling and begging for it to stop. It doesn't help when Mr M says 'Look, there's not a mark on you! Now what was all that fuss about?'

Oh well, marks or no marks, it's still loads of fun :-).

Hermione: I am quite happy to have bruises that persist for a few days after a spanking, but that doesn't happen often. My bottom has become quite resilient over time, and marks are rare. Redness usually fades within an hour.

Ron always watches carefully for any excessive damage. A blister or break in the skin means playtime is over.

Our Bottoms Burn: Some people mark easily, while others resist the most extreme efforts. It has little to do with the spanker. Most bottoms relish marks. I don't like to give marks, but they happen and for those who want them, I make the effort.

I don't mark myself.

Scunge: I LOVE the marks, but Sir does not. So I rarely get marked now. As soon as I start to show a hint of bruising, he stops. Here is something that I find just a tad weird. He says he doesn't like to see me in pain because he loves me. Apparently, before he loved me, it was different. I'm still wrapping my head around THAT!

Ronnie: I don't mind if I have a few light marks or bruises afterward. I quite like to see them. We're not into broken skin or very bad bruising. P's very careful about that.

Jean Marie: This question reminded me how much I like marks on my bottom, and how long it'd been since my last hard thrashing.

"Keiter, come here, please," I called.


"It's important," I persisted. When he joined me, I pointed out our weekly query and then bent over and let my jammie bottoms fall. "Cane me so that we have the stripes to savor all day, please...?" I implored.

I now have ten very vivid welts burning back there, and, of course, that lit a fire that only sex could extinguish. Do other couples find that these weekly questions change the course of your weekend?

Spanked by Wife: I think of marks as a badge of honor. Sometimes, it seems she marks me more easily than others. But unless there is evidence the next day, she probably didn't spank hard enough.

R Humphries: As a good deal of our play involves the cane, I am always keen to view the results. I make sure that all the stripes have landed in the ‘sweet spot’ and there have been no wraparounds, or high or low riders that can cause unnecessary discomfort. Of course the cane leaves marks, but in all the years I have indulged my caning passion, I have never ‘cut’ anybody with a cane and would think that I had failed in making the proper application if I did.

Interestingly, MBJ is extremely proud of her pain threshold and her stoicism under fire. When we are playing with other toys such as straps, slippers, hairbrushes and kitchen utensils that allow for more extended sessions, MBJ always seems particularly enamored of her very red bum. I never intentionally cause bruising, although some darker discoloration can be a natural bi-product of an extended spanking with a wood-backed hairbrush or other toys of the more unyielding variety.

Katia: I don't mind a bruised backside. The bruises are a good reminder. However, my backside has become quite accustomed to some hard spankings, and I tend to heal very quickly or barely bruise at all.

Prefectdt: I love having a marked and bruised backside. It is just a pity that the marks fade so fast nowadays. The one exception is good strong cane marks. They can last for ten days. :)

Kady: JJ says: I do NOT like to see bruises from spanking Kady.

Kady says: Hey, what's a good spanking without battle scars?

If I am going out of town, I especially like to have bruises to keep me connected, so to speak. It's like I still feel his presence when I see the bruises. They keep me feeling his love.

Make Mine Red: We both prefer just a nice rosy red. I like to feel heat and I enjoy raised welts. At first, I bruised easily and it upset hubby. He wanted to back off of spanking for a while. I convinced him otherwise. I think my behind has toughened up because he spanks me a lot harder now, but there are never any lasting marks!

Anon #3: I love examining my behind in the mirror shortly after a spanking and seeing the welts and marks. We usually use a belt and just looking at the welts makes me want to bend over again. : )

Char: I like a nice red bottom. And I like feeling it the next day. It reminds me how much I am loved. And that makes it all worthwhile.

Diesel Diva: I mark easily and LOVE to see the results. My hubby hates to see marks, but he enjoys the benefits that those marks provide. LOL

Loki: Both my wife and I are dark skinned, so seeing marks on us is sometimes difficult. But, yes, I do love seeing her bottom turn a dark shade of red during a real intense play session from me.

When I bottom, I love that sore feeling that lasts for a few days, as well as the stripes from a good caning. My philosophy is that if you are getting spanked, you should at least know it afterward. That only happened once to me. I spent my 21st birthday at Paddles. Now that is a fond memory!

Bonnie: I like getting mild to moderate marks. I don't want any deep bruises or skin breaks, but short of that, it's all good. With that said, I rarely mark. Even the redness fades rapidly, sometimes within minutes.

Randy likes seeing and feeling those marks as well. He sometimes chooses an implement with this in mind. For us, the visual evidence is just another pleasing aspect of our spanking experiences.

Thanks to everyone who joined in our community brunch!

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