Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Poll: Settle the Debate

Do spanking enthusiasts fancy an attractive posterior for more than just swats? You decide...

Do you think there is a connection between an interest in spanking and an interest in anal play?



Florida Dom said...

The early results are 2 to 1 that spankos also like anal play so it'll be interesting to see if that holds up as more readers vote. I would guess it will hold up.


Tiggs said...

Maybe it's just me, but I don't see this as nearly so cut and dry. I see a bigger picture... that because we are in touch with our own unique "kinky" side, we're more willing to explore and expand beyond those looser boundaries, which would naturally, for a great many, involve anal play or at least being more open to the idea.

In other words, the two things are more loosely linked than this question, and the way it is worded, implies, but yes, I DO think they are linked, however loosely.


Throck said...

I find this to be a very interesting question. I am led to believe that spankaphilia is a syndrome that has associated "symptoms" such as an interest in anal play and wearing special "punishment clothing." As Tiggs says the expression of the associated symptoms varies widely in the spanking community but the anecdotal evidence for considering spankaphilia a syndrome is rather strong. One question I have is, are there more overt associated symptoms that would identify a spankaphile. Overt symptoms might be both good and bad. They would help identify potential partners with an interest in spanking, but also might "out" and individual that preferred to keep his interest in spanking a secret.

Unfortunately, if one's spanker has been converted from a vanilla partner to a spanking partner, they may have absolutely no interest in anal play, and that can be frustrating for the spankaphile with the full blown syndrome. Consequently, identifying someone with the spanking syndrome early in a relationship might be very useful.

Thanks for the pole. I'll be interested to see the final result.


Anon VII said...

I'm not surprised at the poll results. I suspect that a poll that included spankers' (and spankees') inclination toward rear-entry vaginal intercourse would be at least equally weighted toward that, if not even more so.

Cowgirl said...

Looks like I might be in the minority on this one, as it looks like most people find a connection between spanking and anal play. However, anal play is out for me. I have absolutely no interest in it, what-so-ever.

Anonymous said...

I'm with cowgirl.

PK said...

I was an absolute NO to anal play with my husband even when I knew in the back of my mind I was interested. Once I came out to him about spanking I found it increased the trust so much I was willing to explore. I felt comfortable enough to tell him I wanted to try gentle play to see how I felt about everything but I wanted him to know I might call a stop to things anytime.

From that safe start things have progressed nicely and it is now a regular part of our play.

Anonymous said...

Which came first, the spanking or the anal "play" would also be a good poll question. For us, it was entry via the back door, a few years before I ever brought up my desire to be spanked. Now, they are two great activities that go even better together :o)

It's funny that I was more hesitant to bring up spanking to Jim than I ever was to talking about and experimenting with the rear door play (and I honestly can't remember which of us proposed that first, but we took our time with it and gradually incorporated it into our lovemaking).

I think there's got to be some connection for most of us - we just are fascinated with bottoms!


jim said...

I don't think there is direct connection in the sense that anal play is part of a general "spanko syndrome"--one that some individuals embrace and others disavow.

The proximity of one, excusively, female orifice to another orifice that is common to both genders is at the bottom of the dialetical stimulation you spanko girls enjoy. The spanked bum says to the cunt:

Yes! Yes! he's nearly getting it right. I can put up with the pain unitl he is ready to come round your side.

In the case of males who switch (include me in!)the situation differs somewhat. The bum says to the cock:

OK; whoever it is round here is making it very hard for you; and, the longer that this goes on, the more likely it is you will come to a sticky end.

(all puns intended)

LU said...

i have never had an interest in anal play.....nor do i now that my spanko side is out in the open. i guess i am always open to experimentation, but that would be a hard one for me to get into i think....the idea does nothing for me and i would never ask for it, that is for sure.

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