Thursday, September 10, 2009

Keyword Chaos: Rerun Edition

Ready or not, here comes Keyword Chaos again!
  • white panty spankings - There's another dumb implement

  • spanko vision - That's exactly what I worry about when we go out right after a spanking and I wonder whether people can somehow discern my tender condition

  • taught to wear panties - Are these classes offered for credit?

  • wet spanking sobbing - You are totally doing this the wrong way

  • baby got back - You better believe it

  • bare ass sorority sisters spanked paddled - The members of the bare ass sorority were popular all over campus

  • bare bottom whippings school girls on parade - I wonder if they had their own float?

  • belt spanking vacation - Now, was this a vacation that featured belt spankings or a vacation from the belt spankings?

  • bikini spank me - I suppose the top might hurt a little if it had underwires

  • bonnie on her back for me - Only in your dreams

  • clean true childhood spanking stories - Oh, yeah. Scientific research. Right.

  • couple in oregon that believes in adult spanking - I think there must be several of those

  • do spankings relax a woman - They can if delievered by someone who knows how

  • drawing procedure of trinidad lotto plus - Keep your day job, dude

  • first choice spanking - Second choice cleaning the bathroom

  • first time I in spankies - WTF?

  • free daddy spanks daughter daily begging him to stop - Incarcerated child abusing daddy daily begging cellmate to stop

  • gangbang boat sex story - I wouldn't want to have to swab the poopdeck after that event

  • great spanking positions - You can have a great spanking in lots of different positions

  • guys that spank on the first date - I warned our daughter to watch out for that type

  • her bottoom spanked - It rhymes with kaboom

  • home mad porn mered sex porn - I don't think I have that here

  • horoscopes who likes spanking - Huh?

  • how do I start to spank my wife - Step one: Talk with her

  • I want to be spanked by my mother & was aroused, where can I talk about this topic - I don't run across many kinky Oedipal incest forums

  • if I spend enough time feeling like rock bottom, will I become it? I must say that the view is tremendous down here and there is comfort knowing that I will not likely sink any lower, that this is as far as it goes. oh, and this emotional scrimmage - Who would have thought of using a search engine as a blog?

  • is it legal to spank your wife - Yes, but only if she gives her consent

  • is spanking a common fantasy? - Take a look around my blogroll and then make up your own mind

  • laboratory utensils black rubber - Kinky geeks are just the best!

  • mideavil spanking movies - Regrettably we have no film from the millenia prior to the invention of the movie camera

  • my bottom hurts when I get spanked - Yes, that happens to me too

  • my smarts bottom - That's blog my

  • nylon slip - Some poor person was searching for lingerie and ended up here instead

  • paddling\spanking games for kids to play online - This is wrong on several levels

  • professional spankologists in new york - If you can take it here, you can take it anywhere

  • skinny bubble butt - That's like jumbo shrimp

  • spanking as an aphrodisiac - It works for us!

  • spanking grown women common in the 50's - It's not exactly unheard of today

  • spanking midget - Definitely need a long-handled implement

  • spanking tryout panties - Once you wear a pair during a spanking, you can't take them back

  • spankings big bad womans - Why Grandma, what a big paddle you have!

  • why is spanking during sex fun - Try it and see for yourself

  • work that rhymes with spanking - flanking, ranking, banking, clanking, franking, cranking, yanking, pranking, tanking, blanking, and of course, wanking

  • bonnie spanks - No, actually I don't

  • how to take a spanking - Wear a ski mask and wait until no one is looking

  • too big for my panties - Do try the next size up

  • tight little asshole - You could have just said that she's a petite, ill-tempered cheapskate

  • backyard spanking - There's nothing better than cooking up a little fun out by the barbeque

  • bare bottom panties - We call those thongs

  • books on playful spanking - I've got hundreds of links, but this guy wants a book

  • caned till it hurts - That would be one stroke, right?

  • carmella soprano oral sex - That might be one way to keep Tony away from the goomahs

  • discipline your wives - Hey, Sultan, get your harem in line

  • do you need a spanking - I'm sure Randy thinks I do

  • easiest spanking position - There's nothing more pathetic than a lazy top

  • electric bottom spanker - See above

  • feminist spanking frequency - Twenty swats per minute should be quite adequate

  • hairbrush spanking yard sale - I can understand wanting to get rid of the dreaded brush, but that's not the right approach

  • halloween costumes using girdles - Be careful cutting the eye holes

  • how to minimize redness from a spanking - Don't get spanked

  • I love my lepard undies - Leppin' lizards!

  • ladies spanking panties - It works a lot better if you spank the panties when someone is wearing them

  • lickcycles - Now there's a mental picture!

  • real homemade spanking - Now with all organic ingredients

  • self spanking in shower - Honey, what on earth happened to my shampoo bottle?

  • sexy supergirl in spanking position - Talk about your buns of steel!

  • spanking faces - No, no, no. Use the other end!

  • spanking using pillows to muffle the sound - A spanking with pillows would be extremely quiet, but wouldn't accomplish much

  • spanks for cheerleading - Ooo yeah bumps, Whack their rumps, Old wood shed, Strap 'em red, Grab your plank, Good hard spank, Cheer one more, Keep 'em sore!

  • underneath my little girl bottom - There be little girl legs perhaps?

  • what kind of girl am I? - Search engine psychology is dicey at best

  • wife spank bonnie - Around here, it's husband spank Bonnie


Anonymous said...


Bonnie, if I get evicted from my apartment because I disturbed my neighbors with howling laughter that went on and on, it's your fault!

Oh my god... this was one of the best yet! :-D

Anonymous said...

See, I'm laughing so hard I forgot to sign my name to the above. -- Erica

Craig Aych said...

God, this is always the best thing ever. Thanks so much for sharing!

Cowgirl said...

Bonnie, thank you!! I really needed that!

OMG, that was hilarious. I'm laughing so hard my stomach hurts and my eyes are watering. It was quite a task not waking up Chase with my outbursts of laughter.

I loved your cheer!!

ronnie said...

Thanks for the laugh Bonnie.

Very good.


Hermione said...


As always, these are wonderful. Just the thing to make us laugh on this sad anniversary.

First choice spankings - In Canada we have a chain of First Choice Haircutters. Could be a spin-off.


Scunge said...

I agree these are the absolute funniest yet! Can't wait to show them to Sir!

Sara said...

Bonnie..laughed my ass off (that would be a travesty and all!)

Very funny! Been a long time lurker...your site has helped me so much, thank you! And now...Im joining the blogging world..well trying to! :D Still so new lol.

Keagen said...


I laughed absolutely FOREVER, which was definitely something I needed. Thank you so much for the humor break.


Cowgirl said...

I'm still laughing! I had to come back and read them again, lol!

Spanky said...

Very funny, as usual! I'm envious of the traffic you get.

I also think "spankologist" would look spiffy on my resume.

Lash said...

I love it! Thanks, Lash

Handsdown said...

Thanks for the laughs, Bonnie. What a scream! And I usually save that for spankings. LOL

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