Sunday, August 16, 2009

Recap: MBS Sunday Brunch for Aug 16

Our topic this time was spices we add to enhance our spanking experiences. Here are your spices.

Hermione: Well, our spankings do happen to be mostly swatting someone's bottom – mine. But in between sets of swats, I get some very nice rubbing, both on my bottom and in more intimate areas. The break is welcome, and it keeps me guessing whether there will be more spanking or if Ron is moving along to another activity. Sometimes, the caressing goes on for so long that I assume the spanking is over, then whack! More swats, and I have to shift mental gears in a hurry. There's never a dull moment during a spanking.

Ms. Cassandra (Sandy) Park: I can't just have a spanking. I need some control, as well. And I do like when Rad punishes me for something "real," like going to bed too late, or, worse, leaving the house late in the morning.

Handsdown: My husband and I are new into this, but the way we actually got started was in the bedroom. He loves anal play – I don't. So, one day I just told him that in order to get what he wanted, he had to spank me until I agreed to it. Let me tell you, I didn’t cave easy, even for a first time. I really don't like anal. My bottom was well reddened before I conceded. It was wonderful for both of us. Afterward, I whispered into his ear, "See, you can get whatever you want, if you spank me hard enough first."

Other than that, we like taking little strolls together down the kitchen gadget isle, and sometimes even in the hardware department for thrills, ideas and toys. It can get the juices flowing, and I don't mean for flipping flapjacks. LOL

Red: Every once in a while, we generate two calendars for the month. These are based on a random number generator service (we use A roll of the dice determines how many days are at risk. Calendars are compared every morning. If both indicate a spanking day, pants go down immediately and then as many times as directed for the day.

If not, oh well... Maybe something else will happen. We do have fun with it. We hope you will too!

Greenwoman: I haven't had only one partner over the years, so there are a variety of approaches shared with me surrounding a spanking. With one of my spanking partners, a spanking was foreplay before moving on to other things. It was a very focused activity. It's all we did until we were done and then we moved on while the heat was in my skin.

With other partners, it was a spice added to Tantra or to normal sex play. Often more than one each time intimacy was shared.

Sometimes, it has included various forms of bondage. Sometimes, it's OTK, which brings a very specific head space to things. Sometimes, there's role playing involved such as Daddy/lil girl stuff.

And sometimes, it's just used to remind me about who is in charge or as a reward for pleasing a partner in some particular way... because I do love spanking. It's a terrific reward for me.

Jean Marie: Role playing for us is very big and came immediately to mind when I read the question. I'm a teacher in real life, so to switch roles and be the naughty student called before the principal is very sexy for me. I've also been the cheerleader punished by the coach, a patient with her doctor, harem girl with pasha, captive wench with a pirate... We've done bondage on occasion and anal play often. We've experimented with ginger figging. Talk about spicy! God, I hate it at the time and love it afterward.

Maryann: A lot of our spanking play happens verbally as we are long distance from each other. I act sassy and get in trouble a lot between visits. Then I pay the piper when he arrives. Yikes!

Ronnie: Spanking, like many enjoyable pursuits including sex, has an obvious repetitive aspect. This is especially true in long term relationships and it does take a bit of thought from both sides to keep it fun.

I like the change of location, especially on trips, or a change of implement or how it's applied. Best of all, I like the real situation spankings when they occur naturally, not just as starters or desserts with other hanky panky. Or should that be spanky?

Luna: Master likes to make me count, and while I've not done it yet, I'm afraid of the 'Chicago count'. For those that don't know, that's keeping a count on each cheek, so if your Top switches you have to remember the count separately. Ugh.

Master's favorite technique to spice things up is the smack and pinch. After each set of spanks he pinches or scratches my ass. It's quite a strong sensation.

Heartzlady: His hand landing on my bottom is just the beginning of a spanking for us. Between us, we have a lot of implements in our 'war chests' and at least three or four get used each time. When he just dumps them all on the foot of the bed, I know things are about to get very ouchy on my end (pun fully intended LOL)!

His hand always opens and ends a spanking... and sometimes more than that. ;)

Lu: My partner and I are rather new to this, but we are very open with each other about what we like. For us, it is strictly erotic at this point. We are also long distance, so we get each other pretty worked up, by texts mostly, right before we see each other. We share different scenarios and he always promises that he has something in store for me. That in itself is a great precursor.

One of our favorite things seems to be dress up. For example, the last time he was in town, I put on a fashion show for him, complete with roller skates. There was great music, pictures, and short skirts. I saved his favorite outfit for last (I knew he would pick it) and yes, as soon as I emerged, it took about three minutes and he ready to spank my bottom... which he did. It was fabulous fun. We like dress up and occasionally look for new outfits. I am sure this will eventually lead to more elaborate role play. But like I said, we are new to this. We really just try to have fun with it and tease each other as much as possible. That drives us both wild!

Welcome, Lu, and thanks for sharing your experiences. They sound like great fun.

Marie: Max always holds me the same way and lifts me onto his lap for a hug afterward, whether it was punishment or just plain fun. And before I get over his lap, he always reaches out to take my left wrist to "help" me over. Little things like that make a spanking from him different from a spanking from others.

It's great to see you again, Marie. I'm glad you're back!

Bonnie: When it comes to spanking, Randy has more spices than a gourmet convention. He delights in mixing things up and doing what I least expect. Most of the time, I love his surprises. Even when I don't, we usually get a laugh.

Here are ten kinds of spice we enjoy with our spankings.
  1. Roleplay / dress up

  2. Restraint

  3. New locations or situations

  4. Varying positions

  5. New toys / pervertables

  6. Altering the sequence / intensity

  7. The spanker's running commentary

  8. Counting / concentration games

  9. Water / oils / lotions

  10. Do I even need to say it? Lovemaking!

These are the spices that make a hot spanking even hotter for us.

Thank you to everyone who shared their favorite spices. There are plenty of great ideas worth trying at home. I hope to see you all again next weekend.


Tiggs said...

I got here too late to contribute this weekend! Poor me! LOL!

But I can confidently attest to us using all you've mentioned here and more! Dante's a very spicey kind of guy! And an even spicier alpha male! Lucky for me!!!!

Handsdown said...

Thank you all for the wonderful ideas. I can see we have to start collecting implements. We've already been sharing our desires in that area. That role play dress-up/role play stuff really sounds fun to me, Bonnie.
Again, thanks to all.

Daisychain said...

Yup, I was late too... but I have read everyones comments and although we haven't had time in our limited visits to try them all out, rest assured, we will!
The main "spice" for me, is the change in his becomes much deeper and so stern and matter of fact...sends shivers right thro me! He usually lectures right thro a mixed with the stinging smacks, is the tremors in my body from the voice...sooo sexy!!!

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