Sunday, May 10, 2009

Recap: MBS Sunday Brunch for May 10

I hope everyone enjoyed a peaceful and joyous Mother’s Day. Our topic was favorite spanking films. Here are your thoughts.

Hermione: A movie called "If..." starring Malcolm MacDowell came out in the early 70s. It takes place in a boys' private school, and there is a very realistic caning scene that's worth watching. The three boys being caned by the prefects are all older teens - not children - and they are taken into the gymnasium one by one and given six strokes each. All except Malcolm, who gets about twice that number. The three victims get their revenge in the end (of the movie, that is).

Daisy: I have never seen any actual movies... not even "Secretary!"

I have seen some spanking clips, but they usually seem very, ummm... contrived. These clips have NEVER tempted me to buy the full length version! So I can't help, sorry!

PK: It may be an oldie-goldie, but I have always loved "McLintock." It has humor, anticipation, and John Wayne as the spanker. What's not to like?

Zille Defeu: I love "McLintock!" There is no real reason for that spanking. They just wanted to work it in somehow!

My Master suggests that "Young Winston" has "a certain amount of brutal caning."

YouTube has an excellent collection of clips of spankings scenes from movies from the 20's, 30's, through the 90's...

But there is nothing like "Secretary," when it comes to spanking. I hope it inspires more movies!

Spanker R: I always like the scene in "Tank" where Jenilee Harrison gets spanked with a belt. The southern sheriff wearing the big white hat make a good authority figure. Nothing is really shown on camera, but in 1984, my imagination was pretty good.

Meow: Here’s an old, old movie: "Reap the Wild Wind." Ray Milland spanks a feisty Paulette Goddard (I think). Plus, it has a giant octopus. I love movies with a giant octopus in them!

Jean Marie: I think the movie is named, "Live, Nude Girls," and in it, Dana Delaney is bent over a table, her skirt is raised, and her (or a body double's) pantied bottom is hand spanked by a Godfather-like character in front of a lot of Mafia-types. Gary Marshall plays the don. She enjoys it.

In "Exit to Eden," S & M is foolishly depicted. Dana Delaney plays the head dominatrix wearing leather harnesses.

It all made me wonder if spanking was a criteria for Dana to choose her film roles. It all made me want to meet her.

I've never seen spanking wonderfully portrayed on a major film. I soooo want to.

Graham: There's a brief paddling scene in "Dead Poet's Society," and there's also lots of paddling in "Dazed and Confused," but it's as hazing rather than discipline. Those are both M/M. For M/F, there's a really cute scene in the Czech film "Cutting It Short" where a beautiful woman is spanked by her husband in front of a group of onlookers.

Prefectdt: I recall a film called “Walk All Over Me.” I can't remember whether there was any actual spanking in it and it was not that brilliant a film. It was OK in a "It's a rainy Sunday afternoon and there is nothing better to do" kind of way, but it was by no means a movie milestone. I recommend this one because it is about people who happen to be kinksters having an adventure (being caught up in the hunt for a criminal’s money) rather than concentrating on the kink alone. It was kind of refreshing to see a mainstream film that showed kinksters as people who have other concerns (real people at the end of the day) rather than just a bunch of weirdos, dribbling from the corners of their mouths, who cannot concentrate on anything else. If only a capable studio team, with a nice big budget, would make another film following this pattern.

Dr. Ken: Most mainstream spanking scenes are so short that it's hard for me to recommend any of them! "McLintock," of course, comes to mind with the two spanking scenes. I also like the spanking scene in the old movie, "Look For The Silever Lining."

Perhaps the best bet would be to buy the "Cinema Swats" series of DVDs. The clips are of mainstream movie spankings – without having to sit through the movies to see them. On the internet, I'm very partial to the videos that the "Punished Brats" site posts.

Kate: I think the title of the movie might be “Heaven Help Us” or something to that effect. Donald Sutherland is a priest brother and Matt Dillon, Mary Stuart Masterson, and few others of that time period are in it. It’s boys Catholic school stuff. ‘Nuff said.

Fanny: There is a video called "The List" that is available to download for free at a blog called Marks and Stripes. Even though it is an amateur video, Hubs and I think that it is very good.

Anon: The music video "Hear My Name" depicts two singers who take men and women over their knees and spank them across the seat of their skirts, dresses, pants, panties and underpants. You can view it on YouTube.

Todd and Suzy: “McLintock” is a classic. You can't go wrong with that one. “Tank” is a favorite too. The show Californication also has a great spanking scene in it. If you want to see *spanking* though, I’m not sure watching an entire movie is worth the effort, no matter how good the spanking.

There are several excellent spanking video companies. Punished Brats is a good site with somewhat lighter and more playful spankings. Firm Hand is a nice middle ground... and then as the name suggests, you can find harder spankings at Dallas Spanks Hard (though certainly not mean or brutal).

You can also check out Cinema Swats ( which offers DVDs with several dozen spankings scenes from mainstream movies and TV.

Jim: Here are some favourites of mine:

“Frank & I” – A severe caning is administered to the seat of a beautiful woman, dressed as a boy.

“Fetishes” – This documentary is set in a NYC BDSM establishment. There is a wonderful scene where the lovely Maria Beatty is soundly caned across her scantily clad bottom.

The above-mentioned Ms Beatty's film, “The Elegant Spanking,” is worth checking out too.

Cheryl: One of my favorite spanking scenes (sorry... I can't seem to pick an absolute favorite) is "Look For The Silver Lining,” in which the very handsome George McRae spanks the gorgeous June Haver (Mrs. Fred McMurray). The set up is good and the scene is cute and realistic.

I also like "Blue Hawaii", where Elvis spanks the bratty Jenny Maxwell. It’s a classic.

Bonnie: There are many fine suggestions here, but in terms of mainstream films, I still have yet to see the perfect spanking portrayal. “Secretary” is probably the closest, but I have issues with Lee’s depiction as a fragile, recently released mental patient. This characterization seems to suggest that a normal, healthy woman wouldn’t enjoy an erotic spanking. We know that is simply not the case.

If there are any budding screenwriters or film makers out there who are also spankos, I challenge you to show our kink as it really is. It’s not weird or exotic. It’s just a fun expression of love (or at least lust!) between two capable, complex, three-dimensional adults.

If we step over into specialty films, there are lots of good ones, including those mentioned here. Shadow Lane has been a pioneer in terms of creating spanking stories that are appropriate for couples to watch together. Punished Brats, Real Spankings, and Dallas Spanks Hard also seem to do a nice job, although their themes tend to be primarily disciplinary.

Thank for all of the excellent suggestions, and we hope to see you again next week!


Anonymous said...

on youtube, there is another music video. it is called, Go. It is by MassManx. About 4 minutes of clips of movie and cartoon spankings set to music. Well worth watching.

Val said...

Lady Jane is hard to miss.

Chross said...

You might see all of the mentioned movies online for free at


A'marie said...

Thank you for raising those issues. They portray Lee as practically incapable of taking care of herself. I don't know any kinky women like that, most of them are very strong-willed.

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