Sunday, February 22, 2009

Recap: MBS Sunday Brunch for Feb 22

Our topic of the week was the video recording of spanking sessions. As I had hoped, this subject generated a wonderful variety of responses.

Dragon Mage: Luvbunny and I have video recorded a few of our spanking sessions. At first, it was strange (I really don't like to see myself on the video, and luvbunny didn't either), but watching the video together can be very erotic.

We have shared a couple of the videos with some close friends, but we are rather careful who else gets to see them.

Daisychain: No, I have never been video recorded during a spanking. However, this is something we have talked of doing. We have agreed that IF we do, it will be for our eyes only... STRICTLY for our eyes only. We have both thought it could be quite sexy to watch it over again, but we would both feel very uncomfortable for anyone else to see it.

Irelynn: Being a spanking model, my views on this don't actually count! I didn't film any spankings before I started modeling though. I think I was mainly worried about privacy, since I didn't have a regular play partner that I could trust not to go public with the film.

I always wanted to be a "big screen" actress though. If only I were a bit more gifted in that department, I could have been the next Kate Winslet. ;-)

Of course your views count! Half the fun of brunch is hearing all of the different perspectives. As for talent, it’s all relative. Oscar or no Oscar, I’ll bet Kate Winslet can’t take a decent spanking.

Lil Sam: I have often thought that being video recorded while being spanked would be exciting and a real turn on. I have often fantasized about my very first adult spanking (if that ever happens) being video recorded. It would, of course, be just for my beloved partner (when I find one) and me to see. I really don't think I would want anyone else to see it.

Soma: I have had a video taped spanking that was actually part of my punishment. My spanker said he was going to record part of my next spanking and then would have me watch it as part of my punishment. It definitely was effective in making me feel a bit embarrassed and getting his point across. Though I was a little uncomfortable about being recorded and even more so being made to watch it later, I trusted him and was fine with him doing that. It was definitely effective to have me watch and I agree that it is another good form of discipline. The recording is not something I think I would normally ever agree to, but I trusted him. Plus, he made sure it never showed either of our faces and he said I could keep the tape. We erased it once it served its purpose, though I'm sure if he felt it was a good idea, we'd do the recording thing again.

Jean Marie: My lover suggested that we film a spanking session about half a year ago. I was game for it, but wanted the "actress" experience, so I dressed-up as a cheerleader. He set up a tripod, and we role played. It was even more fun knowing that it was being taped, but when we watched it afterward, the tape was so static, being stationary, that it didn't capture the thrill I felt inside. So my lover took the camera in his left hand and spanked me right-handed. The camera shook with every swat. (I think in Hollywood they have some kind of shock-absorbers on hand-held cameras).

Ever since, I've had a fantasy of inviting a girlfriend over to film us. In my mind, it's super sexy to think of her watching me take a good, hard spanking, getting turned-on, and joining us for a three-way love-making session after the shoot. But all of this is just a fantasy. I could never live that out in real life. But I think about it a lot!

Prefectdt: No, I have never participated in the video recording of a spanking.

Yes, I would like to have a spanking videoed. First, to satisfy my own curiosity as to what it looks like when I am under the lash. Secondly, I would like to post a couple of amateur clips, of one of my plays, on the blog and see how that goes down with the readers.

Roguebfl: The closest I've come is one or two "directed" spankings via webcam when my partner and I were far apart.

They could have been recorded.

I would love to have a spanking recorded, so that I could watch from the point of view of a witness

Jay: I have never been filmed during a spanking, but it would be cool. I'm not really a shy person, so I would have no problem with being filmed or even do a proper spanking film.

If I can put pictures of my battered butt on my blog, it’s only one more step to moving pictures, right?

This Girl: I did some spanking modeling stuff a few years ago. Prior to doing it, I thought that it all might feel a bit clinical, like it was more for the audience than the people taking part, or that I might have to fake things to make it look good.

But it turned out to be not like that. It was just a lot of fun with the added bonus of showing off a bit! I suppose it depends on the circumstances. I think if it’s filmed by someone who wants to portray a realistic and fun spanking, then it’s going to be good fun and brilliant all round. But I guess there are also people out there doing it only for commercial reasons. I guess if it was for that reason only, I wouldn’t enjoy it so much. Like any form of BDSM, it has to be fun. There’s no point otherwise.

I suppose there are concerns when doing stuff that you know other people are going to see. I feel this same way about pictures on my blog. I wonder whether people might think negative things about my body when there are far hotter people out there or they might think I'm kidding myself that I should be doing it. But, mostly, I've only played with people who make me feel good about myself. I wouldn't let anyone capture anything on photo or film if the people involved were making me feel worthless or ugly.

Penfold: Like Soma, Bear has also recorded one of our DD spankings. I found it really embarrassing to have the camera on my peach and the rest of me. For that fact, it made for a rather interesting DD session. But unlike Soma, I have yet to watch it (although Bear tells me that it is a very good watch). I hate watching myself, and haven’t had the courage to watch this yet. But Bear told me that if I don’t watch it soon, there might be trouble... EEEEPPPP!

Anon: I have often fantasized about what it would be like to have a spanking recorded on video. I would be curious to just to see what I look like in that situation. But in the end, I think I'm just too shy, and I have no doubt that my husband would never agree on that. He agreed to spank me ever so often, but taping it is just taking it a step too far for him. Maybe one day we will and, if so, it will be strictly private. So, for now, I'll just enjoy clips of others brave enough to do that.

Tiggs: I've only had one video recorded of me being spanked... It was by Dante, of course, and it was a punishment spanking. The video was meant to be part of the punishment. It definitely added to the angst of the spanking. There were lots more nerves on my end.

But afterwards, it was interesting that I wanted to replay it and Dante didn't even want to look at it. He got rid of it after replaying it the one time for me. But I really, really liked it, in a way that kind of scared me at the time.

Now, though, I don't feel nearly as pretty or attractive as I once did (not that I ever saw myself as gorgeous or anything even close before). There's no interest at all on my end these days to video tape it. It's for me and Dante's pleasure alone!

Ms. Betty: I did that once, for the express purpose of showing it to the members of my Yahoo groups.

I don't think I'd do it again, though. Correction, I would not do it the way we did it.

I didn't mind being on film or having others see it, but since it was just the two of us we ended up managing the camera ourselves and I found that distracting. When I spank, I like to have all of my attention focused on the task at hand, rather than divided between "am I swatting hard enough" and "is the camera staying on?"

I didn't much care for the headaches of preparing the video for web use, either. Technology is not Ms. Betty's strong suit. It came out grainy and a bit warped looking.

So I can't say I wouldn't do it again, but I can say I'd only do it if someone else (not the bottom) were handling the technical aspects.

Our Bottoms Burn: We were early adopters of the VCR camera, so we have some "ancient" recordings from that era. We also have a few modern digital recordings. Sometimes, we like to see how we were.


Never have. Never would.
No way. No how.

Zille Defeu: Being another adult model, I get to help skew the results! ;)

Obviously, I've made a number of videos in which I've been spanked or flogged or what-have-you. I've also done any number of them where I was the spanker! I know -- strange to consider, huh? But I think that being a spanking bottom most of the time, I can dish out a very satisfactory spanking when the need calls for it! ;)

They were all very good experiences, except for one video I did where the producer/director did not respect me at all. I had to really fight for my rights as a model and "bottom." (This is actually one of the videos that is out there on the internet. I won't say which, but I will note that the producer was *female*, which will probably come as a surprise to most people!)

Most recently, I did a spanking video in Australia (how cool is that?!) and that was pretty much the most fun you can have without actually exploding from pleasure!

I'm really looking forward to doing some more spanking videos, both for my own blog, and for spanking sites. But I have a long career of making adult content (photo and video) behind me, and I really am trying to focus more on *being a photographer* nowadays!

Bonnie: I believe I’ve told this story before, so I will endeavor to be brief (just this once).

Some years ago, Randy decided that he wanted to video tape (yes, it was a LONG time ago) one of our spanking sessions. I was reluctant, but in his charming way, he convinced me to try it. He set up a borrowed camera on a tripod, pulled me over his lap, and proceeded to deliver a well executed bottom whacking. Once we got into it, I almost forgot about the camera.

Later that evening, he asked if I wanted to watch myself. Those words sent a shiver through me. As so often happens in the world of spanking, anticipation, worry, eagerness, and dread get all mixed up together. We played the tape on our television in the den after our daughter was safely asleep.

I was immediately aghast! I thought we would be watching a spanking. What I saw instead looked like gyno-cam! That thing was pointed right into my privates with gigantic jiggling butt cheeks situated on either side. It looked like cheap porn. All it needed was some corny dialogue and a watery sound track. To me, the spanking seemed almost secondary. Having Randy tell me how beautiful I looked didn’t help at all.

Randy assures me that tape no longer exists, but I wouldn’t be at all surprised to learn the video survived in some electronic format. In any case, I think our film careers are over.

Padme Amidala: I have participated in several video recordings of my spankings. We shared a few short videos of a few spankings on our blog, Journey to the Darkside. We have shared them with many friends and our readers.

I think it's fun to have a recording of the spanking so I can watch it and remember what it was like. :)

Thanks to everyone who contributed to this week’s brunch. I hope you will join us again next time.


Daisychain said...

Bonnie, I know what you mean... I don't like pictures where the spankees naughty bits are showing! The bottom, fine; but not anything else! It detracts from the whole spanking thing, and focuses it on the sexual ... and, I know spanking turns us on, but I am NOT turned on by the sight of another persons privates!!!! They need to learn a LITTLE subtlety, and leave such things to the imagination! Hugs, xxx

Graham said...

: ) these were fun stories.

Bonnie, I've started a blog of my own and would like your permission to add your link to my blogroll, if that's okay! (Would've emailed, but experiencing some technical difficulties at the moment.)


padme amidala said...

Hi bonnie,
I left a comment for your brunch but didn't see it in the recap.
Great brunch question this week!

Bonnie said...

Daisy - I don't care for that perspective in spanking pictures and videos, but it's much worse when it's ME!

Graham - Hi! I just checked out your blog and recognize what a long road you've traveled to get to this point. You are always welcome here, and you don't have to say that word out loud if you don't want.

Of course you may link me. I just returned the favor.

Padme - Ack! Sorry about that. I fixed it.

Dante d'Amore said...

Great answers as always but damn, did you have to post such a great pizza picture? It's after 10 and the local pizza shop is closed (those heartless bastards!) :)

Thomas_III said...

Pity that I didn't get a chance to comment on this week's brunch. As anyone who's been to my or Cookie's blogs would know, I've videotaped several spanking sessions that I've had with her, as well as videos with Mia Moon, Kate James, and Leelee (from SOS). Obviously, I have little shame when it comes to spanking, and actually desire to someday be in real spanking videos. Maybe, someday....

Anonymous said...

Ms M is very protective of clients and any cameras are 100% verboten and confiscated. Just bringing a camera phone can result in banishment. But I would like to know if enthusiasts prefer the image to be their faces or bottoms. I think I would prefer faces, because the other could be anyone.
~ MissyH

Anonymous said...

I think Kate Winslet could take a spanking...or I hope she fun to find out...tehehe.

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