Sunday, May 04, 2008

Recap: MBS Sunday Brunch for May 4

Our topic for the week was hanging spanking implements on the wall. Here are your insightful responses.

Michelle: I think part of what excites me about spanking is the secrecy of it. So I don't think I would hang up obvious implements. Not to mention, I already get so distracted by spanking that I don't get my work done (earning me another spanking LOL) So with it on the wall, I don't know how I'd get on. LOL Oh, and finally, by sparing use, I get more excited. So having them on the wall may be over the top (OTT, if you will).

However, temporarily hanging them on the wall for play could be intriguingly sexy. :-)

River: If I didn't have children at home, I think it would be really cool to have a wall full of implements, sort of like in a “dungeon!” We do keep the bath brush on top of the entertainment center in the living room, high enough that people don't see it unless they're looking for it. And my Husband almost always wears his belt, so that is like a constant reminder to be a brat. Oh, I meant to be good ;)

Thomas: While I don't have any spanking implements adorning my walls, I do have several spanking pictures on the wall over my computer desk. Fortunately, Cookie's kids never (or rarely) see this room when they come over. I'm pretty sure that they know what Mommy and "Dad" do in private, but there’s no reason to flaunt it to children.

I do have some "pervertables" in certain parts of the house that can be quickly acquired for a bottom warming. I also have spanking-related bumper stickers on my car, spanking shirts and hats that I wear, and even games that have spanking themes. Except for the children, I really do little to hide my spanking kink.

Blushing Bride: We don't have any implements on the walls either. We do have a selection of magnets that are in the laundry room, on the washer and dryer. The laundry's upstairs and few guests ever come up, so it is our little secret, and does make the mundane chore of laundry just a little more interesting.

We'd thought of putting them on the fridge, but too many friends and family just drop by and make themselves at home in the kitchen. They would definitely be noticed there.

Danielle: Without kids at home it's a pleasure to have a reminder for bad behavior on the walls. In the hallway, there's a 'quite innocent' one, a clothes brush, that has a nasty impact. In the bedroom, we have two. There’s a paddle with my name, our very first implement, and a birch as decoration. It was used once, but it’s now too dried out.

Paul: I have no implements on display, but there are a number of spanking novels and short stories in the bookcases. There are also a couple of classic pictures with a spanking theme that Mel gave me.

Dr. Ken: I have nothing on the walls. The majority of my toys are in a travel bag that is kept in my closet. A select few never make it out of my carry-on bag for those trips to Chicago or Texas or wherever...

There are a few wooden spoons by the stove, but they're pretty lightweight and are only used for cooking.

This Girl: We have a room dedicated to our kink, so everything is readily at hand. Yes, it would be different if we had kids or family near enough to visit! It would take too long to drag everything out each time we want to play. So it’s just how we are and the ambience of it is a lot of fun :)

Mike: Displayed in our kitchen have some wooden spoons and spatulas that have all been used for spanking on more than one occasion, but it all looks mundane.

Other than those, everything is put away, including the couple of hairbrushes in the bedroom. Since we only use them for spanking, we don't keep out for everyday use (hmm, now that I think about, that's a shame really).

K: We keep all of our toys in a chest that is used as a nightstand. It has a leather skirt draped over it with an alarm clock on top to deter nosy, ahem, curious relatives. For a while, the red suede flogger I made was hanging from the chandelier in the dining room. Hubby thought it was nice to look at and handy to have hanging nearby. Once it was brought to the bedroom to use properly, it joined the other toys in the chest. It matches the color scheme in our room, though, so it may get a permanent display spot when we finish the decorating.

Luna: We had things on the walls in the bedroom for the longest time. But one day we took them down and put them into the play bag. I think Master got tired of having to take them down each time we knew the landlord would be in the apartment for repairs.

I still have one up. It's decorative really. The first one I made to just see if they were possible to make out of almost anything. It's silk cord and is pretty, but does absolutely nothing.

We dream of having a play space in our next apartment and are tossing the idea around again. Should we have a toy cupboard or just hang them on the wall? We don't know.

Emmy: I feel like I should speak for my whole gaggle of girls living in the spanko roomie apartment. Yes, we have a paddle adorning our walls! We call it our house paddle and it was made by Dixie's buddy GD.

It hangs by a decorative ribbon, the color of which depends upon whether I need it for my hair. Its purpose is really to just hang there and looks pretty. Only a handful of our Tops have actually really used it. They found it to hard to retie that ribbon and hang it back up, so it started to look sloppy.

We made a rule, "If you can't retie the ribbon, you're not allowed to remove the spanking implement."

Right now, the paddle isn't there. We had some vanillas in our house one day and we have yet to remove the picture frame and replace our paddle. That’s only because we've been so busy!

Elle: We don't live together, but everyone (all of our friends, that is) knows about our kinks anyway. We have no reason to hide anything. Due to flat sharing, only our bedrooms reveal our tastes. I'm neurotically tidy and everything that can be put in a drawer in my room, stays in a drawer. Round at his, it's a different story and there are spanking implements and bondage gear EVERYWHERE. In fact, he doesn't even keep it to the bedroom, and his flatmates have requested more than once that I make sure things are removed from the living room... *cringes*

Brennus: There’s nothing actually adorning the walls, but there are items secreted throughout the house, ready for those spur of the moment events. Of course, there are pervertables everywhere, including some outside of the house.

Raheretic: It is interesting this would come up now. Just about four weeks ago, we were looking at one of our more artful paddles manufactured by The Toy Bag and decided it was such a work of art that we would hang it on our living room wall. It is a beautiful and colorful piece dubbed "The Last Resort." It is constructed of laminated bloodwood and zircote woods. We hung it on the wall right beside the sliding doors that exit onto our patio. It is beautiful there. It is just "designy" and colorful enough to appear an interesting art piece to vanillas we have in. It is, on the other hand, quite obviously a very deluxe spanking paddle to those of our acquaintance who share our sensual erotic orientation.

Today my two children (now 19 and 24) have initiated a visit here to commemorate my 59th birthday. It will be an interesting test to see if its presence in our room decor will arouse any curiosity on their parts. I'm betting not.

So, yes we have just recently hung one of our most deluxe spanking paddles in a place of prominence in our living room decor, and we enjoy the "hiding in plain sight" aspect of having it right out there without being overtly in the face of those who might be offended by it. It is very similar to the way we deal with our alternative lifestyle... that "hiding in plain sight" process.

Happy birthday, Tom!

Dragon Mage: We do not have any hanging on the walls (visible to daughters who are pretty curious anyway), but the paddle hairbrush I gave luvbunny for Christmas stays on the headboard of Our bed.

We plan to have a play room when We finally move from this apartment into another house, and will likely have things hung up there.

Hermione: We have a couple of canes leaning against the wall by the front door that make me shiver each time I see them.

In my husband's study, the dressage whip and a bamboo shoehorn adorn the walls, and in mine, there's a special rack with pegs for hanging a selection of toys. Above my desk, I have hung a miniature flogger and set of thumbcuffs - both actually keychains - and a tiny hairbrush, for inspiration.

The only implement on display in the bedroom is the dogging bat, which enjoys pride of place hanging from the bedpost.

Jo Lee: For us, with kids, a nanny, a house cleaner and family traipsing through, we are probably deluding ourselves when we think that no one knows. So probably the real reason why everything is hidden away in bedside drawers is that we have only collected a few toys so far and they fit in the space provided. My next plan, though, is to add a wall-hanging unit behind the clothes in our closet. It’s out of obvious sight, but not out of mind.

Papa Woodie: We have several items on our walls. It seems natural and normal to be surrounded by the things you love. It’s comforting and endearing to look up and be reminded....

As to whether there is anything 'wrong' with it... Well, we love sailing and beaches and sunsets and living on the water, and we feel no qualms personalizing our space with beautiful pictures or boat models or seashells... These are the things that make us happy and enrich our lives. And we can't imagine being without them. They brighten our hearts and give us so much more to look forward to...

My beloved Ka adds "they provide fond memories and hopes for our future!" A couple of years ago, I finally learned how to braid leather in the round (as opposed to flat plaits). I've made several nice short leather whips and a couple of fun floggers this way. They all are proudly hung in our living room.

I've also made some beautiful wooden paddles and some very well loved (and often used) leather straps and thick leather paddles. I've also bought several 'vintage' riding crops (eBay !) that look great in a grouping. There's also a wonderfully colorful spanking picture, nicely framed hanging by our front door. All are on full display in our house, either on the walls, or conveniently handy on the top of the sofa table.

Folks who have seen them, if they make a comment, are most likely to remark on the workmanship, the natural beauty, or the uniqueness of the items. So far, we've had no 'negative' reactions...

My beloved also publicly wears her symbols of surrender proudly. I braided her a small leather bracelet and a subtle necklace that remind her of the love and freedom and security she finds in our relationship, as she places herself 'in my hands'. It’s an honor and a precious gift that I hold most dear...

Our Bottoms Burn: Being empty nesters, we often leave toys out. Open our walk-in closet and you will find the more serious paddles that do not fit in our toy drawer. Look in a spare bedroom and you will see a kneeling bench. I note our floggers were left out in our bedroom, so I know our daughter saw them when she spent the night here while we were gone. Oh well, she has known about us since she was young.

To the specific question, yes, we have small paddle in the kitchen we bought in Minnesota that has a moose painted on it. My does it sting.

Our motor home has a small boat paddle decorated with trout hanging from one cabinet. It also gets good use.

Michael: We have no spanking implements on the walls, but plenty readily available along with some pervertables on hand.

Prefectdt: It’s not a spanking implement per se, but there is a large soup ladle that was once used as a prop when re-creating a scene from "Oliver Twist" hanging on the wall (except in that version the Beadle was female). Some vanilla friends have wondered why it is hanging in the living room rather than the kitchen.

Me (with bowl in hand): "Please, Miss, can I have some more?"
The Beadle: "More boy! You want more?"

Thanks to everyone who shared their thoughts on the topic of hanging toys on the wall. If you noticed that I didn't answer the question, fear not. My response is coming in an upcoming post.


Anonymous said...

No, not on the wall, would spoil the decor, but there are so many ordinary items around the house, which have or may visit my bottom, and give me a thrill each time I see them. Upstairs; brushes, hair clothes or bath can give a mean sting, D's selection of leather belts, his slipper, noisy but nice, but his rubber tennis shoe, very ouchy indeed. Down stairs, plastic or wood rulers, a dog lead, coal shovel ( as used in Maclintock). Kitchen; wooden spoons( hug one's cheek), spatulas, a thick wood cheese board, really a heavy paddle. Outside; plenty of garden shrubs to cut a stingy switch, or my very least favourite, a bunch of stinging nettles, which leave me with a burning smarting centre section for ages, those stinging tips, getting into all sorts of sensetive spots !
So why bother with special implements on display, when there ars so many bottom smarters around the house anyway. Susan.

ZED & ginger said...

I missed this survey! :(

Actually, Zed and I found two paddle shaped...well, paddles, that are meant for kitchen decor that have recipes written on them. They are hanging in our kitchen, for this very reason - because they are mock spanking implements.

Then the large oval hairbrush and bathbrush in the bathroom. Innocent items that are exactly where they belong. :)


hbs sports said...

There can be items at the work place even. Though that could be another write up I am sure.

Bonnie, did you ever get my messages?

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