Sunday, May 11, 2008

MBS Spanko Brunch #121

Happy Mother's Day to all of our mothers! It's a difficult job sometimes, but it can also be a very satisfying one.

Our excellent question du jour was submitted by our friend, Terpsichore.

Do regular spankings satisfy a craving or merely heighten it?

I invite you to participate in our discussion by adding a comment below. Once everyone has offered their opinions, I'll post an edited summary.

A special note to lurkers, newbies, and otherwise silent readers: If you're inclined to peek your head out and share your thoughts, this would be a fine day to do so. We'll be nice. I promise!


Curtis said...

For me (and perhaps for many) spanking is at the core of my sexuality. And unless something gos wrong with my sexual functioning, spankings both satisfy a natural craving and increase the desire for more -- in my case whether I am giving or getting. That does not mean I want more severity or intensity, just always more frequency.

sara said...

Bonnie, Happy Mother's Day!

IMO, of they do not satisfy the craving, someone is doing something wrong!

G said...

As one who gives, I'd have to say that giving a good spanking regularly satisfies the craving at the time, but it's temporary.

It's like the clean feeling you get when you take a shower. Feels good, but sooner or later, you're going to want another.

I don't think it heightens it, it just temporary relieves the itch.

Have I mixed enough metaphors? :-)

hbs sports said...

Happy Mother's Day Bonnie

Do you need a good spanking??

Thomas_III said...

While a spanking can satisfy the craving for a little bit, it ultimately is like any other addiction, and any that you indulge in will ultimately urge you forward to get the next hit. In my case, I might be giving spankings daily, but it will eventually not be enough for me, and I'll need something bigger to satisfy the need, like a spanking party or a more intense session. For a brief amount of time after such a heavy dose, I'll be sated (during which times my creative juices flow the most readily), but I'll eventually get back to a point where I need that dosage, again.

Anna said...

What was the question? Sorry, I'm a bit distracted by the picture of the key lime pie.

Sadly, I'm not getting any spankings right now, but when I am they do both, temporarily satiate, and then the fires are burning brighter than ever.

*adding "key lime pie" to my grocery list*

Lucy said...

Spankings initially satisfy my craving, but once the sting wears off I'm ready for more. I think that if I were spanked harder and longer than I'm accustomed to it might take a while for the craving to return. I currently haven't been spanked in nine months and counting so I'm definitely craving one.

Dr. Ken said...

Speaking for myself, this one is pretty basic: Going without is what heightens the desire, and being able to give in and indulge is what satisfies the craving. I wish I did have someone to spank on a regular basis....

Dr. Ken

flamehand said...

As a spankee for several years I would say that giving regular spankings does satify a craving but also it hieghts the craving for the next one. Maybe its because I have been lucky in all my relationships with spankees, who have been great company, good fun and a very spankable backside

Daisy said...

Oh, yes, it does I am being spanked, it definitely satisfies the craving; even cures me of the craving, makes me wonder why the hell I wanted it!!!
But, an hour or so later, I am looking for ways to cause

jam said...

Happy Mother's Day to every mother who visits my bottom smarts. i always want more after i've been spanked. today i will be spanked as it's my birthday.

Your Sweetheart said...

Being spanked almost always satisfies a craving - Even experiencing the anticipation and going through the ritual of my discipline prior to being spanked is all a part of the craving.

Afterwards I feel very content/ energised and settled and loved, depending on the nature of the spanking ( and glowing too, in various forms! )

This can sometimes lead to a melancholic longing for wishing it could happen more often, so in some ways this could be deemed as heightening my desire for it. But rather than drawing attention to what it is that I love so much but am not getting enough of, I like to / try to experience it as something that I am lucky to have found at all!

Paul said...

Bonnie, happy mothers day.
All the spankee's that I have known always need more.
I must admit that spanking my girl was something I never really tired of. After nearly fourteen years I still crave the feel.
Warm hugs,

Anonymous said...

I find that getting a good spanking should leave me squirming and aroused...but always still in eager anticipation of the next one. I've had previous relationships, if you could even call them that, where I was getting far more or far less than I wanted or needed and believe me, there's a happy balance to be achieved!

For me, as a spanker, it's a "heat of the moment" thing, and whilst I enjoy making him cringe with the build-up, there is not the same level of "can't wait to do that again". Much as I love give it to him, it's not as much of a craving.


Maryann said...

I don't know whether they satisfy or intensify desire, but I can tell you that not having one is driving me nuts. About a month ago my gorgeous hunk of man gave me several friendly swats that sang on my seat for an hour or so after and I found I wanted more! Lots more! So, I began researching and found your site. Thanks, Bonnie! I'm going to have to wait another two weeks for my first real spanking because we won't have enough privacy until then. Meanwhile, he is busy making implements. I keep teasing him about it. Can we just start with your hand, please? He is into it, so I bet I'll be in for it! Meanwhile, not having one is definitely increasing my desire and my anxiety.
Thanks for such a helpful, friendly blog.

Brennus said...

Happy Mothers Day to all the wonderful Mothers on this list, may you get or give a grand spanking today!

What a great question.

Spanking, as Curtis said is part and parcel of my sexual being. So until my sex drive grinds to a halt, I imagine that I will crave giving spankings. The craving may be satisfied albeit temporarily, but all it takes is a cute spankable bottom to come into view or a bratty cue to set me off yet again.


Terpsichore said...

Fun to hear everyone's answer's...I crave being spanked, right now in fact...but since we are progressing slowly I was curious when I start receiving spankings whether I will just want more or if I will be satisfied or more likely both. :-) Happy Mother's Day to all the Mom's out here!

sally4lvp said...

Happy Mother Day!
I have recently had a week of spankings and it was wonderful! I felt satisfied, happy, loved and content. But when they stopped I wanted more. I also in the last few months got one of those you'll not sit down for a week spankings and this was also very satisfying until the bruising started to fade then I was craving another perhaps more milder spanking. So I would also have to say yes a spanking is satisfying but it is something that needs to be refilled as needed!

Hermione said...

Being spanked eases the craving for a while, like scratching an itch. It doesn't increase it for me. Wanting a spanking has more to do with how I am feeling, emotionally and physically, than whether I have been given one recently.

But since I do receive regular spankings, I'd rather not stop getting them.


P.S. Happy Mother's Day

Indiana said...

Happy Mother's Day everyone!

My very limited experience suggests that a weekend of spanking play takes care of the craving for about a week (or a little less), and then it's back as strong as ever...

Michelle said...

After being spanked, it is so difficult for me to focus on anything else. I think regular spankings make it so difficult to function. and yet I definitely can't function without them.

I guess they just preoccupy my mind all the time

He he he

Part of being a spanko.

However I think that since I just started actually participating in spankings the novelty hasn't worn off-- can it wear off??

Michael said...

Happy Mother's Day to all you beautiful women who give so much of yourselves.

Great question! I actually think regular spankings both heightens and satisfies the spanking itch. It seems the more I spank a woman the more satisfied we both are, but it also increases our need and desire for further spanking adventures.


Lori said...

The answer to this question for me is that it depends. How regular? I've had times when I've been spanked so much that I actually welcomed a break. If regular means once a week, then that would heighten my craving.
Happy Mom's Day!

Greenwoman said...

Hello All,

A climactic experience usually sates me in the moment and when I recover myself, I want that again and again...*smiles*

I'm a greedy wench...or demanding in the opinion of some. *winks*

Jessica said...

A spanking satisfies the craving and leaves me with a nice glow for awhile. The craving for more starts pretty soon after. Usually a day, sometimes less if I am not very sore.

I have noticed that if we can't get privacy for a week or so, the craving starts to lessen a bit in intensity. And then returns with a vengence if we take too long or start up again.

I think the term is insatiable...


Robin said...

I'd have to say both. It doesn't take long after a spanking, even a really good one, for the craving to start again. Usually within a day or so.

Thanks for your work on this blog Bonnie. I've been lurking for quite awhile,it has been comforting to hear about other people's experience. My, unfortunately, former partner & I started spanking a number of years ago and at the time I wasn't aware of anything like this. Reading your blog helps me feel a lot less lonely!

Anonymous said...

It's not long after I have spanked Susan that I see her superb bottom undulating teasingly about the place, and I am colunting the time until I can spank it again. David.

New Beginnings said...

I don't know if regular spankings make me want more or I just always want more! I do know that even when I am being spanked and think I can't possible take one more swat I am craving more as soon as I realize that he is done.


Pest said...

Happy Mother's Day to you too, Bonnie!

Now to respond and participate in the question. I think if I got regular spankings it would heighten my craving as well as satisfy it to a certain degree. If it was at all possible I would love to get daily spankings or more than one per day depending on how I feel! LOL!

D said...
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D said...

My answer is... absolutely BOTH!!

I am a greedy girl and it satisfies the itch for the moment. But then I just end up wanting more! Of course - I need to be punished for my greediness... hmmm... I sense a wonderful vicious circle forming...

Now, with that said, I have never been in a situation where I have received spankings on a regular basis. But that is soon to change.

Starting next week, I will be living with G on a day to day basis in a LDD relationship which will include erotic/fun spankings on a regular basis. So in that case, the answer to this question might be different. But I doubt it! :)


MRBILL said...

Sounds like I fit in with the majority of responses in saying that I don't get enough spankings!
Greedy bunch, never satisfied,
give me more, harder, and more than just every once in a while!

River said...

Happy mother's day to all!
I guess I don't see spanking as an addiction, it's just a part of who I am. So I love to be spanked, just like I love a good meal or satisfying sex. The only time I 'crave' a spanking is when I am faltering emotionally/mentally. Then my dear husband comes to my rescue with discipline. Other than that, I am kept sated with frequent robust slaps to the seat of my pants throughout the day. And when He's not around I'm really too busy to think about it much!! :)

Anonymous said...

I think regular (weekly or so) spankings do both - they satisfy the craving for a spanking, any spanking that releases the endorphins and reinforces the intimacy connection with your partner, but they also then start building the anticipation for the next regular spanking (regular implies you know it is coming and when to a certain extent) and possibly increasing the craving for the extraordinary events - new locale, different position, new toy, etc. Just like sex - having sex regularly, however you define it, makes one want more sex and possibly more different sex (well assuming it is "good"). The nice thing about spanking is that it is always good, in my books anyway! And then one starts reading blogs and then more blogs and the next thing you know, de-lurking occurs and maybe eventually one might even start a blog. See all the "trouble" regular spankings can cause - so can regular spankings be said to ever satisfy the craving fully - probably not! Heighten it, increase it - oh yes!
jo lee

Bonnie said...

Have I ever mentioned that I love spankings? From that first subtle pat on my posterior to the last twinge upon sitting a day later, I adore everything. I want Randy to spank me because it’s the key that opens the door to a thousand treasures. Among these are lovemaking, satisfaction, relaxation, loss of stress, emotional intimacy, communication, caressing, sharing, kissing, skin-to-skin contact… (Where is that man?)

Do I crave spankings? Yes, I most certainly do. Do I crave them more when I have been spanked recently? I would say yes to this question as well. Am I satisfied? Again, yes, but only for a short while.

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