Sunday, May 18, 2008

Recap: MBS Sunday Brunch for May 18

Thank you to everyone who joined our brunch discussion this week. Our topic was summer spanking fun. Here are your thoughts.

Terpsichore: I don't have any summer spanking memories yet... But I am looking forward to a nice summer. This summer we are taking our first family vacation away. This will be fun. We will be staying in a two bedroom condo, so there is potential for some alone time with my husband. But, most likely, we will all be snuggled together in one bed and won't have the opportunity for intimacy and spankings... Perhaps in a few years. :-)

G: This is a timely topic for D and me. We're about to take a week to drive down the Left Coast along the ocean. We have no deadlines, no preplanned stops, nor anyone expecting us anywhere. It’s just she, me, and the open road (and an implement or two?)

Now, will there be spanking involved? Absolutely! The question isn't a matter of whether. It's a matter of where!

I hear there are some pretty isolated beaches along the Oregon coast. Hmm....

G, I can assure you there are. We like the waterfall on the beach at Hug Point, south of Cannon Beach. The sea caves near Bandon are fun as well (great resonance). There are fewer people later in the day, but check your charts for low tide.

Lori: Well, as now I sit in a hotel room on the last day of my vacation, I had full plans of getting a spanking. But my son decided that he doesn't want to get together with friends tonight. He would rather sit here with me and Joe. *Sigh* I haven't been spanked in well over a week and I'm going crazy just thinking about it. I love my son but I WISH HE WOULD GO OUT FOR A FEW HOURS!

Jessica: There will probably be no real vacations for us this year. We are struggling a bit on the money front. If we were to travel, we would bring our kids. That means no privacy for spanking. So, maybe there is a positive in not having a vacation. We don't have to give up spankings!

Mary: Any trip with my honey is definitely spanking time. Nothing is planned right now, but here is hoping!

Dr. Ken: Every July, the group Chicago Crimson Moon hosts a 3-day spanking party. I fully expect to be there (and if anyone else plans to attend, feel free to look for me and say, "Hi").

I usually take 11 days off from work, go and enjoy the 3-day party, and then return home to Minnesota to relax and enjoy the rest of the time. It's one of the few chances I have to actually go to a movie theater and see the summer blockbusters.

Thomas: Typically, any trip that I make is either planned around spanking, or at least has a spanking or two planned. Even if I travel out of town for a convention, I like to meet up with friends in the area for some spanking fun or even a party.

I only have one spanking memory that really qualifies as a "summer" memory. A couple of years back, just before Leelee moved back to Atlanta, I went down to visit her in Ft. Lauderdale. I knew that I wouldn't get to see her as much when she was back in Georgia, so we planned a little time together before she left.

Part of that time included a trip to the beach. However, it wasn't just ANY beach. Leelee is also an exhibitionist, so this was a nude beach. It took some convincing on her part, but she managed to talk me out of my clothes for it.

While I'm not a showoff with my body, I'm quite an exhibitionist when it comes to spanking. So, when the offer to put her over my lap for a very public bottom warming was made, I didn't hesitate. This was near the time that we were going to leave, so it was sort of a last minute decision before we packed up and went to the car.

It was a fast spanking, and we were soon lugging our gear back to the car. Just as we were about to move through the bushes that separated the beach from civilization, though, we noticed two beach patrolmen on ATVs pull up to the area that we were at and start asking questions to everyone.

While we didn't stick around to see, we think that someone reported our spanking play. If we had stayed just a few minutes longer, we may have had to explain to the nice officers exactly what we were doing. ;)

Hermione: In summer, unless it's very hot and the air conditioning is on, we leave the windows open. I remember one pleasant summer day when we had gone upstairs to the bedroom for some “afternoon delight.” The blinds were open and a soft breeze blew in through the window that looks out onto the back yard. I got a very hard and noisy hand spanking and expressed my appreciation with a few loud “Ow’s.” The lovemaking that followed was also quite enthusiastic.

Afterward, I went out onto the back patio. Our neighbour on one side was working in her garden and her granddaughter was helping. On the other side, two boys were playing on their swing set while their father painted the back door. They all must have heard everything!

I told Ron who just shrugged and said that was a good way to keep the neighbours from becoming too friendly.

Spanked Italian Gal: The first of my summer stories will happen today. J and I are heading out on our motorcycle in search of a secluded spot. I will bring a picnic lunch and blanket. J will bring the implements.

With your permission, I would like to add you to my blogroll.

Hi I.Gal! Welcome to MBS and our Sunday Brunch. It’s a pleasure to meet you. I would love to join your blogroll. Your blog is now included in mine. Best wishes with the blog and the picnic!

Greenwoman: We have no big vacation plans, but I fully expect that like every summer, there will be some time and opportunities for mini-getaways to the coast or the woods and that, in either case, there will be some spanking and some other D/s play that's erotic and fun.

Paul: I have no break planned for this year, and if I had, there’s no one to spank.

However, I have lots of holiday memories to share. Mel and I used to like to take short hacking breaks of two or three days. For those not familiar with this term, it means horse riding. One of our favourite areas was the New Forest.

One of the rules is that on a long stop, you need to make sure that your mount is comfortable before going off to do your thing. It was a very hot day, we were both uncomfortable with the heat.
Mel would have been twenty-two. Our first destination was a cool secluded pool. Seeing the pool, Mel cheered, dismounted, dropped the reins, stripped off, and was in the water before I could say “Jack Robinson.”

I settled my mount, cut half a dozen switches and called Mel out of the pool. Mel saw the bundle, looked at her mount, and her hand went to her mouth and her eyes widened. I told her to settle her mount and remove the saddle. She placed it on a convenient log.

I put her over my knee for a warm up. After the warm up, she was a little teary but still smiling. She lost the smile when I told her to bend over the saddle. She counted out twelve firm strokes. She never forgot to care for her mount again. Just as I never forgot to care for her. We didn't get much further that day and Mel smiled all the way home, even though every pace the horse took reminded her of her spanking.

Indiana: On summer trips with my family, we used to stop in those kitschy roadside shops where my dad would buy a milkshake with real ice cream, we kids would get ice cream, and my mom would buy a Tab. These places always had a selection of paddles with rather cheesy slogans on them, like "Teenage tongue depressor, apply at either end." I used to wonder if anyone actually bought those things and I'd imagine myself on a similar road trip with a parent who kept one in the car.

Of course, thanks to blogs like this, I know who *actually* buys these things. Or perhaps I should say bought, as I imagine they're harder to find these days.

I actually do have summer spanking plans for the first time. I'm planning to attend at least two spanking parties, perhaps three. :-)

Susan: Summer means swimming, and that means swim suits or bikinis, and one of David's favourite games is spanking me while I am all wet from the pool. It stings far, far more, and if he decides to use my flip-flops, that's even worse. The result is one very sore bottomed young lady feeling very sorry for herself.

No matter how you tug, those swimsuits never seem to quite cover enough in back, especially right after a spanking!

Jo Lee: Most of our summer vacation plans involve our delightful young teenagers so I have only one such hope. That would be an overnight trip involving only the two of us, on our sailboat, in a deserted river anchorage with rope, the mast, possibly natural implements gathered on shore plus whatever other toys the Captain decides to bring.

And a mosquito net, a tube of anti-itch cream, sunscreen and lots of lotion. Although, I will most likely be able to lay on the deck on my stomach on the way home when the lack of galley and deck-hand duties permits, I hope.

Bonnie: Randy and I will be enjoying a long awaited getaway in a few weeks. We will spend some time at the beach and in the mountains. There should be plenty of opportunities for bottom warming and all that accompanies this delightful pastime. Since we will be traveling by air, we will probably have to rely exclusively upon pervertable implements, but we have some excellent ones.

As for a memory, mine doesn’t involve spanking per se, although I’m quite certain there was some that day. I recall one particular hike in the woods with Randy. We were young. This was before our daughter came along. We stopped at the top of a hill to take a break. There were huge oak and maple trees all around us. We had seen no one else on the trail and there were no other vehicles at the trailhead. We figured it would be safe to sneak in a little fun. I was soon kneeling on the forest floor and paying tribute to my dear husband. The next thing I knew, he was tapping me on the shoulder and whispering for me to stop.

I couldn’t see them, but an older couple had come up the path we had just taken. Randy told me they took one look at us and abruptly reversed course. He said he thought all they could see was the back of my head. I felt embarrassed by this encounter, but we continued our hike nonetheless. All the while we worried that we might encounter a disapproving ranger, but we never saw another soul. By the time we returned to the trailhead, our vehicle was again the only one there.

I hope you will all join us next week when we will again explore this thing we do.

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