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The Spanko Files: Jessica

One of the true joys of operating this blog is the opportunity to meet and talk with interesting, energetic, creative people. Some are long time spanking enthusiasts like me. Others are just beginning their journey of discovery. Some seek advice, but many are just looking for reassurance that these feelings they've had for years aren't weird or unusual. I am delighted to provide that reassurance, but sometimes it can be more effective when delivered by someone who has recently walked the same path.

Today, it's my profound pleasure to introduce my friend Jessica and present her story.

Sharing the Secret
           by Jessica

It has only been a few weeks since lurking on spanking blogs and couple of glasses of wine convinced me to tell my husband, Dan, my deepest darkest secret. I wanted to be spanked! Over the years, I had come across stories in vanilla erotic magazines with a bit of spanking in them. Each time I would feel my stomach flutter and clench and my panties would become wet, despite my best efforts to ignore the source of stimulation. Ever since I was a kid, I did my best to bury my “abnormal” impulses. Why did I let the cat out of the bag now?

I have been married to the same man for 20 years and he is generally not reluctant to try anything, as long as it includes sex. So why did it take me 20 years? After discovering the blog, My Bottom Smarts, I spent a week thinking about why I hadn’t told Dan about my needs. Maybe there is something about turning 40 that tends to change the ratio of fear to desire.

I knew that Dan would not leave me when I told him that I wanted to be spanked, but how can I leave myself so open and vulnerable to anyone? I have always been a leader in my job and in my life. I wanted to be relieved of the burden of leadership, or even fairly passive guidance, in my sex life. I believed that if Dan could help me to fulfill my need to submit to him with erotic spankings, my sex life would be all the more satisfying. Although my need was great, I was afraid that I would lose Dan’s respect. Even more concerning was the possibility that I would not like the reality of spanking or that I would somehow be disappointed in Dan’s efforts to fulfill my fantasy to be spanked.

So what’s a girl to do? I set up a rare night out without the kids. I wore a skirt and boots with thigh high black stockings. I usually wear slacks or jeans, but if I had the guts to tell him tonight, I thought easy access would make this adventure all the more fun. *grin* Off to the restaurant we went. Smiling easily, we got our table and began to talk about the usual day-to-day family stuff. One glass of wine and a mixed drink later, I started to feel a little less inhibited and a little more aroused. “What if we get a hotel room and have some wild sex for a few hours,” I suggested. I suddenly had Dan’s full and rapt attention. I could almost hear Dan’s cock jumping to life. As our old friends from Saturday Night Live, Wayne and Garth, would say, “Schwing!”

“While we’re on the subject of wild sex,” I continued, “I have wanted to try something for a long time, but I was afraid to mention it.” I read no trepidation from Dan. He sensed an imminent wild night of fun, “What is it?” he asked enthusiastically. I chickened out momentarily. “Never mind, it’s nothing.” Dan, not willing to let this go, inquired “Really, what is it?” “Umm…” I stalled, “Well, Hmm… What would you think if… I was thinking we should try… Oh, I don’t know.”

Dan, the master of silence, waited patiently. He stared at me intently. Oh crap, I thought, how can I back down now? I took a deep breath an said “Okay… I want to be spanked.” I exhaled. It was done. I did it. There could be no turning back now. Dan didn’t skip a beat. He cocked his head slightly with a small intrigued smile and spoke in a light but gentle tone, “Really? Okay.” There was no hesitation. I didn’t think he would. Dan started wrapping up dinner casually but quickly and said, “Let’s go.”

- - - - - -

We checked in to a local hotel with no baggage, only a bottle of wine and a fluttery stomach. We were ready to go. Dan settled himself sitting on the edge of the bed as I stood beside him. Dan looked at me with the half smile he had maintained ever since I had told him about my fantasy to be spanked. I suddenly couldn’t find a place for my hands. I folded my hands across my chest and looked at Dan shyly. My stomach continued to do flips and I was suddenly aware of my heart pounding against my ribs. I was shaking slightly and wondering what came next.

Dan didn’t make me wait long. He cocked his head, smiled, patted his lap and sweetly said, “Come ‘ere.” I stepped over to Dan and began to lower myself over his lap. I felt Dan’s hand on my back gently guiding me into position. Dan raised my skirt slowly and admired the view. He pulled my panties down and slowly rubbed over the curve of my bottom to the tops of my stockings. My body shivered slightly in anticipation.

“I like,” Dan said in a husky voice. He continued to stroke my bottom gently building the anticipation in both of us. Suddenly he smacked my bottom. Whack! I was surprised by how loud it was. I fleetingly hoped that the hotel walls were thick and then, whack, whack, whack. Dan’s tentative spanks started to gain a little more velocity. “Yesss,” I thought. This is what I needed. I arched my back and presented my behind for more attention. “Yesss, stick that butt up,” Dan muttered.

Smack, smack, whack, smack. “How’s that baby?” Dan asked. “Umm, good,” I answered breathlessly. I mean, how do you answer that question? I was starting to feel the sting of the smacks, which is pain, right? So I was basically saying that pain is good. Hmm, no wonder I was confused all of those years! I couldn’t think about that, I just wanted more!

Dan paused to admire his work. I felt his fingers work their way into my center. They found me wet and ready. He helped me onto the bed face down and quickly undressed. A few more smacks to the bottom for good measure and he entered me from behind. As his hips surged forward to claim his prize, he alternated spanking my stinging behind and massaging my previously ignored rear orifice. The combination of sensations was bringing me quickly to the edge. I moaned and bucked and began to feel my sanity slide away. As Dan continued to smack, thrust, and finger, my entire body contracted starting in my center and blasting its way to every peripheral nerve while circles of light exploded behind my eyes. I am not particularly quiet during an orgasm and my screams of passion prompted to Dan his own crescendo. As my body continued to rock and vibrate in ecstasy, Dan picked up the intensity of his thrusts, ramming deeply as his own release sent shudders through his body. My knees collapsed and Dan fell on top of me; we were both spent and very satisfied. Dan rolled to lie next to me and looked at me with a smile. “You look… content,” he said. And that is certainly how I felt.

For the next couple of days, all I could think was, “This is a really fun new game!” I received an e-mail from Dan that said “I want you to send me two spanking stories and we need to make a lunch date for this week.” I smiled to myself as my bottom tingled. Ooooo, let the games begin!

Thank you, Jessica, for sharing your secret with Dan, and with us! It sounds as though you two lovebirds have many happy adventures ahead of you (or would that be behind?). Either way, it sounds like delicious fun.

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Marcus said...

Jessica has awakened the hidden spanko in Dan! Nice! Thanks for sharing her letter with us Bonnie.

Anonymous said...

Jessica how exciting for you and Dan, Oh the fun you shall have! Thanks for sharing your story and Thanks to Bonnie for posting it.
Hugs, Sally

Anonymous said...

Thank you Jessica for sharing this with us. How delightful and exciting it is to start the spanking life.

Thanks Bonnie for bringing this to us.

All the best.

david said...

Jessica, You and Dan will be very happy in spanko land.

Thank's Bonnie.

*hugs and grins*

New Beginnings said...

Jessica I am so very happy for you!! What an adventure you have started on. Please take us along for the ride. Writing and sharing your story only makes it better!


Paul said...

Bonnie dear girl, I'm seriously considering petitioning the Pope to make you the first spankee saint. WEG!!!
Jessica, I'm so glad that shared that with Dan, watch how your life improves.
My Motto, "the couple that spank together, stays together". *LTC* Love, trust, communication. *SMILES*
Thanks St. Bonnie. LOL!!!
Warm hugs,

Hermione said...

That's a great story, Jessica. I'll bet it took as much courage to write it as it did to ask for that first spanking! I am positive that by sharing your first experience, you will have helped countless others who have yet to take the plunge. Happy spanking!

Thank you, Bonnie, for sharing another story from The Spanko Files.


Seventh said...

Thank-you, Jessica, for sharing your story. It truly is inspiring and comforting to hear other's stories and journeys. Best wishes for your wonderful new spanking adventures. And thanks Bonnie, for posting. P.S. - Still waiting for that first real over the knee spanking but hopefully it will be soon and I will have something to share with all of you too...hearing all of your stories and comments is keeping my fantasy alive :-)
Take care, Terpsichore

dixiedarling said...

That is so wonderful that after all those nerves and years it was an excellent and memorable first time for you Jessica.....

Here is keeping the fingers crossed that more women out there like you take that leap and have as nice a reward in the end (no pun intended)

Anonymous said...

You put to words just how difficult it is to ask/tell your spouse that you want to be spanked. Brought back many memmories of the butterflies in the stomach.

Indiana said...

Terrific story, Jessica! Congratulations on the happy ending/beginning and thanks for sharing it with us.

LOL, Paul. Please do let us know if you have any luck with the Pope on that one, as it may affect our future religious choices. :-)

Jessica said...

Hi Everyone,
Thank you so much for your kind words! MBS and some of your other blogs have been immensely helpful in allowing me to feel comfortable with the needs/wants I have had for so long - I am sitting on a sore bottom now *contented sigh.* I am lucky that Dan was receptive and even enthusiastic.

Bonnie - Thank you so much for your site and for posting my story! As I wander through spanking blog land I see your name mentioned over and over as a source of courage to newbies. All of the support almost makes me feel...normal. ;-)

I don't have a blog but you can find me at

Take care all!

Sub Nouveau said...

That is so awesome that your husband not only agreed, but was enthusiastic! Welcome to your new hot sex life Jessica!

Bonnie said...

Marcus - Nice indeed!

Sally - You're welcome. I think Jess did a fantastic job.

Wilhelmina - The pleasure is entirely mine! I love this kind of success story.

David - You're welcome.

PK - I completely agree!

Paul - That would be quite a feat for someone who is not even Catholic! Thanks.

Hermione - I definitely agree about helping others. I have talked to many such people who gained courage and reassurance from tales such as this one.

Terpsichore - Whenever you're ready to share your story, I'll be prepared to publish it. In any case, good luck!

Dixie - I know that jump must be a daunting one, but that only increases my respect for women who summon the dedication to raise the subject with their vanilla partners. May all their tales end as well as this one did.

Anon - Hi, and welcome!

Indiana - I think Jess did great job of telling an excellent story. It would seem that the real fun is just beginning.

Jess - As I said, I think you did a great job with the story. Didn't I tell you the readers would love it?

As for feeling normal, I wouldn't carry that too far... :D

Sub Nouveau - Amen. Here's to Jess' hot new sex life!

Pandora said...

What an amazing story! Congratulations for having the courage to tell your husband, and what an awesome response from him! You two seem very happy together - not only did you get along just fine without spanking, but you seem to be able to incorporate the new aspect of your life without a wobble. Well, maybe with a small amount of wobbling ... but only in the right places ;)

This is well written and put a huge smile on my face. Thankyou very much :)

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