Monday, January 07, 2008

Retro Spanking with Ricky and Lucy

Since everyone enjoyed our last retro TV spanking feature with Gidget, here's another dose. This clip combines several memorable spanking sequences from I Love Lucy.


dwcmike said...

wonderful clips. Thanks for posting. Now I see where some of your spanking fantasies began.
bottoms up

Jessica said...

One of my favorite scenes TV. I couldn't stare wide eyed in the open when I watched it before!

Luucy - Oooo, I feel all shivery!


Anonymous said...

Its funny that at the time, such things were considered "normal", and now the spankos are considered freaks.

Paul said...

Bonnie, great clips, don't recall seeing these, maybe they didn't run them over here.
Did you note Lucy's "yes sir" in the last scene.
Warm hugs,

mthc said...

Remember them all.Ricky made quite the "Dom".

david said...

Thanks for posting this.

Hermione said...

I remember Lucy's spankings well!


terpsichore said...

Funny...I watched I Love Lucy reruns all the time and don't recall ever seeing any of the spanking clips with the exception of one...thanks for sharing

Indiana said...

This discussion caused an intense flashback to the first time I ever heard that Ricky sometimes spanked Lucy. I was about 14, talking to a friend on the schoolbus. She was telling me that she loved I Love Lucy, except that it was so sexist. I was thinking something along the lines of that's terrible, glad I never watched it much. And then she said that Ricky made Lucy call him 'Sir' and even spanked her. I remember prolonging the conversation and asking for details, no longer particularly interested in the gender politics of the situation. I even paid greater attention to re-runs, but I'm pretty sure they weren't showing the spanking ones in the late 70's.

Alas, another clear signal of my spanko nature unheeded... On the other hand, this conversation didn't have close to the same impact as did reading Heinlein's I Will Fear No Evil for an English class assignment a couple years earlier...

Thanks, Bonnie-- I've wanted to see those clips for a long time!

New Beginnings said...

I lived for these reruns as a kid. No one else knew how fascinated I was but I knew these four from the opening lines. You couldn't budge from the set! That's for putting them all together for us!!


imthemaxx said...

I used to love to see Ricky spank that naughty Lucy when I was a kid. Would love to see the Gidget one too. I never saw Sally Fields character get spanked but loved it when her Dad would threaten her with a spanking...LOL.
My television spankings that I saw were "Blue Hawaii" and Rock Hudson in "Captain Lightfoot". I was about 10 years old but those two inspired that spanking fire in me.

Bonnie said...

Mike - Yes, absolutely!

Jessica - Those clips manage to concentrate years of childhood fantasies into just a few minutes.

Anon - I think political correctness is overrated!

Paul - I Love Lucy was originally popular during the 1950s, but it's been heavily rerun here in the US ever since.

I like the "Yes, sir." It's a nice touch!

Mtch - Yes, indeed!

David - You're very welcome. If I find more of the same, I post that too.

Hermione - It certainly appeared as though she might remember them as well!

Terpsichore - I'm delighted to be of service.

Indiana - OMG! I read that book in high school (including one particular passage over and over!). I also read Time Enough for Love.

Looking back, I think Heinlein had only one female character and she was fairly shallow. However, the fact that she liked spankings made up for everything!

PK - I was fortunate to find this fine collection, just as you see it, on YouTube.

Maxx - Gidget herself did take a spanking in one episode. If I find the video, I'll definitely post it.

It's amazing how much those old reruns from our childhood provide fuel for adult fantasies all these years later.

Dragon & Tiger said...

Those clips were great though it seems to me Ricky was a bit too easy on her! LOL I loved the one with Gidget you posted as well. Thanks for sharing those!

Dragon & Tiger said...

I forgot to ask... Would you mind if I added your blog to my list of sites I read on mine?

Ebony Angel said...

Those were very entertaining. I had to rewind the last one a bit to make sure that I really heard Lucy respond "Yes,Sir." I loved that.

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