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Recap: MBS Sunday Brunch for Oct 7

Our topic this week was birthday spankings. Here are your observations.

Anon: I used to work at a heavy equipment dealership where the guys in the shop were known for birthday spankings. They (age 18-40) had a paddle in the break room and would have cake and spanking at lunch. I never attended their ritual, but I am sure it was over the coveralls. However, I would be in the front office fantasizing about the birthday spanking in the shop. It was always on the bare in my fantasy and sometimes the guys would turn the paddle on my sassy tail. Yes, the emotions crossing my face after lunch had all the guys wondering what I had done for lunch.

Dove: Wow, I didn't know it was also a vanilla ritual. Perhaps it is an American thing as I have never heard of it in Australia or New Zealand. Or perhaps I was too sheltered *blushes*.

I am looking forward to my very first birthday spanking next June for my 40th. I can't wait.

Todd and Suzy: Suzy gets a birthday spanking every year. It’s the traditional birthday number, plus "one to grow on." It's fun and erotic with only a few of the spanks being harder. That way, it's something to look forward to. A birthday spanking should be something the birthday girl really likes, after all.

Now, Suzy always wants to ~give~ a birthday spanking too. She gets a big kick trying to pull that off. "It's tradition" is her argument. A lot of what we do to celebrate a birthday harkens back to our youth, and that's what makes it so much fun. For us, growing up in the era we did, birthday spankings were a very regular thing. We try to do that kind of spanking now, the playful and silly kind of birthday spanking.

Birthday spankings don't seem to be as popular these days though. Neither one of us can recall the last time we saw/heard of one of our vanilla friends getting a birthday spanking. We do like to joke about it though... LOL We’re hoping we can spark the idea into reality. No luck though!

Jim: Sadly, we don't have this tradition in the UK. Our nearest equivalent is birthday bumps. That involves four people in each taking hold of an arm or a leg, and then bumping the birthdayer's bum on the floor, the requisite number of times. It is usually a lot of fun. But speaking personally, I would prefer we adopt the US custom. That way, I would have the opportunity to offer my female associates a spanking once a year!

Paul: Jim must come from a different UK than I do. The orphanage had a tradition of birthday spanking and they weren't much fun.

My wife's family still does birthday spanking, my eldest niece who has five children regularly gives birthday spankings, it's a time of great hilarity. She prefers me to give her spanking she says her partner spanks too hard.

We had a tradition of three anniversary spankings -- her birthday, my birthday and our wedding anniversary.

Mel's butt was well red because they weren't light spankings. But like all spankings, they reaffirmed the bonds between us. After the spanking, as Sar puts it, "the band plays on, and stuff."

Jim: Paul, I am definitely from the UK, but I have never encountered a tradition of birthday spanking here, not in my family life, my school life nor my work life. I have noted allusions to birthday spanking in American media of all types. But I have never, ever, noticed anything similar on British TV. Given the British obsession with corporal punishment,, one would expect the custom to have some salience in the workplace, pubs, etc.

Scout: I love reading your accounts of your birthday spankings. It occurred to me that it was about six weeks after my birthday when I first got up my nerve to talk to my husband about spanking. We started it then so I haven't had that experience yet. My birthday's more than four months away, which gives me plenty of time to introduce that twist to him. I'm sure he'll oblige, but, knowing Jim, it'll be rather straightforward (e. g., no limo!).

When I was a kid growing up in the American Midwest, birthday spankings were regularly given in school. I got one in kindergarten, at lunch, by the principal. I got another one in sixth grade by the gym teacher, who would end physical education class once a week by selecting someone to spank. I remember going to the girls' bathroom afterwards and craning to see the red handprints left on my cheeks.

Paige: Totally, Bonnie! Well, I get them, at least! LOL! My hubby gives them to me after I open my presents, but before cake!

Padme: I always get a birthday spanking every year from Master Anakin. I will be getting my birthday spanking on Saturday night as midnight rolls in for Oct. 14th. We have a poll going at Journey to the Darkside where you can vote on what spanking toy to use for my birthday spanking. So far, Anakin's paddle and his hand are tied for the lead. :)

I also always take Master Anakin's birthday spanking for him when it's his birthday. I get spanked the number he is turning.

Hermione: Like Jim, I am familiar with the bumps. We always used to give them at birthday parties and at school. My husband, who grew up in a different part of Canada than I did, had never heard of them. Both of us have heard of birthday spankings, but have never actually seen anyone give one. I'm sure they would be out of the question at children's parties now.

I've never had one, yet. Each year, weeks before my birthday, Ron asks me what I'd like. Each year, I tell him, "A good hard spanking." I don't need 'stuff' but he always buys me a lovely gift anyway. This year I'm going to ask specifically for a birthday spanking, so as to introduce the topic in advance (It's five months away so I'll have plenty of time to work up the courage). Then I'll remind him on the day, and we'll see what happens!

Mary: I love my birthday spankings! It just is a wonderful way to start of a new year. Last year he even gave me a gift of a new spanking toy to use for my spanking.

Jean Marie: In my opinion, birthday spankings are the only benefit of getting older (Wisdom and experience are vastly over-rated!).

But your question reminded me of a very fond memory. The husband of my best friend threw Amy a big surprise party for her 30th birthday a few years ago in the town where I used to live. I knew this couple to be conservative and vanilla. Amy and I were like sisters, so I kept secret my lesbian attraction to the petite blond. It also was tough hearing her complain over coffee about her husband, Brad, when I thought that he was gorgeous and virile.

So LOTS of people attended the big bash in their backyard. As soon as Amy's parents left to drive home, Brad clinks a glass, gets everyone's attention, pulls out a chair, and calls Amy to him. I thought it was to give her a special gift, but I fantasized about her being bared and spanked in front of all assembled. My fantasies were realized, well, mostly, much to my amazement. He smirkingly lectured her and she looked blushingly admonished. He took her by the wrist. She didn't resist. He sat, and she went OTK. Amy's short jean skirt rode up and her skimpy panties became visible. Brad gave her thirty semi-sound swats. The crowd laughed loudly, covering the fact that I was panting by the tenth and salivating before the twentieth. Oh, and my mouth was dry, too. He put her on her feet. She rubbed her seat. I felt the heat.

He stood and they kissed. He then gave her the keys to a new car. Amy squealed with delight. I retired to the bathroom, where I locked the door and masturbated furtively to an intense orgasm. I cleaned-up, opened the door, and there stood Amy, who pushed her way inside and me back in as well. She gushed about her new set of wheels as she unabashedly pulled up her skirt and looked at her panty-clad rear in the mirror, pulling one leg hem aside at a time to see how red her buttocks were. I tried to be supportive of her glee as I silently gushed at the view. She asked if I was alright. I answered that I felt feverish, which was true.

I wished her many happy returns and left, visualizing her spanking and that adorable tush in the bathroom the whole way home. When I got home I stripped off clothes all the way to the bathroom where I filled a bubble bath and soaked and diddled. My lover at the time came home from his regular Saturday golf game an hour or so later and caught me with my hands in the cookie jar. I got a spanking that rivaled Amy's in duration and velocity on wet cheeks. At the conclusion, we made love on the tile floor.

Birthday spankings hold a special place in my... ah... heart.

Bonnie: We love birthday spanking rituals. Randy and I enjoy the traditional one swat per year of age, plus one to grow on. As Padme described, I take the spanking for his birthday as well.

As chronicled elsewhere, Randy loves to concoct exotic scenarios for my annual birthday spankings. In our younger years, these spankings could be quite intense. In the last couple of years, though, Randy has moved toward a slightly more sensual approach. Either way, he usually manages to surprise and delight me.

I hear a lot of presumably vanilla people joke about birthday spankings, but I haven’t witnessed the actual event in many years. If the photographs that people post on Flickr and Photobucket are any indication, I must simply travel in the wrong circles.

PK: My first adult birthday spanking was last year when I turned 50. I loved it. Nick used a different implement for each decade and made each one count! When he finished he asked me if the count was right. I told him yes and he said "Good, the rest is gravy!"

Lee: Oh, the stories. It doesn't happen so much anymore (now that I live in a somewhat prudish college town where they tend to, ah, look down on that sort of thing). But when I was very young (elementary school, so maybe 7 or 8), I had a next door neighbor who thought it would be hysterical to give me birthday spankings. Of course, by that time, I was already fascinated with spanking, so I halfway encouraged it by making sure to antagonize him on my birthday (it should be noted that this neighbor was the dad of one of my friends). I recall one where I was sure I'd gotten away with it by repeatedly riding by on my bike. My mistake came when I switched to roller skates (not so hard to grab an eight year old on roller skates). Sadly, there have been no good stories since.

OPB: Like Jim, I had bumped and been bumped on birthdays a lot, but I'd never heard of birthday spankings until I discovered the spanko community online.

I don't think the bumps are as common as they used to be, as my children have never mentioned them. The last time I participated, the birthday boy was the manager of our football team, and he was in his mid-fifties. It seemed a lot more hazardous than a spanking would have been.

Bethie: I posted about my recent birthday spanking on my blog a few days ago. I'll put up another post though in honor of the brunch. I think it's a great tradition.

I've always loved birthday spankings! They're so much fun and it makes the day extra special. ;-)

I'd like to offer my humble gratitude to everyone who has contributed to our Sunday brunches over the past ninety weeks. I learn something new almost every week and numerous readers have written to indicate that they do as well. Thank you all for sharing your wisdom and experience!

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storynattie said...

Oh! I remember in second grade, the class lined up and parted their legs to make a tunnel. As the birthday girl/boy crawled under, we all gave him/her a spank.

LOL ... that would be so taboo today.

Lost In Our Eyes said...

I think this is one of the neatest features of your blog. I've seen a similar thing on some others, and it's always fun to get the wider vision!

At any rate, I actually didn't get a birthday spanking this year...long story about scheduling. Something to think about for Her birthday...

More to the point, thank you very much for the plug and link a couple weeks back! You nailed it right on the head when you said it can feel like you're writing for no one at the start. We don't have that problem anymore ;-)

Thanks again,


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