Sunday, October 14, 2007

Recap: MBS Sunday Brunch for Oct 14

Our topic this week was spanking rooms, both those we use today and those we'd love to own. Here are your thoughts.

Todd and Suzy: Our favorite room is the bedroom, which is a good thing since it's close to the only room we ever use for spanking. In any other room, privacy becomes a real issue.

The bed has to be our favorite piece of spanking furniture. It's extremely versatile, allowing several different positions. It's also comfortable, and convenient for the fun we like to have after the spanking is over.

We also have a large chair on our bedroom. We often use that for more playful type spankings.

An ideal spanking room for us would be TOTALLY private, first and foremost. It would have lots of different furniture options (school desk, spanking bench, etc). It would also be in Maui!

Marcus and Deborah:
  • Bathroom: Hairbrush and /or Bath brush
  • Bedroom: Belt, Cane, Hairbrush, Paddle, and /or Switch
  • Kitchen: Metal Spatula and /or Wooden Spoon
  • Living room: Belt, Birch, Cane, Hairbrush, Paddle, and /or Switch
  • Office: Cane, Hairbrush, Paddle, and /or Ruler
  • Favorite Room: No favorite, we like them all
Deborah and I like all the implements in all the locations. However, there are times when implements have a greater impact based on the location and spanking type. For this reason, we select a certain implement to heighten pleasure. For instance, we use the bath brush and /or hairbrush for bathroom spankings on a wet, bare bottom. While in the bedroom, we like to use pillows with a belt, cane, and /or paddle. When it comes to the kitchen, the metal spatula and /or wooden spoon comes in handy, especially when she is cooking and gives a sassy reply about what is cooking. In that event, it is her bottom!

Living room spankings tend to be with the belt, birch, cane, hairbrush, paddle, and /or switch. Any number of them or even all of them can and will be used. The couch gives wonderful possibilities for a sound spanking whether OTK or leaning over the back of it. I have already been notified that should I come through the door with an outrageous attitude that I will be receiving the appropriate adjustment, couch or no couch. It might just be hands against the wall, pants and undies down, and bottom out for the blistering of my life!

Lastly, the office is usually used for punishment spankings or secretary spankings. Deborah loves being my secretary, and sometimes she simply requires a spanking for getting behind in her work. When she gets behind in her work, I get a behind to work on. Typically, office spankings are performed with the cane, hairbrush, paddle, and /or ruler. No matter where the spankings are or which type, spankings have a special place in our lives. We simply couldn't imagine our lives without them!

Natty: I live in a studio apartment, so at this time, we don't have a lot of choice. The bed is pretty much the focal point of all our spankings (though we'll probably be getting a sofa/futon soon and I can imagine it'll get lots o' spanking use).

I've always dreamed of having a writing studio/office in a large garden shed (saw it once in a Mary Englebreit magazine). So, I could always be threatened with being taking out to the shed. Inside, it would have a large desk, a smaller student desk, a chalkboard, and probably a sofa/futon of some sort. And, of course, there would be a peach tree and a birch tree just outside the shed. You know, along with the flower-lined window sills... ;-)

lessa{D}: We have a room in the souterrain which we use mostly as our playroom. It has a fysiotherapy massage table which was altered by DragonM to add extra eyes to tie me down. I do love that room, but also the bedroom upstairs that we changed into my libary. It has a real big couch were I can be over his lap. grinnnn...

Those implements can be taken everywhere, which is a good thing since we visit play parties a few times a year. A close friend of ours has a real play dungeon and that I absolutely adore...

My favorite spanking implement would be either his hand or the flogger... I can't really choose...

Paul: The bedroom has to be my favourite and the bed because it's big and there is very little that can't be done on or in it. The bedroom was always for fun and erotic spankings, with hand, belt, strap, tawse, cane and switch. Mel would be spanked in any room in the house if she bratted or teased. The bathroom was always good because she was usually wet and the sting factor went up. The office was used for punishments, and schoolgirl teacher scenes, which were Mel's favourites.

Any place is good for spanking if you have privacy and the desire. Our motto was the couple that spanks together, stays together.

Jean Marie: In past relationships, I've been spanked mostly in the bedroom. This is due to how aroused we get, and how easy it is to segue to love-making right after (or during) spanking.

I've consciously tried to mix it up while living with K, aided by the fact that he lives in a marvelous big house. I need only misbehave and shoot my lover a look, and he's pulling my clothing off, and "Viola!" we've christened another room. Some past playtimes include:
  • Being punished and then taken from behind bent over a rumbling clothes-dryer in the utility room
  • Being bent over his work bench in the garage and whipped with an electrical cord
  • Being spanked while I cooked his breakfast, which I ate while he sated another appetite on the breakfast-nook table
I'd have to say that I love it best outdoors in the fenced-in backyard. It's super sexy being bared whether in sunlight or star-shine, whether up-ended over the patio furniture, roasted over the unused grill, or tied to a tree and switched...

I'd love to redecorate the game room as a full-on dungeon. The reinforced chandelier would hold my weight if he wanted to tie me to it on tip-toes. I would place a spanking bench in the center of the room and hang all of our implements on the walls. I’d want to be able to photograph and video tape our sessions, so tripods would be set up. In one corner would be a stall, for when I dress up as a pony-girl and offer my haunches to the dressage whip. In another, a schoolroom would be set up for when the cheerleader needs the ruler or the bad girl needs the cane. But K is a businessman who entertains clients in our home, and that would be a bit too provocative. But a girl can dream.

David: I would have to say the bedroom on the bed. The ping pong paddle is Mthc's favorite, but she is starting to like the flogger as well.

Sarah: I am flat sharing for now, so I need to take opportunity while alone. Since I'd have difficulty explaining myself were I caught with a belt, bath brush, or paddle in the living room, I always play in my bedroom. After much experimenting, I've concluded that these three objects are best when playing alone. Unfortunately, I have no partner at the moment. I usually lie on the bed, but sometimes stand up for the paddle.

I would love to have a partner and use a remote cottage, with access to a low fence. My absolute favorite "scene" is getting the belt while bent over a fence.

Mthc: The room most used is the bedroom. This morning already I have found myself across his knee on the edge of the bed taking some of Paul's birthday spanking.

David will use any room in the house. In the kitchen, it's nothing to have to bend over when he gets home from work and feel the spatula. In the sun/computer room, he has a paddle as well as a fly swatter, ruler, and bungee cord. In the living room, we have a recliner/rocker and a sofa. He uses his hand, a hair brush, a backscratcher, or whatever else is available.

We even like the back yard if he can get away with it!

Luna: I posted my response over on my blog.

Paige: My hubby spanks me all over the house! But I'd have to say our favorite room is probably the bedroom, mainly because it's so easy to move into making love!

Naughty Girl: I always have to report to the basement for my spankings. I am always told in a stern voice. "You will report downstairs later this evening (or in ten minutes, or whatever) so that we may discuss your behavior." This means my bare bottom shall soon be paying DEARLY!

It is typically the cane! But sometimes, if I have been really bad, it is the leather paddle, wooden paddle, and then the cane! Fortunately, I am permitted to provide oral pleasure between each implement, which provides my bottom some VERY blessed cooling off time.

Erik: Personally, I like to use a straight-backed chair in the dining room, but my wife prefers the bedroom.

Mary: The home locations would include ANY WHERE I have been over his lap whilst he is seated on the chair or couch. I have bent over holding my ankles in the middle of the room. I have been told wait bent over the arm of the couch, and in the bedroom I have bent over the bed, or lying over pillows on the bed, or over his lap on the bed. My bathroom lacks swinging room, but we have enjoyed a couple of large hotel bathrooms with glee. I didn’t know that the swing of a soft whip could not only stink a wet bottom, but serve to dry me off after a shower. That scene was one of my favorites. I had been lingering in the shower, and he came to check on me - well my lingering was actually due to some distracting thoughts that led to masturbation. He pulled me out of the shower and started scolding and spanking, It was cold at first, but I soon was dry from the fanning effect of each swing. The mirror in the bathroom added to the sensuality of the experience as I could see him spanking me. He is so good at being stern. Normally his facial expressions are so kind, that when he gets that stern look on his face my stomach twists and butterflies flutter.
My all time favorite overall would have to be a tie, I love being on the couch over his lap with the hand or small rubber paddle. The contact with him is so reassuring that I don't often mind that I am being spanked. (I will often end up spanked longer because I don't want to get up and go to the corner when instructed. - He eventually convinces me that I do want to leave his lab with some harder spanks, but I love it there on his lap. My other favorite is in the bedroom, lying with my bottom elevated on pillows, with he using the belt. (one particular belt that of his is just right.) The edges on the belt are softened from wear, and the weight of the belt is heavy enough to feel the impact as well as the sting. He likes it too, because with some experimentation we have discovered that even used full force, it is safe to use. So when I am belted in the above position I can be still enough that he can swing with gusto and not be concerned with me moving out of place or with causing any harm.

PS we also like hotel desks for secretary scenes.

Jeana: My favorite place to be spanked is in our bedroom with Will sitting with his back up against the head board and me laying across his lap. I am not a huge fan of being turned over random objects and I much prefer being close to him, like over his lap. I also don't like to feel like I am going to fall. (We have tried him sitting in a chair me OTK and all I could think about was balance and not falling, plus it is really not that comfortable.) The couch is ok too but in our bed is by far the favorite for both of us. I'm sure we will try some other things eventually, but this is all still a little new to both of us though.

Hermione: My ideal spanking room would be full of light, with a large mullioned window, curtainless so that anyone looking in could observe the activities. The woodwork and wainscotting are painted white, and the upper walls are papered with a tasteful maroon pattern. On one wall are racks where canes, crops, straps, belts and other large implements hang, arranged by type and length. A white cabinet with glass doors holds the smaller paddles, hairbrushes and rulers. There are also hooks to hold clothing as it is removed.

There is a window seat, well padded, for spanking. The central feature is a chaise lounge of sufficient length to permit comfortable OTK and the padded end is just the right height for bending over. There is also a padded spanking bench where one could stand and bend over, then be fastened with leather restraints. A second bench of lesser height is available to support a victim in a kneeling position.

Arranged here and there are small kneeling pads upholstered in the same pattern as the chaise and padded benches, for the spankee's comfort.

Morningstar: I love the topic and I wrote a post on my blog.

Bethie: We tend to go into the bedroom for long spankings that we know are going to end in lovemaking, but pretty much every room in the house is within the spank-zone. (Heck, even the car and the great outdoors aren't out of the question, but that's another story).

When we're not in the bedroom, I get tossed over his knee, over the couch arms, or just bent over for a spanking any place the feeling hits us. We don't have any particular area or implements for different types of spankings. Spankings just happen around here.

As for an ideal spanking room, my imagination runs wild on this one! It'd have a couple of spanking benches (one comfy, one more utilitarian), a desk, a couch in front of a big entertainment center, a big storage place for toys, some rings bolted into walls, a hook or two, and a big bed. Yum!

Abby: Like many others, it sounds like, we use the bedroom for the most part. Part of the fun is that he leads me in there and I think we're going to do one thing, but then it turns out that part is coming much, much later! I love how one minute we're kissing and the next he's somehow turned me around and I'm bent over the mattress.

We also have a room we call the library. Although I moved all but one of the bookcases to the living room, there is also my desk and an antique school bench that we bought specifically for this purpose. It's where we keep most of our implements as well. This room is for harder punishments, or sometimes just to make me think I'm going to be severely punished.

I'd love to have a little building outside that is split into two rooms, front and back. The front is a schoolhouse, complete with student and teacher desks, hooks on the walls for canes and straps and paddles, and a spanking horse. (One of the first spanking clips I saw had a classroom with a horse and I've never gotten over the image.) The back room would be a barn, with bales of hay and possibly something with a saddle over it, so I could go over the saddle. It would be my little English/Western Spanking House!

Bonnie: One of the real joys of being empty-nesters is the ability to move our fun to any part of the house that we choose. We have done precisely that. Most rooms now have some sort of implement on hand, just in case.

Our main toy collection is stored in our bedroom and that’s where the majority of our spankings take place. However, there are plenty of cooking implements in the kitchen, brushes in the bathroom, canes and straps in the basement, and a certain notorious wooden wall hanging in our living room. We even have matching brushes in our respective glove boxes. So, as you see, location is no barrier.

For my ideal spanking room, I would set it up with acoustic baffles like a recording studio. I’d love to be able to yell, whack, and laugh to our hearts content. The carpeting would be downy soft and heavily padded so time spent kneeling wouldn’t kill my knees. I’ve always dreamed of a spanking bench to which I could be bound. There should be a small lavatory adjacent because darn if I don’t have to pee as soon as the action starts. I like the idea of toys hanging up all over the walls. Finally, there would have to be a bed to accommodate all that quite naturally transpires after the spanking is concluded. Such fun could be had!

Anon VII - A mirrored wall often comes in handy, especially for paddlings (which I do) and canings (which I don't). I must admit to a bit of selfishness in saying that the spanker gets the most benefit from getting to observe breasts and facial reactions (both anticipatory and _post facto_) as well as the shoulders, the hair down the back, and the ... well, you know! The recipient needs to understand, of course, that if she chooses to look upward rather than down at the floor (better, since it tips the bottom up), she absolutely must not flinch when her partner swings. If the urge to flinch is too strong, the spanker should have the lady hold her ankles, and then swing with some restraint. That position won't stop a major evasive move, but it tends to stop involuntary twitches.

As to the room, my preference would be one in late nineteenth-century decor: judge's paneling on the walls, arched windows, dark brocade upholstery, etc., perhaps even lamps burning scented oil, replicating a time and place so much in keeping with the activity and creating an atmosphere that is romantic with a measure of formality, if not authority.

Thank you to everyone who added their insight to our discussion. I hope to see you all back here next week when next we sit down (oh so gingerly) for another spanko brunch.

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