Friday, September 21, 2007

The Submission Test

Randy and I have an erotic game we play periodically and it’s called the submission test. As the name suggests, Randy employs a variety of methods to plumb the depths of my hunger for sexual submission. We hadn’t played this game for quite a while, at least a year by my reckoning. But last weekend, we revived it.

The fun began when Randy ordered me to go upstairs, strip naked, and lie face down on the bed. Knowing him as I do, that’s a signal that spankings, sex, and shenanigans were just ahead. Intrigued, I readily complied with his instructions.

About five minutes later, he walked through the bedroom doorway rubbing his hands together. I turned my head in time to see the eager smile on his face. He sat beside me and began rubbing my exposed and slightly chilly bottom.

“Tonight, my love, we are going to explore your submission. Everything we do will be with your complete, explicit, and unqualified consent. If you don’t want to proceed, you need only say so. At that point, we will stop.”

I knew the drill. I could end the session at any time, but would I? Or would I prefer to show off my submissiveness? The good thing was that I knew Randy wouldn’t propose anything that would injure me or place me in real danger.

“The time has come,” he informed me. “Shall I put on your cuffs?” He intended to restrain me. This was no real surprise. Light bondage can be enjoyable for me and it really heightens my feelings of submission.

“Yes, please do,” I responded in almost a whisper.

Randy slid the soft leather cuffs onto all four of my limbs. Next, he fastened elastic cords to anchor my wrists to the headboard and my ankles to the foot of the bed. He left me a little freedom of movement, but I clearly wasn’t going anywhere until he released me. He finished by sliding a large pillow beneath my hips.

“Now, my sweet, we begin with the paddle. Do I have your permission to paddle your bottom until it glows bright red?”

Phrased like that, Randy knew his question cast me in the role of co-conspirator in my own chastisement.

“Yes,” I replied.

Paddle me he did. He unleashed a flurry of about twenty hard, fast swats without benefit of a warm-up. This barrage left me panting and squirming. It really hurt! I had little doubt that the redness he sought had been achieved.

“Do you feel that?” His finger was now touching my rear orifice. I told him that I did.

“Well, that’s my finger and it’s covered in lubricant. I want to use it to grease your ass. Does that meet with your approval?”

I’m generally a reluctant participant in anal play. Let’s just say it’s not as much fun for me as a good spanking. However, this was the submission test and I wasn’t about to bail out over a slippery finger. I told him to proceed.

As promised, the finger penetrated and lubricated my most private opening.

“Now, let’s move on to the belt.” As Randy spoke these words, I heard the sound of his own leather belt sliding rapidly though the loops of his pants. “May I whip your naked skin with my belt?”

Most times, my answer would be unequivocal. But that small paddle had already done some fine work on my sit spots. Nevertheless, I nodded my assent.

“Do you mean that you grant me permission to mark you?” He wanted to hear the actual words.

“Yes, yes.”

The belt cracks burned as they were applied, but the sensation didn’t seem unpleasant.

“Now, I would like to shove a vibrator up your ass. Will you let me do that?”

I answered, “Yeah, no… Wait. You don’t mean the Hitachi, do you?” For those unfamiliar with the Hitachi Magic Wand, I was concerned that I had just unknowing agreed to an act that might not even be physiologically possible.

Randy burst out laughing. “No, but now that you mention it…” I had to admit that concept was pretty funny, as long as he didn’t actually intend to do it.

He chose instead a slim, smooth, bullet-shaped vibrator. It was already buzzing when he began sliding it into me. It was a strange sensation to be stimulated back there.

“Now I want to add a second vibrator in front. Will you accept that?”

OK, this was a total no-brainer. “Sure,” I agreed.

Randy activated a second vibrator, identical to the first in all but color (I couldn’t see anything he was doing, but I do know my toys!). He expertly rubbed it up and down to maximize the intense effects. Within a minute or two, I was bucking up and down, writhing with pleasure and pulling on my restraints. The feeling of those two vibrators working in unison was mind blowing. I nearly reached climax more than once, but my lover eased off before I achieved it.

“May I finish you off with this cane?” He now controlled both vibrators with his right hand as his left employed a small, thin cane to tap on my scalded bottom.

“Yes, please finish…” I gasped.

That flicking cane was just enough to trigger a monumental orgasm. He continued to strike it against my skin even as I moaned in ecstasy. I loved every second.

There are no losers in the submission game. We both won. He measured my submission and found it to his liking. I tested my own mettle and emerged victorious.

After I was unhitched, cooled down, and relaxed, I repaid his loving attention with my own style of oral gratitude. Randy was favorably impressed. Yes, this was a good game and a fine way to spend an evening at home together!

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Dove said...

Absolutely delicious Bonnie. You and Randy sound like you had a great time with this game. Such a game is a long way off for ML and me but I may borrow the idea or similar in the future.

Have a great weekend.

Paul said...

Bonnie, a very nice story, thank you.
You are so well matched, I'm sure that you both realise just how lucky you are.
Thanks for spreading the love.
Warm hugs,

hermione said...

OMG I am green (or pink?) with envy! What an exciting read first thing in the morning. I will have something very pleasant to recall during a long, boring meeting starting shortly.

About Randy's question, "...permission to mark you?", we were just discussing that a couple of days ago. Ron revealed that he is reluctant to spank me more than once a week because he can't bear to see bruises on me that he has caused. I love seeing marks on my bottom, and I don't think I even get them very often. We'll have to come to some sort of understanding on that one!


Kallisto said...

Wow, that was great, Bonnie! I laughed out loud when you asked if he meant the Hitachi. That would have really been something. Glad you both had such a good time!

Jim said...

Whew! My kettle is whistling!

jammin33333 said...


Anonymous said...

I've played that game before

Séverine said...

This was so hot, Bonnie, I just loved it.

Caryagal said...

WOW!! Bonnie! That was AWESOME!! I'll have to tell PS about this one!! :-)


New Beginnings said...

Bonnie, what fun!! Now usually I just want my honey to go ahead and not ask but this does sound like a fun change of pace. I will be sure to have Nick read here. Really glad you were clear about which vibrator could be used!!


mthc said...

Wow,Bonnie..i had a night kind of like that..awesome isn't it.

Anonymous said...

What a great, hot night at home! I love the escalating nature of the play, and setting it up as a test for you. Good clean fun.


david said...

Mthc came and got me while watching a game on the tube to read this. Wow! Bonnie you are ranked #1 in my book. Forget the game where did Mthc go hehehe

SmartNnaughty said...

Oh, Bonnie, you are HOT, HOT, HOT!

I love your game!


Michelle said...

This was an awesome read...God I am almost jealous :) I wish that MG could be that , hmmm what's the word, stimulating LOL. Very nice, you two sound like a great match!! Have a great weekend!
aka Brat Out Of Control

Bonnie said...

Dove - Yes, it was great fun indeed. Please feel free to borrow anything you like.

Paul - We are very fortunate to have found one another and to live in a place and time where we are free to explore our wildest fantasies.

Hermoine - Randy chose those words because he knew they were emotionally powerful. In truth, I had only a few barely visible marks the next morning.

I too like to see some marks, but my tough old hide doesn't give them up very easily.

As for your husband, perhaps in time he will come to recognize that a few welts or bruises are trivial when your spirit is soaring.

Kallisto - That really broke the mood he was trying to create. We had a great laugh over it.

I should probably explain to those unfamiliar with the Hitachi Magic Wand that it has a head on it that is nearly as big as my fist. It plugs into an electrical outlet and buzzes much more intensely than any other toy I've encountered. In short, inserting that contraption into any orifice would be truly extreme.

Jim - I'm glad you enjoyed my tale.

Jammin - Thanks.

Fingers - That's great. There are truly no losers.

Séverine - Thank you.

Carye - Thanks. I'd love to hear about his response.

PK - Exactly. Requiring me to approve each step paradoxically shifted the control to him.

As for the vibrator, I just had this vision flash into my head and I was operating in a transparent mode when everything that came into my brain had to come out of my mouth. I didn't realize how funny it was until Randy started laughing.

MTHC - That's wonderful! Awesome indeed.

Scout - We've done this before and always with excellent results. It's fun to alter the rules sometimes.

David - Aw, thanks!

SNN - Hi! It's a genuine pleasure to hear from you. I hope all is well in your world.

Yes, we had a great time with the submission game. It combines several elements we love.

Michelle - Thanks. Randy and I enjoy each other's company both inside and outside the bedroom. He has a wonderful ability to keep things new and I think that has made a huge difference.

ShondaLand said...

Yay! I love this game! :o) Sounds like you had a riot.

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