Sunday, September 23, 2007

MBS Spanko Brunch #88

Welcome back everyone! I'm glad you joined us for brunch.

Spanking implements come in many forms. They can be rigid or flexible. Some are thin. Others can be wide. But all effective spanking implements must be tough. Most of us who have engaged in spanking activities for a while have encountered an implement that was not up to the task assigned it. Or perhaps the spanker was simply a bit too enthusiastic. Either way, spanking implements can and do break. That is the subject of this week's spanko brunch.

Have you or your partner ever had an implement break during a spanking? If so, how did it happen? What were your reactions? Did the spanking continue? Is sturdiness one of the criteria you consider when evaluating spanking implements?

If you would like to contribute your thoughts to today's brunch, I encourage you leave a comment below, send me an e-mail, or post a response on your own blog. Once everyone has provided their responses, I will publish a summary of our discussion.


Lucy said...

Jekyll spanked me in the backseat of my car one time with a plastic hairbrush that happened to be nearby. about 20 swats into it the head came off the brush. We tried to fix it but it was broken for good. The spanking ended and the hairbrush was hidden under the seat. About a week later someone reached for the brush only to have the head fall off. Jekyll and I smiled at each other but didn't say anything.

Caryagal said...

Nope not yet! But we've bought pretty sturdy ones!


BB said...

Yes, S was spanking me a few months ago with a wooden spoon he bought. It was pretty and made out of different kinds of wood. Well about 3 or 4 swats into the spanking, the spoon broke. I laughed really hard. It was a fun spanking so we both had a good laugh and then he continued with the paddle.

jade said...

I think we've broken a spoon and a couple of hair brushes. We laugh, he checks to make sure it's just the implement that's broken, then he picks up something else and keeps going....

Mary said...

He once broke a cane on my poor bottom. We were playing a school girl scenario so I was already enjoying the role and bratting a bit. Well - when the can broke - I didn't know - but the stroke really hurt and I got so mad and yelled and stomped my feet and used the school girl persona to really protest about being caned so hard.
- I was sent to the corner to calm down - he was very stern and I was not calming down. He called me back to finish the spanking over the knee - and I continued to pout over his "being so mean" when we were supposed to be playing. He tried to convince me that I was over reacting and I was not spanked that hard. Eventually I did enough kicking and fighting during the rest of my spanking to get all my frustration out and spanking games transgressed into other "fun". We were on vacation it was the 2nd day of 4 - it wasn't until we were packing to go home that he admitted that he actually broke the cane on my bottom. (I, of course had to point out that he must have used it as hard as i thought - but I also had to laugh, because I had wondered why he let me "get away" with being such a brat and protesing so much about the caning without settling the matter by caning me some more. It had seemed odd that he didn't cane me again that night or the other nights either. - Now I knew.

AmoAcrata said...

We broke a plastic rule 40 cm long.
Long time spanking very quickly, and the last strokes hit just with the extrem of the rule, and a little pice 7 cm long flought.

Paul said...

Bonnie, in thirty-three plus years we never broke a thing, but then all our toys were leather except for a couple of canes that didn't get used much. My hand often got quite sore after an extended spanking.
Warm hugs,

Anonymous said...

Ping-pong cracked right between the paddle and the handle. He tried continuing after that, but it just wouldn't work! (that's okay, I'm really not broken-hearted about it)

hermione said...

I had foolishly complained that our only wooden implement, a paint
stirrer, no longer had enough sting for me. The next time a spanking was imminent, I entered the bedroom and was greeted by the sight of an 18 inch bamboo rod with a shoehorn at the end, hanging on the headboard of the bed. Yikes! So I was spanked with this thing, but Ron only whacked me with the shoehorn on the end. After a few strokes it broke off. He wailed,"You broke my shoehorn", I giggled and got four hard hand spanks.
The cane, minus its end, hung over the bed for a couple of weeks, and never failed to thrill me when I saw it. It was used twice more, both times like a proper cane, across both buttocks. It hurt terribly, and the raised bamboo joints caused spectacular bruises. Ron decided the bruises weren't his cup of tea, and the cane was removed from the bedroom, repaired, and used only for its intended purpose.
But I miss that frisson of excitement seeing it hanging there, waiting for me!

Kallisto said...

Spanky has broken two canes on my bottom. We have an intro set of 5 canes, in 3 sizes. Amazingly, it was the mid-sized canes that broke. Spanky carried on, as it was usually a few inches at the tip that broke off. Eventually they were too short to use any longer and they were thrown away. The thinner and thicker canes have never broken and work just fine!
Great topic, Bonnie!

Bonnie said...

There are few things that get me laughing faster than an implement broken across my bottom. It’s happened quite a few times over the years, especially in the early days when all we had were pervertables and homemade toys.

Let’s face it. We spankees don’t often get to feel triumphant. Spanking implements are chosen for their ability to beat our flesh and make it red, hot, and sore. They get the better of me almost every time. On that rare occasion when my bottom is proven to be tougher than a spanking implement, that’s a red letter day! I typically laugh, then I cheer, and then, at Randy’s insistence, I get back in position. He usually makes me pay for my frivolity, but it’s all good fun by that point.

Anonymous said...

We have a black plastic shoe horn. We don't use it for spanking any more as it's just too brittle. We have broken a few of these putting on shoes so I was never happy using as a spanking implement. It stung hard and I was sorry to see it return to it's vanilla roots but better safe than sorry.

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