Sunday, June 03, 2007

Recap: MBS Sunday Brunch for June 3

Wow! What a great response. Big thanks go out to everyone who answered our question about spanking around the clock.

PK: No contest! My hands down favorite is afternoon. For me, this has a lot to do with knowing the days that we will have complete privacy. We are both fully awake and there is no need to rush. We take our time and we play, we talk, and we take cuddle afterwards. Early mornings before work can be fun, but for the best time, I will go for afternoon.

FlinchFlower: I prefer a spanking in the morning if it is related to behavior at work, or before class if it's related to school. I'd like a hard spanking then, so the sting lasts through the whole day, setting me up for meditation upon my errors. Otherwise, I want a spanking just before dinner, so that it's necessary to sit on a wooden chair and squirm. A spanking before bedtime is preferred when it's going to be very serious, hard discipline, so there's time for reassurance afterwards, and the ability to be put to bed if it wears me out badly.

Reesa Roberts: I get a bedtime spanking at least 3-4 times a week, so that's when it's most often. I prefer first thing in the morning, though. It really gets your blood flowing and fills you with energy you didn't know you had! D sleeps as late as possible, though, and then rushes around in a hurry to get to work. LOL I don't know how a spanking can both put me to sleep at night and wake me up in the morning, but I love it either way!

Jammin: I love my just before bedtime spanking. It helps me to release stress and become centered. I do so sleep better with a hot and sore bottom. These spankings are erotic and happen every night unless my lover has to travel.

Pagan: Due to having children in the house, our spankings are always done late at night, when we're sure everyone is asleep.

A few weeks ago, my hubby was home during the day when the kids were out, and we were able to take advantage of some rare privacy. It was nice not to have to worry about noise - although it meant he pulled out some favourite nasties.

I do love being spanked before bed though and curling up against him afterwards as we both fall asleep. Yum.

David: Our spanking play is usually in the evenings or anytime on the weekends. Our oldest is home disabled and our youngest is fifteen. We work these play times around them not hearing.

Paige Tyler: Any time of day! LOL! However, we do set aside time for spankings, and I really look forward to them! Examples include my mid-week spankings, which my hubby gives me before he goes to work on Wednesday mornings, and our standing Saturday afternoon spanking date! Of course, we always manage to fit in other spankings throughout the week, too!

Spankoe: Sign me up for bedtime spankings! Talk about letting go of the day’s stress, and being ready for a sound night of sleep (after a little post-spanking sex), a spanking does that for me.
I only get to see my guy one weekend a month currently, so he has a lot of catching up to do when he's here. The goodnight spanking is the one I enjoy most!

Paul: Our favourite time was bedtime closely followed by early morning. Both of these times were erotic spankings. The first was to ensure a good nights sleep for both of us, and the second, rather harder, was to set Mel up for the day.

This isn't to say that spankings didn't happen at other times. That depended on our mood. The rare punishment only took place in my office and always as soon after the offence as reasonable.

Jean Marie: When is the best time for a spanking?

I've been awoken by playful love-pat spanks to a bottom bared of covers and jammies and underwear that got me in the mood for love-making at dawn, when our sighs and moans drowned out the waking birds' singing. That's an excellent time.

I once worked in the world of business, and I'd come home for lunch and a quickie. My boyfriend at the time discovered that the fastest way to get me aroused for sex wasn't with tickling fingers or a lapping tongue, but rather with role play. He'd impersonate the boss of my dreams, and order me out of my snug business skirt for punishment of some made-up managerial error. A little spanking got me hot for lots of nooners. I often went back to work with marks on my behind and an extra wiggle in my walk.

I absolutely love a languid spanking on a lazy Sunday afternoon. My lover and I have filled this day of rest with spankings and fucks and naps and more spankings followed by still more nookie and nap-time and...

Of course, spanking is great in the evening. I've been spanked before dinner, and then sat and squirmed on a freshly warmed tush during the meal. I've been told that I'll be spanked right after dinner, and have not been able to eat due to the butterflies that fill my tummy. I've been spanked the second after I misbehave. I've been made to wait and anticipate a spanking to come later. Both ways are sublime. An ultimate erotic moment is to be spanked right before bedtime, and cuddle my glowing globes into my spooning lover's groin. No matter how seriously I've angered my man, no matter how late the hour, he can not resist make-up sex at these times.

I've been spanked in the shower. I've been spanked in a sexy bubble bath. I've been spanked when I was actually trying to get clean in the tub. The resulting sex was so dirty that we had to take another shower afterward. I've even been spanked and seduced while on hands and knees just trying to scrub the bathtub/shower stall.

I've been spanked in the wee small hours when we've come home from parties, but I've never been awoken from a deep sleep by an honest-to-goodness hard spanking. I have stayed up all night while in college, and know how giddy/silly/hallucinogenic I can get when sleep-deprived, so it could be kind of fun/bizarre/other-worldly to be spanked then. I think I'll suggest it to my current boyfriend, since I'm now a school teacher and am free for the summer. Maybe some night this week, when I least expect it, I'll get my rump roasted.

You know when you have to pee at night, and your dreams incorporate this fact? I wonder if my dreams will take this kinky turn, or if I'll just wake up in shock and awe...

When is the best time for spanking? Hmmmmmm... I guess that I'd have to answer ANYTIME!

Tim: I hate to say it, but I'm not much of a morning person, so give me anything in the PM. I hate trying to give a spanking and then falling over asleep. It really wrecks the mood.

Mary: We have a long distance relationship and both of us have demanding jobs. Whenever we are together, there are many spankings to catch up on. I think I like the afternoon spanking the best. It is usually the one to clear the slate. He is fresh and my bottom feels it! But then there is nice afternoon sex and cuddles and a long evening together to enjoy. I have found that when a hard discipline spanking comes right before bed, even though we cuddle and have sex, it is really hard on me emotionally if he has to leave early in the morning. If the spanking is hard, I not only need cuddles and love, I think I need some "ordinary time" to readjust. If it is a late night spanking followed by an early morning good bye, the letdown is huge and my emotions are very raw.

Patricia: Bill loves to spank me before bed. There’s something about a hot bottom next to him. I must admit that I do like the stress relief it brings me. Second to bedtime, I also love afternoon spankings. If these just happen to work their magic all evening, then of course it's time for a bedtime spanking.

Discipline spanking occur whenever the offense happens, and not at any special time.

Pink Cheeks: Spankings usually occur in the evenings, although they have taken place at other times as well. Since our children are grown and out of the house, we now have free reign. So, when the mood "strikes…" *grin*

Todd and Suzy: Most of our spankings take place in the morning between 8 and 9am. That has both good points and bad. The bad is that they often feel somewhat rushed. There is a day’s worth of stuff to do, after all. It's nice way to start the day though. A spanking puts a better focus on the day, and actually getting stuff done.

It sure would be nice to have the option to spank at other times of the day though!

Ofia: I can't decide.

I love spankings in the evening because I can relax for the rest of the day, and only sit on soft things. I love spankings before bed because I sleep so very well. I love spankings in the late morning/early afternoon on the weekend before we start the day because I'm reminded all day of the fun we had.

None of that changes, regardless of the type of spanking I'm receiving.

Theresa: I love lazy late Saturday afternoons! Yummo!

BB: Late afternoons are the ones I enjoy most. That means we have the whole rest of the night to cuddle and play. We don't get to be together very often. So when we do, we don't waste much time. There is just something about getting a spanking, getting to play for a couple hours, snuggling together, and falling asleep. I love it!

Cindy: I have no favorite time for spankings. I guess it depends most on what's going on. I love a spanking before dinner out, before riding, before a family picnic, and that sort of thing. And then again, bedtime spankings do something to me that nothing else can do. So, there is my answer! Just before bed!

Carye: I love spankings before bed. I love to cuddle and hug and be close afterwards. We don't get much chance for any other time at this point in our lives with the little kids. Every once in a while, there is a few minutes in the afternoon and I truly enjoy that too. I think one before a dinner out or a long trip in the car would be awesome. I shall dream about that for now and hope to enjoy it when the kids are a little older!

Bonnie: As empty nesters, our opportunities are limitless, or so it might seem. The truth is that both of us have responsibilities that frequently take us away from home. We still have to schedule time for play.

Our favorite standing date is Friday evening. It’s that perfect transition point. Both stress and the need for stress relief are at their highest. We’re ready to move into the more relaxing pace of a weekend. A good spanking provides a clear demarcation, a jumping off point, and a celebration of another week completed. The resulting reconnection sets the ideal mood for the weekend to come.

I hope you'll all stop back next week for another spanko brunch! Until then, "Keep your rump in the air and keep reaching for your ankles!"

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Paige Tyler said...

Great reading, Bonnie!

Paige (Tigger)

Marcus said...

One thing I thought you might appreciate was "A Little Bit of Spanking"'s idea of her favorite spanking position. As I read the first few sentences, you came to mind...

Bonnie said...

Paige - Thank you! Folks like you helped to make this brunch one of our best.

Marcus - Hi! We haven't heard from you in a while. I hope all is well.

I did read Kelly's post. I'm not a huge fan of the diaper position, but I've certainly been there a time or twenty. Given the choice (though I'm not), I would opt for something more intimate.

On the other hand, all spankings are beneficial (for us anyway) and I'm not about to bail out simply because he's not employing my favorite position.

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