Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Leather Fun

Our friend Pagan sent me a photo that displays her impressive collection of leather spanking toys. She claims that she needs a twelve step program to help her stop purchasing them!

It's all there - Beauty, versatility, fun, and effectiveness...

Thanks, Pagan!


Paul said...

Bonnie, some photo, Mel would salivate over some of those toys, she loved leather, as do I. Thanks Pagan.
Warm hugs,

Pagan said...

Leather paddles are my favourite thing to get spanked with (obviously). We have other leather toys (flyswatter, a couple of crops, a flogger, strap or two), but they don't hold the same place in my heart as these do.

I know some think that leather is wimpy, but there is a wide variety of sensations possible from it. These paddles range from the very mild (the heart one) to the intensely stingy (the ruler paddle near the bottom right) to the thuddy (lined hairbrush paddle in bottom right corner).

I have a pic just like this with our wooden toys. He invariably pulls out one or two of those as well as a few leather ones.

But these...these are my BABIES. *Purrs happily*

And I'm NOT buying any more. I'm not. I'm not.

(I have an order in for leather cuffs though - but that doesn't count). ;)

SelfSpanker said...

I need guidance here. I am in the market for a leather paddle and would appreciate some recommendations. The paddle needs to be 16-18" long and it needs to be heavy. Any suggestions where I could find one. The selection at the local adult store is awful. Thanks.

Richard Windsor said...

That is an impressive array of workmanship right there :-)

Reesa Roberts said...

Thanks for posting these, Bonnie & Pagan - I really like the one with the red rose carved into the leather!


Bonnie said...

Paul - Aren't they lovely? I thought this photo was too good not to share.

Pagan - You are truly a connoisseur. Thank you for allowing me to share your treasures.

Self - You might try Adam and Gillian, The London Tanners, or Leather Thorn Paddles. At least one of these vendors should have the paddle you seek.

Richard - Yes, it certainly is. It makes want to expand our collection.

Reesa - I agree. That's a real beauty and it looks like it would be fun to play with too.

Amber Pixie Wells said...

Lovely! I'm fascinated by the ones with the woven pattern. I was wondering if they feel any different than paddles with a smooth surface and if they leave different marks?

Pagan said...

Self Spanker, I have paddles from each of the vendors Bonnie mentioned represented in that pic. I've been happy with all of them. :)

Reesa, that paddle (Rose Blush) is one of my very favourites. It's virtually identical to the CB in terms of shape and size, but it feels significantly different. ;)

Amber, I LOVE the tooled side. It does feel a little different than the smooth one, but it doesn't leave patterned marks. The spanker would have to be pretty talented to line up all those diamonds and basketweave exactly the same way each time. LOL

Thank you, Bonnie. :)

Greenwoman said...

I see we have the same taste for leather paddles. She's got a number from my favorite paddle maker.

Katie James said...

Ok some of those paddles are from Leather Thorn Paddles and I WILL own one someday!!! Many hopefully. I love them!

Dave said...

My goodness. That is an arsenal for sure. :-)


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