Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Not for the Kiddies

I found this gizmo over at Ofia's blog. I immediately wondered about my own blog's rating. After all, while my content is definitely intended for adults, I don't use a lot of dirty words. So what would they think?

Imagine my surprise! PG? Really?

I suppose I could rant about how superficial our society has become and how, in our craving of instant entertainment, we have lost our appreciation for subtlety. But I'll spare you all that. After all, it's just a program. And perhaps it's better that I fly beneath the radar...


Amber Pixie Wells said...

What a cute little widget though it does appear to be a bit off. I tried it out with my blog and I was given a PG rating too because I mentioned the word "shoot" 5 times. I guess if I had spelled it out as photoshoot every time I would have scored a G rating like Care Bears? :)

Kallisto said...

I've seen this elsewhere too, and it does seem to be very forgiving of quite a lot of words. I am sure the results would have been very different years ago. Loved Pixie's comment!

Paige Tyler said...

Fun, Bonnie! Mine's rated PG, too!

Paige (Tigger)

Paul said...

Bonnie, I don't care what your rating is, as long as you fly.
Warm hugs,

Ofia said...


Yea, it's amusing.... and it doesn't seem to pull the same words and the same amount of words.... twice.

Greenwoman said...

Wow...the content of this blog seems R rated to me. I'm amazed. *shakes head*

A.S.S. said...

Very interesting link. We got an 'R' rating... we got dinged for using the word "slap." What kind of fucking shit is that? We're no more than a PG13 blog!

~Todd & Suzy

Anonymous said...

LOL! I got a G rating! Yeah, right... I should try again after posting a Correspondence Hall of Shame. :-D -- Erica

Anonymous said...

Parental Guidance Suggested eh Bonnie?

I would have been very grateful if my parents had guided me towards a blog like yours when I was growing up.

It would have saved many years of angst to know that enjoying spanking was if not exactly common, then not something to be concerned about.

Now I have my own children and I see how difficult it is from the other side of the generation gap.


Grizzly Bear said...

We got a rating of NC-17, although I wonder what rating we would get if it took into account the pictures on our blog as well as the words

Tim said...

Hey, in a country where heads being blown up merits a "PG-13" but explicit sex is R or A, I'm totally about this site being PG.

Young Lady said...

Hello Bonnie! I have been a quiet lurker on your blog for quite some time, and decided I should begin one as well. Thanks for the add (I added you as well).

Bonnie said...

APW - Obviously, they have no idea what you're shooting. Either that, or they have a soft spot for spankings!

Kallisto - I'm not sure I would call it forgiving so much as oblivious. The widget is searching for a small number of hot words. As we well know, there are lots of different ways to convey a thought. I delight in conveying filthy messages without using any dirty words.

Paige - Perhaps spanking has gone totally mainstream?

Paul - Aw, that's sweet. Thanks.

Ofia - I hadn't noticed that. I'll have to try again.

Green - Yep. That's what I thought.

Todd and Suzy - Slap gets you an 'R'? Go figure. But then, I never understood the logic behind movie ratings either.

Erica - OK, now we have achieved the ultimate silliness. I dearly love your blog, but 'G' rating or no 'G' rating, our 15 month old granddaughter is simply not allowed to visit.

OPB - Now there's a perspective I hadn't considered!

Griz - You and gg earned that rating the old fashioned way. I would have disappointed had you achieved any less.

Tim - Good point. That annoys me too. Heaven forbid our young people should find out how loving couples care for one another.

Young Lady - I think you're doing great! Hopefully, a few new readers are dropping by to visit.

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