Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Keyword Chaos Once Again

Many of the good people who visit MBS arrive here through the facilities of a search engine. Periodically, I dig into the search phrases they used to find this blog. Keyword Chaos is an offbeat examination of those words and what they might mean.

  • girdle enema diaper - So does the girdle go OVER the diaper, or vice versa?

  • whipped bottom - Now available in a convenient aerosol can

  • does research show most men find spanking women's behinds pleasurable? - I have no idea, but I might volunteer for the study!

  • caning palm frond - I hear that Mary Ann and Ginger were totally into that scene

  • spanking impliments - Let's see... We have a piddle, a hairbrish, a crip, and a bilt

  • spear spanking - Never use the pointed end

  • I love my round rump bubble junk trunk - Right on, sister!

  • free online non-sexual spanking stories - Two outa three ain't bad, right?

  • take my swats - Please!

  • rigid spanking - Believe me, it's easier if you don't tense up

  • I always wear a butt plug - That seems unlikely

  • why is spanking sexy? - For the same reason anything is sexy: Because it causes the participants to become aroused

  • nice waps - It's wabbit season, you know

  • bubblebutt girdle - Forget the girdle and enjoy what Mom Nature gave you!

  • lifetime channel secret lives of women little red round bottom - I obviously don't spend enough time watching the Lifetime Network

  • washing grandma's panties - Forget it, she'd rather do it herself

  • innocent panty slips on the street - Let's hope she wasn't injured

  • I love pantylines - They're really quite easy to create at home

  • why do girls wear thongs? - Because their dentist told them to floss every day

  • am I good at spanking my girlfriend - How should I know? Ask her

  • my hubby surprise wearing bra candle - I said I wanted whacks, not wax (and please take off my bra...)!

  • let’s get wild spank - Woo hoo, break out the leather!

  • well preserved female bottom - Is that formaldehyde I smell?

  • how to make your wife a good lover - Step one: fulfill her desires

  • naughty cheerleader camp - Now available on DVD

  • things not to tell your wife - There's a book that needs to be written!

  • mother in law wearing pantyhose, nylons, stockings and girdles - I believe in dressing in layers, but this seems a bit extreme

  • medium spank stories - We haven't time for an extra large

  • wife like girlfriend - Dream on, dude

  • gay boys being spanked in grey shorts - Grey, I tell you. They simply must be grey!

  • pine versus oak paddling which hurts more - Oak is much heavier and harder

  • chaos ride - This, I presume, is similar to a joy ride, only messier

  • ways to spank your wife - I suggest that you get off the computer and go find out what she likes

  • reasons for lack of comprehension - Believe it or not, this person stayed around and browsed for while

  • goat list spanking - I don't think I care to know

  • hot sexy butt plug - There's a sequence of words I had never considered

  • bra and girdle zone - There's a signpost up ahead...

  • unusual spanking blog - You've come to the right place

  • chewy nipples - Hey, ease up on those!

  • embarrassing beaver - Hey, Wally, did you hear any funny noises from down the hall last night?

  • where should I spank my wife - Aim for the lower half of her bottom

  • paddling ass sorority - Wouldn't you love to see that printed on a sign out in front?

  • paddle on butt really hurt - So what did you expect?

  • beautiful bottom shape - Round is a shape, right?

  • bare panties - This is the spanko version of having one's cake and eating it too


Anonymous said...

Awesome as always Bonnie!!


Anonymous said...

LMAO!! Bonnie, I don't know what's funnier -- these phrases, or your comments to each one! Thank you for a very good laugh. :-) -- Erica

Daddy's Little Deviant said...

Chaos Ride is officially my favorite among those. I can't stop giggling.


Amber Pixie Wells said...

I love this segment! Never fails to make me laugh ... and often shake my head in amazement too.

emeraldeyes said...

LMAO, that was great Bonnie. I love these, and heaven knows how you find them?!
My favourite was 'girdle enema diaper', no wait the 'embarrasing beaver' was impressive too! LOL

Thanks for sharing these,
Em x

Kallisto said...

Superb as usual, Bonnie! Thanks for a good laugh...

Paul said...

Bonnie dear girl, many thanks for the chuckles, I really look forward to this post.
Warm hugs,

Anonymous said...

Brilliant! I laughed my round rump bubble junk trunk off.


Erin said...

As usual I really enjoyed reading these. It is always amazing to find out what people searched for to find your blog. Thanks for the laughs.


Dave said...

loll...personally, my fave is:

I love my round rump bubble junk trunk! thx for the great blog bonnie!

Best wishes,

Bonnie said...

Eva - Thanks!

Erica - Hi, and welcome to MBS! I'm delighted that you stopped by.

You're very welcome. The wonder of this feature is that so much great material drops into my lap every day. I couldn't make up phrases as silly and strange as these.

Deviant - Thanks. I liked that one too. My alternative response was "This was the day that Billy learned why it's a bad idea to give beer to a horse."

APW - Me too! I often wonder, "When did we talk about THAT?"

Em - They're actually quite easy to find. I use Google Analytics for tracking the blog's activity. It lets me comb through thousands of recent search phrases. The toughest part is narrowing the list to a managable size!

I can't imagine what people were thinking when they entered those keywords. Could there really be web sites where they discuss such things?

Kallisto - Thanks!

Paul - As long as people type silly words into their browsers, there will be a Keyword Chaos. I can't write material as funny as this!

Ruby - Thanks! LOL

Erin - You're very welcome. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Bonnie said...

Dave - I've got one of those! Thanks!

Reesa Roberts said...

Thanks for another awesome list, Bonnie! I love it when people search for something entirely off-topic, but then peruse the site anyway!


Anonymous said...

when i do something which makes her very upset, she tells that i am going to be spanked. i am told to disrobe, go to our bathroom and wait for her. as i sit on the toilet seat and contemplate whats going to happen i get excited. knowimg it will be otk and at first feels good but then as the pain builds up i srart to beg her to stop, this doesnt work and before yoi know it i am crying like a little kid. my bottom is on fire and i know for sure i wont repeat the misdoing again.

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