Thursday, May 10, 2007

Poll: Spanker's Talk

When discussing our favorite aerobic exercise, we focus a lot on the spankee - her feelings, her perceptions, and her aspirations. These issues are certainly valuable to consider, but what about the spanker? This week's poll examines what he has to say.

In your relationship, which word best characterizes the spanker's talk during a spanking?



padme amidala said...

I voted for scolding but it was hard to vote for just one because it varies for me. Sometimes Master Anakin will scold, sometimes instruct or lecture. Sometimes he will be silent if he's really mad. Other times he will be seducing through his voice. It honestly depends on the situation and his mood. :)
padme amidala

Paul said...

Bonnie, how one talks to one's sub during a punishment depended on the infraction which earned the punishment.
Scolding and threatening are unnecessary as she is being punished, encouraging and reassuring was what I did, the romancing came later.
Warm hugs,

edward said...

I voted for romancing,but it's more than that.It's also dirty talk,telling her what a bad girl she is,getting her to spread for me and telling something's getting wet.Telling her how nice a warm red bottom feels on my groin & belly when we do it doggy stile.Not being a natural spanker this is what it takes for me to realy be in the moment.It seems to turn Lisa on and the more cranked she is the more I am.I'll stop now a problem is rising and she won't be home for another three hours!

Bonnie said...

Padme - I think the dialogue varies for most of us. I wanted to get just one answer, though, that represented the most common situation. Thanks for participating!

Paul - That sounds like an excellent approach. Thanks!

Edward - Lucky Lisa! That would sure work for me.

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