Sunday, April 22, 2007

Recap: MBS Sunday Brunch for Apr 22

Hello again, everyone. Please excuse the dampness, but it simply can't be helped. Our brunch topic today was wet spankings. Here are your thoughts.

Galros: The ex and I used to go for the wet spanking thing. For some reason, the sight of me getting out of the bath covered in bubbles seemed to engage the spanko gear in his brain! The thing was that he never accounted for the fact that it HURT a lot more! LOL

But in saying that, it was always enjoyable for both of us. It nearly always led to the need for another bath or shower! Plus, I don't think I ever shared a shower with him either without getting a red bum either! It was great fun, even with the added pain!

Fer: Wet spankings are very special. I have a young spankee friend who very much enjoys a fantasy involving the beach, a wet bikini, and being whipped with a flexible branch from a plant that grows in the dunes.

Tigger: Yes, my hubby and I have tried wet spankings, and I loved it! He's spanked me while we were in the shower, and then also rubbed my bottom down with water. It definitely intensifies the sting!

Padme: We have tried wet spanking and we enjoy it a lot. Master Anakin has also wet his belt down for the "wet belt technique," as he calls it. It brings up better bruising and makes for a harder spanking. I've been spanked in the bathtub before and also leaning over the hot tub with a wet bottom.

Paul: What can I say? Mel often came out of the bath or shower with a red butt.

A good girl spanking stung just that bit more and turned her on just that bit more when her arse was wet. It was very satisfying.

As it's criminal to wet a good Scottish tawse, so we never did wet our leather implements.

Susan: Yes – OW! D decided I needed a spanking while we were swimming in the sea. He towed me out of the water, sat on a rock, put me over his knee, and gave the seat of my thin, wet bathing suit (we had been surfing, so no bikini) a long and sound spanking. It was murder, as in "My Bottom Smarts” times three. What made it worse were the unmistakable thunderclaps, which I am sure could be heard further down the beach. When the spanking was over, he put me back in the sea, where my rear just sizzled in the cold water. Later, I told him how much it had stung, and he admitted that his palm got pretty sore too which was some consolation.

A while later, I was BBU, OTK, and awaiting my fate. Instead of his spanking hand, a cold damp sponge landed on my bottom. It was well wetted and chilled. Then he took the hairbrush to me, not wanting to hurt his poor little hand. If the sea spanking was MBS times three, this was times five at least!

He once fished me out of the bath for a spanking, hot and wet, with water flying everywhere. But that was far less lethal.

Reesa: I've been spanked in the shower for fun many times. But once when I was taking a bath, he made me get out for a spanking. I can't even remember what I'd screwed up that time, but it sure did hurt like blazes! Water most definitely adds to the sting.

Mary: It seems we bottoms all agree that the wet adds to the sting. However, spanking after a hot tub is fun and after a swim…

My absolute favorite was a "staged" scene where I was pulled out of the shower when he walked in on me masturbating. I was pulled out soaking wet. The hotel bathroom had a large soft fluffy rug to prevent slipping. That was a very important feature since I was dripping wet. He scolded me and had me bend over the bathroom counter. There was a large mirror so I was able to see the whip in his hand. It is a soft, multi-stranded whip that makes a LOT of noise and sounds scary. It has a bit of weight so I feel the force of impact, but the sting on dry skin is not so bad. On wet skin, there was more sting, but the brush of air over my wet skin and the sound and the jolt from it hitting my body was sublime for a spanko like me.

The implement has been tested enough to know that it is not likely to cause injury, so he used it over every inch of my body including my thighs, buttocks, back, breasts, and pussy. He scolded me and continued until my skin was dried from all the "fanning" the whip had created. It was a delicious interlude - just enough sting and impact to make me moan, but not enough to cause any harm. My skin tingled all over when he was done.

Southern Angel: JD has given me several wet-bottom spankings. He has spanked me in the shower, in a pool, and has even wet my bottom with a sponge before spanking me. I am not much into these type of spankings because they sting so much! Being spanked in the shower doesn't seem as bad, I think because the shower spray cushions the swats. But don't tell JD. I've told him it hurts just as much!

Bonnie: Randy figured out early in our relationship that wetting my bottom before a spanking intensifies the experience. Since then, he has leveraged this knowledge countless times and in many ways. He loves the sound of the impact and the way I react. Now the very act of wearing a towel or a bathing suit is often enough to earn me a spanking.

Sometimes, he joins me in the shower for washing, spanking, and more. We have a stout wooden brush hanging in there and it’s not reserved for hygiene. These are always festive events, though I inevitably emerge with a very red bottom.

So, for all my grousing, do I enjoy wet spankings? Of course I do!

Pixiepie: I had a wet spanking once right after a cold shower (I was in big trouble that day...I don't remember why, Oh wait, Yes I do...). Anyway, it wasn't pleasant.

Thanks, everyone for adding your impressions and experiences with wet spankings. I think we can all agree that a bit of moisture translates into a lot of extra sting!

I look forward to seeing you all here next week for another spanko brunch.

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Thanks everybody for your stories, I enjoyed them all.


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