Friday, March 23, 2007

Another View of Vanilla

Following up on our recent brunch discussion, Pagan sent me a link to an excellent essay she wrote. In it, she examines the vanilla partner phenomenon from a unique perspective. Her shimmering, positive message offers hope to many other spankos so situated.

Thanks, Pagan!


Anonymous said...

I do not have the gift of words or the rhythmic cadence of the fine writers on the web who write about this subject. However, I do have some experience with Vanilla / Chocolate relationships. I’ve met women on the web who have husbands that wouldn’t spank them. Though they love their husband and do not wish to be unfaithful, they found the courage and the need to seek someone to take them OTK. In Northern California, The Bay Area Punishment Society holds regular meetings for this purpose. However, the public sessions and logistics are not always agreeable. I have spanked both married and single women. They almost always start out with an ultimatum about abstinence from sex. However, sometime after the third session, some of them have almost demand sexual satisfaction. I am married to a marvelous and accomplished French-vanilla wife, so sex isn’t on my addenda. However, I have (after a good strapping) told one women to place her hand between her legs while I continued to spank her slowly. I told her I would stop when she climaxed. It was a very short spanking. I told one married women that if she went home and jumped her husband’s bones, I’d consider my job well done. Obviously, having a chocolate partner is the best solution. But there are other options if you are one of the many that have failed obtain that illusive union. -G

Anonymous said...

i've been married for 28yrs. my husband was vanilla when we got together. i expressed my desire to be spanked. otk, paddle, strap, kitchen goodies etc. he has come a long way. he spanks me every night before i go to bed. all of my spankings are foreplay. my evening spanking helps to center and destress me from my day. i sleep so much better with a hot to warm stingy bottom. the most important thing is to have open communication with your lover. he's always been an ass man so spanking just took it to the next level. thanks, jammin33333

Paul said...

Bonnie, an excellent piece of writing, thanks for the link.
Warm hugs,

Bonnie said...

G - Thank you for enlightening us about this alternative. I have always believed that any arrangement that manages to satisfy both partners is probably a worthy one.

Jammin - Now there's a vanilla conversion success story! Thank you for sharing it.

Paul - I think so too. Pagan's take is positive and thought-provoking.

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